Okay…I apologise for this as I am aware I still have two stories on the go but this one shot wouldn't leave my head, I have no idea why apart from the very dubious dream that plagued me last night, plus okay, maybe yeah I have been wanting to attempt a GP story so if you hate those things don't read this because…I'm finally caving in to the pressure and writing it, it's very AU as follows…

Rachel is one of the holy trinity along with San and Brit at McKinley, her best friend is Jesse from Carmel High, she's still a complete diva and under her rule the school is a very tolerant and nice place to be, Santana still has her issues lol but Rach keeps her under control.Quinn was a cheerleader at Carmel until the end of the first year when she beat Jesse so bad he can no longer perform, no one knows why and Quinn never defended herself in court, thus she spent a year in Juvie and is now about to start her senior year at McKinley, Rachel is not happy!

Quinn can remember the exact day her life started to fall apart, the last day of her first year of high school, up until then she was a typical (for the most part) teenager. Her concerns only ranged as far as homework assignments, whether or not she could memorise the latest cheer and how to tell her mom she was gay. Not that she imagined her mom would mind but things hadn't been easy for the two of them recently. At the beginning of the year her father had been killed in action in Afghanistan and it had hit them both hard.

The blonde haired girl hadn't set out to make things worse for her mom, far from it in fact, she had been doing her best so everything appeared to be business as usual. But it wasn't, as well as fighting her own emerging sexuality she was trying to support her mother who was having yet another operation to see if her hearing could be restored. When Quinn was just a child her mother had caught some god awful virus she couldn't remember the name of that had damaged her mom's hearing completely, Judy was getting better at lip reading but for the most part they talked in ASL. So her own worries she kept to herself and it turned out to have been the worst thing she could have done.

Because when she found out about Gabrielle her temper exploded, even without the pressures mounting on her she would have lashed out but with things the way they were she went ballistic, she'd only stopped because one of the footballers had literally torn her off of Jesse and pinned her to the ground until the rage passed. Blowing out a breath and running her hands through her now close cropped hair she glanced at her reflection in the mirror. No makeup, she learned in Juvie only one type of woman wore makeup and she wasn't that type, clean and pressed white shirt, sleeves rolled up a quarter of the way hiding the scar on her arm for the most part, loose blue jeans with suspenders hanging from them and black Converse that matched the black skinny tie knotted loosely round her neck. She smiled without humour at herself causing the still red scar on her chin to crinkle. She looked a mix of preppy and geek, should be enough to keep her off of McKinley's social radar. If it was up to her she wouldn't go back to high school at all, but her mom had all but begged her and so she had acquiesced and it became part of the agreement for her early release. Grabbing up the battered USAF bag she used as a messenger bag she headed down to the kitchen where her mom was laying out breakfast stuff. Forcing a smile the blonde signed.

What's with all the cooked food mom, you know I'm a slave to the Toucan?

Judy Fabray rolled her eyes and pausing to wipe her hands on the tea towel she signed back swiftly.

You cant start your first day back at school with nothing but chemicals and milk inside you, now be grateful I made you pancakes with bacon and eggs and eat up!

Sitting down at the older woman's urging Quinn pulled the plate to her and began to eat steadily, she didn't have the heart to tell her mom she couldn't face much because of nerves. Not that she thought she wouldn't be able to handle it, after Juvie she knew she could handle anything that McKinley had to throw at her and then some, it was just…after over a year of institutionalised life the thought of being free was a little daunting. After managing to finish the last mouthful and washing it down with orange juice she looked up and caught her mom looking at her worriedly, she forced a smile.

I'm okay mom, just a little nervous…it's been a while you know?

Letting out a long sigh the elder Fabray walked over and wrapped her daughter in a tight hug, she loved her so much and knew there had to be something behind her attack on that boy. Yes he was an obnoxious and smarmy young man but that wouldn't normally cause Quinn to lose her temper like that. But however much she had tried to coax it from her daughter it never happened, the teen would just smile sadly and say she couldn't, Judy backed off in the end and told her that if she was ever ready she would always listen and that she loved her. Kissing the top of the troubled girls head she stepped back and signed.

Just remember Quinn, you have paid your debt now, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, the past is the past and now it's time for you to get your graduation and think about a college

Hiding her automatic grimace Quinn nodded and gratefully accepted the bagged lunch that her mom passed her, frowning when Judy held up the keys to her jeep.

Why are you giving me your car key's mom?

Frowning worriedly Judy hesitated then admitted.

I still don't like you on that motorbike, I know your father left it to you and you love it but…it scares me, you know those things are the biggest contributor to organ donation baby?

Slinging her messenger bag over her shoulders the blonde deliberately picked up the crash helmet off of the breakfast bar where she'd left it last night and snagged the bike keys which had a key ring for the 966th Air Expeditionary Squadron hanging from them. Judy threw her hands up in surrender and just relented. Sparing a kiss for her mom Quinn headed to the restored Indian and with a deep breath fired it up and headed towards McKinley…it had to be easier than Juvie after all!

Rachel Berry checked the skirt of her cheerleading uniform one more time and then turned to grin at her two best friends…well her best friend Brittany and Santana who was just, well just Santana really. Senior year was their time to rule, after last year when she and her devoted boyfriend Finn Hudson won the Prom King & Queen crowns she just knew that this year they would take it all. A record breaking ninth win for the cheerio's, a first place finish at nationals for the glee club and senior prom King & Queen. Fluffing her hair our she clasped her hands together happily as she regarded her companions.

"I hope you have been practicing the song's I e mailed you over the holidays, I would have come over and helped you personally but as you know my fathers took me and Finn to Maui for our summer break."

Brittany squealed happily and bounced on the balls of her feet as she gave Rachel the reaction she was looking for, Santana for her part just rolled her eyes and smirked.

"Wow, I bet the image of Mr puff pastry nipples and his pasty white hairless chest was enough to cure a few mistaken cases of heterosexuality."

Rachel scowled and tried to ignore the fact that she had in fact found the particular sight the Latina had referred to as unappealing.

"Santana, just because you're annoyed he came back to me is no reason to get bitchy!"

Rachel was the only one that ever got to talk to Santana like that, sadly it had no impact whatsoever on the Latina as she examined her nails and snorted in amusement.

"Berry if you want the three second wonder he's all yours, believe me when I say that the moment you unclench your legs and allow him to pop your cherry it will be the most disappointing thing you have ever experienced."

This time Brittany joined in with her 'on again, off again' girlfriends laughter and when Rachel turned to her in exasperation and threw her hands up the blonde dancer shrugged.

"Sorry Rachy but to be fair she's right this time, Finn is well known as the worst lover in this place, trust me when I say most people are glad you're dating him, it means they're safe from his clumsy advances."

Although annoyed at her friends teasing she wished she could deny it, part of the reason she hadn't slept with her boyfriend yet was because they only ever got as far as foreplay before he prematurely shot his load into his pants and ran off to the bathroom embarrassed. So all steps they had taken towards making their relationship more intimate had ended with her comforting the football player while he fell asleep and left her to take care of herself. Instead of confiding that however, she just glared at them and started reaching into her locker to get the books she needed for her morning classes.

At that point Kurt and Blaine came running up breathlessly, they were McKinley's first out and proud gay couple and had earned something of a minor celebrity status within the school. They were also great friends with Rachel's fathers and spent Oscar and Eurovision nights round the Berry's house. From the matching excited glances they were shooting at one another and then towards Rachel, the head cheerio guessed that they had some new and amazing piece of gossip they wished to share with her, although she never actively encouraged those sorts of things she also couldn't deny that she liked being in the loop. Before she could speak however Santana rolled her eyes and verbalised the petite diva's thoughts.

"Geez, would you just spill it already before the two of you combust and send stars, rainbows, puppies, kittens and other gay shit all over the corridor."

Kurt rolled his eyes at the Latina and effectively ignored her as he turned to Rachel and grabbed both of her shoulders tightly, looking into her eyes intensely he half whispered.

"Rachel honey, you have to promise me that when I tell you this you wont over react…okay?"

Frowning slightly at her friends dramatics she clutched her books closer to her chest wondering what could possibly have the Fashionista wound so tightly. She nodded and with a small smile shrugged one shoulder.

"Fine, I promise, though I'm not sure what you think would cause me to act in a negative way, after all thanks to mine and Finn's diligence over the summer break everything is on course for a wonderful year."

Kurt chewed his lip and glanced towards Blaine, his boyfriend nodded encouragingly and Kurt looked back to Rachel.

"I'm not sure if you've heard anything yet but we are getting a new student this year."

Frowning the little diva shrugged and gestured for him to continue, there was nothing so far that seemed cause for concern…until, of course the boy spilled the second half of his news.

"Rachel there's no easy way to say this, it's…well it's Quinn Fabray, she got early release and as there's no way Carmel would take her back Figgin's agreed to let her attend McKinley…she's due to start this morning."

There was more, but Rachel no longer heard him, she leant heavily on her locker and thought back to the phone call she had received from Jesse's mom on that day, Mrs St James had been so distraught that Rachel hadn't been able to make out a word the woman was saying. She had rushed over to her best friends house only to find it locked up and dark, frowning in confusion she rang Jesse's mom's cell and this time she managed to get it out of her that she was in the hospital, it was the one time that the diva had ignored the speed limits.

When she had reached the hospital Mrs St James had fallen into her arms sobbing and she finally got the facts from Jesse's friend from vocal adrenaline, Jason, that he had been attacked at school, as in seriously beaten and was currently in Theatre where they were re inflating his lung and setting broken bones. Feeling dizzy, she had sat down and held on to Jesse's weeping mother as she waited to hear what the diagnosis was. At Jason's intake of breath and wide eyes she looked up and following his line of sight took in the unexpected view of the girl she assumed must be Jesse's attacker given Jason's reaction.

The girl was the same age as her and tall, taller than her for sure and dressed in a Carmel High cheerleading outfit, she seemed dazed, the white of her sneakers were splashed with blood as was her uniform and her hands were cuffed and in front her so the diva could clearly make out the bloody and bruised digits that she was obviously here to have treated. There were two uniformed officers either side of her and she acquiesced to their commands and took a seat outside a cubicle. Rachel felt her eyes narrow and her hands shake with anger as she took in the girls seemingly casual attitude, she was seconds away from lunging towards her and Jason must have known because he put a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't Rae…just don't she's fucking insane, you didn't see it happen and trust me…she, well she cant be normal, not after what she did to him."

Narrowing her eyes further, the Cheerio glared at the tall blonde in front of her but subsided nonetheless, the Carmel cheerleader seemed completely nonplussed by her actions and just waited to be seen by the doctors, Rachel had glared until the girl was taken for treatment then she went back to comforting Jesse's mom and waiting to hear about his condition…

Shaking herself the diva came back to the present and narrowed her eyes, she was proud of the fact that through her efforts McKinley was officially one of the most tolerant and bully free schools in the state. The admittance of someone as brutal and Thuggish as Quinn Fabray would upset the balance, so it was her responsibility, her duty to make sure that the new student understood the rules from the beginning and she turned to Santana slowly.

It wasn't often that the hot headed Latina felt anything other than a certain grudging respect for the little diva but the cold measured look in the girls brown eyes at that moment actually gave her the creeps. Rachel looked totally alien as she assumed a cold mask and lay a hand on Santana's arm.

"We are going to go outside and wait for this Quinn Fabray to turn up and then we will take her aside for a little talk, your type of talk San."

The Latina's eyes widened at that, the last time she had let loose on someone was when that asshole jock Azimio had had the gall to shove both Kurt and Blaine forcefully into their lockers and send their books flying across the hall. Needless to say after Santana's little talk he had been absent for a couple of days then had transferred to another school. If she 'talked' with Fabray the girl had no other school to transfer to so after a swallow and a hard look she had to double check.

"Rach, are you sure you know what you're asking for? I know Jesse and you have been friends for years but…isn't this a little personally motivated?"

Letting an angry breath out through her nose the diva clenched her jaw and for maybe only the second time in their lives her assembled friends saw the cold glare that the diva was capable of.

"Santana, I am proud of how good this schools reputation is and she could threaten it so yes…I'm sure of what I'm asking you!"

She turned and started to walk away from her stunned friends for a few strides then turned back abruptly and there were tears in her eyes as she faced the two cheerio's again.

"And yes it is personally motivated! She broke several of Jesse's ribs, one of which went into his lung! He's healed but he cant perform anymore, his career was ruined before it started, and at the trial she just…sat there! She never said a word, just plead guilty and waited for the sentencing, Jesse never told me why and I…just…let's do this!"

She stormed off and with a last worried glance at Kurt and Blaine the two Cheerio's ran after their distraught friend, whatever happened senior year was obviously going to prove to be a bit more than just interesting.

Quinn pulled into the car park of the high school and steered the Indian to the bike slots, parking carefully she pulled out the bike lock and secured the treasured vehicle before she pulled off her crash helmet and ran her free hand through her short blonde hair. Luckily it was short enough that she could ruffle it back to it's bed head state, she felt a prickle across her shoulder blades that reminded her way too much of those not so pleasant times in Juvie and she looked up and around, it didn't take long to spy the three cheerleaders in the red and white of the award winning Cheerio's.

Letting out a breath, she couldn't say she was surprised, in fact she seemed to vaguely recognise the shorter of the two brunettes who was stood in the middle of the little trinity but she had no idea from where. What she hadn't expected was to feel a little something in her chest, something she hadn't felt in a long time, and something she sure as Hell wasn't ready for especially not with someone who was looking at her like they wanted to obliterate her very presence. And yet the odd light headed, breathless feeling would not subside. Reaching up she gripped the solid shape of her fathers dented dog tags where they hung underneath the white cotton of her shirt, as usual she felt a brief moment of peace before letting her hand drop. She wasn't doing this for herself, it was for her parents, hefting her messenger bag against her she tucked one hand into the top of her jeans pockets and the other held loosely onto her crash helmet as she headed for the doors. As soon as she reached them she turned to the waiting cheerio's and raised a cool eyebrow before drawling.

"Is there something I can help you with?"

The shorter of the two brunettes looked as if she wanted to lunge forward and she did in fact take several steps but the tall blonde held her back and it was the Latina who answered with a thin smile that Quinn felt sure she thought was tough, smirking she thought back to Angelica, now that was a scary ass Latina! At the smirk Santana scowled.

