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Summary: Here's the complete summary of the story.

Edward Cullen was just moving through life stagnant and generally uninspired. He floated from girlfriend to girlfriend never really having any true feelings for them and used them mainly as a means for sexual gratification and he'd never been in love. This all changes when he literally runs into the unassuming beauty, Bella Swan, one night in an alleyway. He feels a strong connection with her like he'd never felt before. She needs his help in more ways than one, and he's inspired to help her in whatever way he can, pushing aside his own selfishness for once. In turn, she teaches him about her spirit and all the wonders of falling in love.

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Part 1

"Shit!" I cursed to myself as I sat idle in my car, stuck in the traffic jam from hell. I glanced at the dash clock, and fuck if I wasn't running extremely late again. Chelsea, my current girlfriend, wasn't going to be pleased about that. She had expected me to meet her at the "trendiest restaurant in all of Denver" a while ago.

Right on cue, my phone rang, and it was in fact Chelsea, no doubt calling now to berate me for keeping her and her friends waiting. I figured that I might as well answer and get the tongue-lashing over with, rather than have her be more pissed at me for ignoring her call.

I held the phone away from my ear as she screeched her dissatisfaction with my tardiness. I tried to explain to her that it wasn't necessarily my fault that I wasn't on time; however, no amount of explanation would placate her, and the conversation turned into me just giving a bunch of "hmmms" and "yeahs" as she lectured me for keeping her waiting like always.

I was supposed to get my butt to the restaurant as fast as I could, but as it stood, I was still at least thirty minutes away, and that was if the traffic would ever get moving. I was snagged in utter gridlock on the interstate and I really wasn't about to chance a ticket just to get to Chelsea. There had to be some sort of accident or something that screwed up the highway because traffic just wasn't moving. I turned my radio to the news in hopes of getting confirmation of this-well, there was no accident, but fucking highway construction instead.

What the fuck was wrong with the state of Colorado? They choose to do road construction in the middle of freaking rush hour! What the hell were they thinking? No wonder commuters were typically angry people, cause we get fucked over like this regularly. I mean, come on, that section of interstate had been under construction for fucking forever. How long could it really take to repair and repave the road? Damn contractors were just trying to siphon more money out of us taxpayers.

As I finally inched along, I began to debate on whether to just go ahead and cancel on Chelsea and head for home instead. The exit to my apartment was before downtown. I couldn't understand why in the hell Chelsea expected me to meet her in the heart of downtown Denver right at 6 o'clock, when she knew perfectly well that was just setting me up for disaster. With a late afternoon meeting in Colorado Springs, I was more than an hour away at best. She must've known that there was no guarantee that my meeting would've ended on time, which it didn't, and traffic during rush hour was always horrendous-the trek through Castle Rock particularly tasking with the lowered speed limit. Even with perfect traffic conditions, I still wasn't going to be there on time. Chelsea had a brain; it was simple math. Not to mention that I would still have to find parking in downtown and that could take a good chunk of time in itself. Maybe it served her right that I was so fucking late. She had the audacity to be upset with me.

Actually, it would serve Chelsea right if I canceled on her. It had been a long day already, work beginning and ending with tedious meetings with stuffy, crabby, old men in suits, and driving with this traffic was making me weary. All I really wanted to do was to take another long, hot shower, crawl into bed, turn on the TV and vegetate in front of it until I fell asleep, and make it an early night. I could really use the extra sleep. Most of all, I really wasn't in the mood to socialize with Chelsea's fucking shallow, piss-ass, holier than thou friends. Every single one of them, for some odd reason, got on my nerves.

Yeah, they were certainly no friends of mine. We all tolerated one another just because of Chelsea; or rather, it was more like I tolerated them because of her. Oh God! I hadn't even bothered to ask who was there tonight. Shit! I'm definitely walking out if I see streetwalker-in-training Lauren or I-don't-care-if-you're-straight-and-dating-my-friend Eric. Those two always made inappropriate passes at me, and they are fucking persistent and annoying as hell, despite my repeated rebuff of their advances. They never learned to take a hint, and Chelsea was fucking clueless to their shenanigans. She actually believes that they're just playing with me. Well, I certainly didn't have the energy tonight to be dealing with their freaking sorry asses. I mean, seriously, I am their friend's boyfriend, and they think that their actions aren't out of line.

