Chapter 7: Graduation day!

"Okay guys! Take a seat and place your portraits of your partner in front of you!" Kurenai sensei walked into the art class filled with teenager ninjas.

Once the class calmed down, Kurenai took her place in front of the classroom. Tucking a lock of perfectly curled silky, black hair from her bright red eyes, she started the class.

"I want each of you to bring up your painting, and tell us who your partner is, and explain what they were doing at that time. Then gently stack them on my desk. Ok! Konan san your up first!"

The blue haired senior walked up and showed her painting.

It was Pein in a walking pose, the background showed that they were in a room, his mouth was open in a talking motion, one arm was behind his back, and the other was up in front of him in a pointing manner.

"My partner is Pein, and I painted a picture of him when we were in our (yes they live together) house. And he was talking about something of world domination of some sort, and peace, I wasn't really listening."

Next. Pein.

"My partner is my girlfriend, Konan. And this was when she was folding a crane." He held up a canvas with one hand showing Konan sitting on a double bed with her legs crossed in a sitting position. Her blue hair was in the usual bun with the white origami rose secured in her hair. On her lap was a half complete crane.

Next. Hidan.

"Well fu**ers! My partner was Kakuzu, that bi**ch was counting money, but I didn't want to draw that sh*t. So here is my fu**ing awesome picture!"

Simply saying it was a painting of a rag with several stitches on it with a jashin symbol on it. The background was of burning dollars and fire. Everyone sweat dropped while the akatsuki face palmed, except Kakuzu who threw a pencil through the albino's head.

"Ummmm…. Well, Hidan wash off the blood on the ground, and Kakuzu san your next.

Growling, the masked man walked up, and showed his picture and which was very bloody and gory.

"Hidan. Religious ritual. You get the point. By the way I used his real blood to paint the red in my painting." All of that was said in monotone.

Sweat drop….O_o

Next. Deidara.

The blond brought the painting of the Itachi with a book in his hand.

"This is the Weasel Uchiha yea. And as you can see his reading in his room and eventually fell asleep. Yea."

There were high pitched squeals in the background of the classroom. Fangirls.

"I did not."

"Yes, you did, yea."


"Did yea."


"Arsehole. Yea."

"Okay! Break it up guys, good job Deidara kun. Next Itachi Uchiha." Kurenai quickly took action.

"Hn." Itachi walked up and held up his picture. As soon as everyone saw it they either burst out laughing or squealed.

"Omigod! That is like so like adorable!" some girl squealed in a high pitched voice.

"Hahaha! Oh my Jashin! What the f**k were you doing blondie?! Hahaha!" Hidan was laughing while holding his stomatch.

"Is that his brothers? They're so kawaiii!"


Even Kurenai couldn't help but let out a small "awww."

It was a picture of Deidara lying down on the living room floor with a blue pillow supporting his head. And on each side of the blond was Sasuke and Naruto cuddled up beside him, using the artist's arms as a pillow. One of Sasuke's arms was draped on top of Deidara's chest, while Naruto's foot was resting on top of his stomach, and the eldest of the three mouth was slightly parted adding up the adorableness of the painting.

The blond artist's face was s red as Sasori's hair.

"W-w-w-what the mother**king hell of a holy cow superstar!? Yea!"

"Partner is Deibaka. He fell ASLEEP with my otoutou and his otoutou in the living room. I was bored so I did my project."

"AAAHHHHHH! Im going to blow you up dammit! Yea!" Deidara got in the position to lung towards the Uchiha when he felt multiple pairs of arms holding him down.

"Its not worth it desne! Calm down Deidara!" Kisame was holding the blonde's legs.

"That right blonde bit**! You look fu**ing adorable…pft…AHAHAHAHAHA!-!"

"Stop adding oil to the fire Hidan teme!" Kakuzu sighed at the sight of the albino clutching his head where Deidara proceeded to head butt him.

Kurenai sighed, these situations was happening quite often in her class, especially from the Akatsukis.

"Pein kun. Can you tell them to calm down please."


Damn. Pein was scary when he loses his temper.

So the class continued with an awkward silence in the air.

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"Niisan, your stare is kinda starting to creep me out. It looks like your going it eat Itachi nii dattebayo…"


"Shut up. Yea."


"Ita nii what did you do?" sasuke asked.


"Well that explains a lot thanks niisan." Sasuke replied sarcastically.

"Huh? What did he say tebayo?"

Deidara and the others couldn't help but face palm at Naruto's slowness.

"Weeellll, anyways! Can we train today?!" chibi blond exclaimed.

Forgetting his earlier sarcasm, chibi raven's eyes brightened up at the word 'train'.

"Nooooooooo~. That's what you say everyday yea. I don't have time wasting my time on training you, isn't that your sensei's job?" Deidara grumbled.

"But aaaaannnnnniiiiiiikiiiiii~~ our teachers are always busy and you guys are our bros! Bros should help bros! Dattebayo!"

"Yea! Naruto is right Itanii! You're supposed to help us when we need it!" Sasuke added.

Sighing, the older Uchiha stopped and motioned the blond to come over."

"What? Yea." Dei glared, he still haven't forgiven the Uchiha for the embarrassing (yet adorable) painting.

"Just suggesting that since our little brothers is going to bother us every day about training them. We should just arrange a schedule for them. So we wouldn't have to train them every single day." Itachi suggested.

