Hey guys! So I just had this idea and I thought I'd…ya know…..write it! :D So enjoy! AND REVIEW! HOLY FLYING FUCK FARTS! PLEASE REVIEW! PLEEEEASE! I WANNA KNOW IF IT'S ANY GOOD OR NOT! REVIEW!

Summary: Wilder and Amanda have something special between them. But when a new, mysterious girl crashes into Wilder's world, that just might be enough to screw everything up. In Wilder's POV. So much better than it sounds. Give it a chance! :D

I sat at my desk, working on an article about controversy over video games. I wrote about how people are wrong when they say they 'rot your brain'. The elevator pinged as Amanda pranced out the doors, clad in designer clothes and stiletto heels as always. "Good morning, Muffin." She said coming up to my desk and kissing me on the cheek.

"Hey Amanda." I stood up and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

"So," she smiled flirtatiously at me, "what are you doing during lunch today?"

"Being with you." I answered with a smirk. Amanda giggled happily. Pretty soon Noah, Rebecca, and Michael arrived at Buzz and we all worked on our articles for the first half hour.

Just then, DJ came out of her little private office in the corner of the room, "Guys, everyone in the meeting room." She called to us. We all followed her into the room and sat down on the couch. DJ stood in front of us, "Ok, so I would just like to…."

Suddenly, a girl walked into the meeting room and slowly entered. DJ stopped talking and we all looked up at her. She stopped near the doorway, "Oh….uh….am I interrupting something?"

"Oh no," DJ smiled, "you're right on time. Please come in." The girl walked into the room and stood next to DJ. She looked around the room at all of us and we stared back at her. She shyly looked down and shuffled her feet, on which she wore untied black converse. "Everyone," DJ continued, "this is Rarity. She's new to buzz."

Rarity smiled slightly, as she nervously tugged on the hem of her denim mini-skirt, "Hey."

"Hi Rarity." We all greeted her, almost sounding like one of those therapy groups. The girl had long silky hair and sticking out were a few streaks of royal purple. They were pretty cool looking, and they weren't overboard and didn't overwhelm her golden-brown locks. Rarity reached up and twirled her finger in one of her few purple strands.

DJ pointed around the room, "This is Rebecca Harper, Noah Jackson, Michael Davies, Amanda Pierce, and Wilder." DJ then turned to her, "You wanna introduce yourself?"

"Oh….." She continued to play with her hair, "Um, ok. I'm Rarity Belle. I'm gonna write the column, 'Digi Space'. It's about things that are happening Internet wise. Like blogs, YouTube, and Internet stars." She looked down and nervously giggled.

"That's so cool!" Amanda said, "Are you gonna, like, get to interview YouTube stars?"

Rarity shrugged, "I hope so."

DJ smiled, "You can sit down if you want."

"Oh….um ok." I shifted over to make some room, as the new girl sat down next to me. I smiled friendlily at her, and she shyly smiled back at me. One of the things I noticed about her is that she had these huge, deep-blue eyes. They were so intense….the way they were such a deep blue and how she had these crazy long, dark eyelashes…..it was almost unrealistic, and pretty awestruck if I do say so myself. I suddenly noticed that I was still staring at her. She blushed and quickly looked down at her lap, as she nervously tugged on her black, skull-patterned t-shirt. When we were all done pitching article ideas and what not, we went back to our desks.

DJ escorted Rarity over to an empty desk next to mine, "Your desk is right here, next to Wilder's."

"Ok." Rarity sat down with a box of her stuff. I watched her, as she pulled out a bunch of stuff, including a framed photo of her puppy and a laptop. She looked over at me and I quickly turned my head away. She did the same, and got to typing. After like 15 minutes passed, I began to slack off a bit. I pushed my chair away from my desk and swiveled around a bit. Suddenly, I heard a sound. Ping! Then I heard it again. Ping! I looked around the room to see where it was coming from. Ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping! I turned around. It was Rarity making that noise on her computer. She kept repeatedly pressing the same button to make the pinging sound. Then she pressed the button one last time and it made a wooop, like a slide-whistle sound.

