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Chapter I

"Madara Pein is here"

A cold a gruff voice answers back, "Well what are you waiting for let him in."

A scuffle then a hard thud is heard outside the door just when two hulking guards drag in a drooping Pein covered in bruises with a blackened eye and a split lip. The guards plop him in a metal chair in front of the great mahogany desk where Madara sits with a blank look and his hands folded. After a minute Madara unfolds his hands and pulls out a elegant switch blade with a white ivory handle and a long sharp blade that catches the light with a deathly glint. As Madara fiddles with the switch blade he soon starts to speak with a easy going smile on his face that doesn't reach his eyes.

"Well hello Pein thanks for coming today it's been a awful long time since we've seen each other hasn't it?"

Pein looks at the blade hoping it won't end up in his throat. Tries to stutter an apology.

"S...sorry" he replies meekly.

Madara chuckles darkly "Why the apology Pein I was just saying how long it's been since I've seen you. How long has that been exactly?" he asks to no one in particular.

One of the guards answer anyway "8 months boss"

An evil smile spreads across Madara's face

"Ah yes it's coming back to me. If I recall you borrowed some money from me then didn't you Pein?"

Pein still watches the blade move smoothly in Madara's hands flashing as it catches the light.

He licks his chapped lips and gulps nodding his head meekly while whispering a agreement "Yes"

"Oh don't go quiet on me now Pein you had enough courage to come and ask me for money 8 months ago. Tell me how much was that again Pein I seemed to have forgotten"

Pein's mouth turns extremely dry as he manages to whisper "2.."

Madara asks " 2 what Pein? 2 dollars? 2 hundred? No. Then exactly how much did I loan you Pein tell me..."


Madara let's out a low whistle.

"Whoah how generous was I. But something isn't right if I loaned you 200,000 dollars were exactly is all my money that you were suppose to pay back? Huh Pein where is my money?"

Pein begins to stutter an apology


Madara cuts him off with a cold glare. As he sits up suddenly he tells the guards "Hold him."

Suddenly strong hands grab hold Pein down in his chair with his hands held out on the desk with an iron grip. Madara calmly gets up from his desk and walks around till he is in front of a struggling Pein. With out any warning the switch blade Madara still held came down and impaled Pein's hand and the desk.

Pein uttered a sudden loud cry as the blinding pain wound it's way up his arm.

Madara walked away as if nothing happened towards the great floor to ceiling windows that looks over the whole village and a great view of the sky line. Madara just stood there and looked out onto the city with a blank expression.

Pein continued to cry about his hand as his blood stained the desk and ran down his arm. Suddenly he hears a click and atomically stops crying and looks over to Madara pointing a gun at him.

Madara begins to talk

"Now Pein you and I both know you gambled away all my money and have no way of paying me back plus your way to ugly and useless to sell. Now killing you won't bring me back my money but it sure would make me fill a hell of alot better knowing you were dead."

Madara starts to pull the trigger but suddenly a thought comes to Pein.


Madara lifts up an eyebrow "Oh really then by all means let's hear it."

"M...My broth...My brothers you can sell them."

Madara doesn't put the gun down but he hasn't shot it yet so Pein continues to try to appeal to Madara's greed.

" may not be able to get alot of money by selling me but my brothers will sell for high prices"

Madara smirks "I seriously doubt anybody with your genes will sell for a high price."

"No see that's the point we aren't blood related they are the complete opposite of me. Just please take my brothers and I'll leave you'll never have to see me again. Just give me one more chance."

Madara looks at the pitiful, sniveling, bleeding Pein with such distaste. He puts his gun down and steps over to Pein. He grabs the handle of his blade and pulls it out slowly watching Pein wincing in even more agonizing pain. He wipes his blade with a handkerchief before he finally speaks.

"Lucky you I'm filling in a nice mood today. Bring your brothers tomorrow night at Ten Tails club we'll see if they can fix your debt then."

Pein starts to bawl "Oh thank you Madara thank you. You won't be sorry this time thank you.

Pein is picked back up by the two guards again and is escorted out Madara's office. Madara stops them as they get to the door.

"Oh and Pein don't disappear again I don't want to have to find you months from now.

Madara's eyes seemed to turn a bloody red as he gave is warning. Pein nods as he quickly leaves the room with a dark chuckle following behind him sending shivers down his back.

"NARUTO TIME FOR DINNER GET INSIDE!" Kyuubi yelled from out the small window in their apartment building.

"OKAY!" Naruto answered back

Kyuubi's and Naruto's shouting exchange was answered by a number of angry neighbors telling them to shut up. Especially the old man living next to them.

"Can you two for 5 minutes keep it down some people are trying to watch tv in peace."

Kyuubi replies "Shut up you old fart and go on watching your kiddie porn."

The old man huffs but returns into his apartment grumbling about "Kids these days."

Naruto jogs up the stairs and hops over the drunkard passed out on the stairs. A keep jogging up the stairs paying little attention to the junkies, prostitutes, and dealers he always sees. As he goes past the cat lady's place he holds his breath automatically till his lungs burn and he finally reaches the top floor where his apartment is that he shares with his twin brother Kyuubi and their older brother Pein. Letting out his breath he exhales and walks into the small apartment with one bedroom that he and Kyuubi share. A small bathroom that does or doesn't have hot water depending on the day. A little kitchen with a old gas stove from the 70's and sink that doesn't work. The front room has a small couch/bed in it that Pein sleeps on when he's not on one of his binges. It may no be the best of places but for him it was home.

The smell of food caught Naruto's senesces. Making his stomach growl and mouth water with the promise of food in the air.

"Mmm smells good what's for dinner?" he asked as he took off his shoes.

Kyuubiwalks into the front room carrying two bowls and speaking in a fake Italian accent presenting the food with a flourish.

"Well my hungry companion what I have for you today is a rare delicacy cooked to perfection. I call it Ala Instant Ramen Noodles *mwah*." Kissing his finger for a Italian cook effect.

Naruto laughs at his brother's antics and takes the bowl of ramen to eat while they watch tv.

After awhile Naruto ask Kyuubi "So has Pein come back any time today."

Pein goes off often on his drinking, gambling, and drug taking binges that last for days, weeks, once he was gone for a whole month but came back as if nothing happened. Naruto often worries about his brother during these times but Kyuubi could care less for their dead beat brother.

"No and I wouldn't be surprised if he was dead some where in a alley."

Naruto gasp "How can you say that he might not be the best brother but remember what mom told us. W-"

"Yeah yeah 'We have to stick together because we're the only family we have'" Kyuubi repeats offhandedly rolling his eyes.

Just then Pein stumbles through the door more worse for wear than when he usually comes from one of his binges. The brothers all just stare at each other before Kyuubi finally breaks the silence.

"God Pein you look like hell what happened to you this time."

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