Harry and Ginny: A Love Story

Chapter 31: Interlude

Harry and Ginny awoke much earlier than normal, the soft predawn light casting a dim shine through the window.

"Good morning, my love," Ginny sent with a smile as she snuggled into Harry's side more tightly.

"Good morning to you too," Harry replied as he tightened his arm around Ginny.

Both were feeling the added closeness of their strengthened Bond. Harry turned slightly so that he was facing Ginny more directly and he smiled as he looked into her beautiful eyes.

"Do you think we can practice the strengthening exercise like this?" he asked softly.

Ginny smiled at him, their nakedness making their skin to skin contact at it's maximum and as she gazed lovingly into Harry's emerald eyes she said, "I don't know why not."

Once again they locked eyes and let their love begin to flow between them and as before, the world shrunk till it was nothing but the other. Time lost all meaning as they lay in their tight embrace.


Sirius was just coming back down the stairs when he spied Kingsley coming through the door. It was very apparent the he was very, very unhappy.

"What's the trouble?" Sirius asked the Auror.

Taking a deep breath, schooling himself because he knew that Sirius wasn't going to like what he had to say, Kingsley said, "Pettigrew escaped."

For a moment Sirius' eyes darkened and Kingsley was sure that he was going to explode, but then in an instant the look was gone, replaced by a much calmer, though no less happy one. "Come and tell me what happened," he said, motioning towards a table at the back of the room.

Kingsley followed Sirius over and they both sat down. Knowing there was no way to make it any better he just went right to it. "Well, it seems our esteemed Minister didn't like the cell Pettigrew was being held in and demanded he be transferred immediately to a regular cell."

Sirius took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Just how idiotic can one man be?" he muttered lowly.

Kingsley looked at him sadly and said, "From the sounds of it, he didn't do it maliciously."

Sirius looked up into Kingsley's eyes, "Is that supposed to make me feel better?" he asked bitterly.

Kingsley gave him an apologetic look but didn't know what to say.

Sirius shook his head, "In some ways that makes it worse, how can you counter sheer stupidity?"

"I don't know," Kingsley replied. He then pulled out a roll of parchment and slid it across the table to Sirius. "At least it didn't effect this," he said conciliatorially.

Sirius picked up the scroll and opened it, a small smile creeping onto his face as he read. "I was almost sure that this day would never come," he said softly.

Kingsley couldn't help but smile along with Sirius, "I'm just glad that the truth finally came out and that you're now free." He then looked at Sirius quizzically, "Though there is still one little detail that quite a few would like answered," he said lowly.

Sirius gave the Auror a sly grin, "And just what might that be," he said knowingly.

"How in the world did you escape from Azkaban?" Kingsley asked.

Sirius gave a low laugh, "I wondered when someone would get around to that."


"In effect, I just walked out," Sirius replied cryptically.

Kingsley looked stunned, "But . . . but, I can't believe it. How?"

"I'll leave you to ponder the details, a smart guy like you should be able to figure it out," Sirius said with a grin.

"Hummmm, I'll give it some thought and get back to you," Kingsley replied thoughtfully. "What''s your next step?" Kingsley asked after a moment.

Sirius looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well, I guess I need to get in contact with the Goblins and find out the status of my estate, but to do that I'll need to get some new clothes. But . . ."

Kingsley gave a chuckle, "Yeah, You need Galleons to see the Goblins to get access to your Galleons," he said sympathetically.

Sirius gave Kingsley a smirk, "You wouldn't happen to have a couple thousand Galleons to lend me, would you?"

Kingsley laughed, "I'm just a poor Auror and it doesn't pay that well."

"I know, I was just taking the mickey out on you," Sirius said, still grinning.

Kingsley shook his head, "My suggestion is speak to Minerva."

Sirius nodded, "Yeah, I guess she is my best bet. I need to speak to her about borrowing a house elf or two anyway."

Kingsley nodded and rose, "Well good luck, and I want to say once more I'm glad you're a free man once again."

"Thanks," Sirius said.

"I'd better be getting back and see if there has been any information on Pettigrew," Kingsley said with a sigh. "Not that I expect to hear anything."

Sirius rose and extended his hand, "Thanks again for all your help," he said with a smile.

"You're welcome, I just wish it hadn't been necessary," Kingsley replied, taking Sirius' hand and shaking it. "Take care and I'm sure I'll be seeing you."

