Do I Know You?

I'm finally back, I thought excitedly as I unpacked my suitcases, back and here to stay! I, Samantha, But-If-You-Call-Me-That-I'll-Punch-You-So-Hard-Your-Grandkids-Are-Gonna-Feel-It, Manson am finally back in the only place I truly ever belonged. The sweet (and scary) city of Amity Park.

I was born in this little city 16 years ago. I stayed here until I went into 6th grade, then, my parents had th 'great' idea to up and move half way across the state, moving me away from my three best friends since pratically birth, Tucker Foley, Danny Fenton, and Paulina Sanchez. We tried to keep in touch but, well...they found new friends, Paulina ditched the gothic look we shared for pink and preppy, became popular and ditched Danny and Tucker, Danny didn't change much, as far as I know, and Tucker (the only one I talk to on a regular basis) became like, a total techno-geek. Not that I care. I can't wait to see them again! It's been like, 5 years since I saw them!

"Mom! I'm gonna go walk around for a bit. I'll be back by dinner!" I called to my mother, wanting to see how the place had changed.

"Okay Sammy! Have fun!" she called back.

I usually would be pretty pissed that my mom called my 'Sammy' again but I was in too good a mood! I grabbed my black 'Skull Candy' jacket and headed out the front door.

I walked to the park where Danny and I 'got married' when we were 6 years old. I don't know why but I had always loved this park. The gang and I had always had the best memories, like the time Paulina and I had successfully pinned Danny and Tucker down for a whole 10 seconds when we were nine. The thought of that day made me laugh.

Flash back

A group consisting of four nine-year-olds, Paulina, Sam, Danny, and Tucker were sitting in the park.

"I'm bored!" complained Paulina.

"Ditto!" Sam chimed in.

"What should we do?" Paulina asked.

"We could wrestle the boys. I bet we'd kick their butts!" Sam answered excitedly.

"Oh Please! Boys are WAY stonger than girls!" Danny spoke up.

"Yeah!" Tucker agreed, as he did with everything Danny said.

"Nu-uh!" The girls shot back.

"Yuh-huh!" Said the boys.

(Continue for ten minutes straight)

"I'll betchya we can pin you for ten seconds!" the competetive little Sam pronounced with pride.

"You're ON Manson!" Danny cried, not wanting to lose to a girl.

"Paulina come here we needa discuss a stratgey!" Sam called to her friend.

"Okay! we're gonna wi-in we're gonna wi-in" Paulina sang as she skipped after Sam.

"I think we should let them win" Tucker whispered to Danny after the girls ran off.

"NO WAY! Sam thinks she's better than us so we need to show her a lesson!" Danny insisted.

"If you say so dude." Tucker said exhasperated, knowing full and well Danny only wanted to impress the girl.

Sam and Paulina then returned with sly looks on their faces. Pualina looked over at Sam and winked. Their plan was ready for action.

"Hi Tucker" Paulina said flirtasiously.

H-hi P-paulina..." Tucker replied nervously, as he always did when Paulina acted this way.

"Hey Danny...Can I ask you something in private before we start? It's really important." Sam said nervously. She wasn't too sure about the idea Pualina had cooked up.

"Uh sure Sammy" Danny replied, using the nickname he knew she hated.

She lead him to the big oak tree and told him to sit down. she took a deep breath.

"Danny...I have been keeping this a secret for a while now," Sam started as she saw Paulina lure Tucker near the same spot she was sitting, "theirs something I need to say. and I should say it now before I get too chicken."

She waited for Paulina's sign that they should start. The double wink. Sam took one last deep breath and tackled her best friend. Obviously this didn't surprise Danny, he was too clever to fall for such a trick.

Sam had expected this so she put her plan be into order. She rolled on top of danny and kissed him for exactly ten seconds. It wasn't much of a kiss, just Sam smushing her lips on his. Tucker, seeing what Sam had done had completely collapsed in shock of seeing Danny and Sam KISSING. Paulina had seen this too but decided to take the oppertunity to pin Tucker.

When the 10 seconds were finally up Sam jumped off Danny, Gagging and pretending to choke.

"You SO owe me Paulina Sanchez!" She screamed, trying to seem as though she didn't like Danny that way.

Paulina just smiled at Sam in a knowing way. Sam HAD wanted to kiss Danny for a while.

Tucker looked at Danny and saw he was blushing. Well that made Tucker laugh out loud! and from then on out, Danny and Sam would never hear the end of it. They were already married in his eyes because of the wedding they had when they were 6.

End Flashback

I wandered around the park for about half an hour just thinking and remembering. After a while I felt a little lonely, so I decided to pay my dear old friend Tucker (who didn't know I moved back yet) a little visit.