Chapter 1

Lily Potter was a happy mother again for the first time in a long while. Her husband, James Potter, her son Harry Potter, and herself had gone out to see a movie recently and Harry had just loved it. The movie, "How to Train Your Dragon" had shown in a theater nearby their house and after thinking about it a little bit they had decided to go. It had been a movie about Vikings and Dragons, and at first she had been worried it would scare her son. But he had loved the movie and would not turn his eyes away from it for one second and for being only a year old that was something of a surprise, but a good one.

She was a young woman just barely over 25, she had fair skin. Her eyes were the most beautiful green with only emeralds able to compare to them. Her hair was almost a burning red and hung down to the middle of her back, when she stood up full at 5 foot 5. James was stood the same height with brown eyes and midnight black hair that was messy and his skin was a little pale compared to hers. Harry on the other hand looked just like his dad when he was a baby, but his eyes were the same as hers.

She smiled as they got back home and she put Harry done for his nap. She then sat down trying not to sigh, since most days were no longer normal like this one. Her family and many other of her kind were stuck in a couple decades old war. Now, one would wonder why she was able to go and watch a movie out in public then if there was a war. It was because the way being fought was kept in secret from a large portion of the world. And since in all the attacks magic was making it easier to keep it hidden from the non magic community.

Sadly, her family was also now at the possible heard of the war. Thanks to her friend and James's rival, Severus Snape, who had gone deep undercover as a double agent they had been able to avoid from getting into a fight yet. He, Snape, had heard a prediction that said that only one person had the power needed to end the war and kill the so call Dark Lord. Sadly this prediction pointed almost directly at her son. Snape had been force to tell the Dark Lord what he had heard, making the Potter family target number one, thankfully though he had been able to tell them as well.

That left them where they were now, hidden under powerful spells and wards not able to leave the house much for the magical world without risk of being found. But there was an upside to this, while again they could not enter the magic side of the world that did not mean they could not enter into the non-magical community in which Lily had grown up in. She loving showing James, who was a wizard born, many non-magical things he would not have seen otherwise and his face afterwards as she explained how they worked. Like the movie that night. It also let her slowly get in touch with her sister who she had cut ties with a year ago when a fight had broken out between then over her own ability to use magic.

Her thoughts then turned to the measure she was working on to make sure her son survived this war as the clock struck ten. The main one being a dark potion she had found in the library of their friend. It let a person in short survive anything that would or could kill them. But at the risk of their sanity and human form she had realized she needed to make some changes. She then with the help of her friend Snape, she was able to remake the potion even stronger than before. And with the help of the spells she had been working, she hoped to get rid of the weakness all together, if not then turn that weakness into a strong point.

Seeing her son fast asleep, she went down into the basement and opened up the sealed room. Lily smiled as she looked down at the potion; it had been finished long ago and she had been feeding it all slowly to Harry since then. She only had two feedings and two spell sessions left to go. She carefully spooned the contents into a bottle leaving only a little left that she then spooned into another bottle. She smiled as the potion was not almost all gone. Even without ability to sense magic she could still clearly feel the evil feeling the potion gave off just sitting there.

She remembered how she had started the potion and it gave of such and evil feeling her friend Snape had felt even through sealed room walls from the floor above it, and decided to help her. Thanks to him it was not nearly as evil feeling as it would have ended up being. She then got the idea to add a spell to the mix when she found out the legend around her husband's Invisibility cloak since it was able to hide a person from death itself. Using this she was able to complete the ancient potion to its fullest potential without the huge risk.

She set down the bottles as she went back upstairs. Carefully sealing the one she set the other one up so she could feed it to Harry, and then went to check on Harry. Smiling she noticed he was already awake in spite of having been asleep for only about 30 minutes. He giggled and flapped his arms like he was a dragon, she giggled and laughed. But without warning she noticed something causing her eyes to widen and she ducked out of the way as a fireball flew from her son hand into a book shelf where the last part of the potion was held. She let out a gasp of shock when she realized what had fully happened, both the fact harry had done accidental magic that was so powerful and the potion getting hit by said magic.