"I'm sure we will be," Sirius agreed.

Kingsley turned and left the Inn, Sirius watching him as he left, thinking about the Auror and what a decent man he was. "Just goes to prove that not all the Ministry people are useless," he said to himself.

He headed back up to his room to get ready to go see Minerva, he had a lot of things to accomplish and the sooner he started the sooner he'd get them done.


Harry and Ginny slowly became aware of their surroundings once more, both sighing contently. Taking note of the sun now being up, they figured that they had been joined for several hours.

"I can't believe it," Ginny sent.

"What?" Harry asked.

"How much closer and more in Love I feel," Ginny replied.

Harry smiled, knowing exactly what she meant. He felt just the same. If anyone would have said that he'd love Ginny more than before, he would have told them that they were barmy, but as they worked on strengthening their Bond, it made him Love her all that much more.

"Good morning," Arwain said, a touch of humour colouring her voice.

"Good morning," Harry and Ginny replied.

"I see you have been working on strengthening your Bond," Arwain said humorously.

Harry and Ginny blushed, "Yes we have," Ginny replied, a smile on her face.

"Good," Arwain said. "The more you work on it the better."

Harry's feelings of unease from the previous night returned and he said "You said we'd talk this morning."

"So I did," Arwain said a bit sadly.

"So what happened?" Ginny asked.

Arwain sighed, there was nothing to do but just tell them. "Last night the one named Pettigrew escaped and is now on his way to rejoin The Dark Lord."

Ginny could feel Harry's melancholy and she hugged him tighter to her body. "Are you okay?" she asked, full of concern.

Slowly, Harry nodded. "Yeah," he sent softly. Sighing he said, "I guess that means that he will be returning, won't he?"

"Eventually, yes," Arwain replied a bit sadly. "But not for some time."

Ginny got a thoughtful look on her face and with a frown said, "I have a hard time thinking of him as anything but Tom Riddle."

"So you know his true name," Arwain stated. "Knowing his true character and name is very powerful. It gives you a weapon that can be used against him."

"How so?" asked Harry.

"Knowledge is power and by refusing to acknowledge the persona he has chosen for himself diminishes his power to affect you," Arwain said purposely.

Harry nodded after a moment, "I like it," he said hugging Ginny tighter to him. "I like the way you think," he said with a smile.

Ginny felt Harry's warmth and love wash over her and she couldn't help but snuggle in closer to him. Turning her attention back to Arwain she asked, "Isn't there anyway to stop Wormtail from rejoining Riddle?"

"I'm afraid not," Arwain replied sadly.

"So what do we do?" Ginny asked softly.

"You continue on just like you are now," Arwain replied.

When Ginny looked puzzled, she added "For now you work on strengthening your Bond and then work on learning what you'll need to destroy Riddle once and for all."

Harry and Ginny both sighed, knowing that the course they were on wasn't going to be an easy one, but the knowledge of their Bond somehow strengthening their resolve, knowing that somehow together they would find a way together.

"If I'm not mistaken, your mother almost has breakfast ready," Arwain said with a grin. "Perhaps you two should get up and get dressed."

Though Ginny could feel Harry's reluctance to rise, she knew that Arwain was right, so she gave Harry a quick kiss and said "She's right, you know. We don't want Mum finding us dressed as we are."

Harry knew she was right, of course, so with a sigh, he slowly disentangled himself from Ginny's warm, wonderful body.

"I'll just leave you two for now," Arwain sent humorously, and then they felt her presence withdraw.

Harry rolled over and got out of bed, not concerned in the slightest that the was nude. As he reached for his dressing gown he felt Ginny's bewilderment.

"What is it?" he asked, becoming concerned.

"I'm not sure," Ginny replied slowly. "Something seems different about you."

Harry looked down at his body in bewilderment, frowning slightly as he did so. "What's so different?" he sent back to Ginny.

Ginny studied Harry's nude form for a few moments, finally saying "I think you're changing too."

"How?" Harry asked.

"Well, you seem to be losing that baby fat look and ah, you're starting to develop body hair," Ginny replied, matter-of-factually. "And if I'm not mistaken, you're shoulders are broadening."

"Oh," Harry replied, blinking several times, finally putting on his dressing gown. He then sat down next to Ginny, looking quite pensive as he did so.

"What is it, Harry?" Ginny asked softly.

Harry shrugged, "I guess I'm changing just like you are," he said.

