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Title: Cop Who Pulled Me Over This Morning

Rating: M

Word Count (minus A/N and header): 508

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Cop who pulled me over this morning (Seattle)

Date: 2011-10-21, 11:20AM PST

Reply to: dogsrevil (at) gmail (dot) com

You – SPD officer patrolling near Lake Washington and Madison, about 6'1-6'3, brown hair, kind green eyes, standard French blue long-sleeved shirt, black pants uniform, big gun, big nightstick and handcuffs around your waist.

Me – in a red Infiniti speeding past you, raccoon trimmed eyes with black tears dripping, reddish pink nose and puffy red cheeks with a dog in the backseat.

For the hundredth time, I want to completely apologize for my outburst. I was having a bad day and you pulling me over didn't help it any.

Though I know I shouldn't have been speeding.

I'm glad I could make your shift (your words not mine) and that I could make you laugh. Thinking about it now, I guess my rant was a little funny.

But again, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for giving me a warning because that would have really fucked up an already bad day.

Not a thank you for pulling me over of course but the warning, no ticket part.

Okay, so I think I'm rambling and do need to get to my point. I know this is a long shot but I don't have anything to lose since this is totally anonymous so here it goes:

I think we had a connection.

You could have just had a twinkle in your eyes from laughing at me but I saw something there that gave me reason to believe you were perhaps interested.

I don't know why because I saw how I looked but I swear when not crying and all red nosed, black tears, snotty and puffy I'm really not to shabby looking.

Perhaps you saw under all the red, black and tears. I think you did.

I would really like to see you again to maybe see if that twinkle connection I saw was something legit enough to move forward on.

I found you very attractive and it would be nice to see you out of uniform.

Fully clothed of course.

Though unclothed eventually if you want would be nice too.

Yes? No?

Not a chance because you pulled me over and that's a conflict of interest for you?

Let me know.

Before you walked away from my car you said "Be safe, (blank)"

Email me back and fill in that blank with my name and what I said in my outburst. Also describe the dog in my backseat and what it was wearing.

I'll know it's you by my outburst and the dog because only you would know the specifics on those (I hope). You could have told some of the guys at the station or wherever but you didn't look like the gossip type and I really I do hope you didn't because both were extremely embarrassing.

Let me know because I would like to see you again. You know, not with my hands on the wheel and flying around and crying and a mess.

But if you don't that's okay too.


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