Sighing, well James was a little right the movie had been bad for Harry. He was now able to throw fireballs as a one year old. Shaking her head at her luck in life, she checked the potion. It seemed unaffected, smiling she set to giving Harry his potion to drink from the bottle. He drank it down not seeming to like it; she could not really blame him. If it was not for the huge risk of them dying she would be still be breast feeding him on and off, rather then formula and potions. Once the potion was fully drunk down she got out some normal milk and fed him that as well. She smiled as he started to fall asleep in her arms again, he may have been a little ball of energy at times but he was still a baby.

Time moved on from there till Halloween drew near. Lily was able to get the last potion into Harry without incident though she never knew that fireball had caused a small change in the potion. It did not show at all though as Harry kept growing till that one fateful day. She had set up a few more fail safes since then. Each dealt with different things so if either one of them did not make it Harry would be safe. She knew James did not agree with this idea of setting up so many fail safes, and she did sometimes as well. But she was scared and worried and it was become harder for her to sleep soundly through the night. She did after all have a reason to be paranoid.

On the night before Halloween Lily finally slept peacefully as everything she could do to be ready, short of none stop-training was ready. Every trap, every charm, seal, and potion, all encase the Dark Lord came knocking. She had set up 5 copies of their wills, each one sent to a different person and one to the bank. This way the wills no matter what happened could not be stopped. She made sure to have a letter and away to teleport Harry from the house and to one of her close friends if they were attacked. Even setting things up with her friends and bank so that the wills would be activated and Harry brought into a safe place at once. Then lastly she was finally able to make peace with her sister and her family.

As Lily woke up early in morning she could sense something was off. She was not sure what it was but she just knew something was. She at once woke up James and checked on Harry, but she found everything seemingly okay. She sighed maybe she was just stressed out, she figured, but even as the day past she could not help but feel something was very wrong. Then after dinner she found out the reason, as she finished washing off Harry and handed him his new toy, a Night Fury stuffed animal with specially made dragon skin so that it could act and fly around the room almost like the one from the movie. When a large blast was heard and the many wards around the house shook. She ran over to the window holding Harry and his new toy and gasp. The Dark Lord and a few of his followers had comes and were now raining powerful spells on the wards breaking them rapidly.

She looked at James and nodded, she raced up to Harry's bed room where the control room was located for all the houses defenses. Pulling out a book she activated the rune on the book's page and set the defenses in motion. She looked out the window and watched the action take place. At once flames leapt out from the wards towards the attacker killing one of them. But the others were able to block the attack. Then without any warning the last of the wards fell in a blinding flash of sudden light. She glanced around in shock and gasped. There were more people outside then she had thought attacking the wards from every angle.

Sighing she activated all the defensives at once. Screams and shouts where heard as grass became sharp needles. Lawn decorations became real and attack. Hidden spells and runes activated blasted apart and firing flames and other things. And the house became rock hard to all but the strongest attacks. She walked in horror and sadness but also happiness at what her many weeks and month of preparation worked. People were killed as they came onto the property by one mean or another. When the flashes and bangs finally settled down she growled. The one person she had wanted to kill for sure was still standing, though as he limped into the house she could tell she had hit him with at least one of her many ideas.

Then down stairs she heard the battle start between James and the Dark Lord. She wished she could help but all her skill lay towards traps and charm setting, while James's skills went more towards battling. After a few minutes she heard someone climbing the stairs. She pulled out her wand but smiled as James entered into the room.

"Is he dead?" Lily asked.

But before James could answer a green light flashed behind him and he fell to the ground dead. Lily gasped in shock as tears formed in her eyes and fury welled up inside her. The Dark Lord then stepped in through the door with a smirk on his face. "Well Mrs. Potter we meet again, but this time you won't get away like you did the last 3 times," the Dark Lord said. His voice sounded like it would belong to some business man, not some mass killer.

"Yeah we meet again, and this time I will make sure you die once and for all," Lily said her anger filling her voice as tear ran down her eyes.

"I doubt you can. But if you let me see you son, I will let you live," The Dark Lord said.

"That will never happen, you vile piece of shit," Lily said as she got the last two fail safes ready, outside the potions.

"Oh and cursing will help that happen," The Dark Lord asked, "You really think you can stop me. Lord Voldemort."

"No I cannot stop you," Lily said. As she pulled out Harry as he looked around still holding onto the stuffed animal. She then looked at Voldemort darkly, "Not fully anyway."