Ginny smiled at him. "Well I guess that we should have anticipated that."

Harry chuckled, "Yeah, I guess we should have," he agreed.

Ginny stood to get dressed too and Harry couldn't help but notice the faint but unmistakable beginnings of fiery coloured hair in Ginny's nether region.

Ginny noticed Harry's stare and found herself giggling slightly, "Like what you see?" she asked saucily.

Though caught, Harry felt no embarrassment and meeting her eyes, he replied "I most certainly do."

Ginny came over to him and placed her hands on his shoulders and said with a smile, "I like what I see too. You're looking more mature and I think it becomes you."

Harry stared up into Ginny's eyes and he felt her love and admiration wash over him. It filled him with the most amazing warm and wonderful feelings and he felt some of the shame he had experienced from the years of verbal abuse at being a freak leave him.

Tenderly he wrapped his arms around Ginny, saying "Thank you, Love."

"You're welcome, Harry," Ginny replied, holding him tightly to her body.

Harry sighed contently, feeling the love they had for one another bouncing back and forth between them, so much stronger now that they had been working on strengthening the bond.

Harry slowly relaxed his grip and he rose, taking Ginny's hand. "We'd better get ready and head down to breakfast before your Mum comes looking for us."

Ginny grinned at him, though he got the feeling that she really didn't care if they got caught. In fact Harry was sure that sooner or later Ginny was going to force the issue with her Mum over their sleeping arrangements, and while he agreed in principal, he didn't want to cause Mr. Weasley any trouble. Giving his Bond-mate a smile, they left Ginny's room, heading to take their showers and start their day.


Sirius appeared at the entrance to McGonagall Castle and he shook his head in amazement, even though the Blacks were one of the Ancient Wizarding Families, they still didn't come close to anything like the old clans of Scotland. The castle was very impressive, rivalling Hogwarts in size, but actually more impressive as it was a true fortified Castle, with moat and keep.

Sirius took in the view, the mist rising off the moat, twirling in spirals that shimmered in the morning light was truly beautiful and he relished being free. Closing his eyes for a moment, he took in a huge breath of air and exhaled slowly, a smile filling his face as he did so.

"Good morning, Sirius," he heard, startling him.

Opening his eyes and turning towards the voice he found himself looking at Minerva who had obviously been out walking the grounds. "Good Morning, Minerva," Sirius replied.

"Beautiful morning, isn't it?" his old professor said with a smile.

Sirius smiled back, "It could be sleeting with winds blowing so hard I could hardly remain on my feet and it'd be a good morning," he replied.

Minerva gave him a knowing look and just nodded her head. She understood his meaning, being free was all he needed at the moment for it to be a really "Good Morning"

"Would you care to join me for some breakfast?" Minerva said, leading Sirius through the gate into the Bailey where Sirius was surprised to see a small table set up outside the door to the Keep.

While he had already had a sizeable breakfast at the Hogs Head, he was still a little hungry, especially since he knew it would beat the fare at Azkaban by far.

Sirius hurried slightly and pulled out Minerva's chair for her, surprising the older woman slightly. It had been quite some time since someone Sirius' age had shown such respect.

"Thank you, Sirius," Minerva said as she sat down.

"You're quite welcome," Sirius replied, taking the seat across from her.

Sirius smiled at the spread before them, a healthy selection of the staples normally found for breakfast. Though his eyes came to rest on a basket of scones and after offering them to his hostess, he helped himself to a couple.

He slathered the first with heaps of butter, which melted into the surface. He moaned slightly at the wonderful taste, relishing the flavours that assaulted his palette.

Minerva couldn't help but smile at the pleasure that Sirius was experiencing from the simple act of eating a scone.

Though he tried to eat slowly, he couldn't help but finish the scone in several bites. With a contented sigh he said, "That was marvellous. Lingonberry, if I'm not mistaken."

Minerva chuckled, "That's correct. I'm surprised that you knew that, not many can name the fruit that is used."

"Mrs. Potter made them for James and me when I went to stay with them after leaving my parents home," Sirius replied with a small smile as he prepared the second scone.

As they ate, Minerva turned the conversation to Sirius' visit. "While I can see you're enjoying the scones, to what do I owe this visit too?" she asked.

"I was wondering if I could impose upon you for some help," Sirius replied, helping himself to another scone.

"I assume you mean my offer of a house elf or two," Minerva said.

