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Wisdom and Patience

Genre: Romance/General/Humor/ActionAdventure/Drama

Rated: M

Pairings: Hiei/Oc, Kurama/Botan, Keiko/Yusuke, Yukina/Kuwabara, Shizuru/Koenma

(Full) Summary: Callie has been saved and brought back to from the brink of death. But though the poison is no longer in her system she has a whole new set of problems to face. From learning the ways of a demon, to catching up with school, and being a wife to grumpy Hiei. But these ordeals are not even the top of the ice-burg as there are rumors that the introduction of demons to the human world will be within the century and the whole group just might be exiled. How much can one girl take?

"So...what you're saying is I not only have to train daily, make porcupine over there happy, do friggen math homework...I also have to be prepared to pick up my whole life to move into empty area of woe and agony?" "My home isn't that desolate, monkey."

Warnings: Oc romance, Keiko's last name will be spelled: Ukimura. Sexual tension, sexual humor, sex, dark/possessive moments, loads of flirting and fluff

And this is a sequel; you have to read Will and Determination and Wit and Courage to get where this story is starting from.

Chapter Four

Of Schoolwork and Transfusions

Genkai was not a happy camper when she and the rest of the ladies had returned from their shopping trip to find a portion of her temple, her home, in total ruin. What the hell was she thinking? The pink-haired woman left about fifteen demonic men alone without female-sanity insight. How dare she expect to return to something clean? She had expected the impossible and look and what it got her.

A trash-heap.

All along her beautiful wooden floor was pile upon pile of litter. In each pile there were plastic bags and food wrappers from fast-food chains (clearly they had not heard of a thing called vegetables). Rolling around were beer cans and sake bottles, some of that alcohol dripping on the once smooth floors and possibly staining it. Her tables, chairs, and sofas were turned over in all odd angles from a possible fight. About twenty of her DVDs from her media library were out of their boxes and left around the house, some probably now scratched and ruined. Two game stations weren't being used yet they were left on for who knows how long.

Venturing from the messy family-room and to the kitchen, the old psychic found that it wasn't just one room covered in manly-mess. Her beautiful, five-star kitchen was no longer as shinny and pristine as it once was. There was vomit on the sleek floors and some spillage of some disgusting concoction; it appears that some talentless, tasteless man had attempted to cook.

Throughout the rooms and halls, even up on the ceilings, were things she did NOT want to know the reality of. All she needed to know was that it looked gross and it came from the men she left in her home.

And it smelled. The whole house smelled.

It smelled like dirty, unkempt, gaseous men.

"I swear; I am going to kill Yusuke." The pink-haired woman twitched, staring at her once luxurious clean temple. It would take days of non-stop sanitation cleaning to feel like she could live in this place again.

"Had a feeling they would be a little messy, but this is just...unsanitary." Keiko scrunched up her nose, placing the many sacks of goodies at the front hall. She was too afraid of dropping one in a puddle of nasty. She stepped over an unconscious Jin, shaking her head in disappointment. "This is what we get for trusting them."

"Where is Kurama?" Botan asked in some worry as she too tiptoed around the mess. Her mate was the mature one of the bunch. He would never let it go this out of hand unless they forced him to get drunk or he was tied, gagged, and locked in a closet.

Following Genkai's trail she passed the kitchen, holding her nose, as she took a peek in. Seems like he had been there; it wasn't hard to tell the difference between his (and Yukina's) cooking from the rest. Even those who have never touched a stove could cook better than her mate. "Oh no," She gasped, horrified.

"What is it Botan?" Yukina asked, searching for her own mate.

"K-Kurama cooked." She clasped her hands over her mouth noticing the plates of crusted food that had clearly been eaten off of.

"Oh no...and the others ate it?" Keiko gaped, "We need to find them! They could be dead!"

"They better hope they are. If they aren't yet, I will be killing them very soon." Genkai growled, twitching, looking prepared to skin them all and put their skins in her coat closet. If they were hiding, at the very least she could take her anger out on the unconscious Jin in the front hall. Though she wouldn't feel sated till she got them all, particularly that demonic dumbass of a leader.

Callie looked around, a bit worried about her own mate. He was a smart guy, but that traitorous pride of his could do some damage and trap him in predicaments he wouldn't want to be in. The brunette hoped he was off in the woods sulking about being a part of a vile gender instead of in a fetal position somewhere, holding his stomach in agony succumbing to a slow death. Best to have him break his promise in hanging out with the boys than dying.

"Hiei?" She called out, pretty much crawling over Mt. Chuu to get to the room she shared with him.

Peeking her head in their room she was relieved to see Hiei lazing about on their bed, looking comfortable and not in pain. "There you are." She giggled, coming in as she used her toe to close the doors.

"Hn," He opened one eye to look at her, "You're back."

"Yeah, and you guys are in for a world of hurt." She came over, crawling into bed beside him. "Genkai is pissed. The temple is in a mess. What happened?"

He shrugged, not feeling so great. "Terrance was left in charge. There was a lot of drinking involved."

"Nuff said." She winced, "You drunk?"

"Tipsy." He said, not even looking that much. Seems the man could really hold his booze. Considering how much looked to have been consumed she was impressed no one was dead.

"You feeling ok?" She leaned on his shoulder, looking a little concerned. "I hear your stomach..." A playful poke was given.

"It was the food."

"We saw the remains of what could only be Kurama's work." She shook her head at the talent her stepbrother had in creating poisons. "You ate it?" The brunette shook her head again, unsure what to make of the idea that Hiei actually took a bite of what he knew was going to make him very, very sick.

"Fucking Maverick challenged us." He huffed, all grumpy at this admittance.

"You need to stop cursing so much." Callie gave him a look, ignoring his own at her hypocrisy. "Of course, the infamous Fire Demon Pride. You know you need to work on that. You can't just be baited because your pride was challenged."

His red eyes glared daggers at her, none to pleased to have her of all people scold him for being stupid. "I thought you wanted me to do stuff like this."

"I wanted you to hang out with the guys. Not kill your internal organs." She poked him again before she picked herself back up to go put her bags up by the closet. She'll put them all up tomorrow after she slept.

The demon grunted as he picked himself up to sit and look at her, "I am not weak, monkey." He sounded very insulted that she would dare insinuate he was anything but amazing and strong. "I am not back here because I feel sick. I am here because everyone else passed out."

"And instead of cleaning up or making sure they're not about to choke on their own vomit you decided to come here to sleep." She narrated, sighing at his lack of compassion.

Hiei just grunted out one of his "hns" before he laid back down. The particular "hn" meaning; "of course I did, I wasn't going to touch any of that filth." He was such a caring guy, really looked out for the well-being of his friends.

"Really Hiei," She sighed.

Not about to have her scold him anymore, this time on the subject of friendship, he said, "Show me what you got."

"Huh?" The brunette blinked dumbly.

Now he rolled his eyes, such an intelligent woman he had. "The whole reason you threw a tantrum was to get out of the house and buy stuff. I want to see what you got." Once more he picked himself up, this time to sit on the edge of the bed, not pleased he kept having to get up to talk to her; but she whines about it's nice to have a conversation looking at his "gorgeous red eyes".

Her and her creepy romantic spurts. They were so uncomfortable.

And yet when she gave him that look he couldn't help but give into, some, of her creepy romantic whines.

Really, what went wrong with his life if he was willing to be romantic to prevent a girl from crying?

Then his eyes had to narrow, giving her a suspicious look and at the many bags surrounding her. Unlike his leader, he had no idea what bag came from what. He has yet to be forced to go on a shopping spree and memorize all the names, brands, and colors of sacks like poor emasculated Yusuke has been. He wasn't sure if the alpha-bitch had kept her word or not.

He hated having his mate out of his sight the whole day. He would've gone to stalk her a bit when he was told "Don't Drink and Stalk" by one of the brilliant drunkards. It was hard to go and check on her when they were all watching him closely; they knew if he left for his mate he probably wouldn't come back. He had better get something in return for going so long without her.

"Oh," She laughed sheepishly. "I got a lot." She picked up her bags and moved in closer to him, she began to go through them, holding them up one by one to show what she's got. "The girls said I needed more clothes since I am...growing." Callie grumbled at the insult. "I was also told I am a woman now so I need to dress like one." She glared at him, having a feeling that was his doing. He was the one who had been the most obsessed with changing her wardrobe. He already got rid of a lot of her clothes so she could wear skirts or girly-jeans. Now he had corrupted the rest of them to give her a makeover.

Hiei smirked, "See? I told you. You're getting fat."

