A/N: I don't own anything, etc, etc. This is my first 'song fic', I don't know if you could even really call it that, I didn't put much of the song in there, but Dev's new song "In The Dark" has been stuck in my head so I thought I'd try a cute Bella/Alice one-shot. Hope you like it, enjoy=]


Dancing in the Dark

Once the door to the club opened, there was no going back. The music hit me like a bomb just went off, a wild heat radiating from every last body that was occupying the dance floor. The lights were low, I could hardly see anything, apart from the black lights and strobe light on the ceiling. I held onto Alice's cold hand in a death grip, not wanting to get lost five seconds after I had walked through door. Rosalie was trailing behind, so I suppose if I did get lost, she would take pity on me and push me in the right direction…I hoped.

Alice had wanted a 'girls night'. To say Rosalie had been reluctant to participate was an understatement. I stood in the corner of the room in their house while Alice pleaded with her to come along, saying it would be so much fun and she could even bring Emmett if it would make her go. Finally, she agreed. So it wasn't exactly just us girls, but I didn't really care.

Alice, being Alice, jumped for joy, strictly saying no other boys were allowed, she was making a huge compromise with Emmett, although he was certainly happy enough to come. Him and three attractive women, lucky guy.

This was my first time going to a club of any kind and Alice kept saying she wanted it to be memorable. First she handed me a skin tight black dress that barely covered my ass. I had flat out refused to wear it, making her huff and pout in response. I just told her if she wanted me to go, she had better give me something a little less revealing to wear, for lack of a better word. I had a few other choice words for the dress, but I didn't want to get her angry, an angry Alice is never any good. We finally came to an agreement on dark skinny jeans, a maroon sequin sleeveless top, and some black heels. My jaw dropped when I saw their height, swearing to her I'd break my ankle if I wore them. But the look she gave me said I had no other options so I reluctantly agreed. I could tell she wasn't exactly happy with my attitude, but if I had to wear the ridiculous things, she'd deal. Next she got to work on my hair, giving my mahogany locks loose curls that flowed down my back nicely. Finally, she handed me a fake ID before we left saying, "Tonight, we're going wild." Even though I was the only one who could technically drink any alcohol, I wouldn't put it past Alice to take a few shots just for the hell of it.

As we reached the bar, Alice called the bartender over and ordered all of us drinks, flashing him her irresistible smile. Blinking a few times before smiling back, he nodded and went to work. As he handed each of us our drinks I watched as he went to sit a drink down in front of Rosalie, the smile she gave him nearly made him drop the glass. I suppressed a laugh as he walked away, shaken. Even I was still slightly frightened by the intimidating grins she gave. Before I turned away, I heard Emmett whisper in her ear, "Be nice."

Taking a sip of my drink, I winced as I felt the burn of the alcohol run down my throat. I took another sip. This time it wasn't as bad, and soon I was already onto my second drink. By my third, my cheeks were flushed and I could definitely feel the effects of the alcohol, I felt warm, hazy, yet alive.

All three of them laughed at me as I swayed slightly on the bar-stool, quickly catching myself before I fell.

"Careful Bella, we wouldn't want Edward to think we weren't taking care of you." Emmett chuckled.

"I'm fine." I defended, fixing him with a glare. It wasn't fair; I was the only one getting tipsy. Freaking vampires.

"Why don't you guys take a drink?"

Rosalie almost snorted. Almost. "You know we don't actually drink alcohol, Bella."

I stared back at her. "What would happen if you did?" I countered.

She just looked at me like she would rather be any place but here. "Nothing really I guess, just a slight stomach ache later."

I smirked. "Well that doesn't sound so bad, I dare you guys, have a drink."

"Well I'm not one to turn down a dare." Emmett said as he reached for his glass and downed the whole thing.

I swiveled in my seat, being careful not to fall off. "Alice?"

She winked at me before downing her glass as well, smacking her lips together.

I swiveled back and we all looked at Rose.

Hating to be thought of as weak, Rosalie growled before taking a big swig of her drink and slamming it back down on the counter.