"….Wow, that's probably the longest I ever heard you talk today. And..hmmm, that is actually not a so horrifying idea yea." Deidara replied while rubbing his chin in thought.

"Oy! You two chibis! Come here! Yea!"

Hearing the older blonde's call, the two elementary kids dashed towards the teens.

"What is it aniki?" the smaller raven asked.

"Your stuck up brother came up with a plan, yea."

Ignoring the blonde's comment, Itachi cleared his throat.

"It has come to my attention that you two are training everyday with us, and as you can see, we too are quite busy. We will be shortening that time span, by training you two, two times a week or three times a week. So that after training, your injuries will heal and that both of you will be able to learn how to train without our help."

By the time Itachi was done with his speech, the two kids were staring at him like he grew another head.

"Damn Uchiha. Stop being so formal, you sound like constipated hobo with a stick up his arse yea. Basically brats, we will be training you two times a week, no complaints." Deidara said casually.


"I said no complaints yea!"

"But only two times a week?!"

"It's better than nothing yea!"


Sulking, Sasuke and Naruto agreed, after all it is better than nothing.

"Finally! Let's go home yea. I have start on dinner!" Deidara said, and started walking towards the Uzumaki residence.

"Wait up Dei! Can we have Bakudan today?!" Naruto ran up to his brother, after waving the Uchihas goodbye.

Sasuke waved back, before he too ran up to his brother, who already started to walk home.

The next couple of weeks passed by quickly, and the four brothers followed the schedule they had decided on. Though Deidara had held a grudge against Itachi for a while, it gradually faded away as they (were forced to) spend time together with their brothers.

And it had come to Akatsuki's attention that the usual nemeses were talking more civilized towards each other. Then they gradually became friends, which caused Hidan to scream bloody murder that they were actually aliens who kidnapped 'blondie' and 'Emo weasal' and switched places with them. Causing the 'blondie' and 'emo weasal' to behead the jashinist and throw his head over the school roof which landed on a poor, forever scared female freshman.

After that incident the albino kept his mouth shut…well most of the time. He would comment on their bromance once in a while for the fun of, but of course with a consequence.

Before anyone knew it, the year had passed by, and it was graduation for the seniors. In which Konan and Pein had declared that they will be leaving to Amegakura, Kisame to Mist Village, Sasori to Sunagakura, and Kakuzu to _. (Sorta like college, except in this fanfic, the graduated ninjas are able to choose where they want to go. But most of them usually stay in Konoha.)

"SEE YA F**KER! I KNOW YOU GUYS WILL MISS ME AND MY FUCKING SEXY-!" Hidan wasn't able to finish his 'goodbye' since Kakuzu had proceeded to feed Hidan his own scythe.

"Wtf? Anyways see ya leader san, Konan san, danna, sushi and sir tentacle yea." Deidara casually waved at them and Kakuzu and Kisame shot him a warning glare.

"WAAAHHHH!~~~ Tobi is going to miss leader taan and everyooonee!~~" The orange masked teen wailed. "TOBI PROMISE TO BE A GOOD BOY WHILE YOUR GONE!" and he proceeded to be good boy and cling onto Kakuzu's upper half of his body, unintentionally covering the multi hearted nin's eyes.

Raising a blood red brow, Sasori watched chaos unfold in front of him, with tobi still wailing onto Kakuzu's head.

"SILENCE! Tobi get off Kakuzu, Kakuzu let go of Hidan, Hidan stop bleeding, Deidara stop taking pictures, and Itachi give me some dangos." Pein shouted/ordered to everyone, with Itachi sadly lending one of his dangos to the orange haired leader.

"Okay *munch* I hope that *munch munch* the akatsuki will continue *chew* to keep in touch and *swallow* create peace to this sad and pain filled world! *gobble gobble*"

Thus, the leader made a dramatic leave with Konan following behind, sighing. After that the rest of the graduates left one by one, after a few more curses exchanged between the albino and Kakuzu, and an art argument between Sasori and Deidara. And Itachi shared the a few dango sticks with fi—Kisame.


"Wow, now it feels so f*cking empty without those heathens here." Hidan commented a while after everyone had left.

"Aww is the Jashinist getting lonely already? Miss your stitched boyfriend already? Yea." Deidara cooed snickering.

"What the!? Shut up blondie! Like hell I would miss that mother f**king, tentacle b**ch!"

Chuckling, Deidara continued to taunt Hidan. Itachi just shook his head at their childishness and started to walk away. He had a meeting to attend to with the Uchiha family, and he was already running late.

"Hey! Weasal! Why are ya in a hurry bi**h!?" the albino shouted as he struggle to keep the blond in a head lock.

"Uchiha business." Itachi answered back.

"WAIT FOR TOBI ITACHI SAAANN! TOBI IS LATE WHICH MEANS ITACHI SAN IN LATE TOO! *GASP! ITACHI SAN! WE'RE GONNA BE LATE! NOOO TOBI IS A GOOD BOOOYYY!" Tobi wailed and started to dash towards the Uchiha compound dragging Itachi behind him. And Itachi, who do not enjoy being dragged accidentally, and creatively released a string of colorful words leaving two very shocked and disturbed teens in an anime style sweat drop.

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