She gave him a punch to his arm, scowling when he didn't feel a thing, as she listed her new treasures. "Got blouses, skirts, some new jeans, some cute shoes, dresses, uhm..." She purposely avoided the pink striped bag. "Some new work-out clothes, another hat, a jacket, and thats it."

He tilted a brow, "Really? That's all?" The brunette nodded, trying to push the other bag behind her back. Catching a glimpse of it he smirked and then with his speed snatched it from her. "Then what is in here?"

"N-Nothing! G-Give it back!" She squeaked, trying to grab it back.

He held it away from her, looking rather pleased with himself. "Nothing? You sure about that? It seems there is something in here."

Her face went molten red, "I-It's nothing at all!"

Hiei grinned as he opened up the bag and there was his end of the bargain. He was happy he didn't have to hurt Keiko and get in trouble with Yusuke. The woman held up her promise and quite well at that.

His mate has always had sports-bras and underwear that was anything but girly or sexy. Finally the moron would actually have something she looked attractive in.

"I hardly see how these things are nothing." He smirked, looking close to grinning quite demonically. "It seems that you had a naughty side to you."

"Perverted jackass!" She squealed, trying to grab the bag back. "Don't mess with that stuff! I-It's private!"

Hiei snorted as he kept it out of her reach, "We're mates. There is nothing private between us."

Callie scowled, looking quite displeased. "You're hiding stuff from me." She had to remind him, remembering how he was not ready to talk about his fear of having his own family. And she was ok with that and ready to wait till he was ready...if he was ok with her not sharing anything back. It was a two way friggen street!

Such a brat, she didn't have to tell him everything. Especially not lacy undergarments she was forced to buy.

He gave her a look, "I'll rephrase: There is nothing private to me." And then continued to rummage. Part of doing this was because, despite the claims his friends had made the first few years of knowing them, he was not asexual. Just because he wasn't perverted or enjoyed talking about the size of "jugs" female fighters had did not mean he wasn't interested in a naked woman.

Another part was he jus wanted to give his girl a hard time and make her blush and cry.

"T-That isn't fair!" She gaped.

Hiei shrugged, "Life isn't fair. Get over it." He tilted a brow at her and pulled out one of the items, "Are you trying to tell me something?"

She went neon at how lacy and seductive the underwear was. "NO! Keiko forced me to get it! Get over yourself." She spat, snatching the item from him, "I-I didn't buy this for you." She grumbled to herself, "What I had before was good enough."

He rolled his eyes at her whines, "They were unflattering, ugly, falling apart, disgusting, and looked to be something for either a twelve year old or a 70-something bat would wear."

The brunette sniffed, bringing the bag to her protectively, "T-They were fine for me. I-I don't need this stuff."

"You're a woman, last I recall." And snatched the bag right back, "Monkey, you truly have a taste in clothing I didn't know you had in you."

"Stop that!" She growled, "And you know what I meant. I...don't need things so girly! Now stop being a pervert and looking through the underwear!" Callie grumbled, none too pleased with how he was acting. He could be so perverted and juvenile at times! "Now, where is my baby?"

"Where do you think?" He sneered.

"Oh yes," she instantly dove her hands into his hair and brought out the little dragon who had made itself a nice warm nest in Hiei's hair. "Well, at least she has good taste in hair." She giggled when he gave her a look, flipping her off in his mind. "Don't be a brat. She loves you."

"It uses me for my hair."

"She's a she. And it should be taken as a compliment. It means you have great hair." Callie shrugged, stroking the adorable dragon who cooed and cuddled. "You can always shave off that foot-tall cactus."

A snarl went on his face, a warning to not push herself and his dominant nature. Her smart mouth always landed her in some serious trouble. "As I said, you come anywhere near me with a razor and I'll rape you."

Now her eyes rolled, "Don't you do that already?"

"I don't hear you complain about it." He smirked, all smug and feeling macho.

"What part of "No I don't want to", "Hiei, you are too rough", "damn it, can't I have a headache every so often" doesn't come off as complaining?" She huffed, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I meant during. You're always stubborn before." Now that his hair was free from the clutches of the spirit dragon he laid back down in his original spot. "And after seeing those things, I am now confident all of that before had just been you playing hard to get."

Her turned the apple red once more, "I already told you, Keiko picked them out for me!"

Hiei smirked, "I struggle to believe you. I have always known you were a perverted little monkey. And after all this time of you staring at my ass, I finally have solid proof of your perverse ways."

"UGH! I'll kill you! I swear, one day I am going to knock some teeth out of your head." She held up her fist to show how serious she was. Of course the threat wasn't all that impressive to the fire-demon.

Hiei just closed his eyes in disbelief, getting comfortable for the night. He wanted to get rid of that hole that was burned in his stomach thanks to the acid he consumed by Kurama. Maybe his mate was right, maybe he really needed to get control over his pride.

Seeing he wasn't trembling in fear, she got up to her feet and stomped off in a tantrum. It was time to get ready for bed. Callie wasn't use to going out all day and moving non-stop. She was exhausted and ready to pass out, even if it was just around 8:30.

She figured Celeste would be doing the same.

A small smile went on her face at the memory of the blond-girl finally making a connection with them. True, there didn't seem to be a huge difference but now they would be able to talk with her and things will be easier to understand now that they knew of her past. At least now the girls would be able to connect with her on some level.

It was a great step for them to all become one close family.

But despite the fact that they knew and understood what was happening in her head doesn't mean they were just going to accept her cold shoulder or her 'holier than thou' attitude. They already have enough of that with Hiei, and so many of the other demons have vanity issues.

Yawning, she pushed those thoughts out of her mind for now. She needed to get ready for bed, all of this could be thought about later.

Using the facilities she washed her hands and then turned on the shower. She smiled, looking forward to the steamy hot water to relax her tired muscles. Brushing her teeth, flossing, and using the mouth-wash her mouth was all minty fresh by the time the temperature was hot enough.

She stripped herself down and got in, shuddering a bit in happiness. "Ah...much better." It was the perfect way to end such a good day. It was always fun to see Keiko manhandle about three other women just to get a pair of skinny jeans.

The rumors were true; she was downright monstrous when she was shopping.

A squeal escaped her lips when hands came out of no where and went around her waist and stomach. Covering her heart from fear she glared at the hands, "S-Stop doing that! Damn ninja." She blushed, seeing he wanted to take a shower with her.

He was in a seductive mood.

It didn't look like sleep was going to be coming to her as fast as she had originally thought.

Hiei had to chuckle, "It's too fun to stop. You are just so easy to sneak up on." He smirked and gave her shoulder a kiss and a purr.

Oh dear, really seductive Hiei.

It was obvious what he was in the mood for as he began to use his hands to trace over her curves. He nuzzled his nose into the crook over her neck, taking a deep breath of her natural scent and the soap that was being used on her skin. It was a sweet, clean smell, one that he always enjoyed and one that could always ease him. After such a day, he really could use some intimate time with his woman.

"I don't like it when you leave me." He confessed, using her shoulder as a pillow, his calloused hands roaming over her hips, his thumb brushing over the dip where her hip met her thigh.

She blinked before smiling bashfully, "Sorry. But you know we need to spend some time apart."

"No we don't." He grumbled, still nuzzled into her shoulder. "Don't use that human-psychological crap."

Callie had to laugh. Him and his need to constantly be around each other. Who would've guessed that a man like Hiei, Mr. I don't need companionship, would have a need to constantly touch someone. "Just a few months ago you couldn't wait to get me off of you. Now it's the opposite. What happened to all of that?"

He had to blush at that, "Shut the hell up."

"It's cute! You're the clingy one now. My, my the tables have turned." She cackled, being oh so evil. "I say this is beautiful irony. All those months of you making fun of me and leading me on...sucks don't it?"

Hiei growled, "I thought I apologized for all of that."

She shrugged, getting some shampoo in her hands to give the grumpy hedgehog a good clean. "Words. You know there will need to be a lot more than that to make up for it all." She gave him a good-humored smile as she moved over to face him, holding up the soapy hands. "Turn around. Time to bathe the doggy!"

"I fucking hate you." He hissed but did as told, wanting some one on one attention. He wouldn't admit it out-loud but he liked this pampering. He had been without such gentle attention all his life. He's found himself getting rather addicted to it now that he had been introduced to it.

Callie grinned as she gave him a good scrub in his thick gravity-defying hair. "Such a baby at times. You can get so sensitive and whinny." She giggled when he made more noises of anger. "See? There is the proof, right there."

"It's your doing."

"You blame everything on me. Can't you take the blame for once?" She huffed as she bathed him some more.


Callie pouted, shaking her head at his temper; besides his pride they really needed to work on that little aspect of his personality as well. "Such a baby." She repeated as she then sprayed his hair with water, grinning as she then took the shower head and sprayed him with water. Now she had to start laughing at his grumpy face.