"You could help by turning around and walking away Fabray."

Sighing slightly Quinn adjusted her stance and easily switched her helmet to her left hand and allowed her right to curl into a loose fist, she knew this was going to happen sooner or later, it was almost a mirror image of how things worked in Juvie and she eyed her opponent from head to toe.

"So…you're the one huh? See this is why I never eat Cheerio's, leaves a bad taste in my mouth"

Santana did not like being eyed up, especially by some thug who had put one of her friends in the hospital, she may not show it but she cared an awful lot about Rachel, scowling darkly she set her hands on her hips. For her part Rachel narrowed her eyes at the comment about Cheerio's, filing it away for later.

"What do you mean by that…the one who is gonna kick your ass and prove to you that a year in Juvie aint noting compared to living in Lima heights Adjacent? cos the answers yeah…I'm the one."

The blonde reached out and gently massaged the Latina's shoulders as she looked thoughtfully at the girl in front of her, she obviously hadn't made her mind up. Quinn shook her head and looked around them noticing the students rushing around with heads lowered as they tried not to notice the confrontation…yep, just like Juvie! Rubbing her hand through her hair Quinn sighed and then looked back at them.

"Right, well I doubt you want to do this here do you?"

The question threw the threesome off their game and they blinked in surprise, the shorter blonde grinned wryly.

"I doubt you wanna get suspended or ya know…sent to Juvie. So how about we cut out the posturing and you give me a time and place so we can get on with this day. I appreciate you have a point to make and I'm not bothered about letting you make it but isn't it better to do it when it's convenient to what I'm sure are your pristine attendance records."

Rachel gasped angrily and stepped forward despite two pairs of arms grasping at her, she went almost toe to toe with Quinn and the blonde slightly widened her hazel eyes as she took in the previously silent girl's look of rage.

"You want us to make an appointment to kick your thuggish ass! Is that how it works now…because it sure as Hell isn't what you offered to Jesse St James is it, he didn't get the luxury of even knowing why you ruined his life!"

Her last three words were yelled but the reaction she had hoped for (either apologetic or nervous, maybe even guilty…finally) wasn't the reaction she got and Rachel found herself to be the one taking several steps back and swallowing nervously as those green eyes flecked with gold narrowed and pinned her. Quinn's voice when it emerged from suddenly tight vocal chords was thick with an anger Rachel had never heard on anyone before.

"If you're a friend of that selfish narcissistic jackass then you're just lucky I don't fucking put you in the hospital too, he got less than he deserved!"

Her jaw dropping the Diva was slowly gathering a head of steam that was about to explode, Brittany, spotting Sue Sylvester walking their way from the direction of the football field pulled Rachel towards her.

"Not now Rach…Sue's coming over, we'll settle this later."

With one last glare the little diva rejoined her friends, after a glance to Santana who looked a little stunned herself, the Latina seemed to mentally shake herself and glaring back at Quinn she growled out.

"Lunchtime under the bleachers Fabray, don't fucking back out of it or I'll make it worse when I DO find you!"

Quinn rolled her eyes at the three and was just about to walk into the school when she saw the familiar form of Sue Sylvester stop in front of her cheerio's and glance at them before turning to regard her, Quinn was hoping against hope that the woman had a lousy memory, sadly Sue's eyebrow raised and she glanced between them all again.

"Well, well what exactly are my clean cut and yet ambitious cheerio's doing talking to a an ex convict and, let's face it, rather mediocre cheerleader like Quinn Fabray?"

The three cheerleaders looked uncomfortable and Santana opened her mouth to reply but Quinn's voice answered the crazy track suited coach first.

"My bad, I asked them where the office was, turns out I was headed that direction anyway, so I'm gonna get on with doing that and you can issue your orders to your troops Coach Sylvester."

Sue narrowed her eyes and watched the retreating back of the girl in front of her for a long moment before turning to the three girls who looked confused at Quinn's bail out of them. They assumed it was because she was trying to lessen the severity of the ass kicking that she was gonna get later, after a moments silence Sue grunted.

"You three need to keep an eye on her, I don't want her leaking secrets to those Carmel rejects about our routines…also I don't trust her. You understand me Berry, you keep that girl in sight at all times!"

Rachel forced herself to nod in agreement then let her friends move her back into the school and towards their homeroom, there was no way she wanted to spend any more time than necessary around the brute that Fabray obviously was. However she also couldn't deny the instant pull she had felt towards the girl, one she thought was driven by her hatred of the blondes former act…but now she wasn't so sure, things weren't turning out how she expected them to. Quinn Fabray was almost polite and resigned to the fact that someone would want to hurt her and apart from the moment Rachel had named Jessie as her friend her eyes hadn't held the ignorant malice she was used to seeing in people like Azimio, instead those distinctive hazel eyes had seemed sad…troubled even and she hadn't expected that at all, now she felt thrown off kilter and unsure of her next move. But she could always delegate Santana and Brittany to follow Quinn, she let a huff out and soon was back into the swing of her lessons, though the blonde was never far from her mind, especially in math and English classes which she was annoyed to find she shared with her. She made a point of ignoring her, and as the teachers were all a little afraid of Sue Sylvester her Cheerio's got to do what they liked.

For her part Quinn stayed out of everyone's way, she didn't make an effort to talk and people seemed afraid to talk to her, she assumed that was because of the three cheerio's making it clear first thing that morning that she was persona non grata. She had gotten her locker assignment and then gone to her homeroom where she was not so pleased to find she was assigned to a seat next to the Latina cheerleader. They had exchanged glares but no words, well, Santana glared but Quinn just shook her head and looked away.

In chemistry she was partnered with a guy named Mike Chan and although he was obviously a jock as evidenced by the letterman, he smiled and introduced himself and seemed un phased by who she was even though he must know. In fact after they easily solved the tasks set them he grinned happily and told her he was glad to have a partner who could work as fast as him so he could perfect his Ace Combat skill's, at which point they both realised they loved games and soon she was on her way to making her first friend at McKinley.

She almost forgot about the less than fantastic start to the day until she realised it was lunch time, sighing she stopped by her locker to drop off her phone, watch and anything else that might get broken in a scuffle then she headed over to the football field and nodding to Mike who was sat in the bleachers with a girl who was obviously his other half she sighed and made her way underneath them where sure enough the three cheerio's were standing awaiting her, Santana raised an eyebrow.

"Wow, you actually showed up Fabray, gotta say I'm impressed, thought you would have wussed out, you know seeing as a face to face confrontation doesn't seem to be your thing?"

Rachel sneered in her direction and Brittany frowned, obviously upset by the negative emotions pinging around between the four girls. Quinn rubbed the back of her neck then unclipped the suspenders from her jeans (which Rachel noticed were decorated with that bizarre Toucan from the Froot Loops cereal) setting them to one side before speaking.

"So are you actually going to arrive at a point anytime soon or is this all just about practicing your banter?"

Scowling Santana glanced to Rachel who hesitated then narrowing her brown eyes she nodded reluctantly, she wasn't an advocate of violence usually but every time she looked at Quinn she saw Jesse beaten and bruised in his hospital bed and she wanted to do…something. Santana smirked happily and moved fast, her fist aimed for the blonde's face, surprisingly Quinn moved even faster and after ducking the blow she swerved her hip and yanking on the Latina's still outstretched arm pulled her it and onto the ground with a thud. She stepped back, she wasn't the one wanting to fight after all and she'd decided to defend herself but not throw a punch in retaliation for risk of being expelled on her first day.

Leaping to her feet Santana was clearly pissed and the other two cheerio's were confused, Quinn had obviously had the Latina at a disadvantage but instead of pushing it she'd moved back and waited for her to regain her feet. After growling angrily the Latina shot forward again, this time her fist clipped Quinn's temple but there wasn't enough power to do any damage, in retaliation Quinn ducked again and winced in sympathy as the cheerio's fist impacted with one of the steel supports of the bleachers. Yelping Santana leapt back and scowled even more angrily, Quinn smirked.

"Have I had enough of a beating yet?"

Brittany's eyes widened knowing how that comment would effect her best friend and she nervously gripped Rachel's forearm as Santana lashed out blindly with both fists and feet. Quinn was annoyingly fast at getting out of the way of the blows and she just kept up the dodging and let the Latina wear herself out. Rachel was scowling angrily not liking the way this was going, and although it went against every notion of fair play that the brunette had ever held dear she found herself waiting until…there! She kicked a foot out and Quinn tumbled over backwards landing with a thump that stunned her, Santana was quick to react and landing beside the ex convict she landed a blow directly to Quinn's mouth, following it up with another in almost exactly the same place, she then stood and kicking the blonde over onto her stomach she landed with her knee in the middle of Quinn's back and twisted her arm up hard.

Despite not wanting to give any of them the satisfaction of crying out, plain old bad luck meant that Santana twisted the arm that had once been dislocated and she yelped with pain. Rachel was surprised that she felt no happiness or satisfaction at the other girls pain, in fact she felt faintly nauseous as she knelt down close to her, Quinn's mouth was pouring blood which was mixing with the dirt, especially because Santana had moved Quinn's head to the side so Rachel could talk to her and was holding it painfully against the dry packed dirt of the floor. Swallowing nervously the diva asked hoarsely.

"Tell me why you did it!"

Quinn was in pain and the last thing she wanted to do was explain things to someone who was obviously a good friend of that murdering asshole, taking a breath in she spat out a mouthful of mud and blood and refused to answer, Rachel almost whispered in her eagerness to finally find out the truth.

"God damn you Quinn Fabray! You aren't in any position to refuse, ANSWER ME!"

Closing her eyes Quinn swallowed and tried to see if she could shift the pissed Latina off of her back somehow, at the sense of movement underneath her Santana yanked the arm that was behind Quinn's back even higher and the blonde turned her bloody face into the dirt so it muffled the scream of pain as she felt the already damaged tendons stretching. Even Rachel flinched and was surprised when she let out a sympathetic sob at Quinn's pain.

"Just tell me, please…he's my best friend and he wont tell me and I just want to know, you were a model student before, so why would you do something so,…so vile to someone as harmless as Jesse?"

Forgetting her own pain Quinn turned her face back to Rachel and scowled so hard her lips split all over again and fresh blood poured out onto the already stained dirt.

"Harmless, did you say he was fucking harmless! You don't know the first fucking thing about that animal, he's a slut that uses women and casts them aside, not caring about the wreckage he makes of their lives!"

At the hate filled words spilling from the ruined mouth of the former cheerleader Rachel swallowed, she had never heard such hate, she knew that Jesse had the tendency to go through women like candy but Quinn didn't strike her as the type to fall for that sort of act and even if she had her reaction was more than disproportionate to the act.

"You beat him into a coma because he dumped you?"

At the incredulous tone and mere suggestion that Quinn would have touched that guy with anything less than a mile long barge pole the hazel eyed girl found herself scowling.

"I wouldn't let him anywhere near me! And you know what? you can kick the crap out of me all you want but I'm not telling you because it isn't my story to tell and I made a promise!…just ask him about Gabrielle Armaro."

With that the last of Quinn's energy left her and she just let her head slump down into the dirt, Rachel frowned and looking at Santana motioned for the Latina to let the blonde go which she did and then leapt upright. As soon as the grip on her arm was gone Quinn rolled onto her back and reached up with her right hand to grip her left shoulder as she turned her face to the side and spat more dirty blood out. Rachel felt sick when she saw the pain on the girls face and found herself swaying slightly, Brittany reached out and held onto her friend carefully so she would stay upright. Santana frowned and massaged her fist as they looked down at the blonde ex convict. Swallowing Rachel found herself reaching into her backpack and she fished out her first aid kit, she couldn't bring herself to hand it to the girl but she dropped it at her feet, and now in a half sitting position Quinn laughed then winced.

"You have to be fucking kidding me!"

Swallowing, Rachel motioned to the other Cheerio's and they started to move away from the bleeding Quinn who just shook her head and eyed the first aid kit with a mix of amusement and scorn, just before she left Rachel turned back and spoke softly.

"Use the first aid kit, you could get an infection in your lip otherwise. I might be Jesse's friend but I'm not like you, I wont refuse to aid you or walk away without offering an explanation, at least you know why you're being attacked…and for the record, Froot Loops are full of nasty chemicals and therefore much worse than Cheerio's."

Quinn snorted and levered herself to an upright position so she could hang onto the steel support above her and stand.

"No, I at least fight my own battles instead of using a thug. I got your warning Cheerio so what say we just stay the fuck away from each other from now on okay?"

Without another word the three cheerleaders left, once she knew they were out of earshot she let out a pained gasp and reluctantly picked up the first aid kit heading over to the bathrooms, she heard a surprised yell of her name and then pounding feet. Half expecting another attack she tensed but was surprised when Mike came skidding to a stop next to her.

"Goddamn Q you look like shit, what happened?"

Attempting a smile and shrug she ended up just hissing in pain and she mumbled.

"Turns out Jesse has some friends here and they aren't too pleased to see me, maybe you shouldn't befriend me Mike, last thing I want is you catching flack for hanging round me!"

The jock snorted and rolled his eyes as he helped her through to the locker rooms and into the medical room where there was a much better supply of equipment, once she was sat down Mike resumed speaking as he passed her some water to swill and spit.

"I have never let anyone tell me who to be friends with and I don't intend to start now, I knew you by reputation before it all kicked off and as far as I'm concerned there are two sides to every story, no one ever got yours and it's no ones business. I take people as I see them and I like you, besides I need a decent wingman for the co op missions"

Smiling despite herself Quinn shook her head and finished rinsing her mouth out as she dabbed her healing lip dry, taking out some medical sealant from the first aid cupboard he approached Quinn and winced sympathetically.

"This is going to hurt okay, but it will stop it from splitting again at least, feel free to turn the air blue, I always do."

As soon as he finished applying it the blonde did just that and Mike smiled slightly as he waited for it to dry, once it was he handed over an ice pack which she pressed gratefully to her face and he draped another over her left shoulder without comment, she raised a questioning eyebrow.

"I felt the heat coming off of it, I know a screwed shoulder when I see one Q, do you want some painkillers or something I think I might have some Percocet left from my busted knee."

Reaching out the ex cheerleader caught hold of the edge of Mike's T shirt and she stopped him, when he looked back at her she spoke quietly.