Voldemort then sense the runes set all over the room. How could he not of when magic started flowing through them at this moment growing to huge proportions. But before he could do anything Lily activated the runes. They flew off the wall and slammed onto Voldemort burning an almost blinding red as they started destroying him.

"What is this magic?" Voldemort howled out in anger as he tried to stop the runes from burning away his body.

"It is not magic but runes, I knew just killing you would never stop you fully. So I set this thing up, it will destroy your very soul that way you will never be able to return." Lily said but then she gasped as the seals took their toll on her magic.

Voldemort screamed in pain but he was not going to be without his victory. He raised his wand in a last ditch attempt to get what he wanted. He fired off a killing curse aimed at the baby in Lily's arms. Lily saw this but was unable to get out of the way because of the drain on her magic. It hit her arms killing her then passed through the stuffed dragon and hit Harry.

At once a blinding flash filled the room. Lily never knew this but that slight change in the potion had caused it to do something most people thought impossible. It made new life. Harry's life when the spell had hit him had killed him, and had the origin potion worked it would have rebound his soul to his body before death could take it. But with the change his soul left and reconnected differently drawing in the things in contact with his body. The stuff dragon, Harry, and Lily all vanished and fused together shrinking down before defusing into 2 small baby Night Fury dragons. One was Harry, but the other was not Lily but rather a new soul pulled from somewhere. Since Lily's soul now bound to Harry's and the new baby's powering the powerful magic that now protected them.

Voldemort by this time was dead and his soul expect for a few select parts was fully destroyed. Then as the light and energy caused by the spells and runes settled down. A new rune activated. A letter appeared by and stuck itself to Harry before with another flash both of the baby dragons vanished. They reappeared cuddling closer in the cold night air on the front door step of Lily most trusted friend. A soft glow emitted from the dragons from the markings that covered their bodies. A green glow from the boy, Harry, and red from the newly formed girl.

That was the first thing Amelia Bones saw, when she woke up that morning after she got ready to leave for work. She carefully picked up the still sleeping dragon and brought them inside, and read the letter that was with them. To say she was confused was an understatement. Even while the letter which she had seen before, which detailed all that had happened outside the house and for the most part inside the house. It did not explain why there were to dragons no curled up on a couch sleeping, rather than a baby Harry. She sighed as a thought came to her; maybe something had gone wrong with the potion plan.

Seeing there was nothing she could do at the moment she left for work telling the house elves that were watching over the house to keep an eye on the dragons until she got back. Over the day she had many shocks, the first of which was that Voldemort was dead. The second was that the Potter house where the attack had happened was still standing just fine. Though the area around it looked like it had become a war zone, and the living room had looked rather bare of anything. And there was dead bodies everywhere some of which were Voldemort most trusted followers. The final one was that in the house there were only two bodies, one of which was Voldemort's the other James. Which left the question of where Harry's and Lily's bodies where.

When Amelia got back to the house she found her niece play with the two baby dragons. They had long low body with short legs. But they could easily bend how they wanted to. They had 3 sets of wings, the front most was the largest, while the second and third set were very small and mostly used to steer around in the air. They when they spread their wings their body looked like it was meant for fast flying, or gliding. She looked at them closely and then thought of something. "Harry, Lily is that you," Amelia asked two them.

To her surprise one of the dragons looked at her and then licked her hand. She could not help but gasp. This meant that either; Lily or Harry had become one of the dragons, or just Harry as Lily would have tried to get Amelia attention before now. While this idea and answer gave her the knowledge of what happened to Harry, this did still leave what had happen to Lily a mystery. But that left her with a new problem. Harry was a baby dragon and Amelia very much doubted he would be changing back any time soon even with her help. Sighing again she knew what she had to do. Going back into work she quit her job and left England with her family or what was left of it.

Leaving and moving out she moved away to a dragon preserve. She tested some spells on Harry to change him back but found they all failed. So she was left with no choice. She then released Harry into the Preserve fully with the other dragon. She could only hope as she watched them from afar that they would grow and one day is able to change back. She still wondered where the other dragon, that was like Harry, had come from. She was able to test and find out that it was not related to Harry in any way. But she could not help but feel it was still part of him as she watched over him and he became one with the dragons of the preserve.