So, ever since I watched 13.1, I was forever devoted to the Claudia/Fargo ship (just like every other Claudia ship I have... Which is all of them, but whatever). So, after 'Don't Hate the Player' aired without ANY Doug/Claudia action, I was horrified. So I thought 'Hey, why don't I write a story about them?' And so I finally decided to start one (: And I feel a little immature and irresponsible for posting this, with all my other stories, but I don't care. Clargo is my kryptonite.

And before I say anything else, I want to just confirm that at the moment, I am super mad at Dougie for... All that Holly stuff. I hate her so much. I can't even put my hate for her into words. I want to turn my TV off during the scenes with her in them. And when she said "I think we should just have sex" to Doug, I just so mad at Doug for not saying "Sorry, I'm in love with a tech genius that works for a secret government warehouse. We've fought robot bugs and almost got blown up in a mine field together. But thanks anyway" to her.

Which totally contradicts with my love for Felicia Day.

But Holly, really- it's okay, it's like... You're almost a winner.

See what I did there?

But on a different, weirder note, if you've read my story "The Truth Is Rarely Pure And Never Simple", then you're already familiar in my fantasy W13 world where Pete, Leena, Claudia, Artie, Myka, HG, and Steve all live happily at the B&B together, and Joshua and Vanessa come to visit all the time. That's where the warehouse 13 part of this story will take place.

When Pete and Myka were away on missions, Claudia was usually left all alone (with Artie) doing inventory or running tests. It wasn't that she didn't like working there (quite the opposite, she loved the warehouse) but sometimes she wanted to go on a mission. All alone. By herself. Just to do something.

Because even with Steve and HG, the number of agents was odd. Sure, the 5 of them could have split into 2 groups, but 3 agents on one little case seemed slightly excessive when 2 had worked for so long. Of course, the 5 of them could have stuck to the classic teams: Myka and Pete, and Stev and Claudia- but none of them wanted to make HG stay at the warehouse with Artie.

They all wanted a warehouse to come back to.

So, Claudia volunteered to stay back and be tech support.

So when Pete and Steve went to Detroit, and Myka and HG were sent off to London, how could Claudia say no when Artie told her that she needed to go to eureka to get more goo? Truth was, Claudia knew that they were fully stocked with enough goo to last the next world war (except for the vat Pete had 'accidentally' been pushed into), but how could she say no?

Artie knew how to make her feel better.
Even if he wasn't Fargo's biggest fan.

It wasn't as though she hated the warehouse, she loved it. It was her home. But the endless rows of inventory work got a little boring. The chances she got to play her guitar were slowly dwindling down. So, of course she said yes.

Claudia was planning on flying there, seeing Doug, getting her goo, maybe spending the day with him, and then going home.

It was the third time that day that Jo Lupo had had coffee spilled all over her.

"Fargo," she hissed. "Watch it!"

"Oh, sorry," he grinned sheepishly. "My bad. Just a little clumsy this morning."

"Yeah, no kidding," she snapped, fanning her jacket with her sleeve.

Jo Lupo was having a bad day.

"You and Zane fighting again?" He asked, readjusting the top on his coffee cup. "What?"

"You always get… Snippity when you guys are fighting."

"We're not fighting, I'm not being 'snippity', and-"

She was interrupted when his phone rang. "Oh, uh, one sec..." He trailed off as she stormed away, off to her office to change. Again.

"Dougie," Claudia squealed all the way from South Dakota. "I'm coming to Eureka!"

Should I continue? I know this is short, but I wanted to give you guys a little sample!