"Well, yes, but first I need to get to Gringott's and gain access to my vault," Sirius explained.

"How can I help with that?" Minerva asked, slightly perplexed.

Sirius looked slightly embarrassed, "Well, it is hardly fitting for the head of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black to show up at Gringott's dressed as a pauper," he replied.

Minerva gave a chuckle and a knowing look. "Yes, we can't have a member of a Noble and Ancient House showing up dressed inappropriately."

Sirius couldn't help but smile at the inflection in Minerva's voice.

She then looked at him shrewdly and said, "Will 500 Galleons be sufficient?"

Sirius was stunned at the amount she had mentioned. "I – ah, suppose so," he said hesitantly. "It's been a while since I've done any shopping, so I really don't have any idea what the prices of things are."

Minerva smiled sadly, "Yes, I suppose that things are a little more expensive than they were back then." She then reached into her desk drawer, pulled out a small leather pouch and handed it to Sirius.

"Thanks, Aunt Minnie," Sirius said cheekily.

Minerva rolled her eyes and with a small shake of her head, said, "Good Godric, not you too."

Sirius stood and said seriously, "Thanks Minerva, I'll return this as soon as I am able."

"No hurry, " she replied with a smile. "It's the least I can do."

Sirius rose to leave and with a grin said, "If you see Poppy, tell her I'm taking my potions."

Minerva looked at Sirius closely, "Is that the only thing you want me to say to her," she said with a wry grin.

Sirius returned the grin and replied, "Yeah, anything else I have to say, I can say myself, thank you very much." As he headed for the door he turned back and added, "I'll let you know when I need the help of the elves."

Minerva merely nodded, thinking about Sirius and Poppy, wondering if anything was going on there. The more she thought about it, the more she thought that it probably would be a good thing for both of them. For Sirius because having a warm, caring woman after his time in Azkaban would help him regain some happiness and for Poppy, who seemed to have never let herself love another since the death of her Brian.

With a sigh, she turned back to the stack of parchments before her, picking up the one on the top of the pile and began reading.


Ron and Hermione were sitting in the parlour after eating breakfast. Ron had a morose look upon his face.

"What is it?" Hermione asked.

"I can't believe that I had a mass murderer all this time," Ron moaned lowly.

Hermione rolled her eyes which luckily went unnoticed by Ron. "We've been over this before," she said a trifle irritably.

Ron sat up straighter and looked at her, his irritability rising to match hers. "You're not the one who had, that – that monster living with you," he spat.

"What of it?" Hermione countered. "You don't seemed to have suffered any because of it."

Ron sighed heavily, shaking his head. "I knew you'd never understand," he replied, moodily.

Gritting her teeth, Hermione said "Well, explain it to me then, cause I'm obviously too dumb to understand."

Ron's eyes widened. He'd never meant to imply that Hermione was dumb. She was without a doubt the smartest person he knew, well, discounting people like Dumbledore and some of the other Professors.

"I never said you were dumb," he said defensively.

"You certainly implied it," Hermione said testily. "I mean you said I could never understand, so obviously you think it's beyond my comprehension."

Ron knew he was in a no win situation. "I . . . I. . . well, that's not what I meant!"

Hermione eyed him dubiously. "Well, what did you mean then?" she asked, her anger right below the surface.

Thinking quickly, something he was learning to do since becoming friends with Hermione, though he wasn't anywhere near a master at it. "What I meant was if you haven't experienced it, you couldn't really KNOW what I mean" he said hurriedly.

Hermione thought about it for a moment and then with a nod, replied, "I can see that," she admitted.

Ron breathed a silent sigh of relief. He certainly didn't need to alienate Hermione as he already felt estranged from their other friend, Harry. Though he understood in his mind about Harry's bond with his sister, he just had a hard time accepting the fact that Harry now wanted to spend all his time with her. She was a girl after all.

Hermione could tell by the look that came over Ron's face that he was now thinking about Harry and the bond he had formed with Ginny. She made a quick decision that if Ron wanted to talk about Harry, he was the one who was going to be the one who would have to bring the subject up.

Ron began to take fleeting glances at Hermione, hoping that she'd bring up the subject of Harry and the bond with Ginny.

When it became apparent that she was either ignoring him, or purposely not bringing the subject up, he began to get annoyed again.

Of course, he was dismal at hiding the fact that he was getting annoyed so after a few moments Hermione abruptly stood and stalked off towards the kitchen, pausing at the doorway, she turned and said "If you want to talk about it, you're the one who is going to be the one to bring it up."

