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It had started innocently enough as these things always do. A long hard case, a few drinks; but with a few flirtatious words thrown out under lustful gazes the situation had quickly gotten out of control.

Neither Emily nor Derek would ever admit that the drunk and boisterous sex they'd had in a tiny hotel room in Huston that night was the best either of them had ever had. And they certainly wouldn't admit that the slow passionate sex that followed in the early hours of the next morning hadn't been sex at all but lovemaking.

Over breakfast they'd been friendly and flirtatious again while agreeing that they would stay friends. The sex was a one time affair, highly enjoyed and very much appreciated by both involved, but with their fast paced, high stress jobs and close knit team it would be best not to repeat it.

That was three months ago, and for the most part they had kept their deal. Emily was particularly impressed with herself as it was always her experience that remaining friends with someone you'd seen naked was a noble goal set out with the best intentions but never truly realized. Yet their friendship remained the same, they flirted and bantered and ganged up on Reid; as always they worked as a seamless partnership in the field.

For all intents and purposes it was as though that night had never happened. With the exception of a few lusty gazes, neither acted in any way to suggest that they'd shared any kind of intimacy. It wasn't the looks that were new of course, since that night they'd simply stopped hiding them from each other. There was nothing to hide anymore, they were fully aware of their attraction they just chose not to act on it.

So it came as a surprise to Emily when Derek pulled her aside at work one day and asked her nervously if she would be comfortable with him dating someone else.

'Why wouldn't I be?' she asked with a puzzled tone. 'We're friends, I have no claim to you' His eyes darkened momentarily and Emily could swear he looked disappointed but he covered it quickly with a smile.

'Of course! It's just that, you're my best friend and I wouldn't want anything to come between us.' he told her honestly 'it's not too soon?' Emily gave him a wide toothy smile and laid a warm hand in the middle of his chest.

'You're a really sweet guy, Derek' she reassured him. 'whoever she is, she's a lucky girl, I'd be mad not to be a little jealous.' the last part was said in a low tone, he head dipping closer to him to make sure it reached only his ears. 'But you have whatever blessing you feel you need from me.'

The smile that he gave her was so wonderful and loving that she almost regretted her answer. She hadn't lied, Derek was a great guy and if the circumstances were different she'd initiate something more in a heartbeat. After a light hearted comment from her that if this new girl ever hurt him she best leave the country and a heartfelt 'thank you' from him they'd parted ways. Derek further down the quiet hallway to make a phone call, Emily back to her desk to throw herself back into her work.

A month later he'd informed the team of his budding romance with the mystery girl. They were on their way home after a case when he'd informed them that her name was Amy, she was born and raised in DC, and traveled the world as an artist and musician. even though the information was delivered under duress after one of Garcia's carefully laid needlings, Emily knew that his sharing meant the relationship was serious, she hadn't expected that. She quickly removed herself to the jet's washroom listening to the others grill him about when they would get to meet the women who'd seemingly stolen Derek Morgan's heart.

When she returned from the washroom she quickly lost herself in the novel she'd packed in her go-bag and when the plane finally landed she made sure to smile and casually say goodbye to everyone before bee-lining for the bullpen to retrieve a few reports she needed to work on over the weekend. She was almost clear of the elevator headed into the parking garage when Derek caught up with her.

'Em!' he called as he jogged up to her and her face softened at the sound of her first name on his tongue. She'd been very firmly 'Prentiss' to him for the last few weeks. Now she knew why.

'Hey Derek' she smiled. There may have been the slightest bit of jealously greening her heart at the moment but none-the-less she was always happy to be in his presence.

'The rest of the team, well Garcia, convinced me to invite the team to St. Elmo's tonight' he cleared his throat and suddenly looked away, not holding eye contact. 'Amy is playing a set and I guess I thought we could all unwind then afterwards you could meet her. If you want'

'sure' Emily said as casually as she could. 'That sounds like a great time. I know the place; I used to hang out there way back. I am surprised it's still around.' Derek smiled and looked relieved.

'great.' he said. 'I can't wait, you're my best friend and I want you to like her, I think you will.' Emily nodded vaguely as they said their goodbyes.