"Thanks, ya know for being there and for not…asking me about it."

He broke into a bright smile and shoved his hands in his pockets almost shyly.

"No problem, like I said I like you and you're a fellow gamer and we totally need to stick together…now wait there and I'll go grab you a top, your shirt looks kind of like a butchers apron right now."

Quinn glanced down and frowned all of a sudden then grimaced.

"You're right, bin for that I think…not even my mom's magic with washing techniques can shift that."

After a few moments Mike reappeared with a McKinley athletic department hoody and handed it over.

"It's one of mine so don't worry about being accused of stealing it or anything, just give it back when you're finished with it…what the hell are you going to say about your busted lip though?"

Quinn shrugged and then sighed slightly before running her hand through her hair to fix it as she ripped the ruined shirt off and replaced it with the hoody, before she could cover it though, she knew from the low hiss that Mike had noticed the four inch long scar on her forearm, she knew he wouldn't mention it because he wasn't that type of guy but oddly that was the very reason she offered him a sort of explanation.

"Yeah, long blonde haired cheerleaders are popular in Juvie…it took a while for the message to get across that I refused to be anyone's property."

He shook his head slightly and patted her good shoulder comfortingly before walking with her back towards the lockers, there was only five minutes until the end of lunch so she decided to skip eating and have something during her free period which was after chemistry. Thanking Mike again she headed to her next class trying not to smile bitterly as people noticed her bruised and swollen mouth.

The rest of the day went by fairly quickly for Quinn, she had chemistry, a free period during which she settled down in the library with a thick book on engineering and taking discreet bites of her lunch. After that it was English which she was way ahead in anyway, then it came time to leave. Thankfully she grabbed her crash helmet and slinging her messenger bag on she walked out ignoring the pointed glances of the three cheerio's who were on their way to the gym. Without a backward glance she went to her bike the only thing on her mind was getting out of McKinley.

Rachel glanced after the ex cheerleader and she was annoyed with herself to feel a stab of guilt when she took in the developing bruise on the girls lip. Swallowing the guilt down she turned to Santana and Brittany and said three words that shocked the other two girls to the extent they had to lean on each other.

"I'm skipping practice!"

Santana stroked a hand through the distraught Brittany's hair and turned to her Captain.

"What the Hell Berry, coach will pitch a fit if you ditch on her, what am I supposed to tell her when she asks where her head cheerio is?"

Rachel sighed and just shook her head feeling flustered.

"Tell her I'm following Fabray, she'll buy that…I have to find out what she meant, I have to find the girl she mentioned and come to the final answer about what the Hell happened that day!"

Santana took Rachel by the elbow and leant in closer to her speaking in a low but definitely harsh tone.

"Listen to me Rachel, she just said that shit because she was getting her ass handed to her, it doesn't mean anything!"

Rachel pulled her arm out of her friends grasp and crossing her arm she fixed a glare on her.

"Santana, she didn't act like a bully, the whole time you were going after her she didn't once hit back at you, the only reason you managed to get hold of her was because I played dirty and tripped her!"

Ignoring the flush of embarrassment on the Latina's face at having that pointed out to her, Rachel carried on, determined to make her point.

"We put an end to bullying in this school and you as well as I know that bullies crumble, they cry, they shout threats and they bluster but they don't just take it…she let you hit her Santana, the only time she looked angry was when I mentioned Jesse…I just think that if he wont tell me what happened and she wont…then that girl is the only way of finding out that I have left to me."

Throwing her hands up in exasperation Santana cursed again before grudgingly asking.

"Why is it so important for you to know anyway? It wont change anything, what's done is done, you cant bring back Jesse's voice anymore than you can make Fabray less of a thug!"

Rachel's patience snapped at that.

"Why? How about the fact that unlike you violence doesn't come easily to me and I feel bad for tripping Fabray and letting you beat up on her! How about if I want to find out if I was right to do so or if I just did something I wont ever forgive myself for! I was angry when I heard she was coming here and lord alone knows but I may still be angry if I find out the reason she hurt Jesse was pure self interest…but I have to know for certain! No one ever knew why she did what she did to him, the whole thing has been surrounded in mystery since it happened and I'm sick of it. I wont ruin her life if there's no good reason to do so!"

Santana blinked in mild shock at the tirade of words that just flew from Rachel's mouth, the diva was breathless and flushed and on the edge of tears by the time she finished and the Latina realised belatedly, just how important this was to her friend. Taking a deep breath to calm down she reached out and lay a hand on the smaller girls forearm.

"Okay, go do what you need to do, I'll cover for you okay? Just…let me know what you do find out?"

Blinking back tears of thanks the little diva hugged first Santana then Brittany before running off, turning to her girlfriend Santana shook her head.

"Why do I get the feeling this wont end well? I mean sure Fabray didn't act like any other bully but…does that really mean anything?"

At first the blonde dancer thought the question was rhetorical but as she took in the confusion in Santana's brown eyes she reached out and touched a palm to her cheek gently.

"I think…that there is more to this story than anyone knows, Quinn has those type of eyes. The type that have a lot of hurt and more knowledge in them than they should, she's different San, I don't know how, I just feel it…and I'm not sure how Rachel will cope with whatever news she finds out."

Sighing slightly Santana slid an arm round Brit's waist and they made their way out of the hallway towards the gym and their no doubt punishing training session, both of them thinking about the situation which seemed to inextricably bind Rachel, Jesse and Quinn together.

When the bell to end the horrendous day finally went off Quinn couldn't have been happier and she decided to take the longer way to work than normal, riding helped to clear her head and after the day she just had, she definitely needed to clear her head. Having a part time job to 'keep her out of trouble' was also part of the terms of her early release, luckily one of her fathers buddies worked on the private airstrip just outside Lima that all the flying schools used and he had secured her a job to help out in the hangars and some of the maintenance jobs on the actual planes. She took half the money she would have been given for the job because one of the schools had agreed to give her lessons on Sunday mornings in exchange for her help.

She actually hoped that Steve wasn't there when she got there today, she knew he would notice her fat lip and that she was moving her shoulder awkwardly again, and unlike her mother he wouldn't hold back on pressing for information about what had happened. If he thought she'd been fighting again he would go ballistic, while her mom supplied the warmth and guidance Steve had very much stepped in with the discipline to keep her on the straight and narrow, he took the job seriously as he had been so close to her dad and he knew that Quinn could get very headstrong sometimes.

Parking the bike she nodded to several of the other ground crew while she slipped into her oil stained coveralls and a faded baseball cap to keep her hair out of her face while she worked. To her immense relief Steve was across the runway working on a particularly difficult Piper Cub that had decided to stall on every other flight. She turned the speaker dock up high and slid in a CD of the Mama's & Papa's it was one of the CD's her parents had listened to a lot and she knew the tracks word for word after years of listening to it on various family trips and holiday's.

She was busily washing down an old Chipmunk when she heard Steve's distinctive voice heading into the hangar, sighing internally she wiped her hands on her coverall's leg's and forced a small smile and nod in his direction, making sure to keep the brim of her hat low enough that the shadow from it would hopefully mask the split lip. For a while she was convinced she had gotten away with it, as after acknowledging her he carried on into the office and started filling out his timesheets and organising the parts he needed to order for the damaged Cub across the way. After an hour however he poked his head out of the little office near the top of the hangar and called down.

"Fabray, get your ass up here!"

Grimacing Quinn nonetheless set her sponge back down and taking the cleaning items to one side she rolled up her baseball cap and stuck it in the leg pocket of the coveralls before running her hands through her hair and heading up to the small office. Seeing him immersed in paperwork again she hoped for the best and knocked on the door frame. He motioned her in and to the seat opposite him before finishing up what he was typing, he eventually looked up and sat back in his chair, eyes mild as he folded his hands on his belly.

"You want to tell me what happened, or do I need to go and talk to the principal?"

Blanching, the blonde sighed again and wondered why one look from her de facto father could make her feel about six years old again.

"No…it wasn't me, I did what you said and I kept my head down and tried not to attract any attention but, it turns out that Jesse kid's best friend goes to McKinley."

Steve sighed this time and ran one of his thick hands through his hair which still retained it's buzz cut despite the fact he had left the forces over five years ago. He took a long look at his best friends kid and worried, Quinn was a smart kid, a good kid who'd made a really dumb, impulsive decision. He was doing his best to help her back on her feet because he knew what she wanted and he knew he could help her get there, if she overcame certain obstacles.

"Does your mom know you're working tonight? You're doing extra hours and if I find out you're ditching schoolwork to play out here around planes I'll have you tagged and slap a curfew on you, you hear me Spitfire?"

She smiled ever so slightly at his referencing the name all her fathers squadron had given her, there was a long tradition of call signs among pilots and eight year old Quinn Fabray had earned hers when she let loose at another pilot at one of the family BBQ's, she had no idea at the time that he and her father always joked around and thought his comment (which she couldn't even remember now) was serious, after her dad had explained things to her the guy in question had just laughed and announced that Fabray's kid had already earned her call sign. Ever since then they all called her that…unless she was in the shit. She looked up and nodded at him.

"Yes Sir, I texted her to let her know I was picking up an extra shift, after today I just wanted to…unwind and being around planes relaxes me, you know that."

He raised an eyebrow knowing there was more to it than that and after the appropriate amount of nervous fidgeting and Steve's unrelenting glare she let out her breath and sagged in her chair.

"And I didn't want to let her see my face, she'd be so disappointed and I don't want to see that look in her eyes again. And I'm being gods honest here when I tell you that I really did try to avoid it! In fact I was defending myself and the other girl wasn't landing a punch…until I got tripped and from that point I had to take it or fight back, and I promised I wouldn't fight."

Staying silent Steve reached into the little cooler by his desk and passed across a can of Mug Root Beer and a package of peanut butter cups, the blonde smiled and accepted them gratefully waiting for him to speak again, after he had taken several sips of his Pepsi he did so.

"I didn't want you to fight no, but you also shouldn't have to lie back and take a kicking…Spitfire, is it going to be an issue for you at that school, and be honest with me."

Sighing Quinn was inclined to agree just so she could walk away from it, it would mean home study which sucked but…she remembered the look on the head Cheerio's face, the way she'd left the first aid kit for her and she suddenly wasn't so sure. On the one hand the fact she got a beating when she hadn't done anything riled her, but…it's not like Rachel would have been expecting the person who attacked her best friend to walk into the school and she was only too familiar with the concept of letting your temper get away from you. Finishing the mouthful of candy she swallowed and shook her head with a small frown.

"I don't think so…she didn't seem, well I mean…it's difficult to judge, she ordered me to be attacked yeah, but then she…almost seemed sorry for it. She even gave me a first aid kit and she didn't know what he'd done or that I'd be there, in her school so maybe it was just a knee jerk reaction."

Steve watched her carefully and eventually gave a small smile.

"Okay but if it gets worse you tell me, you may be sworn off fighting but it doesn't mean you have to become someone's punching bag either, just take it easy Spitfire, and go home and see your mom she worries about you."

Nodding in agreement Quinn gathered her trash together from her snacks and was halfway out the door when his voice stopped her, unusually soft.

"Maybe you should think about telling that girl the truth, you need to tell someone and lord knows it hasn't been your mom or even your defence lawyer. Whatever the reason kiddo you need to face it and then let it go."

Swallowing hard Quinn managed a brief nod before dropping her trash in the bin next to the door and hurrying out of the office to change and get the Hell out of there. She knew he cared about her, if it hadn't been for Steve and her mom she would have gotten a much harsher sentence but she couldn't tell them, she couldn't admit what she'd let happen. Scowling at her own inability to stop things she rammed her crash helmet on and managed to reach a hundred as she roared down the side of the runway towards the road, she knew she'd catch hell for it from Steve the next time she saw him but right at that moment she couldn't care less.

When she got home her mother was out at one of her teaching seminars and so she picked up the note her mom left her and smiled as she warmed the macaroni cheese and chicken (one of her favourites) as she was headed out of the kitchen her plate and a glass of milk balanced in her hands she saw the other note on the message board and groaned in realisation.

Don't forget what tomorrow is pumpkin, I'll ring the school and tell them you're checking in with the court for the day, sleep in and I'll see you for dinner xx

Just what she needed on top of everything else, a reminder that she really wasn't like most other girls and she kicked the door closed with a little more vigour than was actually warranted. Yet another time she missed her dad, at least he had been helping her learn how to deal with 'it' and she smiled bitterly as she realised she was probably one of the only girls in the world who actually wished she had periods, normal ones that is instead of growing something that really shouldn't be there.

She was only glad that both her parents treated it as normally as they could and that her dad had been so patient and clinical about the whole thing, it was the one thing that helped her get through it when it had first happened. She could still hear his explanation now and she smiled genuinely for a moment as she moved into her room setting her dinner on the desk. think of it like this Spitfire, a period is the body's way of preparing then clearing the womb for conception, you just grow something that deals with conception from the other angle, it's normal in an abnormal way! she'd wanted to roll her eyes at that but when she'd seen his pleased grin she smiled and hugged him instead…but it still sucked. Lord knows if those Cheerio's ever got wind of her little genetic quirk her life at McKinley was guaranteed to be over, the tall blonde might not ruin her and she still wasn't sure about the cute, whoa! Not cute just…different…little brunette, but the Latina definitely would. Sighing she settled down at her desk and having already finished her homework she delved back into the book on engineering as she ate and tried to forget about school and her own somewhat askew biology.

Across town Rachel was also sequestered in her room, her window closed, phone turned off, do not disturb sign on the door and noise cancelling ear defenders over her ears. Normally she only did this when she was writing song's or studying for an important test but this was…more important in a way and she turned back to her laptop screen. So far she had pulled up anything she could find in the local newspaper archives about the attack on Jesse, at the time it had garnered quite a bit of interest because it wasn't often a clean cut cheerleader let loose and beat up on one of the towns golden boys. Setting her familiar rage aside as she read over the transcripts of the attack and the extent of the damage, she scoured the articles for any information on motive but so far there was nothing.

She had learnt that earlier in that year Quinn had lost her father when he was killed in action overseas and that caused the little lump in her chest that had taken root under the bleachers to twinge uncomfortably and she shifted for a long moment. Apart from that there was very little information about the girl, exemplary student, gifted in the sciences and maths, aside from cheerleading she was also a track star and part of the school band, activities that never normally mixed. But as to motive or reason for the attack she could find nothing, setting the results of that search to one side she decided to go after the name Quinn had spat out earlier.

