The next day, DJ called us in for our daily meeting. "Everyone, I have some good news!" She told us. I excitedly gasped and was about to speak, but DJ interrupted me, "And no, Wilder, aliens have not landed on earth." I groaned, disappointedly. "The story Too Much of a Lousy Thing, by Rarity Belle, has made the cover story in Teen Buzz!"

"Wow, nice going, Rarbear!" I congratulated her.

"Oh..." she smiled and shyly looked down, "thanks."

Amanda followed DJ down the steps as she left, "Uh, DJ? I thought my article was supposed to be on the cover of teen buzz this issue."

"Yeah…." DJ explained, "But Rarity's article was just so good, and besides, because of her article, this is the most copies of Teen Buzz we've sold this month!" DJ's excited expression turned into an apologetic smile when she saw the slight annoyance on Amanda's face, "Don't worry, Amanda. If you write a killer article next week, you're sure to make the cover of the next issue."

Amanda forced a smile, "Yeah…."

The elevator pinged and I skated out with The Blurb's smoothies, "I'm back!" I announced, skating through the office. I placed the smoothies on the desk and flipped my skateboard out from under me. I caught it mid-air.

"Wow," Rarity looked impressed, as she came over and took the pineapple smoothie that she wanted, "I didn't know you could skateboard like that!"

"Oh yeah," I smiled, "Thanks. Do you skateboard?"

"Oh no," She shook her head, "I don't think I could be that coordinated."

"Really?" I studied her, "You look like someone who would be coordinated."

"Well," She sipped her smoothie, "I do do gymnastics."

"Awestruck!" I commented. She blushed. "And if you can do gymnastics, you could definitely skateboard."

Rarity shrugged, "I don't know...I don't think I could."

Suddenly, I got an idea, "I should totally teach you!"

"What? No, no." Rarity giggled, "I really couldn't."

"Come on! It's fun!"

"I don't know, I would probably hurt myself."

"No you wouldn't." I told her, "Once I teach you how, you'll be a pro."

"Well….." Rarity thought, "Oh, what the hell! But if I fall….."

"Don't worry Rarbear." I smirked, "I won't let that happen." She looked down at her feet and blushed again.

I stood at the top of the skateboard ramp with Rari. She had on my sister's old bike helmet and knee pads. I held her hands and steadied her on the skateboard.

Rarity looked down the ramp, nervously, "Uh…Wilder, are you sure about this?"

"Absolutely!" I reassured her, "Have I ever steered you wrong?"

"Well….." Rarity giggled, "We only met a day ago."

"See!" I pointed out, "Never!"

Rarity looked down the ramp once more, "I just don't know if I can do this. I've never skateboarded before. What if I fall? What if the skateboard slips out from under me and I start skidding? What if everyone sees me and starts laughing?" I listened to her yap on for a few more seconds. Then finally, I went behind her and pushed her down the ramp. "AHHH!" Rarity yelled, as she skateboarded down the ramp. Despite all the screaming and arm flailing, she managed to get to the other side of the ramp. I watched as she rolled back down the other side and skated back to me. I caught her by the shoulders and helped her back up.

"Rari, that was awesome!"

"That was scary!" She breathed, "You nearly gave me a heart attack." She batted me in the shoulder.

"But you didn't fall." I pointed out.

She crossed her arms, "I could have fallen. I just got lucky."

"No you didn't." I told her, "You had such good balance. You're a natural! I'm super impressed."

She raised an eyebrow at me, "Really?"

"Yeah, you were totally awestruck!"

"Oh….thanks." She bit her lip a little and blushed. I loved how easily she blushed all the time. She was so shy, and I found it…adorable. "You know," she said, with a devilish smile on her face, "I think I wanna go again."

I raised an eyebrow at her, "Really?"

"Race ya down!" She yelled, as she hopped on the skateboard and skated down the ramp.

"Right behind you, Rari!" I smirked, as I hopped on my skateboard and chased her down. She skated upwards then spun around in midair. When she was in the air a second time, she actually did a flip. "Whoah!" I said in fascination. We both landed back at the top of the ramp. "Rari, how did you do that?"

"I don't know…." She thought, "I was just doing all my gymnastic tricks, except with the skateboard."

"That's awesome!" I complimented, "Hey, wanna race down the rails?"

A smile crept up on her face, "Let's do it!"

We sat on the bench outside the blurb, with our smoothies in our hands and helmets in our laps. "Dude, that was sick!" I told Rari.

"Oh…." she giggled, "it was nothing really."

"Are you kidding? Your moves were off the hook!"

"I was so sure I was gonna fall and embarrass myself in front of everyone." She smiled weakly.

I rolled my eyes, "Rari, you can't care too much about what other people think"

"I do not." She blushed.

"Yeah you do. Plus you blush a lot…..but it's ok. I think it's cute." I chuckled.

Rari blushed even harder, "I don't blush!" She took her helmet and held it in front of her face.

"Come on, Rarbear," I said, "you gotta have pride. You gotta be bold."

"I can be bold." She said, pulling the helmet away from her face.

"Oh yeah?" I challenged.

"Yeah!" She said.

"Fine…." I smirked, "Then prove it."

She raised an eyebrow at me, "How?"

I thought for a second. Then I looked up at her, "Scream." I told her, "At the top of your lungs."

Rari looked at me. I nodded. She looked around, "Ahhh…." She squeaked quietly. She looked back at me.

I chuckled, "That's the best you can do?"

She looked at me, and then slowly stood up from her seat. I raised an eyebrow at her and she took in a deep breath, "AHHHHHHHH!" My heart did a flip in my chest. The flower shop man behind her jumped about a foot in the air and everyone on the side walk stopped in their tracks. Everything went silent, except for a barking dog across the street. She sat back down and folded her hands in her lap, "Your turn."

"Uhhh….." I bit my lip, "Yeah, not really my style."

"No," Rarity crossed her arms, "I did it, now you have to do it."

"Yeah, I don't think so." I stood up from the bench.

"What!" Rarity followed me, "Come on! Do it!"

"No, I said it's not my style!"

"You have to do it!"

"Nope, sorry!"

"You're going to do it!"

"Yeah, nope!"

Rarity chased me down the sidewalk, until she backed me up against a telephone pole, "Scream, or I'll make you scream."

"Oh yeah," I challenged her, "how?" She began to tickle me. I kept slapping her away, trying not to laugh, "Rari, STOP!"

"Not until you scream!" She giggled.

"Stop that!" I laughed, as I grabbed her wrists. My eyes met her big blue ones and all I could do at that moment was stare. I suddenly got an unexpected urge…..and I found myself leaning in torwards her.

Wait? What am I doing? I thought.

I cleared my throat and backed away from her, dropping her wrists. She bit her lip and blushed. She looked down at the ground and shuffled her feet, and then peeked back up at me. "So…we should probably skate on back to the Buzz and see what everyone is up to."

She smirked and grabbed her board off the bench, "Race ya!" She hopped on the board and began to race down the sidewalk. I laughed and got on my board and chased her.

Soooo? :D