AN: Okay, I'm having a horrible writer block with Time so I started this. I'm still going to update Time but this started coming out, so, yeah. Anyway, I need to say a few things about this before you start reading.

First, obviously this is AU, seeing as Kurt has abilities. Second, like the summary said, it is VERY loosely based on cannon. I'm not going to have EVERYTHING exactly based on what happens on the show, it's just going to be used as a guiding point. I'm also kind of nervous to post this because I know where I want to go with this, but I'm not sure if it'll go over too well, so let me know what you think, eh? I know Blaine just shows up at the tail end but I promise, he'll be there in Ch2!

Kurt Hummel missed his mother. He missed her laugh, missed her touch, missed talking to her, he missed everything about her. Kurt's mother was taken from him too early and Kurt still ached when he thought about her.

What he really missed was her guidance.

Kurt's mother was supposed to guide Kurt through this journey during his teenage years and now he had no one, no one to understand what he was going through. No one to help him sort out his complicated life. His dad tried, love help him, but he had no idea. Kurt needed his mom.

His mom was one the one who passed on the abilities. She was the one who was supposed to teach him how to use them. Instead, she was dead. And now Kurt had to figure them out all on his own.

"Kurt, can you grab the salt from the cabinet? The shaker is out."

Kurt sighed and didn't look up from his phone. The cabinet opened up on its own and the jar of salt slid off the shelf, slowly floating towards the table, landing on the table near Burt's hand. "I told you to stop using so much salt on your breakfast, it's bad for you."

Burt grabbed the jar and refilled the salt shaker. "And I told you to stop texting at the table," he said, shaking his head. "And would it kill you to get up and actually get it? You're freaking Finn out."

Kurt looked up at Finn who had his spoon half way up to his mouth and his jaw open, eyes focused on the jar of salt. Kurt sighed, "Finn, c'mon man. You've seen me do that a million times now. Why does that still surprise you?"

"Dude!" Finn said, dropping his spoon. "It's so cool! Every time, man! If I could do that, I'd tell everyone!"

Kurt bristled and looked at Burt quickly, then back at Finn. "Finn, you know why you can't tell anyone, right? Not even Rachel or Puck?"

"Yes!" Finn said, arms up in exasperation. "Geez, dude. You warn me all the time. I get it. Now," he grinned. "Can you get me more cereal?"

Kurt rolled his eyes and looked back down at his phone. "Get it yourself."

"Aw you're no fun."

School was torture for Kurt. He had to act completely normal, take the locker shoves, the slushie facials, the harsh words, all with his head held high. All without using any of his abilities.

It was difficult, keeping his temper down. He knew if he let it get out of control that something may happen that he couldn't explain.

That had happened a lot in his pre-teen years.

He was getting a lot better at control. Thankfully.

Today had, somehow, gone without incident. Could have been that he was constantly flanked by either Finn or Puck, but Kurt was pretty sure that Karofsky was out sick because he hadn't seen him all day. Not that it really mattered. Azimio could've picked up his slack, but Kurt hadn't seen him at all, either. Not with Finn and Puck steering him around the hallways quickly all day.

"You and Puck were acting strange all day," Kurt commented, as he stuck his keys in the ignition in his Navigator.

Finn shrugged and pulled on his seatbelt. "Just trying to keep you safe. Karofsky was in in-school because Miss Sylvester saw him shove you yesterday, you didn't hear that? Didn't want Azimio to try to make up for it. Dude, Kurt," he said when Kurt pulled out of the parking lot. "Why don't you—" he gestured at Kurt's hands at the steering wheel.

Kurt laughed and turned the corner. "Finn, this is my baby. I love driving. I'm always going to actually drive. Besides, what if someone saw me? It'd be pretty suspicious if my hands weren't on the wheel." He slowed the car to a stop at a stop light and turned to Finn. "But, thanks, I guess. Today was the first day I haven't gotten shoved into a locker or slushied in a while."

"S'no problem," Finn said and pulled his phone out of his pocket. "It's a lot easier to keep you away from one guy than two. Azimio is easy to dodge." He tapped a few times on his phone and groaned. "Aw, man, Mom's working late."

"Oh, guess I'll cook then," Kurt said, pulling into the driveway. "I don't really have that much homework."

Finn's eyes lit up and he turned to Kurt, looking at him like he had just tossed the game winning touchdown. "Oh! Can I watch?"

Kurt laughed rustled Finn's hair. "Dork, yes you can watch."

"Dad, can we talk?"

Burt looked up at Kurt with surprised eyes and muted the TV. "Sure, kid. What's up?"

Kurt did one better and turned off the TV, moving the remote away from his dad's reach from where he was standing across the room, earning a raised eyebrow from his dad. "It's about school. I want to transfer. Well, I need to transfer."

Burt sat back and crossed his arms over his chest, as if contemplating Kurt. "Transfer, where?"

Kurt sighed and went to sit next to his dad on the couch. "Dalton. Now, I know it's a private school, and I know it's expensive, but Dad, I can't go to McKinley anymore. I can't," he paused and bit his lip. "I can't control myself there anymore. Every time I get pushed into a locker or get slushied I feel like I'm going to toss them across the hallway or worse, something I may not know I can do. At Dalton, I won't get bullied, I won't have to worry about any of that."