Gabrielle Armaro, she typed in the name and waited patiently, she was pleasantly surprised when she got a match, even more so when she learnt the girl was a student at Carmel and one of Quinn's fellow cheerleaders, heading to the schools website she frowned when the name only brought up pictures and articles from just over a year ago and then there was nothing. Not that a simple thing like that was going to stand in the way of Rachel Barbra Berry! She turned away from the desk and ran downstairs to route through the phone book, there were only six Armaro's in Lima so it shouldn't take long to find the one she wanted. She got one wrong number, one disconnect, three negative responses and she left a message on the last one's answering machine.

Sighing the brunette decided that was as much as she was going to find out tonight and so she went back to her homework, she knew she would catch heat for skipping cheerio's practice but this was more important. Ever since Jesse had been attacked he had withdrawn slightly and while that was understandable in some ways it was also far from what she had expected. Jesse was by nature a showman and even if he couldn't perform he wasn't one to shy away from the limelight but despite numerous attempts by local papers and TV to interview the 'brave young man on his road to recovery' he had refused all of them. He had also ducked a lot of her calls and visits and the last she heard he was planning to stay in L.A where he had gone to attend college.

She briefly debated calling him but knew he would most likely not tell her anything else than he already had which was nothing. From Quinn's words earlier she would have presumed that given Jesse's flamboyant and womanising ways that he had strung her along then dumped her but…there was no way that she could ever envisage someone like Quinn being with someone like Jesse, in fact she got more of a gay vibe from the blonde ex convict than she did around Kurt and Blaine! Normally she would just ask as McKinley was an open school, however, given how the two of them had started out she doubted that asking was an option, not that she wanted to…of course she didn't!

Though she couldn't deny how those damn hazel eyes drew her in every time they swept their gaze past her face, but not in an attraction sense because she wasn't that way inclined…she had Finn after all and although he had his, um issues, when it came to intimacy they were meant to be together, him the quarterback and her, the head cheerleader it was almost part of high school law that they end up together. True she despaired that the football player would ever make up his mind over which college he intended to apply to and she half feared the day he asked her to stay here with him instead of pursuing her dreams in attending NYADA and then blazing a trail through Broadway. She loved him and it felt comfortable but past high school she just didn't know, especially when he didn't exactly get her excited in the least.

Sighing she became annoyed when those green eyes flecked with gold kept intruding into her thoughts, she hated the fact she couldn't shake that final look out of her mind, the ex convict had looked a mix of resigned and upset by what had happened to her but even so she hadn't fought back. After what had been done to Jesse she knew that without a doubt the blonde could have done serious damage but instead she had only defended herself from Santana's blow but refused to throw any of her own and even when the Latina was down and out Quinn hadn't pressed her advantage and that didn't mesh with the idea the diva had in her brain of the cold blooded thug. It didn't make sense and if there was one thing she found irresistible it was a puzzle. Shaking off the image of the tall athlete she tried to concentrate on her math problems but after a while gave up. She was confused, frustrated and…a little worked up in a different way…so she texted Finn, once she explained that her fathers were out he agreed to be there in five minutes. Quickly changing into scandalously short shorts and a thin white tank top she waited for the doorbell to ring and ran downstairs to let him in. it was thinking of Finn that had gotten her worked up, that was all, Finn her boyfriend the quarterback, not the irritating and dramatic Quinn Fabray with the haunting eyes and slender yet subtly muscled body…shit! She shook her head and masking her confused scowl with a sultry smile she ripped open the door to reveal the lumbering footballer with the lopsided dopey grin.

"Hey Rach, sorry I missed you at school today but Brit said you had something going down, I'm here now though!"

Rachel tried to maintain the state of arousal that she had felt minutes earlier but his dopey grin seemed less cute and more of a leer right at that moment, unperturbed however she showed him in and they went straight up to her room.

"So, did you have a good day Finn, I trust you handed in all your assignments on time and had a good tryout for the basketball team?"

He shrugged and settled himself on the bed reaching a hand out to pull her on top of him, obviously he wasn't here for talk then, though to be fair she hadn't called him over for talk and she willingly lay over him and they started to make out. His kisses had always been a little sloppy but she could overlook that, and she took one of his large hands and directed it to her breast which he squeezed none too gently and moaned into their kiss. She moved her legs so she was astride one of his and lowered herself to create pressure against the part of her that felt over heated. As her centre met his muscled thigh she let out a staggered breath, maybe it would be okay this time. Reaching down she rubbed him through his jeans feeling how his cock was already straining against the denim, she gave a light squeeze and was halfway through stroking the hard length when she felt it happen, he shuddered under her and she felt the warmth under the denim and knew he'd jizzed himself again, after less than five fucking minutes! She pulled back as he let his hand drop from her breast and he smiled dopily at her already looking sleepy.

"Thanks Rach that was awesome, I'm glad you called me over I've missed doing that with you."

He reached up and drew her into another sloppy kiss before sliding from the bed and reaching for his jacket. She looked at him incredulously and sputtered a few times as he obliviously went into her bathroom to clean himself up.

"Finn Hudson are you telling me you're going home…now?!"

He came back out of the bathroom and finished wiping his hands before casting the crumpled towel to one side. He looked confused and shrugged his broad shoulders.

"Well…yeah I have practice early tomorrow morning babe you know that?"

Tamping her temper down the diva took in the rumpled bed, damp towel and stupid smile on his face and let out a long breath, she reminded herself that it wasn't his fault, he was just very sensitive and hormonal. Forcing a smile she nodded.

"Of course, well maybe you could let yourself out though, I'm sort of tired."

He chuckled at her and puffed his chest out, she almost rolled her eyes at his belief that the reason she was tired was because he had rocked her world, a fact only compounded when he shot her what was meant to be a sexy wink.

"No problem babe, see you at school tomorrow."

He disappeared down the stairs whistling to himself, once she was sure he had left the house she waited for the sound of his beat up dodge to pull away and the noise to fade then she rolled onto her stomach and screamed into the pillow. Scowling she rolled back over and blindly opened her night stand drawer, after a moment she pulled her rabbit out and checking the batteries she sighed in resignation and wondered if she was the only girl in Lima who had a supposed studly jock of a boyfriend and yet had to result to pleasing herself with a vibrator…Every. Single. Time!

The next morning Rachel had almost managed to forget her disappointments from last night, firstly with her search for the mysterious Gabrielle and then the damp squib that was Finn. However. when her cell phone rang with an unidentified number she frowned and answered it cautiously.

"Hi, we ah received a message last night from this number asking about our daughter?"

Rachel's heart beat suddenly faster in excitement as she remembered her search and she scrambled for her pen and some paper as she remembered her cover story.

"Yes that's right my name is Rachel…Cherry and I'm ah doing a paper for college on the lives of fairly different social groups within high school and someone suggested your daughter would be a good person to talk to in regards to how the cheerleaders are viewed by the other groups within high school?"

Mentally she crossed her fingers and frowned slightly when she heard the unsteady breath on the other end of the phone, there was the clearing of a throat and the voice continued.

"I'm sorry to say that wont be possible, I'm afraid our daughter isn't with us anymore…she lives up at the Twin Peaks facility so you will have to find someone else to help you with your article."

Before Rachel could respond the phone was hung up and she blew out a long breath and swallowed. Twin Peaks was a mental health facility, what the Hell had happened between Jesse and this girl? Rather than be put off by this she actually felt more and more determined to get to the bottom of things and when Santana and Brittany pulled up outside to take her to school she ran out still in her sleep wear and motioned for them to come upstairs before heading back inside. She waited impatiently and once Santana walked in her face stormy and mouth open ready to argue Rachel just held up a hand and stopped her.

"Santana I need you to get me Fabray's address!"

The Latina looked at her wild eyed friend and then her girlfriend before rubbing both hands down her face.

"Firstly…what, and secondly…actually no there is no second just a big fat fucking what!"

Sighing the diva turned round in her desk chair and pushed her laptop towards her friend.

"I know you can get into the school database and I need her address, I'm so close to finding out exactly what happened and I wont stop now. But I need to talk Fabray again and to do that I need your help so please find me her address!"

Throwing her hands up in surrender the Latina muttered in a mix of Spanish and English curse words as she started typing out a bunch of commands that Rachel couldn't even begin to understand. After a few minutes she turned the screen back to Rachel who scribbled the address down before grinning and snapping the laptop lid down.

"Thank you, you should go or you'll be late for practice."

This time Santana wasn't budging until she got an explanation and she planted herself directly in front of Rachel trapping her in the desk chair. Propping her hands on her hips and scowling she began to speak rapidly.

"Okay this is enough crazy Berry! You need to tell us what the Hell is going on here? Yesterday you wanted me to pound Fabray into the dirt and then you go all…Sherlock Holmes to solve a case that really isn't a case! What the Hell is up with you?"

Rubbing her forehead in confusion the little diva sighed and wondered how to explain something that she didn't even understand herself. The urge to solve the motive behind the attack wasn't new but the urge to get to know the person who had actually done it was something completely different. But what she had seen yesterday just didn't fit with the image she had spent over a year nursing, sighing again she sat back in her seat and chewed on her lip before replying.

"I just want to know the truth guys, and I think that there's more to this story than anyone apart from Quinn knows. I looked up the name of the girl she mentioned and she's in a mental health facility now, and somehow her being in there is connected to why Quinn attacked Jesse and why he's determined never to come back to Lima…I need to know!"

The Latina looked at her thoughtfully for a second and had to admit to a certain amount of curiosity on her own part as well. When they had confronted the ex convict yesterday even she had been surprised by the lack of attitude and fight the girl had. Not to mention that if she had done a year in Juvie the last thing she would want to do would be go back to high school when there were other ways of getting a high school diploma. She took a step back and after blowing a breath out nodded reluctantly.

"Do you want us to come with you?"

Rachel furrowed her brow as she considered it but eventually she shook her head reluctantly and explained.

"No, I mean I need you to go to cover for me but also I think if we all show up again in a group she's going to think that we're wanting another fight."

Nodding in agreement the two cheerio's finally agreed to cover for her with Sue and the principal so long as she agreed to text them with regular updates. Once they left Rachel dressed quickly in her usual casual attire of a skirt and sweater vest over a shirt before checking the time. If she moved quickly she would get to Fabray's before she left for school, she was hoping that if she could catch her then they could maybe walk together and talk at the same time. Grabbing up what she had collected information wise so far she tucked it into her Cheerio's bag and set out on mission 'Truth'.

Quinn who was oblivious to Rachel's plans for that day was lying in bed tiredly and waiting for the painkillers to take effect. The cramping in her lower abdomen and groin was intensely burning that day and although 'it' had finished making it's appearance a few moments ago it would be another half an hour before the pain receded totally, at which point she would finally be able to get some decent sleep! Her mom had popped up when she got home and placed a pack of Advil on the side along with a bottle of water, she'd kissed her on the forehead and headed quietly to bed. Quinn had been feigning sleep at the time, she was too nervous about seeing her mom's reaction to the damage to her lip so she had pretended to sleep even though for the first time since she had been 'initiated' into life in Juvie she really wanted her mom to just hold her.

Briefly she flirted with the idea of going downstairs to get something to eat as she was still hungry but with the Advil taking effect she was in that pleasant floaty half asleep half awake state and the agonising burn of the change was becoming nothing but a memory. Which is why when the doorbell went just moments later she swore out loud at being jerked back from the edge of sleep, rubbing her eyes she checked the clock on her nightstand. 7.10 definitely too early for anyone important and it's not like she knew anyone at McKinley well enough yet to expect any of them to turn up, even Mike. She decided to ignore it and settled back down, this lasted all of five seconds before the bell rang again…then again followed by persistent knocking. Scowling angrily the blonde sat up and slid out of bed reaching for her sweatpants, she slid them on and stomped downstairs trying to adjust herself adequately, if she had bothered to look through the peephole she quite possibly would have ignored it and gone back to bed, instead she ripped the door open and then did a double take as she took in the form of the head Cheerio on her doorstep, she wasn't quite sure how long she stood there in the doorway in shock but it must have been a while because her guest was growing irate.

"I know it's rude of me to just show up but I believe it's common courtesy to invite your guests inside?"

Sarcasm overpowered the mix of shock and disbelief she had been in and half bowing she gestured for the Cheerio to come in.

"By all means come in HC, you want me to alert the butler to lay out the fine china and the best silver for afternoon tea later?"

Huffing Rachel waited for Quinn to lead her through and into what turned out to be the kitchen, the house wasn't what she had expected at all. It was modern, well kept but lived in, a proper family home in other words and she helped herself to a seat at the table when it became apparent the blonde wasn't going to offer her one. For her part Quinn decided as she was up she may as well eat and rummaged in the cupboard for her beloved Froot Loops, Rachel pulled a face as she took in the brightly coloured box and couldn't help murmuring.

"You do realise that you're consuming more chemicals and additives than cereal and milk when you eat those don't you?"

Pausing with her hand half on the bright red box, Quinn spared a half hearted glare for the brunette cheerleader and muttered back.

"I believe you may have already mentioned that yeah…and they still taste better than cheerio's."

Yanking out the box she dug out a serving bowl and filled it with what looked like half the box before adding milk. She tried her best not to smirk as she took in her unexpected guests look of disgust, after a moments pause she grabbed a carton of orange juice out of the fridge and passed it across the table to Rachel along with a glass. She started eating while she waited for the diva to talk, after half an hour, when it became apparent that Rachel was in no rush to do so Quinn sighed and sat back.

"Why are you here, isn't it against your morals to be alone with a thug without your red and white mafia?"

Swallowing slightly at the pointed remark Rachel toyed with her glass and thought how best to word what she wanted to say.

"I looked into that girl you mentioned…Gabrielle."

Quinn froze for a moment and then looked back down at the remainder of her cereal and although she had lost her appetite, eating it gave her something other than Rachel and her own memories to concentrate on. Rachel sighed internally and decided to forge on as she watched the blonde across from her chew on the last few mouthfuls of the cereal.

"What happened to her, why is she in Twin Peaks."

At that the blonde looked up and finishing her mouthful she narrowed her eyes.

"You better not have been up there or I swear that I will break your freaking nose Cheerio! don't go up there, the last thing she needs is one of that douche bag's friends turning up to stir everything up again."