Hiei growled and grabbed the shower-head out of her hands and did the same thing.

"Kyah!" She yelped, trying to slap his attack away.

"That is pathetic. What have we been working on for weeks?" He sneered, spraying her again. "You're slapping like a little bitch."

She glared at him, sniffling, "I am not!" She wiped her face, snorting some of the water that had gone up her nose.

"You're not blocking, striking, or avoiding. You are taking the hit and slapping." He shook his head in disappointment, "It is as I said; you can't defeat a cardboard box."

"I can too!" She sniffed again, wiping her eyes from the harsh steams of water. "I already said I am going to be one of those hot fighting babes."

He snorted in disbelief, "You will never be described as "hot" unless you have a fever or you are literally on fire."

Her jaw dropped, "I-I am somewhat physically attractive!"

"Uh-huh," He grunted sarcastically. "Before you were thirty pounds under weight, now you are about thirty pounds over weight. Your face looks like a deformed monkey." He then sprayed her butt, making her yelp before she could whine at the insult. "This isn't too bad."

"P-Perverted j-jackass." She squeaked, eyes all watery from his cruel mouth. Hiei really struggled saying anything kind. He would just spew out some of the most insensitive things!

"You whine that I don't compliment your looks, then when I give you something you get insulted." He tilted a brow.

"You sprayed my butt! T-That isn't a compliment."

He sneered, "What is it with women? You ask for one thing and then wail when you get it."

"I wanted to hear I was pretty, not that my butt was enjoyable."

Hiei gave her a look before he went back to cleaning her up, not about to be baited into complimenting her. He was a brutally honest man and while he was attracted to her he did not find her the prettiest girl around. Hell, all the girls were more beautiful than his mate. Even the hag when she was younger.

Ok...true, she wasn't that bad looking. He was saying things that weren't entirely true just to make her cry. It was his awkward way of flirting. His romantic tendencies were, though he wasn't aware of it, at the level of a adolescent boy. You make the girl you like cry and it was true love.

Besides, he wasn't attracted to Callie because of her looks. It was because of her...personality? Really he questioned why he wanted to be with her so badly. Was he really that insane to be in love with a woman like this? She was loud, obnoxious, slow-minded, a bit dingy...and he was in love with her.

Shaking his head, he decided not to think about it too much, it would clearly just confuse him since there was no way he could find an answer. She was just too quirky and too opposite of him. How was it that a man like himself fell for a girl like her?

The world may never know.

With a grunt, he leaned back into his original position and nuzzled himself into her neck, purring again. Why would he waste time on thinking when he was naked in the shower with his equally naked mate? He was a smart boy...he knew when to turn his brain off and to have some fun.

With another seductive purr he decided to go for the attack and push her up against the wall.

It was another hour till Hiei was satisfied enough for the night. "Now," He muttered into her neck, watching as she came down from her peak (third time he was proud to say), before he let her feet touch the floor again. "You need to go to bed."

The poor brunette just groaned a little into his shoulder.

Hiei smirked, "Tired there?"

"Bite me." She grumbled, still trying not to slobber over him after that experience.

He smirked even more as he turned the shower off, and picked up the towels to dry them both off. He didn't want her going to bed wet. "I believe I already did." He picked her up and took her out of the restroom to their bedroom.

"Must everything I say be sexual to you?" She asked with a big yawn, getting into her pajamas. Once dressed she snuggled up against him, she was too tired to care any more. All she wanted to do was be in bed and sleep.

"You're the one who makes it come off that way." He countered, picking her up and placing her in bed. Hiei even went on and tucked her in. It was during their most intimate moments, locked in their own room and bed that he was able to let all his walls come down and show tenderness that had frozen up since the moment his family dropped him off a cliff.

"Do not..." She grumbled, already nodding off. Having such a long day of shopping followed by a few round of lovemaking had her very wiped out.

"We'll argue about this after you rest." Hiei said as he covered her up, grumbling when that damn dragon, once again, made a bed out of his hair. He was going to need to get his mate to put a stop to that. It was acceptable at first considering the poor premature baby needed a lot of sleep and felt comfort near him. But this had gone on for long enough.

"Uh-huh..." Already it looked like she was about to start drooling.

"Will you just go to sleep already?" He snapped, tired of watching her nod in and out, her stubbornness and need to stick with a fight keeping her up.

"Ok...You're gonna stay, right?" She whispered, setting off into her dreamland.

"Yes." He responded back, holding her close. "I'm going to stay here."

Celeste wasn't the most approachable person in the world. She was pretty irritable on most hours of the days. But presently, she was about ready to throw one of her biggest hissy-fits of the century. Here she was, at the breakfast table, being forced to eat oatmeal (of all gross things), getting ready for a miserable day, surrounded by other miserable people, except for one over-the-top happy girl. It was enough to drive her insane on a normal day...

And she was experiencing this before seven in the morning. Right before the experience of...

"First day, first day, it is time for the first day!" A rambunctious Callie sang as she danced around, her breakfast already finished and she was all dressed and ready. "I can't believe it! It's finally the first day of school. Aren't you all just as excited?" She squealed out, eyes sparkling.

Of course the answer to that question was no.

They all were much like Celeste, groaning into their healthy breakfast. They had all gotten so use to the idea of sleeping in that now that they were being introduced to this new schedule, even these most upbeat of individuals looked like zombies.

"This sucks..." Terrance yawned, rubbing his eyes. "I forgot how this feels." He had only been in school till eleventh grade before he had to drop.

"Hmph, I have never had to have such an experience." Celeste looked over her nails again, pushing the oatmeal away. "I would rather continue living life without it."

"Well...it does give us something to do since so many are at school themselves." Maverick inputted, giving off his own yawn.

It has been a few weeks since their big Boys and Girls party and now it was the fall, time for the school to start up again. Yaaaay...The only ones who seemed excited about this was Keiko, the nerd, and Callie, the weirdo.

"Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Keiko are all at class." Maverick continued, munching on his toast while throwing some blueberries into his oatmeal. "And since he graduated, Kurama is now a teaching assistant at his school to get some extra cash. Shizuru also has a job. And everyone else appears to be doing something concerning training for Koenma." He took a big bite, knowing they would need to be filled with energy for the day.

"And we're not the only one's going to school like this." Joshua decided to pipe in. "Yukina is being taught by Myouga and other healers on how to get better to help us in the future. Botan as well, she is really strengthening her combat and healing skills. So...erm...I think it is only right we do the same." He was starting to be a bit more assertive then before.

"Suck up." Celeste huffed, not pleased they were trying to guilt her to do this.

"Come on, we were bound to get bored eventually with doing nothing but napping, eating, and training. And it really seems like this is gonna help our family." Maverick tried again, not too put off by the idea of school since he had been learning already. Because he was, technically, dead he didn't need the rest like the others did. So he was thrown into learning about his new job within the first few weeks. Luckily, Koenma thought it would be nice to not let him be too overwhelmed at first and just started off with flying, getting to know the Gate, and some very standard rules and procedures. Now it was time to hit the books hard and provide use to the team.

Though not excited about studying, Maverick will say he is so ecstatic about helping out his new family in any way he can. He was more than ready to start doing something back for this group.

Of course there was Callie, who was still bouncing around, and the most excited about al of this. Her brown eyes were sparkling. How could she not be happy about this? Finally she could start doing things to make her smart and less bored during the day. All she could do when she was about to get on a fruit hat and sing "Cabin Fever" was bake and even that was reaching its limit.

More so because a majority, particularly the girls, were finding their "Lets Drop the Lovehandles" campaign was failing with cookies, tarts, and cakes all around. And Hiei didn't like the idea of her being around something sweet; says her will-power was lacking too much. But now she finally had a way to pass her time without making every fat with sweet butter.

She wanted to get all dressed in a school uniform, get a apple, and skip off to school. Of course had she done that, Hiei would've said he didn't know her and avoided her the rest of the day. And she didn't want him to do that when she will want to hurry back home and talk about things like a hyperactive four year old.

"Runt, don't get so excited. It's school. Nothing that impressive." Terrance said, seeing her getting ready to jump up and down. "Even if it's demon school—it's still school."

"B-But it is very cool. I have been out of it for a long time. We're going to have so much fun!" She cheered, getting prepared to dance again.

"Er...don't get so excited just yet." Maverick warned, placing a hand on her head. "You might get a bit disappointed. We all have gotten use to being a bit lazy, being able to sleep and have fun. We're going to be doing a lot of work." He should know, he had already gotten a small taste of it and it wasn't all that awesome.

"But...but...school!" She whined.