"Hey, what game is that?" I asked her.

Her head snapped to me, a bit surprised, "Oh…..um, I'm not playing a game." She giggled a little, "I'm just pressing random buttons on the computer because I'm bored."

"Really?" I chuckled, "How do you make that noise?" I pulled my chair up to her desk.

"You just press shift like five times…" She explained, "Then when that 'sticky key' message pops up, you press enter, then just keep pressing shift until you get that big wooop sound."

"Huh…." I pressed the keys on her laptop and did just that, until it made that funny sound. We both giggled. "Awestruck!" I rolled my chair back to my desk and tried it on my own computer. After I made the obnoxious sound, Rarity did it on her computer. Then she looked over at me and cued me to do it. We went back and forth making the noise. We both started giggling.

"Excuuuse me." Noah said, in a very uppity tone of voice, "Some of us are trying to finish our work. And I don't think it's very funny to-."

Ping! Rarity giggled.

"Hey! Knock it-." I pressed the button.


"Oh! Very fun-."


"That's really mature-."


"Oh, grow-."


"Know what? You can just bite my-."


Noah remained silent and glared at us. We sat patiently and waited for him to say something. He sat there with his arms crossed, until he believed he had an opportunity to speak. Just when he opened his mouth….


Rarity and I laughed and high fived each other. Noah pressed his lips together and narrowed his eyes at us, and then he gave us the 'I'm watching you' sign.

As Rarity began to type her article again, I rolled my chair back to her desk and peeked over her shoulder. The title of her article was Too Much of a Lousy Thing. It was subtitled, Is Rebecca Black really that big of a deal? "Hey, what are you writing about?" I asked her.

"It's about Rebecca Black." She told me, "And how she's really just overrated."

"Hey!" said a familiar voice behind me. Amanda pulled up a chair and plopped herself right in between me and Rarity, "I just came over, because I didn't get a chance to formally introduce myself to the new girl." She extended her hand to her, "I'm Amanda Pierce. I write for the fashion column in this magazine." She slung her other arm around me, "And I'm Wilder's girlfriend."

Rarity shook her hand, "I'm Rarity Belle."

"I love your hair!" Amanda complimented.

"Oh," Rarity giggled, twirling her finger in her hair, "Thank you."

"Well, I have to go. I'm gonna make Daddy's assistant buy me another private jet. This one's gonna be in pink! TTYL!" Before she went, she pulled me torwards her by my shirt collar and kissed me for a long time.

"Wow," Rarity said, as she walked away, "She's really…..something."

I chuckled, "Well, she's a Pierce."

The next day, the school principal asked me to give Rarity a tour of the school. I walked down the hallway with her, "And this is locker number 205, and this is locker number 206, and this is locker number 207, and this is locker number 208, and that's a potato chip that someone stepped on…"

"Wilder…" Rarity giggled.

"Well, excuse me for trying to be thorough." We both laughed, as we approached Amanda and Noah at our lockers. "Hey man!" I greeted him.

"Heyyy." He nodded

Amanda turned around and saw me with Rarity. Then without warning, she grabbed me and pressed me up against the lockers, "Hey Wilder!" she said, leaning in and kissing me.

"Whoah," I smiled, "Hey there, Amanda." Ever since yesterday, Amanda's been very frisky with me, and I couldn't say that I wasn't enjoying it.

"Hi Amanda." Rarity grinned.

"So," Amanda asked, "You're going to our school now?"

"Yup." She answered.

"And I was just giving Rari a look around." I smiled, patting her on the back.

"That's…great." Amanda said, through a strange smile.

"Ah, Miss Belle." Mr. Shepard called, waking down the hallway, "I have your class schedule. Come with me."

"Um ok." Rarity turned to us, "See you guys in English."

"You know, I have to admit," Noah nodded, "That Rarity is pretty cool."

"Yeah," I said, watching her walk down the hall with Mr. Shepard, "Totally."