I'm Into You Baby

Summary: AU- A new girl comes to the school that Jane and Maura goes to. Jane and Maura have a relationship where they act like a couple but aren't together. What happens when this new girl tries to get with Jane? And dealing with Joey Grant.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to Rizzoli and Isles... i write these fics for fun

Chapter 1: After Winter Break

Jane was happy to be going back to school, Winter break hadn't been the best time for her. She had to go three weeks without seeing Maura, Jane was really tired of only seeing her brothers and Joey Grant who her mother Angela wanted to set her up with. Jane's parents had split up when she was just getting out of middle school. The next three years had been hard, and now Angela was dating an old college friend Vincent Korsak and had been for a couple of months. Now Jane was opening her locker when her friend instantly wrapped her arms around her waist kissing her neck.

"If this isn't Maura, you should really get off of me," Jane teased, turning around, looking at Maura with a smile.

"I've missed you Janie," Maura wrapped her arms around Jane's neck.

"So how've you been without me?"

"Kind of miserable."

"Kind of?"

"I was having fun with my mother and her people for once."

"Well I'm glad you're back, I missed you," Jane kissed her lips softly.

"I'm glad you did, I should leave more often if I get greetings like this. So how are things with you and your family."

"Normal, I'm growing on Korsak, but it's still weird not having Pop here for the holidays."

"I'm sorry about that Jane," Maura caressed her cheek.

"Oh and my Ma is so persistent, when will she understand that I will not date Joey Grant."

"Maybe when you tell her that you aren't interested."

"Oh I told her that, but she just won't give it up. And you know the bad thing... Joey is being transferred to this school."

"Oh, this is sure going to be interesting."

"Yeah, you said it Maur," Jane kissed Maura's cheek. "Well we should get to class, don't want to be late for Chemistry," Jane closed her locker, and grabbed Maura's arm as they headed for their class.

"Oh great, just what I want," Jane hids behind Maura.

"What Jane? Is that Joey?" Maura asked nodding towards the guy with a couple of girls around him.

"Yeah, sure is," Jane rolled her eyes.

"Well I must admit his facial structure and height does make him very much attractive."

"Oh come on Maur, everyone thinks he's hot, can you try not to hit on him... it'll make me very uncomfortable."

"Key word is try," Maura winks.

Joey looks up and smiles, walking passed the girls and up to Jane.

"Hey Rizzoli, how are you my dear?"

"Oh Lord," Jane frowned.

"Is she okay?" Joey spoke to Maura and Maura shrugged.

"She will be, I'm Maura by the way," she smiled and he smirked, shaking his hand. "You got a very firm grip Mr. Grant," she flirts, and Jane sighed.

"Thanks, and please just call me Joey. So you and Janie are friends?"

"For about two years now."

"I knew Janie since we were five... pretty intense relationship we had."

"You called me frog face," Jane crossed her arms.

"But now you got that attractive stance going on, I like it."

"Flattered, now excuse us, it's time me and Maura here go sit down in our seats."

"Alright Janie, but we should really talk about something later, somewhere more private, okay?"

"In your dreams Joey," Jane grabbed Maura by the arm and took her to the desks the sat at. Joey got assigned a seat right behind Jane.

When they got started in their classwork, Joey passed Jane a note.

Look whatever I did to upset you I apologize... I really thought we had fun these past three Sundays. But I really want to talk to you.

Jane sighed and wrote back, You didnt do anything wrong, but yes we may have kissed, but I don't want to think about it right now.

What was I actually that bad?

No, but you know how I feel about Maura.

Yes, unfortunately, I'm glad you're happy even if it's with another woman, but it's weird.

Me and Maura aren't actually dating, but yes we really should talk about this in private.

Okay, meet up with me at lunch outside, okay?

Alright Joey but no funny business.

You know I Never do that :)

Jane just shook her head and got back to work, talking to Maura. The rest of the class Joey's and Jane's minds were mainly on each other and how the talk will work out. Both really hoping that whatever happened it would at least end well.

Okay so how was that sooo many questions needing to be answer how will the conversation go with Jane and Joey... and when does the new girl appear... so much to cover in this story and all aspects will once the REVIEWS come rolling in so leave ur thoughts please... that'll be very kind of u guys