Come to think of it, I wasn't in the mood to deal with Chelsea either tonight. From experience, I knew that Chelsea wasn't exactly the easiest girl to be around when she got upset like this. She really was bitchy and could hold a grudge like no other when she was made angry, which, in my case, would be pretty fucking often. Damn, if the littlest things wouldn't set her off.

She was good at fooling her friends, but she was always transparent to me. She was obviously already in a foul mood, and I doubted that I'd get anything but the cold shoulder from her once I arrived, although her friends would never know the difference. Of course, she'd still be civil enough for appearances sake. She'll flash that fake smile of hers and pretend to not be seething; however, she'd find little ways to let me know constantly that I had fucked up and that she was thoroughly pissed at me, but she would wait until we were alone to fully unleash her wrath. I was going to be expected to just grin and bear it. It would grate on my nerves all night, and I most definitely did not want to be taking Chelsea home. I was pretty certain I wasn't going to be getting anything in the way of sex, so why should I even bother.

After stewing it over for a bit, I decided against standing her up, as I bypassed the turn off for home. For sure, canceling on her would anger Chelsea more. I figured I could handle one night without sex with her, and possibly no sex over the weekend. However, if I stood her up now, then it would probably mean no sex for a while-my cock would fucking protest.

As it was, I only kept Chelsea around as my girlfriend because she was a hellcat in bed. Other than that, I probably would've given her the boot long ago. The girl, honestly, did nothing else for me and was only a means for my sexual gratification.

Didn't mean I wasn't open to any side action every now and then, which Chelsea didn't need to know about. Although, I do suspect that she might have some inkling, but she still keeps me around anyways. However, as of late, with my work schedule being what it was, side action was scarce.

I could just break up with Chelsea and save myself from any more headaches. I was certain I could move on to another quickly and have a new girl in my bed quite possibly before the weekend was over. But then again, at the moment, I was way too busy and too lazy to even go in search of a new girlfriend. I did still have work to do this weekend.

I'd been working pretty hard these days at my job. Working for the man, the man being my controlling father, had me exhausted most days, so I don't think I'd have the energy to be whacking off as much as I'd need to if Chelsea left my bed for an extended period of time and I didn't have a suitable replacement for her. That wouldn't bode well at all for my cock.

My little black book was chock full of willing candidates to keep my cock nice and warm, but many of them were also in relationships now too, and I was in no mood to hassle with spurned boyfriends, fiancés', or worse yet, husbands. Just my luck, my regular go-to friend with benefits, who was useful just for situations like this, Tanya, was out of town until next weekend.

Uh, yeah, no matter how exhausted I was, I was never too tired for sex, and yes, admittedly, I am a prick. I'd have to be to openly admit to cheating on my girlfriend, and Chelsea hasn't been the first I've cheated on, and also admitting to having a regular FWB at that. I make no excuses for my womanizing ways, but, overall, I think despite that I still made a pretty good boyfriend. It wasn't like I actually dated the other women in my life that weren't my girlfriend-I just slept with them. I have an overactive libido that needed taking care of constantly, and well, sometimes my girlfriends weren't always available.

Now, I'm not a total sex addict, although I have been accused of being one. It's not like I needed and craved sex all the time. There are periods of drought in my life. Sex wasn't even a daily occurrence sometimes. So, I can do without sex. I just didn't want to nor felt that I had to when opportunity arises. Mostly, I enjoyed the company of women; especially when they were pinned beneath me, screaming my name in ecstasy. Hey, I'm a guy, and that shit was like a high to me. It was an ego boost that I could bring a woman to her knees with pleasure and it was better than any high I could get from any drug.

