Author's note: Well...I've been wanting to write a Klonnie for the LONGEST time! These two are WELL on their way to being my new OTP! :D But I simply didn't have the time before, and I still really don't! I have a Stefonnie story, and my story "Bamon" that need to be finished! But lately it's been hard to write for those two! Sorry to the fans who read those! I'm working on it!...But anyhow, I know there aren't a lot of Klonnie stories, so I decided to help build onto their archive! These two are EXPLOSIVE! :D I don't really have time to continue this, even though I have TONS of ideas for it! But I don't know, maybe I'll still be inspired to do so! But it's just a drabble for now! Enjoy! :D

I Never Meant to Love You

"Bloody hell. You've got to be kidding me."

Klaus emerges from the depths of the pool and shakes his hair of the water, immediately taking note of the caramel skinned woman making her way into the room with a confident and purposeful stride.

"Well that's a greeting if I ever heard one." Bonnie Bennett echoes the hybrid's words as she struts further into the cool pool room of the Bellagio Hotel Casino, white towel wrapped at her chest and a green pool noodle in hand.

"And just what do you think you're doing?"

"What does it look like?" she quickly replies to the frowning vampire's question, left eyebrow arched perfectly as she does so. "You're not the only one who gets to relax." she smiles sweetly and he rolls his eyes before groaning slightly.

"I thought I told you I needed a break from you."

"And since when have I listened to anything you said?"

"Anything else I can do for you, sir?"

The glaring supernaturals slowly turn their attention away from one other and onto the lone bellhop standing at the side of the pool and holding some sort of frozen drink out to Klaus.

"Yes." the blue eyed man smiles slightly as he accepts the outstretched drink and smiles over in Bonnie's direction. "Get rid of her."

"Don't even think about it." the petite witch immediately warns the compelled and advancing hotel worker, to which the hybrid sighs heavily.

"Just get out of here." he instructs the bellhop, before glaring over at his grinning companion. "You too, while we're at it."

"Nice try" Bonnie winks teasingly before jumping into the pool and drawing yet another groan from the vampire. He swears that her new prerogative is to annoy the hell out of him. Maybe she thinks he'll release her and let her return to Mystic Falls if she drives him mad with irritation. He doesn't know what's going on inside of her head. But he does know that she is the most stubborn and frustrating person he's ever met in all his years. And he's pretty sure he's never disliked anyone as badly as he does her.

"Whoo! This water feels amazing!"the witch exclaims as she emerges from beneath the water, shaking her hair slightly and running a hand through the wet tresses.

Small drops of water drip from smooth caramel skin, from her nose, lips, and body, to cascade over the tight, form fitting black number hugging her curves, as she smiles happily, and for a moment Klaus forgets his former contemplations of attempted murder, and can't seem to look away from the sight before him.


"You're mom ever tell you it's impolite to stare, Niklaus?"

Her smooth, music like voice immediately awakens him from his stupor, as he looks up to see her smirking quite satisfied with herself, and a flame of rage ignites within him.

He doesn't know why she gets under his skin so, but she does. A lot.

"Just wish there was something to stare at, Bonnie." he barely manages to reply with calmness, as he directs an extremely fake smile at her, before irritably rolling his eyes as she playfully splashes him with water before swimming off in the opposite direction.

She's maddening! Bloody maddening! And he'd suck her dry if he didn't need her witchy powers! How dare her use his full name, knowing how it provokes him!

She's the very definition of a bitch!

Still...the hybrid can't help but think as he watches the witch swim off in her little black bathing suit, if you could even call it that...

She's a bitch with one of the sexiest bodies he's ever seen.

Author's note: Thanks SOOO much for reading this! I truly do hope and pray it wasn't too much of a disappointment! I know it was SHORT! But I might add on if you guys like! Well! Anyhow! Thanks again SOOO much for taking out the time to read this! And God bless! KLONNIE FTW! ;D