"Ok, ok, ok..." Maverick shook his head, a bit amused about her attitude. What right did he have to ruin this fun for her? If she wanted to be excited let her."I guess we just need to wait for our demon brethren to give us the ok to head out." He took his bowl to the sink, looking ready to head out.

He still had about a year or two till he could open up a portal. It called for a lot of magic and training and he hasn't gotten his power fully released yet. So they couldn't just go off on their own.

Besides, they were in the presences of some overprotective nut-jobs.

"I guess we will just have to wait and see who will let us get out. You know, us pups need permission."

The brunette had to sulk, Maverick spoke truth. She will be needing Hiei's permission to leave. He'll need to check up on her from head to foot, ensure that the few minutes she has had away from him at breakfast didn't traumatize or hurt her. Then he will need to flirt and pick a fight (multiple times), urge her to stay home and in the bedroom, before going over more safety issues, pick another fight, before she would finally be able to leave.

Probably should go on and get started on that so they wouldn't be late on their first day.

"Hmph," She pouted, "Stupid self-centered butthead. He couldn't care that we will be late."

"It is very rude to speak about your mate behind his back." Hiei grunted from behind her, scaring the poor thing. He smirked when she jumped, not expecting him to appear right behind her and hear her little pout. She deserved it, the brat. She needs to stop badmouthing him and start getting submissive.

Hiei pulled at the hair that was growing back, the dark strands curling at her scalp. It was darker than it had been originally, she would need to be out in the sunlight for a while until it would be back to it's normal lighter hue. He looked forward to yanking at them again.

Crossing his arms over his chest, he scowled at the rest of them. He wished they weren't around so he could steal his mate off.

"Shut up..." She grumbled, giving him an elbow for pulling her hair and scaring her again. She rubbed her head a bit feeling it prickle a bit. Him and his weird fetish with hair pulling.

Red eyes rolled, looking her over. He was very displeased that she would be so eager to leave his side again. Why was she so hell-bent in being stubborn and independent? What happened to his clingy, dependent girl who seemed ready to cry every time they were away from each other? Couldn't he have that annoyance back? It was better than the one ready to be alone and out with friends.

Of course Kurama had warned him of this, that Callie was growing up and would want to experience things a bit more after her terrible experience. Besides the honeymoon stage was over, now she was ready to go and have some fun away from him.

Hiei had been one grumpy dragon at that.

He had been taking care of his brainless monkey for over a year now. What was he to do during the day if she was gone? The last time few times he was alone had been hell; the first when she had been taken from him by those disgusting doctors. The next when he had to go through the torture of a "man's bonding time".

Both made him shudder.

Now she was going to be away from his side for hours, daily?

"We're heading out now." He snapped, in a very foul mood.

"Hehe, what?" Terrance laughed a bit, "You'll be the one playing chauffeur for us today? That's a surprise. Don't hit me!" He yelped, flinching back when it looked like Hiei was about to throw him through the window. The man then paused at what he did and cursed, "Damn! Did it again." He sulked, finding himself still acting like a pussy when one of the big-dogs looked ready to throw him down. He had a long way to go in the toughness department.

There was no way he was going to be able to even lift up a fist to any of them for over a hundred years. And he was going to have to fight one of them to be initiated into the group?

This truly sucked.

"Don't make me repeat myself." He snapped, displeased he was the one who had to do this. All he had said to the group the night before was that he didn't feel comfortable having his mate away from him and felt uncomfortable about her safety. Somehow that led to him "asking" to be the one who would be the bus-driver.

"Someone is grumpy..." Maverick muttered to Terrance only to get smacked by Hiei. "Shutting up!" He yelped, pouting a little though then said "You did prove my point..." And then he was smacked again. "OW!"

"Keep your mouth shut." Hiei growled, with a twitch as he shoved the two boys in the portals first. He hoped they broke their noses as they fell in. There was no way he was going to be some sort of parent for these brats. He'll make sure the time he was stuck with them is miserable.

"Go in." Neither Joshua nor Celeste needed the order again, not wanting to get smacked or hurt in some way.

"You're so mean..." Callie sighed, watching her friends enter in, afraid of her mate. "Why are you like this to them?"

"If I'm miserable everyone else should be as well." He muttered, nudging her in, being far more gentle than he had been with the rest of them.

"Such a bitter man." She shook her head as she went in after the other pups. She left the temple and her foot stepped on to the slick marble floor of the Gate. The usual hustle and bustle didn't meet them as many of the ogres had been transferred to another Gate or department, only those few who were loyal to Koenma remain.

"Get walking."

"Is it just me or does Hiei sound like one of those evil guards or kidnappers from movies?" Terrance grumbled to his friend and typical partner in crime.

"Stop your fucking whispering."

"Nope, not just you." Maverick huffed back.

As they walked forward, doing what the mean demon said, they were avoided by most all of the remaining workers. Everyone who saw the sour expression on Hiei's face knew to run in the opposite direction to avoid getting their faces melted off.

All but one. This small, brave one walked straight up to him. He was small in size, and the color of a old lemon. His face was shriveled up, much like a frog who ate the fruit that match his color. His garments were very old fashion Japanese style his own sour expression nearly rivaled Hiei's.

"Please, if there is a God, tell me this is not a teacher." Maverick begged.

"Hiei-san," The small creature began, looking only to the black-haired male. "I am Asono. A teacher of the students."

"God damn it, son of a bitch, piss and hotdogs, clam-face, dog-smelling..." Everyone lost track after that random curse of the to-be-deity. Seems he was quite displeased that his prayer was ignored.

"I see the students have arrived." Asono noted, still not bothering with looking at the others. Though the foul tone he took signaled he heard all of Maverick's whining and was not pleased with what he had to deal with. "If you all will follow me. I will give you a quick tour of where everyone will be studying, go over a bit of the curriculum, and we shall then begin the work."

"Pig-snot, grape sucking toad, bitch, bitch, bitch..." Maverick was still sprouting his awkward curses as he stomped down the hall. "Wanted a hottie-hot-hot ready to jeopardize her job for me."

"My god, you are disgusting." Celeste scrunched her nose up. "What is it with you and sex?"

"Male. Think of sex every seven seconds." He explained, still huffing as they followed this creature.

"It would do these students well to keep their mouths shut when someone of greater knowledge is speaking." Asono noted aloud, moving forward through the long maze of the Gate. He stopped at one hall-way, and pointed down; it had a dead end that had a door on it. On each opposite walls were three other doors. "This is where the students will be. The portal may be opened up in this spot from now on." And with that turned down the hall, still expecting them to follow after.

"Man...this is sucking." Terrance winced, not very fond of this tutor of theirs.

"This first door on the left is a private entrance to the library. Within it you will find three tables have been set up for the students to use just for studying." He opened the door to have the pups be reacquainted with the sight of the massive library that seemed to be the size of a small university campus.

It was four stories tall and filled floor to ceiling with texts; historical, cultural, how-to's, political, myths, stories...pretty much everything was covered in this library. There were sections for the human, demon, and spirit world alike.

Hiei did not get closer, memories flooding back to him; a thinner him, struggling from nearly three months of suffering, sitting in a dark corner, watching horrific tapes...it was a place he would enjoy not going back to.

"Now, this room across from the library has been made out to be a quiet-area. We all have been made aware of the health-issues of the students and have this place set up for them in case they start to feel weak during the day." The size of this room was not nearly as impressive as the library, it was just a typical size room.

The contents were certainly more appealing; it was dark and cool within the room. There were three beds set up for them to come in and nap. There was even a mini-fridge, a small kitchenette area, and a TV.

"Of course, they are only allowed to use this room if feeling sick. The fridge is stocked with water and other items to help with exhaustion or nausea. The same with the cabinets; only medicine. We have heard some need some noise or a relaxer when falling asleep," That would be Terrance, "so a TV is here solely as a recourse, not entertainment."

The group groaned a bit at that.

Hiei gave his mate a nudge, "You have better use this." This was a bit of a relief. At least her health would be tended too during this. Now he just had to make sure the stubborn girl actually used it.

She stuck her tongue out at him but knew she needed to do as told, it was for her own good. Though she would prefer to be able to not need to rest so much soon. She was feeling better and better as the days went by, but Hiei was still so paranoid that he didn't want her to go long without taking some time to rest.

"These last four rooms on the opposite walls are the classrooms. The two rooms on the left side of the hall are for your human studies; math, science, grammar, English, Japanese, and other such times." Asono turned and looked at the opposite side, "These here will be the classrooms that will provide the knowledge of the Spirit and Demonic studies. This will cover more political, historical, and cultural items."

Sounded like pure hell to most within the group.

