This story has been re-written and edited for error and some of the plot. I decided to make this sort of a prologue for my Kimimaro story and sort of a background for Reika my OC who is a main character for that story, It tells how she met Orochimaru and how she found out she was his daughter and it will have about 8 chappies til it's complete and it up to date with the Kimimaro story which is a sequel for it.

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Mass destruction was all that was left in the village hidden in the Earth. Every child, every anbu, ninja, men and

women had been slaughtered. The only survivors were the senseis, their pupils and the selected villagers who

were sent off to the ninja exams that were being held in the Leaf Village. All of the houses, the Ichihara ramen

shop, and the dango bar and night clubs, not to mention the entire village had been destroyed. The only

person left living in that village was a 17 year old named Reika Kaguya. She had pale periwinkle hair that had a

sort of blue tone to it. Her eyes were a vivid and pale green color. She now lay on the ground of the village floor

unconscious. Her eyes slowly slit open and blinked in confusion. Everywhere….. There were dead bodies and

puddles of blood! Everywhere. They were all scattered across the whole village. Savitichi got up quickly and felt

the pain in her lower stomach. She grasped it cautiously and groaned in pain.

*Reika's POV*

On my stomach there was a purple seal that was glowing a lite pink color all over. All of a sudden it hit me. Pain

washed over my entire body! I felt the blood lust. My eyes went into a blood lust mode. Of course! It was me!

All along I was the one who massacred this village. Lucky for me, half of the village was out attending a

festival in

Iwagaure before this happened. My eyes were blue and green as in the left green and the right blue. The right

iris was a teal blue with the rest of the eye being a pale grayish black. The right eye iris was a pale green-

yellow with the rest the same pale grayish black. "Geez, what the fuck did my inner Kaguya lust want?" I

questioned to myself. Since my mother was half of a Kaguya, I had the lust and some of the Kaguya blood running and coursing through my veins. I chuckled darkly at my thought of the Kaguya clan's story of their adrenaline rush getting so high that they killed and fought each other into extinction. I closed my eyes in five seconds in focus. When I

opened them I my sharingan was activated. All of a suuden a scent ofsomething sweet and familir got my blood pumped. It caught through my nose from the breeze blowing in the wind. I was shaken by the sudden lust I fely.. It was fiery with a lot of impulse and anger in it. What was I to expect though? I was a Kaguya. The wind stopped blowing and the scent left my nose. With a flash of light I

was back to myself. My lust mode was turned off. My pale green eyes scanned the place. Nothing but

puddles of red blood and dead bodies everywhere. I then felt the lust and thirst for blood. Quickly I sniffed the

air. With one quick sniff my animal, well really Kaguya, instincts acted on it's own and I gracefully ran like a fox;

the four legs and everything, over to the body of a little girl who was dressed in a black kimono with pink

flowers on it. There was a deep gash and slash on her back. I could tell it was from my katana called Kyrin. The

girl's chocolate dead and lifeless eyes stared blankly at me. An ocean of guilt washed over me. "Arigato, little

fucker. You were annoying anyways." Her name was Sora.

* No one's POV*

Reika grabbed dead Sora by her hair and sniffed her in anticipation. Lust filled her eyes and she bit fiercely into

the little girl's neck and drained her body of her sweet smelling and tasty blood. Reika stood up and looked at

the lifelss body. How could Kaguya's like this? She thought. Still she continued to drink the blood from the little

girl and when she drained it all from her body, she threw the body that resembled a rag dog down and looked

away. Even though half of her self-being thought this was wrong, the other half loved it and she wanted

more. Little did she know form afar, two figures were into view and watched her in

action. "Hmmm...Seems like we have something on our hands, huh Kabuto?" The figure said. "Yes, Lord

Orochimaru. I've been studying the girl's chakra and there is a high level of power and dark chakra even though

the body has no more to offer until the chakra is recharged. Basically, the body is drained of chakra but there is

a supply in a location of her body I can't point out. She also has similar blood patterns to Kimimaro. But as I

recall, the Kaguya clan is extinct and Kimimaro is the only left surviving..." Kabuto trailed off lost in thought.

"Interesting... even from far

away I sensed a strong and dark chakra. That is a mystery... what if she is a Kaguya?" Orochimaru finished.

With those words, all of a sudden, Reika's skin tone turned dark and tan from it's original pale and porcelain tone. Slowly, her nails sharpened like a demon's nails. Her chakra seeped out of her body and she growled so

loudly that the rouge village nearby

could hear. Reika's eyes turned into her Kaguya genkkei kekkai eyes and her teeth sharpened like a canine's

teeth. Reika was feeling the adrenaline and she was almost like a full blooded Kaguya. That wild look got into

her eyes. Orochimaru and Kabuto's eyes widened.

Orochimaru grinned evilly.

A/N: This story is changed and is the beggining story for my OC Reika Kaguya. The sequel is already up which is where she falls in love with Kimimaro but I encourage you not to read it and if you have already well... wait on for this to finish. The sequel is called Kimimaro: Chained with Bones of Love. I decided to make this story into the sort of prolouge for My Kimimmaro story because it made perfectly sense to do it. This original story hasn't been updated because I thought it had too much to do with my Reika OC so Savitichi which is an OC is gone now and is repleaced with Reika. This shows what I talk about in her description and in her ablilities and how she met him in the first place and how she found out she was Orochimaru's daughter. Stay tooned for the rest.