My turn, I finished off my drink and turned to grin at Alice. Oh yeah, I was really starting to feel it now.

Then I felt a cool hand on my wrist.

"Come on Bella, let's dance!" she smirked at me, eyes a bright butterscotch.

"Alice, no!" But it was too late, she was already dragging me off the bar stool.

"I can barely walk in these things!" I hissed at her.

She didn't care; she weaved her way around through the crowd of people finding a place in the middle of the dance floor. She knew I hated dancing, but tonight I was willing to try for her. The DJ put a new song on as Alice stepped closer to me, whispering in my ear, "Just feel the beat, Bella."

I felt a shiver run down my spine as her cool lips brushed my ear, and the second she pulled away, I missed the contact. Standing behind me, she lightly put her hands on my hips, helping me sway to the music. I closed my eyes and focused on the beat, the pulse of the room, even the lyrics, breathing deep.

On my waist, through my hair,
Think about it when you touch me there,
Close my eyes, here you are,
All alone, dancing in the dark.

As the beat started to pick up, so did our bodies, I swayed with Alice, enjoying the closeness of her. I could smell her scent as she brought her face closer to my shoulder, she always smelled so good.

As the song continued, we got closer and closer, her hands having a firmer grip on my waist as I leaned back into her, our hips moving as one.

Tell me baby if it's wrong,
To let my hands do what they want,
Late at night I pretend we are,
Dance, dance, da-dance dancing in the dark.

My breathing started to pick up and I could tell that even hers did too, was she enjoying this as much as I was? Sure we were close, best friends, but something in this moment was different, and I knew we both felt it.

Ooh la la, Ooh la la, Ooh la la dancing in the dark.
Ooh la la, Ooh la la, Ooh la la dancing in the dark.

The music continued and I felt her cool hands slide under my top at my waist, grazing my heated skin, giving me shivers and goosebumps. I nearly moaned at her touch but bit my lip to stop the noise escaping. The next thing I knew she was flipping us around so she was in front. I didn't know if it was the atmosphere, the alcohol, or just Alice herself that brought out the confidence in me, but at that second, I didn't care. I placed my heated hands on her waist and pulled her against me, both of us still swaying to the music pumping in our ears.

Tell me baby if it's wrong…

Slowly I slid my hands up and down her waist, getting a little higher each time, grazing the side of her breast, and bringing them back down, playing with the bottom of her shirt.

To let my hands do what they want…

I lowered my head and gave her a light kiss on her bare shoulder, and in response getting a growl so low from the back of her throat I could barely hear it.


My hands still on her waist, she turned slightly in my arms, her gaze locking with mine and I could tell that her eyes had darkened. I could feel a light trickle of sweat bead down my chest from the heat as we got closer, yet her skin still stayed the same, as it always would, perfectly cool. The heat of the air enclosing all around me, the pounding in my ears, all of it dulled as our faces got closer and closer until my eyes fluttered shut and our lips brushed. It was like nothing I had ever felt, completely different from Edward. Alice's skin was like marble, yes, yet her lips felt like velvet under my own, cool, soft, and smooth. My lips parted to take a breath and Alice made her move, slipping her cool, slick tongue into my mouth, our lips and tongues creating a dance of their own. Her hand came up and slid around my neck and through my hair, deepening the kiss, not wanting it to end. I couldn't hold it back anymore as a low moan escaped my lips. It seemed to stretch on forever, like time had stopped, and I almost wish it had, though I knew it had only been a few moments before we pulled away.

As the music slowed so did we and we just stood there in each others arms, staring, not wanting to break our gaze, or the feeling we were sharing in that moment.

Before we could say anything, I heard Emmett's booming voice over the next song that was coming on, "Come on ladies, time to head back." I flushed red and just nodded, acknowledging that we would follow. Slowly I turned back to Alice and smiled at her. She smiled back and took my hand in hers, leading the way out of the club.

All I knew, was that I planned on having 'girls nights' with Alice much more often.