Own Naruto?…I wish


Pein feels his body being drag around until finally he is dropped onto the floor carelessly. Once he is settled Madara's lackeys finally take off the clothed sack over his head but leave the duct tape over his mouth and the chaffing ropes on his wrist. His soon eyes adjust to the lighting and he is able to look around and see where he is, which means little since he is stuck in a windowless room with one ratty looking light bulb hanging from the ceiling. The sound of a door knob turning catches Pein's attention and he tries to turn around as the door to the far corner of the room opens. Madara walks in casually looking at Pein with amusement.

"Pein we must stop meeting like this. It's almost like Deja'vu, don't you think except you got as far as Guatemala this time. I must say Pein you do keep a loan shark on their toes."

Pein just gives Madara a terrified look; that many would see as helpless and pathetic, he even starts to cry a bit.

"Oh stop with the crocodile tears as if they would work on me. I didn't fly all the way out here just to kill 'you' right on the spot. That would be a sever waste of my time. I just have a little assignment you must do for me..."

Naruto has been awoke for a while but doesn't say anything as he hears his brother finally waking up

"Tsk…Ouch…Wha…What in the hell!? Naruto! Wake Up!"

Naruto opens his eyes and finally makes eye contact at his brother chained opposite to him dressed in a red maid outfit and collar similar to Naruto's blue maid outfit surrounded by pillows.

Kyubbi tries to pull at the collar on his neck his nails and canines lengthening but useless to the unbreakable restraints. Finally exhausted Kyubbi lets out a howl of frustration small tears forming in his eyes.

"No, no, NO! I won't he'll have to kill me first before he even thinks he'll ever EVER get to touch me that way. Naruto why are you so quiet now? He didn't come in here while I was passed out did he? Did HE!? I'LL KILL THEM BOTH!"


Kyubbi almost calmed down a bit until he registered the 'yet'.

"Yet!? What do you mean yet!?

"Listen Kyubbi the guy with the glasses came in and told me…"

(A hour ago)

"You sick bastard let us go and get me some real clothes because I don't know what you freaks think you're going to get from us but it sure ain't gonna be that."

Kabuto sighs a bit

"Hmm… and here I thought you'd be the less violent one."

"Well you sure as hell got that one wrong you sick fuck now. Let us GO!"

"There is no need for all the name calling and volume I can see that your uncomfortable with the situation but I think I can change your mind."

"Ha! That's what you think you must be more damaged in the brain than I thought. Now, Let Us Go!"

"Hmm I see there is no negotiating with you two."

"Believe It. So are you going to let us go now?"

"No now I'm going to pump you both up with experimental aphrodisiacs and then after Lord Mardara is done with you another round of testing and medication 'just in case'."

The thought of going through another round of testing and whatever was in that giant fiery needle made Naruto shiver to his core. If he never saw that needle again it would all too soon.

"No please god not the needle again and I can't stand another mind wipe those aphrodisiac thingys do. Just please have a heart and let us go."

"No. But I can convince Lord Orochimaru to only fuck one of you while the other sits and watches. So you'll be able to keep your virginity intact"

"Hell no."

Kabuto just smirks and acts as if he will walk away

"Oh well then I'll just get the needles ready."

"Wait Stop!"


"You promise he won't touch Kyubbi?"

A 'friendly' smile spreads across Kabuto's face as he put a hand on his heart and his other hand open in a 'scouts honor' way

"You have my word Lord Orochimaru will not lay a hand on your brother."



Kyubbi looks at Naruto with a angry glare.

"How could you just easily give yourself to that ugly bastard!"

"I did it for YOU!"

"NO. I won't let you do THIS for me. Just No."


"No Naruto end of discussion. Now help me figure out a way to get out of these stupid leashes because we both are going to get out of here virginities intact."

Kyubbi went on his frustrated attempts at breaking the thick chain until the wall lifted revealing Orochimaru and Kabuto who wheeled in a tray of needles.

Naruto glanced at the needles then went for Kabuto's throat but the chain held him back

"You promised you bastard."

"I never said anything about not giving you two the aphrodisiac. You two were bought as experiments for a reason. Plus I doubt either of you would give in that easily without some type of physical subduing."

"You got that right and no experimental drug will change that." Kyubbi says throwing one of the pillows that was near him towards Kabuto knocking his glasses off which Kabuto answers with a swift kick to Kyubbi's midsection that double him over

Grabbing his glasses Kabuto bows to Orochimaru

"I'm sorry Lord Orochimaru I'll give them the sedative quickly."

Orochimaru just shakes his head and answers in a slithering tone

"No Kabuto that won't be necessary I find their feistiness almost seductive."

Naruto and Kyubbi recoil at that

"You sicko."

Orochimaru laughs an ugly sarcastic laugh then sobers quickly

"Kabuto have you put the zingers into the collars?"

"Yes Lord."

"Good lets try a 6 for their naughty behavior."

Kabuto pulls a small remote from his pocket and hits a button

Kyubbi has no idea what the hell a zinger is until he feels an electrical current move through his body knocking him down and from looking at Naruto's fallen rigid body he feels it too

Kyubbi and Naruto both yell for Kabuto to stop but he doesn't until a blast rumbles the whole place.

"I TOLD YOU IT WAS TOO MUCH C4 KIBA!" Shikamaru yells as his ears ring from the explosion that knocke down the thick steel door.




"YOU STUPID MUTT!" Sasuke yells as he pushes his way past everyone to get a good look at the inside of the hideout. When the coast seems clear from any traps or hindering's Sasuke signals for the team to come on.

After a bit the ringing in their ears stop

"No stealth mode since the mutt ruined that idea when he put the whole can of C4 on the door. So we go in hard find Orochimaru, Kabuto, and anyone else that is in here let no one escape and everyone is any enemy. Once we find everyone we'll regroup and get ready to move any valuable merchandise. Got it?"

Everyone agreed except for Kiba whose ears were still ringing


"Damn those Uchia's always messing up my plans. Kabuto sedate the two so they won't make any noise. If I know Itachi this will be just a shake down so hide these two and my lab while I go distract them. Go now."

"Yes Lord Orochimaru."

Shikamaru steps out of the shadows and sighs

"Guess this will be more to deal with."

A few minutes later after Shikamaru hears fumbling and shouts then silence. Then he sees Kabuto come out the hidden wall talking to whoever is still in the hidden room.

"Shut up and stay quiet."

Not wanting to waste any more time Shikamaru sneeks behind Kabuto and gives a swift chop to the neck stunning Kabuto and causing his whole body to slump forward unconscious

Shikamaru goes to the wall and finds the switch for the secret door. Once the door lift Shikamaru looks inside to see both Naruto and Kyubbi passed out still in their maid gear and still half foxes.

Shikamaru sighs again "Yep, definitely more to deal with."

Shikamaru groups with everyone else and a rough up Orochimaru who is tied up to a chair unconscious.

"Have you found Kabuto?" Sasuke asks

"Yes and I've found the other two bodies but they aren't who you think they are?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that Orochimaru had a breakthrough with his gene splicing."

"I think it's time to call Itachi Sasuke." Negji says after the awkward silence

"Fuck." Sasuke breathes while moving a hand through his hair, "Okay let's find a phone and call him but while we're here we may as well do what we came here for first. Shikamaru and Negji can you two find his lab and get all the info?"


"Good leave nothing behind. Kiba Lee I need you two help me with any other valuables oh and check on these successful 'experiments' Orochimaru has."



Shikamaru pulls Sasuke over to talk to him

"Kabuto had to sedate those two and I don't know how long it last so don't get. Oh and you may need some tools to get their chains off."


"You'll see."


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