"Now, this final room is special." He looked to the door that was at the very end of the hall. "It is a training room. This is where your spiritual powers will be released and looked after."

Hiei's eyes narrowed, "I am the one who is training my mate."

"They are to release spirit energy within here, Hiei-san." Asono replied, not missing a beat despite how scary Hiei could be. "They need to be trained in every possible way. While you and the rest of the group are training them for the field, this room will be more of a scientific study. Their powers will be measured, tested, and broken down so that they may get a better grasp at what is happening within them."

He turned and looked at the demon, it seemed he had more respect for Hiei than the rest of them, "It is very risky for them to fully release their powers out in the open. Even within Genkai's grounds, certain...political forces might see it as an excuse to take control over the land and group. To avoid any of that, Koenma-sama decided to open up this section of the Gate to them." He chuckled, it sounded as dried up as his raisin-face looked. "Basically he is allowing them a safe-place for them to be clumsy with their abilities. Smart man my prince is."

Well, at least there was no doubt whom he was truly loyal too.

"We are not taking over your training. Simply letting them push at their boundaries without any consequences."

The fire-demon did not look convinced, it was impossible to gain his trust so easily after all. Neither was it easy to get on his good side when it sounds like you were trying to take some of his control over his mate. He did not want to share the position of teacher with anyone except maybe those within the pack.

Sensing the tension, Asono moved on, "To ensure their health and comfort, their time will be split between here and the temple."

Hiei grunted, still not pleased with all of this. He would much rather have her at the Temple and not at the Gate. He did not hold much trust for this place. Politicians were not his friend and he was no where near ready to forgive them for how his mate's situation was handled.

"Their day is to start at 8 and will end at 4 in the afternoon." He explained, ignoring their gaping faces. They all seemed stunned they had to be there for so long studying. "We expect them to be here to learn and there will be no interruption for that."

Now he opened up one of the classroom doors to have the group peek into what would be their prison. It looked like a typical classroom; desks, a dry-erase board, and bookshelves with books they would be studying. There were no windows, so it seemed very contained and suffocating.

Hiei gave worried look to his mate who was claustrophobic. He also knew the others didn't appreciate being in a closed-up room with no windows. It would be a bit tense for them.

'I-I'll be fine.' She whispered back through their mental connection, smiling at him.

'This is another reason why I don't want you here.' He said, 'This place is uncomfortable for you.'

'I'm not that big of a baby. I'll be fine.' She pouted back, trying to get him out of her mind so she could concentrate on what was being said.

"Because of how long they are to be here, each will be provided lunch and snacks throughout the day." Asono said.

"What are we, three?" Celeste muttered to herself.

If Asono heard her he didn't make any note of it, "Despite the exceptions that will be made for their circumstances and health, this will be a school and they will be treated as students. We expect a great amount of respect for what we are doing for them. There will be no spoiled attitude allowed here."

Hiei smirked, liking the idea that these stuck up brats will be given scoldings. He wished he could see the blond-bitch get what she deserved. He has not very fond of her yet.

"Now," He cleared his throat, "We are to begin. We are already behind by a few minutes. Hiei-san, you may return to the Temple now if you wish." He gave a bow to the demon before he, finally, turned to the students. "Enter into the classroom and take your seats. We are to begin now."

The pups gave pleading looks to Hiei, begging to be saved.

He just smirked, not about to show any mercy. "Get in there."

With dejected looks they all, slowly, followed after lemon-face into the classroom, taking their seats.

Callie remained with Hiei holding on to her hand, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

She smiled, "Yes. You already know this is what's the best." She giggled and gave him a small punch, "Don't worry so much about me! Besides, you always tease me that I am dumb." She gave him a hug, beaming up at him. "You worry too much. I'll be perfectly safe. This is the chance for you to go and train like you use to. You can take time for yourself and have fun...in the most legal, bloodless way a psychotic, murdering, sadistic man can."

He gave her an insulted look, "I am not psychotic."

"Uh-huh." She then grinned, "You can have fun without me, right?"

"Don't get so smug you moron." He snapped, getting a bit embarrassed. He was not that clingy.

"Ha! You're so cute when you're so grumpy." She grinned, giving his toned stomach a poke. "I'm teasing." She giggled again, "Don't worry so much about me. I'll be fine." She gave him kiss, "See you later Hiei!" And then she hurried into the classroom, looking excited about doing this. She wanted to take part of school again, so this whole thing was exciting.

She seemed to be the most oblivious to lemon-face's distaste for them all.

Hiei sighed as he watched her leave, stumbling a bit. She did have a point in that he could train a lot. He could use this frustration and do a hard work out. Of course the stress and worry he would feel the next few hours would do well as fuel.

He had better stay near that ungodly contraption the blue-haired bimbo gave him in case the brunette needed him sometime throughout the day.

'I swear, I am going to kill that woman for what she has done to me.' A vow that seemed to be daily thought but there has yet to be be anything to go with it. 'She better suffer today for what she has done to me.'

And with that he hurried back to get the day started so he may be able to get to training and distract himself enough.

The poor trees on the Temple grounds...

The week had gone by at a turtle's pace.

Yusuke and the rest were use to balancing life at school and saving the fate of all of humanity. They were pros in doing homework, studying, training, and goofing off.

The poor pups were not having as easy of a time.

Their schedule was insane! They each had to get up before sunrise to do an hour's workout to warm up and get their bodies set for the day. They went through a different 'teacher' each day. All of those within the Reikai Tantei were taking turns to give the students new workout routines and training their bodies, minds, and powers. And some were a bit more sadistic than others...so some days would be harder to move to class than others.

Now each of them were forced into the strict diet a certain monkey-ish girl had to go through for them to stay healthy and be in great shape. All fast food and really heavy, greasy, starchy goodness were stripped from their meals during the week.

Poor Callie received a lot of glares since it seemed her mate was the one who corrupted the other teachers into this diet.

After a workout and an annoyingly healthy breakfast, they were all whisked to the Gate to begin their studies. Though, most were, grateful, it wasn't as fun as a certain brunette had hoped it would be. Their school day was about an hour longer than Keiko's and the rest of the "normals" who were attending High School. Due to most of them missing a majority of their High School education, they had to cover a lot of those classes as well.

Callie was so, SO relieved that she was just behind by a few months and didn't have to take those classes with her fellow Pill-Takers. And while things weren't as exciting as she had hoped, she was near tears when she was able to catch up with Keiko and Kuwabara (Yusuke didn't really count since he went to school to sleep) and was now a senior. She will be able to 'graduate' with them.

It also meant she was ahead of the other pups with some other studies as well. Though she didn't want to sound proud, she had been feeling a bit left-behind with how everyone else was advancing in their powers and combat skills.

Who would've thought she would actually excel over others in school?

Terrance needed a bit of reviewing, it would only be about a month or two and he would be up to Callie's level and joining her for her classes.

The school-day for her typically started with the human-studies first, she took Math, English, History, and Science on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday she did Japanese and Japanese History. After her human studies she would be tossed around from one different lesson to another; The Gate's history, culture, politics, etc were Asono's classes. She would then have to go and learn about the Makai...and that my friends was a lot to learn about.

The others had a similar schedule only their was on a lower-grade level.

After that long day they were brought back to the Temple where they were expected to do homework and study for about two to three hours. Then it was another work-out time for about another three. Followed by dinner, they were usually in bed and passed out before ten strikes.

They were now so grateful it was the weekend and that they only had a few classes to go to and their normal work-out routine. Finally they can get some good TV-time back in their lives!

Of course...that was AFTER they still did two hours of studying.

"How class goin for tha lot'a ya?" Chuu asked, coming into the family-room/study-hall from the kitchen, seeing the pups were sprawled out with their heads in books. He smirked as he took a swig from his soda, seeing their hungry looks for the artificial corn-starch. Too bad they were still forced on the diet. "Looks like a lot of work there."

"Ugh! My head is about to implode." Terrance wailed dramatically, gripping the side of his temples. "I am learning math, grammar, science, and all that normal school stuff." He motioned to many books opened to one side of him. "Then I am getting acquainted with philosophy and political science. How to argue, how to lead, how to speak publicly." He used his thumb to point to the pile behind him. "The history, culture, and facts of both humans AND demons." He now pointed to the left side of him. "And before me are books about spirit, demonic, and human energy. What it is, how it works, how to use it...it's driving me insane!"

"You should feel lucky you don't have extra work." Maverick grunted as he looked over his own texts for being a Deity. There were maps he had to memorize, codes, traditions, how to handle wayward spirits, it was a lot of cool stuff...if it wasn't written in the most boring way ever. "Not too mention so many of these books seem a little biased." He held up one of the many Makai History books he received. "Also very incomplete."