Rachel found her spine stiffening at the tone in Quinn's voice, she was the head Cheerio, no one spoke to her like that!

"I haven't gone up there no…at least not yet, but I will if you don't tell me what happened! don't you think this whole incident has been shrouded in mystery long enough…don't you want to tell someone?"

The diva was surprised to hear the gentle tone in her own voice as she said the last six words and she realised with a sudden clarity that as much as she, Jesse and apparently this Gabrielle were hurt by the incident…so was Quinn. She watched as the emotions warred on the girls face and eventually she sat back.

"Why does it matter so much to you, I hurt your friend and I went away for it…surely that's as far as your concern goes, God knows you were happy enough yesterday to have me taken care of and then forgotten about so what changed."

It was less of a question and more of a demand for answers and Rachel was suddenly nervous as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and then chewed her lip for a while.

"You…aren't what I expected, I acted rashly and for that I apologise. I just got so mad when I saw you and…anyway I'm sorry and now I just want to know why you did it Quinn, I looked into your past and you weren't violent, in fact you're a bit of a hidden geek, but not the sort to do something like that and so I wondered."

Quinn stifled a yawn wincing at the pain in her lip and feeling a surge of pleasure at the cheerleaders uncomfortable look…but it only lasted a minute as she remembered how she had also lost her temper and exactly what it had led to. Sighing she stood up and put her bowl in the sink before blinking away the effects of lack of sleep and the painkillers.

"Look, Rachel, you don't know what you're asking me, if Jesse is as good a friend as you seem to think then maybe you should just keep that in your head okay. If he wanted to tell you the truth then fine but my side of it might seem a little…well, not like the guy you know."

Not exactly eloquent but she was tired and that wonderful feeling of warm lassitude was drifting over her…eyes widening she suddenly remembered what that normally meant and so she moved closer to the kitchen counter and leant on it just in case her little co pilot decided to salute. She noticed Rachel's frown and despite the heated blush she shrugged.

"I didn't sleep well last night, sorry…I guess it's catching up with me."

The diva eyed the flushing girl and raised an eyebrow but she didn't want to leave without finding out what was going on, not after all the work she put into it.

"I'm not going until you explain what happened! I was up all night finding this stuff out and now I'm skipping school which apparently you are as well. So how about you tell me or I'll ring Sue Sylvester and tell her you're home sleeping instead of at school, I'm sure your parole officer or whatever it is you have would love to know as well!"

Quinn's eyes widened, although she didn't have anything even remotely like a parole officer she knew that any negative reports would get back to Steve and as much as the guy liked her he didn't know about the family secret and she really didn't want to have to tell him, rubbing the back of her neck she considered if it was a bluff and then when Rachel reached into her purse pointedly taking out her cell phone the blonde moved hurriedly from behind the counter and held her hands up.

"Jesus, okay fine! Just…Christ, you do know blackmail is pretty low right?"

Smiling happily Rachel slipped her phone back into her purse and shrugged, after all if it meant she got what she came for then she didn't really care. Well okay she did but in pushing to get to the truth she was hoping it would help Quinn to heal as well. She opened her mouth to say as much when she noticed a slight bulge in the crotch of the blondes sweatpants and her eyes widened. Oblivious of the direction of the diva's gaze, Quinn just scowled and shrugged.

"Well, ask me what you want to know then!"

Chewing on her lower lip and unable to shift her gaze Rachel felt uncomfortably hot and cleared her throat. She realised that a part of her had already taken in the firmly muscled and well delineated form and now she realised there was something else to the blonde…and she couldn't help but ask in a distracted voice.

"Well firstly I'd like to know why you have…something down the front of your pants that most girls most certainly don't!"

Frowning for a moment in confusion Quinn followed Rachel's gaze and swearing she placed both hands in front of herself and glared.

"Just…ask me about the other thing, you wanted to know about that, it's why you came here so…let's talk about that."

Rachel was torn, of course she wanted to know finally but…now there was another puzzle, she doubted it was a fake one as it hadn't been fully erect and a phallus would be, damn she really needed to stop thinking about that tent in the ex convicts sweatpants, except she couldn't.

"We will talk about that, of course we will but right now I need to know about that!"

Standing up she walked closer to the flustered blonde who was caught between panic and anger. The head cheerleaders attitude was confusing the hell out of her and she bit her upper lip nervously before swallowing and trying to take a step back as the cheerleader moved closer.

"Seriously, back the fuck off Cheerio! I will hurt you if y…you get any closer. This was…wasn't what you came here for right so lets j…just skip to why you did before I lose my temper."

She cursed herself as her voice sounded far from threatening and the fact Rachel just raised an eyebrow at her and leaned in closer trapping her against the counter didn't exactly help.

"Like I said, you will tell me about that but considering that I can make or break reputations at McKinley perhaps you might consider at least being more, polite Quinn Fabray, after all finishing high school is obviously important to you so why don't we talk."

As she finished talking she couldn't help herself and although it was totally against her character, all those months of unfulfilled fumbles with Finn made her brave as well as curious and she reached out and felt for what she thought she had seen…all she could do was raise an impressed eyebrow. Quinn was looking at the ceiling and wondered when exactly she had lost control of the situation, when she felt the cheerleaders small hand cup her she bit down on a groan and flexed her jaw.

"Fine…you have your proof okay, I'm a freak and now you know so if you're going to do something about it and out me to the entire school then do it, but you better be quick cos it isn't there all the time and you're the one that could end up looking like a fucking idiot not me!"

She spat the words out bitterly, she knew people like Rachel…well she thought she did but then it looked like she might have been wrong, and now…she was so confused.

"You really should watch the language, someone with your I.Q is above resorting to…profanities."

As she said the last word she swore her hand acted on it's own accord as she stroked along the length under the grey cotton, she swallowed at the size of what she held in her hand and looked up at Hazel eyes which were half closed and full of confusion. Rachel swore mentally, she was meant to be here to try and find the truth and to…maybe work out if she had gotten off on the wrong foot with the blonde but she hadn't banked on being distracted.

"I…wouldn't really blackmail someone for being different Quinn, it goes against everything I stand for, I actually came here for the opposite reason. I wanted to get to know you, find out why you did something so out of character but…this is very distracting."

At the shy and soft tones coming from the brunette Quinn had to admit that she sounded genuine, attempting to try and find an out she swallowed on a dry throat and murmured.

"YOU think it's distracting? Try being me right now."

Rachel frowned then her eyes widened and she realised what Quinn meant, she let go abruptly and stepped back.

"Oh…I…gosh I'm so sorry I forgot that, um well I suppose that it works like a normal one?"

Clamping both hands over her groin again as soon as Rachel had stepped away from her, Quinn removed them for a minute so Rachel could see the result of her manhandling and when brown eyes widened she smirked and clamped her hands back down.

"Does that answer your question?"

Rachel almost stumbled as she sat back down and thirstily swallowed what juice was left in her glass repeating her boyfriends name over and over in her head as she tried not to think about just how big Quinn was.

"I…didn't think I suppose, I mean Finn is fairly big but that's…you're, I mean wow. And of course if I'd grabbed Finn for that long he would already have jizzed himself and you didn't, you have quite good control over it, I suppose maybe it's having a woman's sensibilities behind it or perhaps you practice technique a lot…"

Realising that A) she was rambling and B) she was rambling about Quinn's appendage and had inadvertently revealed things about her boyfriend she clapped her hand over her mouth and looked at Quinn who was stunned at the barrage of words.

"I'm so sorry, ignore everything I just said, I cant believe I said all that, I feel so stupid!"

Quinn opened and closed her mouth a few times then shrugged and smirked before asking softly.

"Is it okay if I forget everything about it apart from where you told me I was bigger and better than your boyfriend?"

Flushing bright red Rachel half glared then couldn't help but giggle slightly at the situation and the bizarre direction the morning had taken. Letting out a long breath she poured more juice and then relaxed again as Quinn sat back down with a small wince, normally it would take a fair while for it to go down naturally…if at all but she had a feeling the conversation they were about to have would act like several cold showers at once, taking a deep breath Rachel looked at her.

"Okay…let's um start this again shall we? Firstly I am sorry for asking Santana to hurt you, it was something I'm not proud of and I can understand if given that and my, rather odd reaction to your secret this morning, that you would rather not talk to me after this conversation is finished."

The serious and sombre tone in the diva's voice got through to Quinn and she sat back in her seat and looked down at the table top, she had never told anyone the full story…but hey if she couldn't tell the first girl to ever grab hold of her dick then who could she tell, smiling softly she looked up and let out a breath before speaking.

"Gaby and me, well, we grew up together you know? Met in kindergarten and despite some ridiculous arguments along the way we stayed close. High school was difficult for both of us, me because I was trying to get used to the fact that I liked girls…and I had this secret which you now obviously know about, Gaby did too, it never bothered her she thought it was kinda cool. Anyway she always liked Jesse, he was a year above us and she idolised him although he didn't notice her until one summer party for vocal adrenaline. I knew of his reputation and warned her against it but…he was persuasive and one thing led to another. Next thing I know she tells me how in love with him she is and that she cant wait to be with him…half an hour later I find him on top of our cheer captain in the gym going at it like it's an Olympic sport. I tried to tell Gaby but she wouldn't hear it and we fell out."

Pausing she reached for the orange and poured herself some before carrying on.

"I didn't hear from her for a month or more, then she shows up on my doorstep one night in tears, she'd slept with him and the next day he dumped her which was bad enough but then, well then she discovered she was pregnant and he was the only guy she'd ever been with. So she tried to tell him but he denied it, told her he couldn't be the father and accused her of being a slut like 'every other cheerleader' but still I didn't lose it. When he refused to accept any responsibility she…tried to kill herself, they saved her but she lost the baby and after that she just…stopped speaking or reacting to anyone."

She drained her glass and spared a glance towards Rachel who looked caught between tears and anger, knowing she was risking a lot more than just the girls anger she carried on regardless.

"Even then I didn't lose it, I hated him and I wanted him to pay for what he had done but not enough to risk my own future…until I walked past the bleachers that morning where he was sat with his little entourage and someone mentioned what had happened to Gaby, and you know what your best bud did Rach?"

She looked up, her jaw flexing angrily, hand tight on the juice glass, the brunette across from her just shook her head still not saying a word.

"He fucking smirked, he smirked and said that some people just couldn't handle rejection and he could understand how someone wouldn't want to be in this world after they'd been with him and been rejected. THAT'S when I lost it Rachel…so you see although I spent a year in Juvie and got beaten up more times than I can count I'm not sorry because he deserved what he got."

Letting out a strangled breath the blonde stood and just moved out of the dining area to lean on the kitchen sink and peer out of the kitchen window, she just needed some space after finally speaking about what had driven her to attack Jesse. She was lost in her own mind so much so that she even forgot for a moment that Rachel was there and had heard the truth about her best friend. Not that she expected Rachel to believe her, after all Jesse was the innocent victim in the eyes of the law and she was the aggressor, feeling her hands tightening on the rim of the stainless steel sink she tried to take in a few calming breaths.

She was unaware that behind her Rachel was processing what Quinn had told her, and the thing that had made her feel the worst was that she did believe it, she didn't want to but she did. The one thing about being friends with someone for such a long time is that you knew their good points, and more importantly you knew their bad ones. Jesse was an unrepentant womaniser and always had been, so the fact he could have led a girl on and then dumped her wasn't unusual. As for the pregnancy…sadly she could also see him walking away from a girl he got into trouble, he loved his carefree bachelor life far too much and he wouldn't be the first man to walk away from his responsibilities. But to not help when the girl tried to kill herself through shame…and then to laugh about it? She suddenly realised that had someone done that to San or Brittany she would have reacted just as the blonde had. She may have doubted that before, had always said she could never understand why someone would act like that, but her own furious gut reaction to Quinn's initial arrival at the school had taught her that she was indeed capable of that level of anger.

Unsure how it was going to be received she let her instincts guide her as she stood from the table and went to stand behind the clearly distraught Quinn. She knew that it had shaken the blonde more than she wanted to let on but the very fact her knuckles were white on the sink and her shoulder muscles were trembling with suppressed emotion was enough to convince the diva of what she had to do and so she lay a gentle and tentative hand on the tense shoulders in front of her.

"Quinn…why did you never say anything? If you had told everyone the full truth you never would have gone to Juvie, they would have understood that it wasn't a premeditated attack."

Releasing a breath of weary resignation the blonde turned round and leaning on the sink she crossed her arms and her legs at the ankle as she smiled sadly and shook her head.

"I promised Gabrielle I wouldn't tell anyone the full story, she was already so ashamed and she felt she had murdered her baby…I hadn't been able to stop him so the least I could do was keep her secret, and so far I have kept that promise. The only reason I'm telling you is because…I really don't want to go back to Juvie, it would break my mom so I cant have you telling people anything that would do that."

Rachel felt a pang of guilt and looked away as she wrung her hands together, she had wanted the truth yes, but her pursuit for the truth had caused Quinn to relive the pain of what had happened to her best friend, no doubt she had caused old wounds to be reopened at the Armora house as well with her phone call. Chewing her lip in agitation for a while she eventually looked into the conflicted hazel gaze of the tall blonde.

"I'm sorry…for everything. I'm sorry for what Jesse did, for making you re tell the story even though it hurt you, for making you feel like I would force you back into Juvenile detention if you didn't. And for hurting you."

On impulse she reached out and touched her thumb gently to the healing busted lip, she ran the pad of her thumb over the abused flesh and found she couldn't say anything else at that point so she looked back up into the stormy eyes of Quinn Fabray. Swallowing reflexively Quinn fought the urge to kiss the digit that was gently running across her lips, she was just hormonal, she was always hormonal after the change and even she had to admit that you would have to be dead to not notice how hot Rachel Berry was. But…she was straight, the HBIC of the school and had a boyfriend, the quarterback no less. And she had apologised, it finally registered that the first person she had told the full story to since it happened didn't blame her, in fact she understood why she had done it and told her it wasn't her fault. She felt compelled to offer an olive branch in return, especially as she could see the honest regret in the dark brown eyes before her.

"You were just acting to protect your friend Berry, I…understand."

The words came out hoarser than she would have liked and she tried to avert her gaze but Rachel's thumb moved down to her chin and held her face steady, keeping her from looking away.