Anyways, Chelsea was good in bed and she kept me plenty satisfied, so I didn't have to look outside of our relationship very often for some tender loving cock care. Like I said before, a day or two without being inside her wet heat would be fine with me. However, an extended period of withholding sex, which would be a more than likely punishment that she'd inflict on me if I bailed on her, would be torturous, and options to keep my cock from being angry with me were limited to none. So, yeah, it would be better for me to show up, act like I'm social for a bit, then make up the excuse that I was exhausted, which wasn't necessarily untrue, and then leave. That would appease Chelsea somewhat, then I would just have to make it up to her. Her temper would always cool with some materialistic gifts. I could probably ask my assistant to buy her something nice in the way of jewelry, but a piece that's not too expensive, and I'll be sure to have flowers delivered to her home this weekend, as well as have flowers on her desk first thing Monday morning and a spa day booked, so that she could show off to her co-workers and friends. All that should do the trick and I'll have her back, rolling in the sack with me, in no time.

Traffic finally began to move at a more acceptable pace, and I eventually reached downtown. I was closer to the restaurant where I was supposed to be meeting Chelsea over an hour ago. I sent her a text stating I was in the vicinity and was just going to look for parking. Since I was in the heart of downtown, there was, of course, no parking anywhere near the restaurant and all the lots surrounding the area were full. I circled around a few times, but without having any luck of finding a nearby space, I gave up and decided to go ahead and pay to park at a garage several blocks over. Jesus, there went fifteen bucks from my wallet.

Chelsea texted me back, before I was even able to leave the car, telling me to hurry my ass up; they had already started without me. The woman even had the gall to tell me that I wasn't going to be getting any in the way of sex tonight. Well, shit, I already knew that. Chelsea was nothing but predictable. It still pissed me off, though, and so I suddenly didn't feel the need to get my ass there in a timelier fashion.

I began to walk my way back towards the direction of the restaurant where Chelsea and her friends were waiting for me. It was a good thing that they weren't stupid enough to keep waiting on me, and had started in on their dinner and drinks, because, frankly, I wouldn't have waited if the situation was reversed. If it was Chelsea that was overdue to meet me and I decided to do the PC thing and wait to start on account of her late ass, then my guests and I would be starving motherfuckers. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even her friends, despite my dislike of them. It was so wrong for me, for anyone, to be this late to dinner.

It was a nice night and I decided I was in the mood for some exploring, so I took a rather roundabout route towards the restaurant. I also wanted the extra time to rethink this whole Chelsea-as-my-girlfriend business. She was really starting to turn me off more and more. Despite the great sex, I was mulling over whether it was time to cut her loose. Well, breaking up with her tonight, would clear me of any obligation to jewelry and flowers. Tanya would be back next weekend, and that wouldn't be too long of a dry spell. I've gone longer, not recently, but I'd survived it. I would probably break Chelsea's heart, but she wouldn't be the first broken heart I'd been responsible for. Gah! Why didn't I just go home in the first place?

I cut through an alley and continued to casually stroll. The restaurant was just around the corner. I kept my eyes trained on the ground, my hands in my pockets, as I ambled along deep in thought. It was a familiar posture of mine when I was walking and thinking.

Because I wasn't paying any attention to my surroundings, I really didn't see that a girl was approaching me fast, running at full speed, until she actually ran into me. I suppose in her haste, she hadn't noticed me either. The force of our collision nearly knocked both of us over. I acted quickly enough, however, and wrapped my arms around her to steady us both, keeping us upright instead of tumbling in a heap on the ground, which I honestly wouldn't have minded after seeing this girl clearly. Once I had touched her, I instantly felt a spark of connection that I hadn't ever felt with any other girl before. It rocked me to my very core.

Once I got my bearings, I was able to take a closer look at this girl who crashed into me. She was trembling, maybe out of fear, or it could've been shock, I didn't really know. I continued holding her close just to keep her firmly rooted. She looked like that she was about ready to pass out on me and we couldn't have that. I gave her a quick once over to make sure she didn't suffer any visible ill effects from our collision. She wasn't bleeding anywhere and there seemed to be no bruises that I could see.