Chuu laughed as he took the book from the boy, "Don't surprise me none. Shouldn't to you lot either." Of course they all knew the disdain those part of Spirit World had for Yusuke and fellow demons. "And our world is big. Very big. With a long history."

Terrance hit his head on the table, groaning, "I think I am calling for a break. I can't fit any more information into my skull. Even the demon-stuff which I find super cool. I think the fuzzy-one needs one too. She is having a mental breakdown trying to read the math-book." He nodded to where Callie was, and indeed, it looked like she was about to break down crying as she looked over the book. She had been studying it for hours and still couldn't decipher its code.

Chuu had to laugh again, "Not even a week and already you pups are reaching your limit." He crossed his burly arms, looking amused. "Right then, my cue to take you," he reached over and plucked Terrance from his sitting position, holding him like a cat. "out to train."

"C-Can't I have a nap first?"

"Nope!" Chuu grinned as he dragged his pup outdoors to do more physical training.

The other demons in the house were having far too much fun piling on more torture for the pups.

Weren't they suppose to be out of the freshman hazing age?

"Hmph! I bet that means soon the others will be coming in for us." Celeste saved her place and closed the books up. "I am going to hide in my room. If you knew what was best, Josh, you would do that same." And then she sauntered off to go and hide out from working.

There was still a lot of progress yet to be obtained with the blonde, but she did seem to be getting a little better.

"I think I will avoid punishment." Josh whispered after the girl left. "I'll stay here till Kurama or Jin comes to get me." When Kurama was unable to train the boy, the other red-head of the group took over to teach him defensive and offensive moves. Kurama says that Josh could learn well from anyone because it wasn't guaranteed he will be able to control plants. So until he shows sign of such ability Josh didn't need to learn so much from Kurama alone.

Maverick poked at his books, "I wish I was learning to fight some more too."

"You will learn more." Joshua comforted with a smile, "But I heard you have a great amount of spirit energy. You were one of those who could see spirits before the situation."

"Yeah, heard that too." He grunted sarcastically, writing down some more notes for the history test that would on that next Monday. "They hope I will be able to provide attacks, healing, and defenses with energy more so than with combat. Which really sucks! I wanted one of those mega-cool weapons or to be able to kick some major butt." He punched straight at the air, imagining it was an opponent.

"But look at what the others are able to do with their power. They can kick butt without even touching the person. Maybe you could be like a psychic or something." The other boy tried again. "You know...uuh..." He racked his brain from all the animes Shiori and Terrance were teaching him. "Like the attacks in Dragonball Z!"

"Yeah...guess that would be pretty cool." He tapped at his notes and looked over to the girl in the hat who was still fretting over a math problem she didn't know for the homework.

Maverick wasn't sure how he felt that these lessons were so much like normal school. Sure their teachers were spirit guides, ogres, and demons...but it felt so normal! They had homework, classrooms at the Gate, a study-room here, libraries, tests, quizzes, and lunch. Hell, they would be getting progress reports, grades, and report cards! It sounded like if they failed something, a higher up in the pack would have to SIGN it.

He didn't know what he expected but it sure wasn't this.

"Still never thought I would be doing all of this though." He jumped, startled, when his wristwatch started to vibrate and beep. With a groan he glared at his friend, "I think our teachers planned it for all of us to have training at the same time. I am being called back to the Gate to do some flying lessons." Sighing he picked himself up, giving the two remaining kids a pat on the head.

"Don't worry yourself too much fuzzy. You'll get it. Later Josh." And then he went back to the Gate, praying that his teacher at least had a nice rump he could stare at.

Joshua sighed, deciding he will continue to study for the time being. He was not going to risk his health by trying to avoid doing work. That would just earn himself four extra laps around the "track" of Genkai's property. And he really did not want to experience that. He, like a lot of those within the group, appreciate being incredibly lazy and would currently rather be a fat-ass than be in shape.

"Your brain still alive there?" Josh asked, wincing at the sight of the girl who was foaming at the mouth, drying from the equation overload.

"She's just being dramatic."

Joshua tried his best not to jump, but it was hard when Hiei never lets his presence be known until he chose to. The guy was a bloody ninja! A ninja who was like 1000x scarier than normal ninjas.

"Idiot," The demon walked past the boy, not giving him much acknowledgment. Hiei typically only had eyes for a select few. And forget your existence if Callie was around. The man had a bit of an obsessive clinginess with the girl. "Stop blubbering. We're going to train."

She looked horrified, "N-Now? B-But...my head hurts."

Even Joshua, who was known for complaining every so often as well, found that was one of the worst excuses yet. Callie was definitely the baby of the group, Hoshiko probably beat her just due to her age.

"Don't care." He then yanked her up and dragged her off, leaving Joshua to his lonesome.

Shaking his head, the young man sighed as he closed up his books and moved on to the next subject. He wanted to make sure to pass the upcoming test. There was no way he was going to disappoint this family he has. Not after being without one for so long.

He stiffened and looked over his shoulder, seeing a smiling red-head.

"You're getting better at sensing." Kurama noted.

Joshua shrugged, "Not really. I can't sense Hiei at all."

"Hiei is a man who will always be on guard. When he walked in, his presences was as relaxed as it will probably ever get. But eventually you will get to the point where you can sense him as well. It just takes a lot of training and getting to know him." Kurama sat down, picking up a book as he skimmed through it, looking amused. Like the rest of them, he saw the obvious bias, stereotypes, and hypocrisy within the words.

"It will take a lot of training then." He sighed, "I dunno...all of this studying...is it really worth it?" The boy then looked a bit panicked, "Not that I am complaining o-or anything."

Kurama laughed, waving off his worries, "I know it doesn't seem that way now. But we would rather you learn this way than get a crash-course like Kuwabara and Yusuke and...well a good majority of the group had to experience. Many of these things even our esteemed leader doesn't know." Reminding the vengeful fox, he will need to force Yusuke to start doing some homework. "So while yes, the studying seems..."

"Overbearing, frustrating, over-dramatic, and one-sided."

"Yes, all of that, there are many things in there that will help you. And by learning how our opponent thinks will enable us to fight against them easier. Politically and physically."

Joshua sighed, "I guess that makes sense...still...this is almost painful to read."

"Might as well take some humor from it." Kurama laughed again, "Better than getting angry. We all have had enough negative emotions and just want to enjoy some laid-back days before it's time to leave."

The former-human placed his pencil down, "What is up with that? I've heard all sorts of whispers but nothing really that sounds like the whole story."

"That will have to wait a bit. It is a big personal issue concerning Yusuke, so unless I get the personal ok from him, it would be outside of my power to tell you anything. It is also better to wait for everyone to be around to listen in. Only a few know the whole story, so it would be beneficial to tell it only once to such a large group."

Large group indeed. Kurama certainly was one of the wisest within the pack. He was able to think of things logically and point out things that are so obvious others might miss it. Joshua always felt very impressed and honored to know he was the one who had been allowed to receive his blood. It made him feel pretty special.

Kurama looked up first, making Joshua remember to always be aware. He scowled, remembering he needed to always stay constantly vigilant.

Yusuke came in, sighing, "Hey dudes, time to pick up the books."

A red brow tilted, "You're going to take over Joshua's training today?"

The young man couldn't help but feel a little excited about the idea. To be trained by the most powerful, the leader, sounded just too cool.

"Not today. Sorry buddy. But how about tomorrow?" He promised, seeing Joshua taking on a disappointed expression. "No one is going to be training today."

Kurama winced, "Sounds like bad news."

"I can't exactly say that. But...well...I think we all need to gather in the 'meeting room'," Yusuke started, "Koenma's coming."

Koenma sat down, not even bothering to try and look cool. The prince looked exhausted. His face, which he typically kept pristine, was haggered, dry, and had some heavy dark bags under the eye. His hair, which was hardly ever unkempt, was flat and in tangles. Those lean shoulders of his were no longer straight and proud but sagging along with his posture. He looked so worn out.

Shizuru came over and sat on the arm of the chair he was on, stroking his hair a bit. "You look like you could use a hard drink."

"A nap would be preferred." He sighed, "Don't mind me guys. This is nothing. I am here to finally go over the transfusions. It's about time for you guys to get prepared for them."

Kurama looked up at him, "You think it's about time now?"

"Yes." The prince nodded, "Now you all may recall, I said that it would be best for the most of you to wait to get this procedure. But since this was all explained during a rather...stressful time, I'll go over it again." He cleared his throat. "First, this will take a lot out of you. You will be rather weak and tired for, perhaps, a month...it varies depending on the person. But you guys might be too tired to go to school. I figure that you would rather do this around Christmas time when you have a break."

