Sorry this one is a little short, but I wanted to set up the circumstances for the second part.

Movieverse, but with the slight addition of a winged Stiles

Branches slapped his face as he ran.

Not that he really cared. He was too worried about getting away.

Glancing over his shoulder he tried to see his attackers, but all he saw were the blurs of trees and the occasional flash of black.

He had been running for what felt like miles, full force, and his legs were about to give out. But one look behind him told him that he had put absolutely no distance between himself and his attackers.

"Stiles! Look out!" A voice suddenly shouted from off to his right. Said boy turned around just in time to see the cliff coming upon rather quickly. A cliff that Stiles knew dropped off at least a good fifty feet into a ravine.

It was too late to stop.

There really wasn't much of a choice now.

Putting on an extra burst of speed, a seemingly impossible task considering he was already going full boar, Stiles angled himself through the trees so he wouldn't hit anything. Ignoring the calls of fear from behind him he made his way straight toward the edge of the cliff. Reaching deep inside himself Stiles felt his power filling up his body. His shoulders began to tingle.

His foot hit the side of the cliff.

Using the momentum from his run Stiles pushed himself off.

The pack's terrified screams followed him as he lifted up a few feet before he began to fall. The one that came through the clearest was Derek's. And Stiles would have felt bad if not for the fact that he really had to concentrate.

Flipping himself over so that his head was facing down Stiles allowed his power to rip forth. He had a fleeting thought of how he had ruined yet another good shirt as the back exploded in an array of torn fabric and feathers. Pain tore along his spine but Stiles pushed it to the back of his mind. Unfurling his wings to their full length Stiles felt them catch the wind a mere twenty feet from the ground. His upper body jerked rather violently from its downward momentum while his legs continued down.

As much as he loved flying Stiles couldn't help but think that people glorified what those with wings were actually capable of as his own feathery appendages were nearly ripped from his shoulder from the force. As it was his wings, though strong, did collapse from the sudden onslaught and Stiles dropped the last eight feet to the ground. He was forced to pull his wings tight to his body to avoid clipping them on the trees. Feet hit the solid ground sending a shock straight through his body.

Since he had slowed down a lot from the resistance his wings he didn't break anything, but his shoulders burned and he knew that his knees would be throbbing later. He was alive though so that was something.

He didn't get a chance to catch his breath when a loud series of crashes followed by a crunching thud sounded from behind him.

Pulling his wings tight to his body Stiles turned around. Once again it was too late.

Derek's pale green eyes were wide and awe filled.

For a second he just stood there staring.

From up above Stiles could hear the sound of the others calling down to their Alpha asking if he was alright.

Derek ignored them and continued to stare at the boy in front of him. Stiles shifted uncomfortably. This seemed to shake Derek out of his stupor.

The wolf drew in a breath, "Yetl*."

Stiles swallowed thickly pulling his wings closer to his body. Derek's hand twitched and he took a half step forward as though he wanted the boy to keep his wings out a little longer. Said boy relaxed a little, but kept his wings in.

"How long?"

"All my life, I got it from my mother."


"Hunters." Derek's eyes narrowed.

"So they've taken to hunting others now too." He snarled low in his throat, "Where they the ones who killed your mother?"

Stiles whimpered softly, his wings fell slightly, and he nodded. He wrapped his arms around his stomach and turned away from the wolf.

There was a moment of silence, "Sorry." Derek gruffed out. The younger boy merely nodded once.

"Scott doesn't know," he piped up suddenly desperate to change the subject, "neither does my dad. I'd like to keep it that way."

Cocking his head to the side almost like a puppy, not that Stiles would ever tell him that, and opened his mouth to say something but seemed to decide against it. Instead he took off his jacket and thrust it at the younger boy.

Raising an eyebrow Stiles took the jacket and slipped it on. It didn't cover his wings completely, but it would hide them long enough for him to pull them back in.

Just then his phone rang. He didn't need to take it out to know who it was.

Derek huffed, "Well then fly-boy, let's get you back to the pack before they come down here." He turned began to walk away.

Stiles let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding and followed after the stoic wolf all the while snuggling just a little further into the oversized jacket.

Like I said before, kinda short but necessary for a later chapter

*Yetl is another word for Raven in Native American folklore

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