Okay, so I'm a guy after all, and that was my excuse to actually ogle her more thoroughly. She was a very petite girl, tiny frame, with a very nice, lean body, but...oh...did she have curves in all the right places. Her tight jeans that she wore only served to highlight those curves. That ass of hers was stuff that sexually-charged men like me dreamed of. Yup, I noticed that right off the bat.

She had long, mahogany hair that hung in soft waves at the ends down to right above her breasts. From the little exposed bit of skin I could see from the V-neck of her tee, she was pale with skin like that of smooth porcelain, but it looked supple and soft. I quickly imagined running my hands all over her bare skin. She had very delicate features, long lashes, pink lips just ripe for kissing, and very beautiful, deep, chocolate brown eyes. She wore no makeup, but she didn't really need any. The woman was naturally gorgeous.

From further observation, I could see that she was a bit dingy and haggard looking. Her clothes weren't exactly pristine, looking very worn. Her long hair could definitely have benefited from the use of a brush more. This all didn't matter, however, because she was still beautiful. She was actually the most beautiful woman I'd ever laid eyes on. I imagined that she would look simply stunning when she was all cleaned up.

I concluded that she must be either living in a really bad situation, or she was homeless. You didn't run into women like this on a regular basis in or around Denver. I doubted that her appearance was just due to poor hygiene. She was definitely no teenage runaway, cause she looked to be of legal age. At least, I figured she was legal and prayed silently that she was. My mind briefly thought that she may possibly be one of those roaming crazies we have around town on occasion, but I shook the thought away quickly, not being able to fathom that a girl this gorgeous belonged in a mental institution.

My cock responded quickly to the fact that I was instantly attracted to this girl, despite her disheveled state. There was just something about her when we locked eyes. I hadn't realized that I was still holding on to her fairly tightly, a result of my subconscious having taken over.

I was certainly no slouch in the romance department. I'd been around the block a few times with girls, even at my young age, although I had never been in love with any of them. Somehow, the minute this girl and I bumped into each other, the waves of feeling I instantly felt for her was new and different from anything I had ever felt before. It was weird, intense, and shocking. Somehow I knew deep inside that I could really grow to love this girl. .Fuck!

Trying not to show a hint of my panic, I found my manners, "Miss, are you alright? I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going and we ran into one another. Please excuse me." She just nodded her assent, and then blushed. Why? I had no idea. Nonetheless, it had to be one of the sexiest things I had ever seen in a woman.

I hadn't made a move to let her go, nor had she tried to wriggle herself away from my grasps. It actually felt good that she seemed to not be wary of me. She felt comfortable in my grasp somehow and it felt so right to have her there, like she was meant to be in my arms all along. Again, that took me aback.

It occurred to me that her behavior wasn't exactly normal. I was a complete stranger after all. Shouldn't she have been wary? It also didn't seem normal for a young woman such as her to be wandering alone in the middle of the night, granted it was still early in the evening, but it was already dark, and ducking into this alley.

Despite my tight hold on her, she did still looked quite shaken. Though she made no effort to continue running, she kept turning her head back to look behind her towards the other end of the alleyway, as if she was awaiting something, or rather, someone. It took me all of five seconds to figure out that she had been running because she was being chased. Her trembling wasn't at all due to our crashing into one another-she was afraid. Well, thank God though that it wasn't me that she was scared of. But who? What had happened?

Instantly, I felt protective of her. All I could discern was that someone was after her and I'd be damned if I'd let anyone get this beautiful, young lady standing before me. I didn't actually care what they wanted her for, just that I couldn't let anything bad happen to her. Definitely, she was safer while with me.

Well, shit, look at me being all chivalrous, so unlike me. I didn't even know this girl. Where had all this come from?

In my most soothing voice, I asked, "Miss, are you all right? It looks to me that something is very wrong. Is someone chasing you? Is someone after you?" Her eyes grew wide at my words, signaling to me that my assessment was correct. She nodded once more, and then her face contorted into panic as she looked back towards the other end of the alley again.

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