Keiko nodded in agreement, she didn't want to miss too much of her senior year.

"But we can't wait till right before you are exiled. You need to have the blood balanced and already starting some training. It will be safer for you once you enter the world." He rubbed the back of his head and smiled at Shizuru gratefully as she went behind him and gave him a massage. "You will want to go into the Makai as a demon and not a human."

"Makes sense to me." Kuwabara agreed.

"Now, the other reason is the sooner you get the procedure the sooner, or at least more set in stone, the date is." It didn't need to be elaborated on what date that was. "I know you all would rather stay here as long as possible. I mean most of you," he corrected hearing Hiei grunt.

"I have been wondering though, why did Shiori and the rest of Kurama's and Callie's family go on and get the procedure then?" Terrance asked, raising his hand like a good student.

"A few reasons. First is that...well...they are weak. It's nothing like any of them would be able to do anything to the world. Yes, there is a risk still, but not as much as say when Kuwabara gets changed. I was also concerned about their health. Even Keiko here has more spiritual awareness and a sort of...an awakening of her inner ability. That alone will help her in the transition more. But Shiori, Takuto, and Shuichi have all just be introduced into this world of yours. So it is a possibility that they would've been weaker or sicker for longer than a month. Luckily they are all doing well."

Kurama nodded, very relieved his family was accepting the blood and new life so well. He was still afraid he was in a good dream and would wake up one day. He was able to keep his family and pack together. It had always been a worry of his that he would have to separate from them sooner than he would like.

"And the last reason is Shiroi's pregnancy. It would be so much easier on her and her, then, unborn baby to get it done at that time. Hoshiko hadn't fully developed and it would be less risk for her then if she got it as a newborn. She would be born naturally as a demon, or somewhat as one."

Seemed to make sense to them. It would best for those who are least use to this world to be done first. They would probably need the most time to adjust. And whatever was the safest for little Hoshiko was something they will always be supportive of.

"Ok, so we understand this, lets get on to the other part." Yusuke motioned to get moving on to the rest of them who have yet to be transformed.

"So impatient." The royal grunted. "Ok, back to you guys. Well first we have each of your blood and have compared it to another demon who would be good as a donor. We will need to ask some of those others apart of Yusuke's ever growing kingdom."

The leader sighed, "Lets not go into that conversation at the moment." He was still a bit uncomfortable about that future of his.

"Right right, I was just letting you know that it's possible someone in your pack might get blood from someone else. But to know you can trust them." Koenma tried to keep his temper in check. Without good sleep and food it wasn't any surprise why he was about to snap someone's head off.

"I can probably find a way to get in contact with some of them. At the very least get Chuu or Jin to go give them a message." Yusuke nodded to his good pals who gave him a thumbs up in return, signaling they were all for it.

"Good. The sooner you do that the better. I would contact them myself but...well you know..."

"Yeah, you gotta keep up the whole image thing for a bit longer." Yusuke shrugged, no longer bothered by it. He at least understood that it was now for the pack and not because the prince was indecisive. "Don't worry about it. Besides, the guys back at the Makai will probably respond better to me or one of them."

Koenma nodded, "True. I would like to go on and get all of this done within the upcoming month. That way there are no surprises and we can get everything settled. Yusuke and the others were rushed into giving their blood, so this time we want it as stress-free as possible."

Kurama spoke up, "Sounds like that will be for the best. I like the idea of us all being better prepared than last time. I am sure on an upcoming weekend we can all make a trip to the Gate to get the blood-work done." He looked to his pack leader, making sure that was acceptable.

Yusuke grunted, "As long as I don't have to get up on a friggen Saturday."

"No promises," Koenma chuckled a little. "But I think that about covers that issue. Anyone have any questions about that?"

They all looked around the room, waiting to see if anyone had anything else to ask. Seeing there was no one concerned about the blood a new topic was up for grabs.

"Ok, maybe you can also explain all of this hush-hush business now." Maverick started. "We all get an idea now that we're going to be exiled. But in truth, that is all we know. Can we get a bit more detail?"

Koenma shared a look with Yusuke and nodded, "Yes, I think now would be time. It's not necessarily that we were hiding anything from all of you, but the situation is a bit complicated and things can change daily on what is happening. And I think you all know the basic of it."

"Yeah, that we are gonna be exiled to the demon world." Terrance scratched the back of his head.

"Right," The prince nodded. "Now, you know Yusuke's story and how he met everyone; that he was our Spirit Detective for about...I'd say two years."

"Give or take a few months. Hard to keep up with time when you are trying to live or your are forced to live as a hermit." The leader glared at his teacher for her teaching style. For the majority of those six months he trained under her he was hardly allowed near any type of device to let him keep up with the time.

"True dat." Terrance pumped up his fist for his brother in understanding.

"And you also now know that it was discovered his ancestor was a demon king and that due to fate, timing, and Yusuke himself that blood awoken and this is what you get." Koenma tilted a brow, "Not very impressive, I know." He ignored Yusuke flipping him off. "And because of that, he was rejected by my father and the Gate. They did not want any association with a demon, especially one who has the power to rule."

"Still hard to understand that." Joshua shook his head, "Why hate them? They have done so much for the Gate."

"I have said it before; my father views things in black and white. You're either a human, which is innocent and pure," He now ignored some gagging and sniggering of disbelief from the group, "or a demon which is sinister and evil. There is no in-between for him and for a few of those apart of my Gate and the other Gates. It is just a very old fashion view and since we can pretty much live forever the views don't change too fast."

"That blows." Maverick sighed.

"Indeed. So there have been a very tense standoff between Yusuke's team and my father. And yes, sadly I have been stuck in the middle refusing to choose a side till just recently." Koenma cleared his throat. "My father thinks that all demons, especially ones as powerful as the ones around here, should be locked in the Makai where the rest of the barbarians are."

"Nice." Celeste rolled her eyes, "So why hasn't the bastard done so?"

Keiko looked thoughtful, "Been curious about that myself. They have hated Yusuke for awhile now...why not do anything? Why not do anything to any of us?"

"Well to start of with Hiei and Kurama; Hiei was placed in here under my orders. This was his exile and punishment for his crime. Father was...ok with it for the most part because of the term punishment." He held up his hands to show he was defenseless when Hiei growled, not looking too pleased. "Kurama was reborn as a human in a way. He was hidden from our radar until he stole the mirror. Then he too was placed under my jurisdiction and sentenced to remain in the human world till his mother passed on from natural causes."

Kurama bowed his head in some gratitude for that original plan.

"So those two are still, in a way, my prisoners and they can't be touched. Nor would it be wise to given who they are. And most of you, including you Yusuke, are under eighteen and therefore underage. And some of you are far to weak to survive on your own in the Makai, and though you are demons now, you were humans once and it would be unfair to just throw you out. It is also very unwise to try and break up a pack."

Kuwabara took a side-ways glance at his three demon comrades who had gotten lost in their bloodlust after Callie had been taken. He had really seen firsthand what will happen should one make an attempt at that.

"So, right now Yusuke is seventeen and, therefore, still a child in world. He is a high-schooler and should not be placed in Makai as of yet. Not until he is a legal adult. And as the leader, if he stays the others must stay as well." Koenma finished the first part of the explanation, wanting it to be clear why they were not yet being forced to leave and how he bought them around eight months of life here.

"Wait, wait..." Yusuke shook his head, "So I risk my ass since I've been fourteen, save the world at least seven times, been publicly ridiculed by hordes of demons, been killed, seen my teacher killed, made friends and allies with powerful demons, solved messes the big-wigs couldn't...and they have never seen me as a friggen adult?"

"Nope." Koenma continued, "And that is a good thing. It is giving you guys extra time. If it wasn't for that view you could've already been forced out of here."

Yusuke snorted, "Overlooking all I mentioned above."

"Hn, if everyone wants to stay here so badly why no fight them off?" Of course Hiei couldn't see why they would want to stay. His home was so much better. "The soldiers who would come to force us all into the portal would be weak."

"Have to agree with Hiei," Suzaku noted, "They don't have the power or ability to push you into the portal. If you don't want to go, why would you have too?"

Koenma looked at Yusuke a moment, "We have discussed this, and I told him that if that is the route he wishes to take, I will stand beside him on it. Because you both are right. None of you should be forced to go. It isn't fair nor is it necessarily force since you all would be able to take on any of the soldiers they send to escort you."

"But," Yusuke sighed, "If I chose to do that, Koenma could be seen as a big enemy in the Gate and within the other Gates for the world. Right now he is going on a bit of a campaign to win a lot of support. And his dad isn't the only one who can be a little into tradition. If he goes against the command for us to be put into the Makai, he risks losing a lot of support."