"Dalton, the all boys school?" Burt asked, giving Kurt a knowing look.

"Dad," Kurt said, pushing his arm. "Give me a little more credit. I'm not going there because it's all boys. I want to go there because they have a strict no bullying policy. I want to go to school in peace and not have to use so much energy every day controlling myself."

Burt nodded and rubbed his face with one of his hands. "Look, Kurt. I know things at McKinley aren't easy for you. I've tried time and time again to get those kids suspended or expelled for what they do to you but they have a knack for having no proof. I'm not sure we can swing Dalton—"

"Dad please—"

Burt held up his hand, "Kurt, like I was saying, I'm not sure we can swing Dalton, but I'll talk to Carole and we'll see if we can work something out. I'm surprised it took you this long to suggest something like this."

Kurt shot up and flung his arms around his dad. "Oh, thank you! Dad, you have no idea."

"Guess this'll have to do," Kurt sighed, looking in the mirror as he adjusted his Dalton tie. He looked up at his hair and smirked, as it started styling itself on its own. He stopped when he heard a knock. "C'mon in Finn."

"How'd you know it was me? Can you see through doors now or something?" Finn said, opening the door and sitting down on Kurt's bed with a huff, holding a shirt.

Kurt rolled his eyes and turned around. "No, Finn that's silly. You knock like a lumbering thug. Of course it was you. What's up?"

"Oh well," Finn looked down at his shirt with a slight flush, "I kinda snagged my shirt on something in the bathroom this morning—" He held up the shirt, a the tear now evident near the bottom seam.

"Oh Finn," Kurt said, shaking his head, taking the shirt. He focused on the tear, repairing it quickly. "Here," he said, handing the shirt back. "Good as new. You're impossible."

"Dude!" Finn exclaimed, touching the shirt where it had been just repaired. "Seriously, that's so cool. You can't even tell!" He looked up at Kurt, took in what he was wearing and his shoulders sagged. "Man, I'm seriously going to miss you at school. I know why you're going to Dalton but, still, Glee and everything is going to suck without you."

Kurt sat down next to Finn and rested one hand on his shoulder. "I know, I'm going to miss the hell out of you guys, but it's safer for me there. For many reasons. I'm pretty sure I almost strangled Karofsky with his letterman jacket the other day, there's no way I would've been able to explain that."

Finn barked out a laugh. "But that would've been hilarious! He definitely deserves it."

"Oh I agree," Kurt nodded. "But, I can't be around him or Azimio anymore, it's getting harder and harder to control myself and it takes a lot of energy to do that."

Finn clapped a hand on Kurt's leg. "I know, man, I know. I get it, we're just going to miss you. Well, I'll still see you every day, but that's not the point. Maybe you'll actually get a boyfriend over there!"

"Oh screw you Finn!" Kurt laughed, pushing Finn. " I'm not going there to look for a boyfriend. You know that I can't really let anyone into my life before I'm older and know how to control myself better. It was hard enough letting you and your mom know, and that had to happen since you live with me."

Finn's phone buzzed and he stood up, quickly throwing his repaired shirt on. "That's Puck, he wants to run before school. You better get going too, right? You've got a longer drive now."

"Yeah," Kurt rolled his eyes. "Too bad I can't teleport or anything." He winked at Finn.

Finn's eyes bugged out. "Dude! That would be awesome! Can you, I mean, do you know? Are you going to learn that?"

Kurt sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Finn, no. That's impossible. I was kidding."

"Impossible? Kurt, you can move things with your mind. Don't talk to me about impossible," Finn laughed and left the room.

"Yeah, well," Kurt said to himself, "That's not all I can do." He stared down at his hands as he felt them warming. Yeah, he definitely needed to be at Dalton because he was pretty sure he could not handle a new ability coming through under all the stress at McKinley. He clenched his fists and the warm feeling went away.

He wanted his mom.

Dalton was ah-may-zing.

Kurt clutched his bag and walked down the spiral staircase in a daze, not caring about the students that were rushing past him. He was too busy taking in the beautiful architecture. He was startled out of his gaze when someone almost knocked him down the stairs.

"Oh, sorry!"

Kurt looked up into who was holding his arm and had to make sure his eyes weren't going to betray him by doing something stupid like falling out of their sockets, or something equally embarassing.

Holy crap, this boy was beautiful.

"Oh, it's fine. What's the rush? Where's everyone running off to?"

The boy smiled. "Oh, an impromptu Warbler performance. It kinda shuts the school down for a while. You should come watch!"

Jesus, I'd follow you anywhere.

Kurt returned the smile and shrugged. "Sure." He had to focus, hard. The boy had grabbed his hand, saying something about knowing a shortcut, or something. But Kurt was too busy grinning like an idiot and trying not to do anything stupid like making the chairs around them start flying around.


That's why he had come here.

Not even one day in he had already seemed to run into a boy that was making him flounder, and oh god, this wasn't supposed to happen. Definitely not. No way Kurt could fall for this boy, who was more than likely straight, anyway. Kurt needed to focus.

Well, hell.

You think I'm pretty, without any makeup on.

So, that idea was shot to hell. Gorgeous, and he had an amazing voice. Kurt was screwed.

Well, he smirked to himself. This would make for an interesting time.