"Don't under value yourself like that, it is not okay that I hurt you and you're allowed to be pissed at me, and for the blackmailing…though technically I wasn't strictly speaking blackmailing you as I only alluded to it rather than outright saying it."

Smiling despite herself Quinn reached up and gently took hold of Rachel's hand to disengage it from her chin.

"So, I can get mad about all that but not about you forcing me to reveal my other biggest secret by grabbing hold of my co pilot?"

Rachel first flushed a bright red as she remembered the grab the blonde was referring to and then she couldn't help but glance down at it again which made her flush even more and Quinn rolled her eyes. Rachel cleared her throat and flipped her hair over her shoulder trying to regain some of her dignity while at the same time knowing that Quinn was trying to move away from the gravity of the previous conversation.

"Firstly I realise that it was a little forward perhaps, but when you don't expect something to be…there, well it takes you off guard and you have to check it is actually real, I mean I still don't know how or why or…anything in fact but you cant really blame me can you? And secondly…did you seriously call your um penis, your co pilot?"

Quinn flushed at that, only just then realising she had said that part out loud, it was her turn to flush this time and she rubbed the back of her neck with one hand the other going down to protectively hover over the item in question.

"Okay, well…yeah I mean I guess I can understand the natural curiosity, Gaby was the same although she made me show her in the end because she couldn't believe it otherwise…but at least she didn't grab it. And in my defence everyone nicknames their cock, it's not that unusual."

She grumbled the last bit out and Rachel thought she looked adorable as she shuffled ever so slightly in her defensive way. The diva found herself biting her lip and contemplating something Quinn had just said, automatically her eyes wandered down the athletes form until she reached mid level and she raised an eyebrow speculatively. Quinn's snort of disbelief made her look back up abruptly.

"Please tell me you aren't thinking of asking me to show you it! You already fondled me, surely the reaction was convincing enough!"

Shrugging slightly Rachel couldn't help the half smile she flashed at the blonde as she leaned back on the edge of the kitchen table and crossed her legs, absurdly pleased when she saw the girl in front of her swallow and shift uncomfortably. Laughing lightly the diva raised an eyebrow.

"It's not that I don't believe you but your friend had the right idea, seeing is believing, and I cant help you cover it up if you don't fully…disclose everything."

It had been a long time since Quinn had felt anything other than obligated around women but damn if this annoying loud mouthed stubborn assed cheerleader wasn't getting more than just a simple physical reaction from her…nevertheless…

"Don't you have a boyfriend? I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be pleased to know you were looking at someone else's…um junk."

Rachel rolled her eyes at the thought of Finn, it wasn't exactly to push the idiot from her mind, though she wished it was, she wished that she could feel for him the way she was meant to…the way she thought she should but she couldn't. She realised now that she never would and the sooner she could break it off the greater chance they might both have of finding someone else…a tall athletic blonde someone else with eyes that sucked you in, she shook herself mentally and smiled honestly at the girl in front of her, first things first after all.

"He wont be a concern soon."

It was a simple sentence but the emotions and the heated look that accompanied them were more telling than a song and heartfelt dance routine. Quinn swallowed and glancing down for a moment she felt herself smile ever so slightly and looked back up…she was taking one Hell of a chance on this, especially as only yesterday this girl had ordered her second to smack her around. But she couldn't deny that the apology and the look in those brown doe eyes was one hundred percent honest, and she also couldn't deny she'd not been able to get the girl out of her mind since she'd first seen her.

"Well, when he isn't then maybe I'll let you prove your hypothesis that seeing is believing but I'm not getting in the middle of some high school drama, I've already had enough of that to last me a lifetime and then some."

Rachel felt herself smiling in reply before she nodded a quiet agreement.

"Well, I guess I should leave you to it…and I don't mean it as in 'it' but as in…um whatever it was you were going to do today, and you shouldn't think I'm using the word it as some kind of derogatory reference to the fact that you have an unusual…affliction, not that I think of it as an affliction more of a…."

Quinn's loud and genuinely amused laugh cut into her verbal tirade and while she was happy to be stopped from sounding like a complete imbecile she was also flustered and more than a touch embarrassed, she definitely wasn't used to anyone laughing at her. The blonde finally got her breath back and had to bite her lip at the perturbed look on the cheerleaders face, forcing herself to stop giggling she held up her hands.

"Sorry it's just that…wow, do you always go wandering down conversational Cul-de-sac's when you're nervous?"

She was answered with a huff and two fisted hands propping on hips.

"Quinn Fabray I will have you know I am not nervous, I do not get nervous."

At the arched eyebrow in front of her she felt the need to quantify her protestation.

"I merely was unsure of the correct grammatical way with which to refer to your…um…"

Oh this was just too easy and Quinn couldn't help herself as she let her hand wander until she was pointing at her crotch, amused when the cheerleaders eyes followed her hand as if hypnotised.

"It's called a penis Berry, a cock, dick, Wang…choose whichever one you feel most comfortable with."

Just when she thought she had the upper hand in this conversation the diminutive brunette turned it on it's ass again with a few well chosen words.

"How about co pilot?"

Groaning the athlete had the good grace to sink her head into both of her hands before narrowing her gaze and growling out a one word submission.


Now it was Rachel's turn to laugh and the last of the tension in the room dissipated and for the first time since they met each other it wasn't about Rachel Berry HBIC and best friend of Jesse St James meeting Quinn Fabray the girl who'd just been released from Juvenile Detention for beating him up. It was just two girls on the cusp of adulthood realising they had more in common with each other than they thought, almost as if they both sensed it was a new start Rachel stepped forward and held her hand out.

"Hello I'm Rachel Berry and I'd like to welcome you officially to McKinley high."

Pausing for just a moment the blonde pushed herself off from her position against the sink and taking a step forward took the smaller tanned hand in hers and smiled politely.

"Quinn Fabray, pleased to meet you…maybe we should get coffee some time?"

Rachel threw her head back and genuinely laughed at the smirk on the blondes face as she shook her hand.

"Wow, you don't waste any time do you Fabray?"

Giving a casual shrug Quinn put her hands in her sweat pants pockets and tilted her head to one side.

"Trust me, after the year I just had I'm not wasting any more chances."

The cheerleader smiled back at her and then ducked her head and wondered if she should actually ask the question she had formulated in her head, smiling gently Quinn nudged her with her foot.

"Just ask, after all we only just met remember?"

Chewing on her lip Rachel considered, in the interests of a new start she really shouldn't as it was more taking a step backwards but she couldn't help herself.

"I know you wanted to keep your friends secret but…was it worth it Quinn, I mean…"

She reached up to touch a thumb gently to the scar on the girls face while her eyes took in the four inch long one on the blondes forearm before continuing.

"It obviously wasn't easy."

Quinn closed her eyes for a long moment as she remembered her 'initiation' into life at the detention centre, no it certainly hadn't been easy, but as to it being worth it…

"Gaby had already lost everything, the last thing she had was her privacy regarding the matter, and you being the unofficial ruler of the school should know more than anyone else what happens when a rumour leaks out. So to help her preserve the one thing she had left,…yeah it was worth it. I mean skin heals, memory fades."

Letting out a long breath and wondering why she cared so much for someone that she had known for such a short amount of time, Rachel let her hand drop to her side and smiled sadly.

"I wish…that I had known you back then, that maybe I could have helped somehow, because yes while everything you have said is true the one thing that is permanent is a criminal record, wont it make it difficult to get into a college?"

Reaching up to rub the back of her neck Quinn set about making some coffee and wondered how to answer that, after all she hadn't even discussed it with her mom yet but she knew what she wanted. Once the coffee machine was on she glanced back at Rachel who was still stood, waiting patiently for an answer.

"If I wanted to go to college then it would be, I mean, okay, the judge agreed to expunge my record on my eighteenth birthday so my future wouldn't be affected given my past exemplary behaviour…but I don't want to go to college."

Rachel felt her jaw drop and an amused Quinn gestured for the brunette to take a seat before she had an apoplectic fit.

"Why…I mean but…why wouldn't you want to you have the highest GPA in the school Quinn! I understand maybe the expense would be an issue but…"

Smiling the blonde shook her head and poured them both a coffee before rejoining her at the kitchen table.

"All I ever wanted was to fly jets Rach, my dad started out on jets and moved to choppers, but me…I have my sights set on jets and in particular the Raptor, I want to fly the Raptor, so after High School I intend to join the Air Force."

She took a sip of the surprisingly mellow brew while she waited for a reaction from the brunette who was currently doing a passable impression of catching flies.

"But…I mean…surely if that were the case then maybe engineering or physics or something would be helpful to you when you joined up? I mean wouldn't that help you and doesn't the Air Force offer to pay for tuition or something if you sign up?"

In a way Quinn was glad this conversation was taking place as it was a dry run for the one with her mom that was bound to happen, especially as she didn't really have a good argument for not attending college other than she was eager to actually do something instead of just more studying.

"I guess maybe I'm eager to get out there and actually make a difference, instead of sitting in a classroom for another three or four years studying."

Frowning slightly the brunette mulled that over as she sipped her own drink.

"That's all very well but what about life itself, don't get me wrong Quinn I admire you for your dedication and eagerness to make a difference but you have a life too, you aren't here to serve other without thought to what you want. I have no doubt you will sit in the cockpit of a Raptor, whatever that is, but what about…meeting someone?"

Quinn's smile was bittersweet at that and she shrugged.

"Yep cos that's likely to happen isn't it? I'm such a hot prospect."

Rachel frowned heavily at that and sipped more of her drink as she considered what she wanted to say, this all seemed ridiculous to her, she had a boyfriend and until today…well okay if she was being honest maybe there was something there yesterday when she'd first set eyes on Quinn as she headed into the school, she had thought she was happy. But she felt more passionate about the girl sat in front of her than she ever had about Finn or his prospects for college. She wasn't uncomfortable with the same sex aspect of the relationship but she was still trying to get her head around how immediate and intense the connection she felt was. However she felt she also knew that Quinn needed to hear what she was thinking, needed to know that she was worth someone's attention.

"Well personally speaking I would hope that any girl I dated would have a better self image than that, especially if she happened to be as smart and attractive as you so I suggest you grow a pair before I change my mind and find another smart charming blonde to ask out."

The blonde in question nodded casually in an automatic conversational agreement when what Rachel had actually said caught up with her, sadly it was also when she was in the middle of a mouthful of coffee and so her gasp of surprise meant she inhaled the liquid down the wrong pipe and began to choke. Vaguely she was aware of small hands patting her back and by the time she could breathe again and had wiped the tears from her eyes she saw Rachel smiling wryly at her.

"I'm a little hurt Fabray, normally when I 'off handedly' mention I'd like to date someone they don't choke?"

Wiping the tears from her eyes with the back of her hands she finally managed to draw in a deep breath of much needed air and smiled back.

"It wasn't so much that as you telling me to grow a pair, I mean…haven't we established that I already do that?"

Rachel raised an eyebrow then laughed as the irony of that particular comment hit her and she sat back down smiling indulgently.

"Yes…well, the sentiment remains the same Fabray, I want to get to know you better and if that happened to say, naturally make it's way towards the odd date and the inevitable conclusion of you realising just how amazing I am then so be it."

Smiling airily the cheerio finished her coffee and with half a smile in return Quinn shook her head and did the same, there was definitely something appealing about this little powerhouse of a brunette in front of her, maybe getting to know each other wouldn't be so bad. After all it wasn't like she was going to have to reveal any big secret's as they had covered both of them (three if she counted the college bombshell) that afternoon. Draining the last of her own coffee she nodded her head towards the grinning cheerio.

"Then I guess this could be the beginning of an…interesting association Cheerio."

White even teeth flashed back at her in an amused smile and one eyebrow raised.

"You got that right, Froot Loop."

And so, over the next few weeks that inevitably turned into months, that is exactly what happened, not only did the two of them grow into an inseparable pair around the school, once Rachel explained to Brittany and Santana the real story behind Jesse's beating (with Quinn's permission of course) she found herself with two additional friends and discovered that Brittany's quirkiness could always pull her out of the occasional funk that she would sink into. and Santana's wicked and sharply accurate sense of humour never failed to drag a laugh from her, together the four of them became a formidable team. Despite pressure from her three friends and of course Sue 'crazier than a box of frogs' Sylvester, Quinn refused to join the cheerio's but she did acquiesce to Rachel's suggestion that she take up something athletic and so she ended up on the track team. No matter how she tried she couldn't get out of joining glee club however, mainly because Rachel teamed her pout with Brittany's and when Santana had merely smirked and refused to intervene on the athletes behalf she found herself attending various different training sessions. Her mother was over the moon that she had forged close friendships and thrown herself back into high school life by joining not one but two extra curricular activity clubs.

Judy fell in love with Rachel the first minute she saw her, mainly because the little brunette turned up to study with Quinn for a math test and brought with her a batch of home baked peanut butter cookies, after that first time it was not uncommon for Quinn to come down and find her mom engaged in conversation with the cheerleader who had completely forgotten she was there to see Quinn. Far from bothering the ex convict she found it wonderful, especially because Rachel didn't treat her mom any differently than she did to anyone else, aside from making sure she spoke at an even pace so Judy could read her lips, although she had secretly been trying to learn ASL as well. Santana was also popular although she did like to freak Quinn out by openly flirting with Judy, the athlete spent a lot of time glaring ineffectually at the Latina and silently appealing to Brittany for help who thought it was far too amusing to stop.

There had been huge changes involved for both girls, some of which they were open about and others they just let quietly develop, not that anyone who saw them together hadn't already guessed. After Quinn was dragged into the first glee club meeting she found herself in the middle of a social circle she had never expected, to her delight Mike and his girlfriend, whom he introduced as Tina, was also a member and the two of them regularly took trips to the local game stores in town as they found a common interest in collecting retro consoles as well as the newer games. There was also Artie, a resident geek she had a lot in common with given his own interests in engineering, Blaine and Kurt who proclaimed her to be 'quite stylish for a lesbian' and Puck…she wasn't sure about him, he seemed nice enough but he also seemed like the type of guy to get a girl drunk and pregnant and think nothing of the consequences.