"And that support will be really useful for later." Koenma finished. "Very useful due to a heavy factor over everything; the humans not only becoming aware of the demons, but living amongst them. I want to find a way to integrate everyone together in a peaceful, and controlled manner. Or as controlled as able. I won't be able to do that if I am not the one in charge. Dad will fight the two worlds meeting. He can't face the fact that this WILL happen eventually. And it will happen soon."

"Why is that?" Joshua asked.

"Different reasons. The barriers are weakening. Demons are getting stronger and smarter. Humans are becoming more aware. You all can't say you didn't think at least a couple of humans notice some odd happenings. Or that eventually all these talks of aliens," He had to bite back a grin, trying not to look at Hiei, "will eventually add up. Humans are not that dumb or incapable of feeling something is different. If we are able to do things in baby steps sever consequences can be avoided...or at least lessened."

"Like wars and such?"

"Exactly. Or even like mass pandemonium. Humans will panic and probably hurt or kill each other in riots of terror. We need to do it to avoid that. We also want to avoid as few of casualties as possible from both sides."

"So that's why you want us to control ourselves." Suzaku nodded, agree with such terms.

"Yes. But as I said; I am willing to find other routes to support you. I am on your side. And if all of you as a pack decide you want to fight, I will support you with that." Koenma smiled when Shizuru squeezed his shoulder. "You don't have to decide now. I don't want you guys to just say 'I'll go to the Makai' because you want to be a selfless martyr. I want all of you to talk about it. This is home for a lot of you. Or a place of fun for others. Once you leave...it will be years till you can come back, maybe even for little visits. You don't owe the Gate, myself, even humanity anything after what you all have done. This is something you have to talk and think about."

The group shared a look with each other. When he put it that way it did sound like this was something they should discuss and include Kurama's family in. They and Keiko had living relatives they would be apart from...for that long sounded painful.

"I think you are wise in telling us that," Kurama responded. "We will take your advice and talk this out. It isn't fair for any of us to be taken away from this world if we are not yet ready after what we have done for it."

Yusuke had an expression of being torn, but it lasted for a nano-second when he saw Keiko and knew his hero-days were over. It was time for him to take on his new role as a demon leader. He thought of his people, not others.

"Well I am glad you all can agree with me there. It's nice to have some support." He yawned, so exhausted. "But pretty much the jiff of it is; go about your daily lives but start preparing for when you are exiled. Because I can't make any promises that you will get a warning a week in advance. It might just be the day of Yusuke's graduation you all are kicked out, it might be sometime after that...I can't say right now."

"So...what you're saying is I not only have to train daily, make porcupine over there happy, do friggen math homework...I also have to be prepared to pick up my whole life to move into empty area of woe and agony?" Callie asked, using that witting sarcasm that can make many people laugh but could really land her in a pot of hot water.

Hiei gave her a stare, "My home isn't that desolate, monkey."

Now she gave him a stare, "It's a death-trap."

"If you are weak."

"We all can't have a giant black worm of death in our arm."

"Bitch, don't start running your mouth."

"Ignoring their hourly session of flirting," Botan interrupted, trying to bring the attention back to the issue at hand. Last thing they need for the two of them to bicker till their faces were red for fifteen minutes then tackle each other in a heated make-out session. God, their turn-on button was so weird.

"Right, but it was summed up. You all will need to juggle a bit of stuff. If you decide to go on and leave when asked, you will need to be packed. You will need to have said your good-byes to loved ones and this life over all. You will want to ensure you are emotionally ready to depart."

Keiko looked down at her lap, her heart sinking into her stomach. She didn't see how she could ever be ready to say good-bye to her parents. The Makai needed ramen-shops didn't it? Her parents could provide something great like that for the world. Why were they not allowed to do this when the others were?

Why did Callie and Kurama get to keep their family but she couldn't?

If she told her parents about all of this, then it would just be right for them to join in as well.

She clenched her hands tightly over her prim skirt, her arms starting to shake slightly at the unfairness of this. Keiko wanted her parents a part of her life for a long time. She wanted them there for of every birthday she shares with Yusuke and to make them a special surprise for their anniversary. She wanted to walk down the aisle on her dad's arm and for her mom to share squeals as they bought baby clothes.

It wasn't fair that she would have to be denied all of this.

This made it so hard for her to keep her mouth clenched shut. She knew now wasn't the time to tantrum about this, but it was hard to keep her temper in control. All she wanted to do was scream.

"Keiko," Yusuke whispered to her, covering her hands with his larger one. "It's ok. I will figure something out." He then looked back on to Koenma, but his hand stayed securely on hers. "We understand that part. If we decide to go down that path, we will be prepared."

Koenma nodded, impressed with how mature he sounded there. "Let me know what you decide. I will give you heads up on what is being done upstairs as it progresses." He then got up, giving Shizuru a chaste kiss on the cheek.

She looked at him concerned, "You have to leave now?"

"I don't think I can stay away from the work right now. I need to go have a meeting with Europe's Gate. They are one of the oldest Gates, after those within the Middle East, and I need to go on and start getting their support. It will be a long process." He sighed, thinking of so much other things he needed to do. When he wasn't doing paperwork or going to days-long meetings he was locked up in his office or the library going through all the old files and books to try and find all the loopholes and memorize all the rules and traditions to strengthen himself and his case to take over.

He had to be strong and prepared for anything and everything.

"I'll be back as soon as I can." He smiled at is Shizuru, "I think a nice personal date is in order."

"Damn straight it is. I expect expensive seafood, a romantic walk around a ritzy area, and not one damn complaint about my smoking."

"I can't talk about the smoking?" Koenma groaned, but closed his mouth seeing her look. "Fine. You drive a hard-bargain, but you do deserve a nice night out. It's a deal. But we are still going to eventually talk about that disgusting habit of yours."

She shrugged and to piss him off more, took out one and placed it in her mouth.

He snorted and went on and gave her a kiss, before he gave his farewell to the rest and went off to go and continue doing his work.

It was silent for a moment after the prince took his leave. Everyone wasn't too sure what to say now that it was known what they all were in for in the near future.

"Well...that certainly was tense." Kuwabara noted, rubbing the back of his head. He was happy it was all finally in the open, but now that it was a lot of people looked really down or mad. But all looked deeply concerned and upset for Keiko, the one who would lose the most during all of this.

"Keiko," Yusuke kneeled in front of her, holding her eyes with his. "I promise, I will figure out a way to make this work for you. You are the most important to me and I will ensure your happiness, ok?"

She gave him a weak smile, her eyes watery, "I-I know you will."

He gave her a smile back, promising to talk to her about it when they were alone later. He knew Keiko could be a very private person when it concerned her deep emotions. She was a selfless and proud girl who never wanted anyone to worry or fret over her. Knowing his mate, she would force a smile on her face and throw the attention to something fun and not have people "waste" their time and energy on her.

"Well, I agree with Kuwabara! It has become too tense." The brunette quickly wiped her eyes. "Let's do something fun!"

Yusuke smiled; he knew his woman all to well.

"I was thinking us seeing that video my dear Yusuke was telling me about." She gave off that witchy grin again, "Something about Kurama doing a strip tease?"

Kurama instantly paled, "You told her about that?"

Yusuke's grin matched his mate's, "No secrets between mates, dude. I told her to keep her mouth shut...but hey, she's a girl. We can't hold that flaw against her." The pair grinned at each other now as if they had planned this from the beginning.

"There is no way we are watching that!"

Botan looked like she was about to wet herself, "You...did what?" She snorted, "I gotta see it! Strip tease! Strip tease!" She chanted, and soon most everyone else was in the mantra.

Kurama's face was as red as his hair.

"You put it on and I swear you will regret it."

"I know I won't regret it during the time we are actually watching it." Yusuke retorted, "To the TV!"


"I will KILL all of you."

"At least we get to see you strip-tease before we die! Huzzah!"

Author: Not the most exciting chapter either, but I needed so much to be sort of laid on the table so that now things can roll along a bit better and faster. Reminder though (if I have said it before) that this isn't as super drama-filled "live or die" or "do they love each other or not" type of story. It has its own share of drama, but it has a lot to do with friendship, love, moving on, and making adult choices.

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Celeste will be a controller of ice because she is an ice-demon like Touya. Chuu...well, Terrance might be simply a brawler. And since he likes the drinks like Chuu I can see it working out that way as well, that perhaps they both are able to handle the liquor in that way.

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"I'm not proud of what I did...but like you guys, sometimes to survive you gotta do dirty stuff." The young man stated, stuffing his hands in his pockets. "When all you have is yourself and a need to keep living, selling yourself doesn't seem as bad as you might imagine."