She then turned and continued from the room, leaving a annoyed Ron trying to act like he didn't know what she was talking about.

Sighing deeply, he muttered, "Completely mental, that one." He then turned his attention to the fire where he stared deeply into it, wondering what he was going to do about things with Harry.


Harry and Ginny were just finishing breakfast when there was a knock at the door. Since Molly was standing near the sinnk, she went and opened the door revealing Tonks.

She entered a bit apprehensively, looking at Harry the whole time.

"I bring some rather bad news," she said apologetically.

When no one said anything she continued, "Pettigrew escaped," she said succinctly.

Harry and Ginny just looked at her before nodding and going back to finishing their breakfasts.

"We know," Harry said softly after a moment.

Tonks and Molly looked at Harry and Ginny in shock. "How do you know?" asked a stunned Molly.

"How are you going to explain?" asked Ginny.

Harry immediately knew he had made a mistake and needed some way to cover for it. He certainly didn't want to try and explain Arwain to anyone.

"Well, what I mean is that I got a bad feeling last night that something had happened and Wormtail escaping would explain it," Harry said with a shrug.

Ginny could see that neither Tonks nor her Mum believed Harry's explanation, but they didn't press him on it either.

"May we be excused?" she asked, hoping that they'd be able to get away quickly before either one of the adults pressed for a better answer.

"Yes," Molly replied after a moment, her eyes boring into Harry as if she was trying to read his mind to see what he was thinking. "Please make sure to put your dishes into the sink."

Harry and Ginny rose, trying not to hurry, placed their dirty dishes into the sink and immediately headed back up to Ginny's room.

"That was close," Harry said in relief.

"I don't think we've heard the end of it," Ginny replied.

When they got to the landing where Ginny's and Harry's rooms were, Harry steered Ginny into his room, instead of Ginny's.

"Lets hang out in here," Harry said.

Ginny gave him a questioning look, but let herself be guided into Harry's room instead of hers.

"I can't believe I just did that," Harry said morosely, as he flopped down on the bed.

"Well, we can't undo it," Ginny replied, laying down and snuggling into Harry's side.

"What are we going to do about it?" Harry asked.

"I don't know," Ginny replied. "We should ask someone."

Harry gave her a questioning look, "Who?" he asked, perplexed.

Ginny gave a small giggle, "Who do you think?"

Harry blushed at his stupidity. "Who indeed," he thought to himself. "Arwain," he called out.


Back in the kitchen, Tonks and Molly sat down at the table as Molly poured them some tea.

"Do you buy Harry's explanation?" Tonks asked.

"No I don't, Dora," Molly replied as she prepared her tea, looking very thoughtful.

"Neither do I," Tonks said. "He was much to calm when he said that they had known."

"I know," said Molly.

"What do you make of it?" Dora asked, looking quite thoughtful herself.

After a moment, Molly sadly said, "I have no idea."

Tonks gave small chuckle, "Just one more mystery surrounding them," she said. Then after a brief pause she added, "I guess we'd better tell Minerva and Poppy."

Molly, who had let her attention wander said, "What's that dear?"

Laughing, Dora said, "I said, I guess we'd better let Minerva and Poppy know about Harry's knowing about Pettigrew's escaping."

"Why's that, Dora," a confused Molly asked.

"They're documenting the Bonding, aren't they?" Dora asked, her brow furrowed.

Molly finally got what Dora was driving at, "Yes, . . . yes of course," she agreed now that she had caught on to what the young Auror was driving at. She then sighed, "Just one more thing to make that poor boy the centre of attention," she lamented.

Dora sighed too. She hadn't known Harry that long but from what she had learned so far, Molly was right. Harry seemed to be thrust into the limelight at every turn, or at least since he had rejoined the wizarding world.

Shaking her head, she hoped that he continued to display the same attitude and inclination that he had so far. He was without a doubt the most shy, unassuming young boy she had ever had the pleasure to meet.

Molly suddenly brightened, "Well enough about that for now. Tell me about what's going on in your life. Any suitors?"

Dora's eyes widened, and she wished that the topic had gone anywhere but there as she didn't have the slightest clue as what to tell Molly.


Sirius stopped in Edinburgh to purchase his new robes so that he could go to Gringott's. Looking up at the well faded sign, he read "MacTavish's Fine Clothing and Appointments for Gentlemen. Est. 1458.

