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Known as Lust, Why classify it a sin? on Mangabullet

Written May 3rd 2011 to Voodoo by Godsmack

WARNING: Citrus Alert!

This also deals with a supernatural plot. There's religious themes and blasphemy in this, so if you don't like it, please don't read it. If by the end of this you are like WTF?, then my job is offically complete.

I'm not sure if it will stay a one-shot yet..still debating.

It wasn't that late in the evening. Mello looked in the mirror. His perfectly pale creamy skin looked more sickly then beautiful. He looked back towards the closed door, praying that Matt stayed away. He wouldn't know how to explain this to him.

He leaned against the wall. It was time again. His blood boiled inside him, he didn't want this anymore. Hell he never did, but it fed off him.

"Mello, are you ok in there?"

The blonde looked up scared, Matt couldn't see this.

"Yeah Matt, I'm fine." He replied in a soft tone, "I'll be out in a minute."

Mello sighed, knowing Matt would never understand this about him. Would he run? Stay? He couldn't loose him. Matt was the pureness in his life. The one he desired most, but dared not touch.

Matt was perfect. His skin was pale and flawless, eyes emerald green that shone the brightest color, his eyelashes long, yet feminine, but when you got close to him, they made you feel like you could fly. His hair was that of Mahogany red , which framed his beautiful face. A perfect contrast between his eyes and skin. Let's not forget the perfect placement of every little freckle on his face.


The red-head looked his way, standing in the bathroom doorway. The gamer put down his DS, as if giving his undivided attention.

"I've got some business to take care of, so I'm not going to be home until later, ok?"

Matt looked at him, but couldn't help feel that he was hiding something from him. He waited until Mello walked out the door, looking sexier then usual, if that was possible. Matt turned on his lap top, if Mello ever knew he'd put a trace on his phone and a tracker on his bike, he would kill the red-head. Matt just looked at it as a precautionary thing, especially in Mello's line of work.

He watched as the dot moved on the screen and then suddenly stopped, Matt moved closer to the screen.

"WTF Mello?"

His bike had stopped in front of St. Michael's Cathedral, on Ashburg St. Matt looked at his watch, it was only a ten minute drive from the apartment. He got up and put on his boots, grabbed his keys and walked out the door.

All the time it took to get there, Matt couldn't help but wonder what was going on. What the fuck is wrong with Mello the past few days. There were no secrets between them, were there?

(Music Starts)

He found himself staring at the massive wooden doors, as he pushed open one. He stepped into a big hallway that must led to the main sanctuary .

Matt cocked his head in confusion, was that music he heard. He walked fast, looking through doors, trying to find where it was coming from. He followed it to a dead end hallway. He reached a room, at first all he saw were the lit candles, it wasn't until he looked closer that the shock came washing over him.

He hid himself as he watched, the act.

There was a younger man, draped in religious garb, he was on his hands and knees on the table. The blonde in front of him, blood running down the man's arms . Mello was leaning back , his ass rested against his legs underneath. He let out a pleasurable moan, gripping the table with one hand and pushing down on the back of the white covered head with his other. A sadistic devilish smile now stretched the once angelic face, leaning his head back. His perfect mouth now mouthing words no one could hear.

It dawned on Matt, he was getting head from the fucking priest.

He continued to watch as the lustful dealings, proceeded. The blonde eventually came all over, defiling the sacred robe. He laughed, bringing the man of God up to him by his hair. Mello took the knife and cut away what clothes were not necessary, watching the smaller of the two tremble before him.

Matt couldn't watch this anymore, He didn't know what to think about this. He walked out, but heard the younger one give a painful cry, and turned around.

He saw his best friend, behind the guy. His hands gripping the white hair, practically pulling him backwards harshly. It was primal, animalistic as he slammed into the small one. He took his knife and cut marks in to the pale skin of the one in front of him.

His own pale skin now smeared with blood, The taste of innocence, it was intoxicating, but most of all it was needed to survive and most of all, his demon required it for him to remain beautiful. Mello had let it go long enough, he was starting to fade, that is what tonight was about. His thought gave him a sense of urgency. It was either this foul godly creature or his precious Matt.

The red-head watched as the one he trusted most took pleasure on this small being. The blood, coloring his fingertips, he raised them to his mouth, seductively sucking on them. Matt couldn't think anymore. It was fucking with his senses.

The younger male, gave out a cry, as the blonde pushed deeper into him, taking every inch the smaller one had to offer. It wasn't for pleasure, but his body betrayed him. The feel of virginity around his hard cock was indescribable. The ramming continued, the closer he got, the harder the poor younger man had to endure, until that final moment. Mello leaned back still thrusting inside the small body, and picked up the blade. He knew the younger one was about to cum. The feeling of his muscles tightly clench down onto him, gripping at his orgasm. The younger one screamed his pleasure out, into the candle lit room as the blade came down. It slid into the little body before him and in seconds the younger one failed to move.

Matt watched as Mello lapped up the blood, drinking, as though it was the sweetest wine. He moved slightly as Mello jumped down from the table. He licked the blade, as if it were desert, saved it for last.

Mello could feel the sensations inside his body. The lust for innocent blood and flesh. It's what keeps him young and desired. He was not a vampire as some may want to call him, he was more. A lustful demon soul, incarcerated in this body and thrived on it's sexual power.

Matt turned to walk out, not wanting him to know he had been here. It was by shear accident that he hit a table of offering plates, and they came crashing to the ground.

Mello looked up at a very panicked red-head.