Finn was a whole other issue, she found out that Rachel had indeed made her split from the schools quarterback and while the whole school was talking about it for weeks…they weren't exactly surprised and when Quinn asked Santana why the Latina was not backwards in coming forwards with the boy's faults. He was nice enough but childish in many respects, only concerned with his own happiness and image, and she also shared that everyone in glee club had thought that Rachel was far too good for him. The athlete was simultaneously pleased and unsettled by that admission, pleased because Rachel had done what she said she would and was also free, but she was unsettled because if they thought Finn wasn't good enough for her then there was no way they were going to find an ex convict anywhere even near good enough for the little diva.

For Rachel the last few weeks had helped her to make several key decisions she had been unsure about. She knew that she cared for Finn but had broken up with him the day after her talk with Quinn. Their friendship was amazingly close, closer than any she had ever had before and she knew that it showed, she was worried of course that she was attracted to Quinn in just the physical sense but it wasn't the athletes body that kept her awake every night…or if she was being honest it wasn't just her body that kept her awake. She found herself falling asleep to daydreams of holidays with Quinn, a wedding, then their first child. She knew she had a tendency to get ahead of herself and despite several deliberately obvious invitations the blonde athlete always backed off despite the agreement that was visible in her easy to read hazel eyes. Rachel Berry however was not one to let a little stubbornness get in the way of what she knew would be the start of a 'forever after' romance, she had even resigned herself to the months of loneliness that would occur when Quinn was posted overseas as she knew she would be, although she was starting to wear her down when it came to agreeing to college first. Now all she had to do was persuade the thick headed blonde that it was what she wanted, that Rachel was what she wanted, and in that effort it was time to enlist some extra firepower!

For Quinn the time had been a confusing whirlwind of a second chance at a real life and an emotional rollercoaster that at times made her sick. She couldn't deny anymore that she had fallen and was still falling, for the fireball of brunette energy more commonly known as Rachel Berry…she was even considering attending college just because it would give her a backup plan and Rachel was very fond of backup plan's. Her mom loved the diva and lately had also started encouraging Quinn to stop being a wuss and just go for it but she couldn't, Santana was Rachel's best friend and she just kept repeating the conversation about Finn not being good enough for Rachel in her head. She was definitely a step down from a championship winning quarterback, both of Rachel's dad's had met her and adored her which helped, but still she felt as though she was less than Rachel deserved. The main test had been of course Steven and he had liked the diva enough to take her up in his little Chipmunk plane one afternoon, when she got back down on the tarmac she had squealed happily and leapt into Quinn's arms surprising the athlete as she exclaimed that she loved flying and when Quinn finally got her licence they had to go up every weekend.

So in theory everything was giving her the green light, all the adults concerned thought the idea of the two of them was a good one, even Santana said she wouldn't be displeased if Rachel and Quinn started bumping uglies. Less than impressed at that particular phrase the little diva had sulked for a full hour before the athlete pulled her out of it by exclaiming there was no part of her that could remotely be described as ugly. So…the question remained why the Hell wasn't Quinn making a move, especially when it was almost guaranteed that it would be extremely well received? Self worth was what it came down to, despite excellent grades, record breaking track times and the occasional duet in glee, the ex convict saw herself as just that, an ex convict who wasn't worthy of someone like Rachel Berry, even if the two of them survived a relationship in college there was no doubt in the athletes mind that Rachel would do exactly what she said and become the biggest freaking star that Broadway had ever seen. And when that happened the press would start digging and once they did and discovered that the girl who was in a relationship with her once spent time in juvenile detention for a violent assault then it would hurt Rachel. It felt strange in some ways to want to protect someone she had only known for almost two months but it didn't make it any less true, she never wanted to be the cause of pain in anyone's life and if that meant staying the brunette's friend even though she ached for more then so be it. Quinn Fabray could be as stubborn as Rachel Berry when she wanted to be…however, as she was about to discover, she was nowhere near as crafty.

It was the day of her very individual physical change and so Quinn was sleeping off the aftermath and unaware when Judy let a shyly smiling Rachel into the house, after exchanging the usual greetings the brunette held her hands up to halt Judy who was about to speak and with great concentration she started to sign, smiling as she managed to get out the sentence.

I have almost got the hang of this, thank you for your help with my plan to get through to Quinn she can be very stubborn!

Judy laughed and nodded in agreement, while she appreciated and maybe even was growing to love the diva, especially for attempting to learn sign language, she couldn't deny her daughters own stubbornness and was scared of where it came from. She signed slowly to ensure Rachel could decipher it properly.

I want her to be happy but she feels she doesn't deserve it, I know she wants to be with you, you make her happy and I will help however I can, just don't hurt her.

Shaking her head solemnly the cheerleader swallowed and chewed on her lip as she remembered the hand movements she wanted.

I will make sure she is happy, that much I can promise you, I just hope she will forgive me for taking this approach, it is sort of mercenary.

Smiling softly Judy nodded ever so slightly then shrugged before signing.

I suppose it is but sometimes with Quinn the direct approach is the only approach…just for the sake of my sanity never tell me exactly how you get through to her okay?

Rachel pulled a face similar to Judy's and signed back, slightly more swiftly as her hands became accustomed to the movements.

Don't worry, considering I got most of my advice from Santana I wouldn't wish that on you, plus it would be a little too weird even for me!

Nodding in rapid agreement Judy picked her gym bag up from the side and then her cell phone before waving over her shoulder and heading out. Rachel let out a long nervous breath and then smiled slightly, yes she was technically taking advantage of Quinn's condition, or more accurately the after effects of it but…it wasn't like the athlete had left her much choice in that regard and taking advantage of an opponents weakness was to be expected. She comforted herself with the fact that when it came to it Quinn would enjoy it just as much as she would. Heading to the bathroom she got ready.

There was something different about her room that afternoon and Quinn frowned as she stretched and looked around for whatever was out of place. Her mom would be at the gym by that point and so it wasn't her…at first glance everything looked the same. Her framed prints of various landscapes taken by her dad as he was in cockpit's or hanging out of the side of a Huey or other helicopter. A huge poster of a Raptor her dad had gotten her two years ago when she first saw one fly was spread over one wall, the desk was clear of clutter except her drink bottle and laptop and the glass case stood in the corner with the various models she used to sit and make with her dad so what…? It was only when she saw the supposed shadows move that her eyes shot towards the old stuffed leather armchair that used to sit in her dad's office. Narrowing her eyes she vaguely made out the shape of her friend.

"Jesus Rachel, you trying to give me a heart attack?"

She wiped her eyes, voice still thick with sleep and sat up in bed, she swallowed hard when she saw what Rachel was wearing, or not wearing as the case may be. She had on one of the athletes own white shirts and was sat with one leg tucked up under her, reaching to the side of her she pulled on the lamps cord and it became apparent there was little to nothing on underneath the shirt.

"Um…Rach? You're…not wearing much, did you like, have an accident or something?"

Aware of the remnants of sleep and something else that were clogging her throat the blonde cleared it self consciously and directed her eyes to the side of the brunette rather than directly at her. Normally it was easy to hide her obvious attraction to the diva by masking it in friendship, however in her current state it would be all too obvious what she actually felt, hence the lack of eye contact. Not that it seemed to be dissuading Rachel at all and standing the brunette walked over to the bed and sat on the side of it as she spoke softly.

"Why are you avoiding my eyes Quinn?"

Rubbing the back of her neck the blonde licked her lips nervously and glanced briefly towards the barely clothed diva.

"W…well um you're sort of not wearing much and it would be rude to stare!"

She missed Rachel's small smile but not the grin in her voice when she spoke and her hands moved to grab the engineering book from her nightstand and place it over her lap.

"It's not rude if I want you to look Quinn, it's an invitation…"

Sucking the side of her cheek into her mouth and chewing on it to prevent the moan that was bubbling up from her throat, the athlete stared up at the ceiling and spoke haltingly.

"But…it would be wrong, you are gonna be famous and…I could hurt you if they found out about me and the press would be bad and…I'm not worth it Rachel."

There was a long sigh and she realised exactly how close the diva had moved towards her when she felt the breath from the exhalation brush across her ear lightly and tickle the side of her neck causing a pleasant shiver to run down her spine. Swallowing she couldn't find it within her to avoid Rachel's eyes anymore and she looked down at the brown orbs peering into her own.

"I don't care about that Quinn, haven't you worked out yet that it's you I want…and have done for a long time now. We had maybe the worst start ever but despite what you think Quinn Fabray it's me that doesn't deserve you if anything. I am rapidly and quite spectacularly falling for you."

Ninety percent of the athlete wanted to reach out and draw the brunette to her, her hand even fractionally raised from her lap but she forced it back down and prepared to tell perhaps the biggest lie of her life.

"Rachel, you're a good friend but I don't…like you in that way?"

She cursed internally as it came out as more of a query than a statement and swallowing she got ready for the tears and apologies that were sure to follow…only they didn't. instead there was a small chuckle and she watched in disbelief as Rachel leaned forwards enough to whisper into the athletes ear softly.

"Do you really expect me to believe that Quinn?"

Trying her hardest not to look down the open v of the white shirt, Quinn swallowed and locked her hazel eyes with Rachel's amused ones, before she could open her mouth to reply however she felt the heavy book being removed from her lap and she frowned in confusion…right up until the moment that the duvet was swiftly whipped off of her and the very obvious bulge in her loose boxers became visible to both of them. A dark eyebrow raised and the athlete felt herself flush bright red.

"Because unless I'm mistaken, that is evidence of exactly just how much you DO like me that way."

Words, she needed words, the world was full of them and usually her head also held it's fair share but right at that moment, with her back resting against the headrest of her bed and the girl she'd been dreaming of for the past month sitting half naked in front of her…she couldn't remember any of them, a situation that only grew worse when Rachel's small but more than able hand reached out to firmly stroke along the solid length of her cock.

"R…Rach, what are you…doing? You don't have to…"

Biting her lower lip into her mouth gently with her white teeth Rachel smiled shyly and squeezed the solid length of warmth under her hand while she kept her eyes on the rapidly swallowing athlete.

"I'm doing what I want to do Quinn, and what I know you want to do…and while your motives may well be honourable in your own mind, what I want is for you to be honest with me, to tell me you want me, I can already 'feel' the truth, but I want you to say it."

Quinn tried counting backwards from a hundred or recounting the inner workings of the combustion engine in alphabetical order but none of it helped because one more squeeze and stroke had her cock twitching and she couldn't quite stop the groan that was torn from her throat. Rachel smiled to herself in congratulation and then leant forward so close that when she spoke her lips brushed ever so gently against Quinn's.

"So tell me what you want Quinn baby, do you want me to stop, go home and forget you…or do you want to show me how much you want this, want us."

Desperately the athlete tried to hang onto her moralistic code, the one that she had put in place to keep from hurting the amazing girl that was currently half straddling her, but she couldn't, not anymore and her walls fell down with an audible groan as she let her hands take hold of the brunette and pull her into a kiss, she wanted it to be gentle, loving but the air was thick with hormones and it was more like the spark of a flame in a very dry tinderbox. Rachel found herself flat on her back, one of the athletes hand sliding up and under the loose shirt gently scratching blunt nails down the smooth sides of the diva, palming the sides of the breast teasingly as she went past it. Her other hand was busy lightly stroking up and down the outside of one subtly strong thigh as she finally and thoroughly gave in to the desire she'd been feeling for so long.

Kissing Rachel Berry was…something she vowed to do as often as she possibly could, her lips were soft, so damn soft, and yet firm when they moved against hers, slowly at first, exploratory, learning the curves and sensitive spots. It was Rachel that took the first move to deepen the kiss when she nipped lightly at the athlete's lower lip and pulled it forwards, she gently ran the tip of her tongue over the small mark and instead of withdrawing, deftly snuck past the barrier of Quinn's teeth to swipe across the very tip of the athletes tongue, that was all it took and mouths were opened more fully as tongues moved against each other languidly, drawing out the sensation as long as possible before moving to explore the entirety of the new territory. As Quinn pulled back she took the opportunity to repay the brunettes favour from earlier and nipped at a kiss swollen lower lip.

Tracing her kisses along the diva's jaw she moved to inhale the faint traces of Rachel's gentle perfume, unable to quite stifle the growl, she licked the pulse point she could see pounding in front of her and then deliberately sucked the flesh into her mouth biting down gently at the same time as laving her tongue across the rapidly darkening flesh. Distantly Rachel was aware she was allowing Quinn to give her a hickey which was something she had never allowed before but…dear god, if she'd known how amazing it felt to receive one she may have given in sooner, unless of course it was the fact that it was Quinn who was administering it that made the difference.

"Oh…Jesus Quinn…that feels, a…amazing…"

She trailed off with a groan and felt the athlete grin against her skin, not one to completely surrender to another the diva flexed her hands where they rested on the broad muscled shoulders of the blonde girl and she dug her nails in. She was rewarded instantly with Quinn's arched back and low growl. Hazel eyes narrowed as they locked with brown ones and moving back up they were both aware of the solid heat of the athletes cock resting against Rachel's thigh. Swallowing they faced each other breathlessly and Quinn finally spoke.

"I…I do want you Rach…I do like you that way and I, right now I just want…can I…"

Her voice was thick with arousal and she licked her lips nervously as her hands moved to the buttons of the loose shirt, distantly she wondered if this was too much too soon but then two calm tanned hands were placed over her larger shaking ones and she let out a breath and concentrated on the brown eyes smiling warmly up at her.

"I want this too Quinn, I want you and I don't just mean this part of you."

She reached down and gently caressed the length of the blondes cock, amazed it was still hard (Lord knows Finn would have come and gone by now, literally), she ran a thumb gently over the tip feeling the wetness of the pre come which she rubbed gently around the obviously sensitive area.

"I wanted you before then and I'll still want you in two days when it's gone, but this part of you cant lie as well as the rest of you."

At the gentle smile and raised eyebrow Quinn rolled her eyes and even managed a small chuckle which was harder than it seemed with Rachel paying such…attention to her appendage. Swallowing she reached down and stilled the diva's hand which was still moving gently over her cock.

"I believe you, but before you…cause an explosion, I want to please you, I know you never got that with Finn and if we end up…uh going 'all the way' then I cant guarantee you how long I'm going to last because…um well, I haven't exactly done 'it' before…so I want to make you cum first Rach, will you let me do that?"