Looking down at his borrowed, worn but well cared for robes, he entered the store. He was immediately met by one of the sales people. "Are you being served?" the young man inquired.

"No, I am not," Sirius replied.

The young man looked Sirius over from head to toe and muttered, "Well no wonder."

Sirius was about to retort when an older gentleman came over. "That will be enough Jenkins," he said sharply. He then turned to Sirius and said "Please excuse my young colleague and may I be of service?"

Sirius immediately took a liking to the older gentleman, "Yes, I am in the need of a new set of robes," he replied with a smile.

"Yes, I can see while well cared for, your current set has seen better days," the clerk said amiably.

"Actually these are borrowed. I've been . . . away for some time and need to acquire some of my own," Sirius said.

"May inquire as to the gentleman's budget?"

Sirius smiled at the delicately posed question. "For the moment I'm limited to 500 Galleons until such time as I gain access to my Gringott's vault."

"With that budget, you can purchase our finest robes," the clerk said with a smile. "By the way, my name is Bryan MacTavish."

"Glad to meet you, Bryan. My name is Sirius Black," Sirius said, watching closely to see if his name caused a reaction.

Bryan's one eyebrow rose into his hairline, "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Black." Then after a moment, he added, "There are those of us who never believed that you were guilty."

Sirius was visibly taken aback, "That's most gratifying to hear," he said softly.

"Well, yes," Bryan said, straightening his robes. "Let's get you properly outfitted."

Bryan spent the next several hours having Sirius try on various robes, some very formal and others more for everyday wear. One or the other rejected the majority of the items picked out for on reason or another. Even so they ended up with a half dozen sets of robes along with new shoes and a variety of other necessities.

Sirius hadn't really been paying attention to prices till he looked at the pile on the counter next to the register. The first two robes came to more than the 500 Galleons that he had.

"Excuse me, Bryan, but I thought I had informed you right from the start that I only had 500 Galleons to spend."

"That you did, Mr. Black, but a man of your position and stature has need of a complete set of clothing. Don't worry, I'll take a deposit and once you have your dealings with the Goblins straightened out, you can send me the balance," Bryan said with a smile.

"That's most kind of you," Sirius replied, stunned at the chance the man was taking. Not that he wouldn't pay, but how could this man know that.

Bryan MacTavish just waved it off. "If I'm any judge of a man at all, I know I have nothing to worry about," he said with a smile.

Sirius made to hand over the 500 Galleons, but Bryan only took 250 and slid the rest back at Sirius.

"You'll be needing some of that and I'd never take a man's last Galleon," Bryan said. He packaged up Sirius' purchases, shrunk the packages and handed them to Sirius. "Here you are Mr. Black. Send the balance when you're able and it's been a pleasure serving you."

Sirius smiled but then got a concerned look on his face. The robes I was wearing when I can in, I need to return them to the man I borrowed them from."

"Just one moment," Bryan said, then turning he called out loudly, "Jenkins!"

The younger man came out from the back and said, "You called me, sir?"

"Yes, the robes this gentleman was wearing when he arrived, I want you to fetch them from the back."

Both noticed the young man pale considerably. "I – I banished them," he stammered.

Bryan got a dark look on his face, "Go to the sale rack and get me a set of robes," he said icily.

Jenkins rushed away to accomplish his errand as fast as possible. Within moments he had returned with a very nice set of deep Navy robes, far nicer than Arthur's had been new.

"Will these do?" Jenkins asked.

Sirius was about to say they were too good when he was cut off by Bryan, who looked at the price tag and nodded. "Yes these will do nicely and this 125 Galleons will be coming out of your severance."

Jenkins looked like he wanted to say something bit then reconsidered. He then turned and left the sales area, heading into the back.

"I hope I wasn't the cause of him losing his job," Sirius said.

"Not to worry, Jenkins is wholly responsible for the loss of his job. He has been here on a trial basis and trust me, he wasn't making the grade," Bryan replied a bit sadly.

He then added the robes to one of Sirius' bags. "Well Thank you for your patronage and I hope to see you again, Mr. Black."

"Please call me Sirius, all my friends do," Sirius replied, sticking his hand out.

Bryan took the proffered hand and shook it. "Sirius it is then," said Bryan.

Sirius nodded and headed out the door, wondering how he was going to get Arthur to accept the new robes.


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