"It… it's over," the sailor senshi whispered, falling to her hands and knees. Her fuku was torn and covered in blood, her staff lay feet away from her, rolling after it fell from her hands. Her iridescent wings were torn, hanging limply from her back. "It's over," she said louder as tears rained down on the barren surface of the planet. No wind blew, no blade of grass grew or trickle of water sounded. The planet was dead, stripped of its atmosphere and life forms in the final battle against Necroma, an embodiment of Chaos. "I did it, Eos," the senshi's voice broke as her eyes flooded over with the memory of her fallen teammate. The other senshi's body had evaporated in the blast, but she remembered every line in her face when she was upset, every uplifting smile, the sound of her voice when she laughed. The senshi collapsed even further, landing on her bare elbows, her tiara touching her balled fists. Her thoughts of her partner faded, as if she was just walking away, simply leaving for another game… but Eos would never shoot a bow again, or dance with her in the rain. Her heart ached, but as the Eos of her mind disappeared, a tall, strong young man replaced her. The senshi held her breath, trying to contain the feeling of loss and helplessness as the strikingly beautiful blond smiled at her.

"Serenity," he called, spreading his arms wide and welcoming.

"Hy-per-i-on," she whispered, sobs breaking her speech. "HYPERION!" she yelled again, screaming out her sorrow, her unbelievable pain at losing the person she cared for the most. He was gone. He was dead. There was no coming back. She fell onto a ball on her side, clutching herself in an attempt to feel whole, like she hadn't just had her world taken from her, but it was no use. She lay there and sobbed, the figments in her head keeping her company but giving her no solace, only the intense feeling that she would never be whole again.

Sometime later, her throat sore from sobbing, her head feeling thick from crying and her body aching from the battle, Sailor Theia opened her eyes, gazing at the dead surface that had been the planet Okeanos. Without an atmosphere she could clearly see into space. For a while, she just watched the debris from the planet float by. It might form a ring system someday, or would come crashing back down in a fiery meteor storm; either way, Sailor Theia was not going to be there to witness it.

The thought was concrete in the sea of listlessness that was her consciousness, but she couldn't root out its source. All she wanted to do was stay here, with them. Even without landmarks she could see their home, each café and park, the houses in the city, the castle and its gardens. He was here only hours ago, encouraging her to do her best and comforting her over the loss of Eos. She could clearly see him in their rooms… and Eos, her ponytail of golden hair bouncing as they raced to random landmarks in happier times. Eos had always won, but she was always a great sport about it. Sailor Theia smiled and new tears threatened to break through, but she had nothing left to give. She remembered them so clearly, and all she wanted to do was be here remembering them forever, so why was she so stubbornly certain that she would be leaving?

Perhaps it was her sailor crystal, telling her to move on, find another planet that needed a guardian. Okeanos was dead and would remain so; there was no hope for recovery with such extensive decay.

Maybe it was better that Eos had died before the final confrontation. Her death was quick; she hadn't had to endure the agony a senshi faced when their guardian planet was destroyed. … Eos had watched the death of her mother and that had been enough to incapacitate her with grief. Serenity doubted whether she would have survived the destruction wrought today. … she didn't know how she was doing it. Part of her wished she had died with them, but that one inexplicable feeling rejected the very idea.

The planet spun on, turning ever towards its star, and the senshi lay motionless, thinking of nothing as the planet grew cooler beneath her. Hours passed both quickly and eternally for Serenity. She had no motivation, no will to do anything but stay there for the rest of her life.

Theia broke over the horizon, the star's light bringing the new crags and rough mountain peaks into high relief, their shadows reaching out for the lonely senshi. As her skin was kissed by the morning rays, the reasoning behind those odd, stubborn thoughts became suddenly clear to Serenity. She grabbed her staff pulled herself to her feet, her ankle giving way so that she had to lean on her weapon as one would a crutch. Her left wing twittered feebly, her right refused to work, still drooping its gossamer form against her tattered fuku. She breathed deeply, absorbing as much of her guardian star's strength as she could muster to repair her broken body, and laid one hand to rest on her abdomen.

"I remember now, my Hyperion," she spoke into the void, her tiny voice lost amongst the span of nothingness that used to be their home. Already her strength was returning, as if her star was giving its blessing for the plan blooming in her mind. "I can't believe that I could have forgotten, even for a moment, but I remember now," she declared, her voice confident and full of power. She began to shine in the light of Theia, her outline glowing brighter as she rose into space, her staff creating a bubble-shield around her to protect her from the debris. Her wings were working now, beating softly as the blue-eyed guardian ascended. Her body and outfit were repaired, her ankle mended and her skirt new as power flushed over her. "I promise you, my love," she projected her voice as she broke away from the cloud of dirt, rubble, and broken dreams. "I will protect our child!"