Swallowing down tears the diva could only nod, she was worried if she spoke she would actually let them loose and end up crying and that was the last thing she wanted to do. It was just so…amazingly thoughtful that it took her breath away and she wondered how many guys would admit that they were worried how long they would last on their first time, she suspected the number was only slightly higher than the extremely low number that would insist on pleasing their partner beforehand 'just in case'. She was distracted from her thoughts when Quinn pulled her T Shirt over her head and slid out of the loose boxer shorts. Automatically Rachel reached for the buttons of her own shirt but Quinn batted them away gently and shook her head as she took over.

Leaning down she kissed each inch of skin as it was revealed, once the shirt was hanging loose she kissed Rachel softly, much more softly than she had before, whisper touches as opposed to the passion filled ones and she pressed a firmer kiss over the vivid purple love bite that rested over the brunette's still pounding pulse point. She moved downward slowly making sure to cover every inch of the firm tanned skin with either her dexterous hands or her soft yet insistent mouth. When she reached the pebbled texture of the diva's right nipple she was surprised that she was actually having to swallow to stop herself from drooling, and while her left hand palmed the almost luxuriously soft skin of one breast her mouth moved over the other. Sucking on the flesh lightly she allowed her teeth to very gently run across the distended nipple before lightly nipping the very tip of the sensitive area. In reply Rachel let loose a long and breathy cry as she arched upwards and tangled one hand in the short blonde hair, making sure to keep Quinn where she wanted her, her other hand was gripping the athletes shoulder so tightly she was breaking the skin, something the blonde was far from displeased about and she bit slightly harder in response.

Rachel was in paradise and Hell simultaneously, she had never felt such exquisite pleasure before, it was as though her body was a musical instrument that nobody but Quinn Fabray knew how to play properly. Her body felt on fire, every nerve ending more alive than it had ever been before, she could feel the wetness between her legs increasing to the extent she could feel it soaking into Quinn's sheets beneath her and she longed for the blonde girl to finally touch her where she needed it most. Her arousal couldn't possibly get any higher, or at least that was what she thought until Quinn slowly moved her mouth from the pert breasts and continued downwards, she trailed the tip of her tongue down between the valley of Rachel's breasts and dipped lightly into her navel before blowing lightly over the trail she had just left, the brunette felt her whole body shudder at the sensation it elicited and she actually whimpered and tried to encourage Quinn to move lower with a not so gentle hand gripping hold of the blonde hair.

"Quinn please….please just…"

The athlete nipped lightly at the flesh of Rachel's inner thigh then sucked the abused skin into her mouth, lightly marking it before she looked up and caught the heavy lidded dark brown gaze of the diva above her.

"What is it babe, what do you need Rach…tell me."

Although her tone was gentle the words held a not so subtle command behind them that reminded Rachel of a cold steel blade in a soft velvet sheath and she swallowed down another moan as she released her lip from between her teeth and tried yet again to thrust herself closer to the talented mouth, and yet again was easily denied. Almost sobbing in desperation she caved in and the words spilled from her mouth almost desperately.

"Oh please just, make me cumplease…I cant…wait any longer…"

Smirking gently, Quinn's eyes nonetheless held such love and devotion that it took Rachel's breath away and she managed to keep her gaze locked with the athletes, until that tongue swiped the entire length of her slit and she felt herself shudder, amazed to realise she was already close to the edge, as much as she wanted to cum she didn't want it to be over so fast! Quinn however, wasn't stupid, she allowed her tongue to dip inside the wet warmth of Rachel just once and couldn't stop the moan that resulted. The diva arched powerfully against the athlete as the moan reverberated across, and seemingly into her, Quinn held herself back with great restraint, to her Rachel tasted of the sweetest honey and she couldn't get enough…but, she wanted this experience to be memorable for both of them.

She used her hands to keep Rachel's legs apart, the last thing she wanted was for the diva to set herself off, after waiting a few moments for the brunettes ardour to cool she leaned in and with gentle movements kissed the outer lips of the girls entrance before pulling them lightly into her mouth, almost groaning as moisture gushed out of the glorious pussy in front of her, ducking forward she licked and sucked at the sensitive skin that lie under her mouth, slowly, and in Rachel's mind eventually, she ran the flat of her tongue over the tight little bundle of nerves that had been straining out from under it's hood for the last little while as though trying to get the athletes attention. Knowing it wouldn't take long Quinn paused then using the copious lubrication Rachel had produced she slid two fingers inside deftly, simultaneously she sucked the diva's clit into her mouth and flicked the end of her tongue against it rapidly. As her tongue worked swiftly and surely, her fingers pumped in and out of the hot gripping walls of Rachel's channel as she felt for and found the soft spongy tissue she was searching out, and with two swift sure strokes over it, combined with her tongue Rachel finally came, purely from someone else's efforts.

She felt her back arch up high as she literally bellowed out her release, her legs squeezed the athlete hard between them and she could feel her heels pressing into the firmly muscled back, pushing Quinn down and into the mattress. Eventually she collapsed, her inner walls still gripping the blondes slim fingers inside of her and she felt boneless and light headed as she fought for breath. Dimly she was aware of soft kisses moving back up her body and towards her face but she could only just manage an intelligible murmur and half smile as she smacked at a strong arm weakly. Quinn chuckled and finally settling next to the collapsed diva she pulled her in and kissed her languidly, Rachel tasted herself on someone else's lips for the first time and it stirred her into semi wakefulness as she blinked dazedly at a grinning Quinn.

"This doesn't mean you win Fabray…I just need a moment then I get to make you squirm, that was cruel by the way, making me wait like that."

She murmured half heartedly as the athlete continued to kiss her collarbone and shoulders lightly, her hand drawing faint shapes on Rachel's bare back as she snuggled in close. At the feel of something very hard and hot nudging her in the abdomen the diva looked down with her eyes wide.

"You're still hard?"

Flushing slightly Quinn shrugged a shoulder awkwardly and placed another gentle kiss on the brunette's forehead.

"It was about you Rach, not me…I can wait."

Feeling the length of Quinn's obviously very alert and very hard cock against her stirred up reserves of energy the diva wasn't aware she had and she slowly levered herself up with a slow smile.

"Well it's not about me now…so maybe you should be the one to lie back."

The blonde opened her mouth to object that there was really no rush but instead it turned into a surprised gasp when she felt Rachel's subtly strong hands push her down and onto her back. She watched as the brunette looked down and arched an eyebrow at the long thick cock that was so erect it was almost bent back on itself, reaching down she took hold of it firmly and began to stroke up and down, twisting slightly as she neared the tip, she watched entranced as the beads of pre come started to gather on the tip. Quinn was literally in Rachel's hands now, her own gripping the sheet either side of her tightly, heels digging firmly into the mattress as her hips moved with the motions of the diva's hand.

"Oh…Raaaachel…I…I'm gonna…"

Bringing her other hand into play Rachel lightly took hold of the athlete's balls and squeezed tightly, not enough to cause pain, but more than enough to help slow Quinn's release. Rachel would be lying if she didn't feel at least a tiny bit of satisfaction at repaying the blondes actions from earlier.

"Not yet you don't, you're not the only one who feels a bit…hungry Fabray."

Blinking lust heavy eyelids Quinn looked down to where Rachel was scooting lower on the bed her mouth moving towards the bright pink head of the blondes cock.

"Y…you don't have to…ohdeargod!"

She trailed off, her words crashing together inelegantly as she felt Rachel's tongue reach out and tentatively swipe across the very tip of her straining cock, tasting the pre come with a thoughtful expression. The fact the diva was savouring the pearly liquid on the tip of her tongue was enough to make Quinn tremble and she had to bite her lip to stop from begging. Internally Rachel smiled, knowing exactly the effect she was having on the athlete and she lowered her head even further and swallowed the first two inches of Quinn's cock eagerly.

The blondes heels dug into the bed again and they both heard a faint tear as the sheets ripped in the blondes powerful grip, deciding that she owed the girl beneath her at least one mind blowing orgasm Rachel turned her attention fully to the task and she brought a hand forward to fondle Quinn's balls, making sure to run the tip of her thumb nail over the seam. The athlete did whimper at that and then moaned deep in her throat as she felt the diva's hot, wet and hungry mouth swallow more of her down, even as her hand worked rapidly at the base pumping and twisting the hot flesh she felt pulsing in her hand. Despite her best efforts Quinn knew it wasn't going to be long and fighting the intense arousal she could feel coiling thickly in her abdomen she managed to gasp out a warning.

"R…Rach I cant hold on much longer…I'm gonna cum…y…you need to…"

She stopped when instead of pulling away from her cock Rachel swallowed even more of her and then moaned against the length, the vibration coupled with the sucking wet heat and the stroking of her balls was too much and she jerked unsteadily as she felt herself release rope after rope of thick white cum from her dick, Rachel swallowed it as fast as it spilled from Quinn, and this time it was the blonde who lay limply on the mattress while the diva slowly extracted the girls cock from her mouth, making sure to lick it clean before she moved up next to the breathless athlete who managed to mumble.

"You didn't have to do that, I didn't think women liked that, swallowing I mean."

Rachel wiped the corners of her mouth daintily which made Quinn giggle tiredly then smile as the brunette snuggled up next to her with a happy sigh.

"Well, I don't know about other women, but personally speaking I would never think of spitting out my girlfriends cum."

Quinn smiled happily then abruptly turned to look at Rachel, blinking she muttered softly.


Rachel nodded matter of factly, and turning so she was leaning on her elbow and peering down at Quinn's face, which was finally losing it's orgasmic flush, she smiled.

"I should certainly hope so after that! I don't do that for just anyone…just my incredibly hot, sensitive and amazing girlfriend."

Leaning down she placed a gentle kiss onto Quinn's lips and felt her smile against her mouth and pull her in for a proper kiss, as Rachel finally pulled back she raised an eyebrow at the tent in the bed sheet's.

"Already Miss Fabray?"

Shrugging self consciously Quinn couldn't help the proud grin as she looked down at her rather eager cock.

"I guess she knows she only gets a few days a week and now she has you she wants to make the most of it."

Pausing for only a moment Rachel rolled onto her back and pulled the blonde on top of her kissing her for a long and thorough moment. She pulled back breathlessly and groaned as she felt Quinn moving against her on instinct.

"Do you…have protection? I mean I'm on birth control but…"

Smiling softly the blonde just nodded her head and reaching over and across Rachel she pulled a box of condom's from the nightstand and with shaking hands fumbled one of the little foil squares out of the box, swearing as she dropped it in the bed. The diva snagged it easily and sat up taking Quinn with her. The blonde reached for the condom only to have Rachel pull it away and shake her head.

"I want to do it for you."

Unable to formulate words or sentences at that moment Quinn just shook her head loosely and watched as the brunette easily tore open the packet and with one hand held the now fully erect cock again and with the other placed the latex ring on the tip of Quinn's cock, in one smooth motion she rolled it down and over the throbbing appendage, the blonde let out a low moan and gently but quickly pushed Rachel back onto the bed. They were both so turned on it didn't take long for Quinn to feel that Rachel was wet enough to take her but she paused and locked eyes with her girlfriend before whispering against the full and kiss swollen lips.

"You're sure?"

Reaching up with one hand that had previously been resting on Quinn's shoulder the diva cupped one flushed cheek gently and nodded, leaning down to capture Rachel's lips in a gentle kiss Quinn used one hand to guide herself to her girlfriends entrance and with one swift thrust she pushed inside, the brunette was no stranger to penetration thanks to her rabbit but even so she gasped and held Quinn immobile while she adjusted to the sheer size of the blondes cock. Remaining in place despite the fact her more animal instincts were telling her to pound into the girl beneath her, Quinn let out a breath and rotated her hips gently a few times to help Rachel adjust. After a few moments she felt the sharp nails of the brunette dig into her shoulders painfully and looking down into brown trusting eyes she started to move.

It was hesitant at first, neither of them had done this before and they needed to find their rhythm, their bodies seemed to know what they needed to do however and soon they were moving together, Rachel's legs came up and wrapped around Quinn's waist crossing at the ankles to force the blonde closer against her. The athlete however needed no further encouragement and her hips were moving faster and faster, the way Rachel's walls gripped her cock so tightly was enough to make her eyes roll back into her head and she changed her angle to try and hit the sweet spot in her girlfriend she had found earlier with her fingers, she let out an exultant growl of triumph as she felt the tip of her dick hit the spot. It was over moments afterwards as Rachel cried out her release and her nails tore across the skin of Quinn's shoulders again, the moment of pleasure/pain combined with her girlfriends wet warmth squeezing her cock tightly caused her to shoot her load with a few last thrusts before she half collapsed on top of the diva with a light laugh.

"Jesus Rachel…you're amazing, you know that?"

She whispered and lightly kissed the sweat matted hair plastered across the brunettes brow, Rachel laughed shakily in return and groaned as Quinn pulled out of her.

"You're not so bad yourself there Captain."

Discarding the condom hastily the blonde gently nudged Rachel over to the other side of the bed and away from the wet spot before wrapping her arms around her, the brunette smiled once more at the effortless bit of thoughtfulness and kissed a sweaty temple before she yawned. There were still questions they both had but the most important ones were over and done, they could worry about who had what side of the bed and whether or not Quinn would acquiesce to college later, for now they knew all they needed to know and the blonde couldn't help but think that for an ex con she had one Hell of a future in front of her. Thinking back to when they first met each other she couldn't help chuckling and as one sleepy eyebrow rose she murmured against the shell of Rachel's ear.

"I reckon the taste of Cheerio's is growing on me."

Slapping the athletes midriff with the flat of her hand Rachel muttered a reply through a yawn.

"Funny…I was just thinking how Froot Loops weren't as toxic as I originally thought."

They both fell asleep, nuzzling into each other with stupid yet infinitely satisfied smiles on their faces.

And it's done, my foray into were peen and rather more explicit and adult content than I'm used to lol, I apologise in advance if it sucks but someone told me there was no way they could see me writing it so of course I had to try it just to see if I could and even if it does suck I'm just proud I finished it…Yay me! Now it's time to watch a bit of classic horror courtesy of John Carpenter, though I'm torn between the original uncut version of Halloween or the movie version of Christine…hmm, decisions, decisions! Anyway feel free to drop me a line if it was bloody awful so I know not to try again, I know it was meant to be short but I had to give them some background and it ended up much longer than anticipated, as always you guys bring the love and are loved for it! XXX