Confession time, guys.

I love Danny/Valerie. In fact, it's my favorite DP couple, even more so than Danny/Vlad (Vlad is actually my favorite character, I just prefer him in a more canon/antagonistic role when it pertains to his relationship with Danny, is all; not that I don't enjoy my fair share of Pompous Pep, that is).

There's something about forbidden love that's just fucking awesome. And I don't mean lame Twilight forbidden love where nothing is actually forbidden. More like West Side Story forbidden love, except that no one ends up dancing during epic ghost fights (Although I would pay to see that).

So I love Danny/Valerie. It was a canon relationship that actually made complete sense and was just a little bit on the tragic side.

And it still involves Vlad, which is just added awesomeness.

Speaking of Vlad...

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Danny Phantom or any of its awesome characters.

WARNINGS: Hinted future character death.

Vlad supposes that he could tell her, or even tell Danny.

But watching them fight from the shadows, watching as ectoblast after ectoblast hits home and knocks the other party down for a few fleeting seconds, is just too damn fun.

But then sometimes, following Danny in intangible form, he sees them together. Holding hands, kissing, even simply talking.

He is fully aware that one of these says, sooner or later, one of them is going to hurt the other.

And he knows how damaged they'll be on the insides after that.

He keeps picturing Danny finally snapping, or forgetting his own strength, and killing the over-matched girl. He can't help but envision the poor boy pulling off her mask and seeing the face of his fallen lover, and dropping to his knees, fear and self-loathing painting his eyes.

Vlad knows very well that he should either drop this silly little game of his or tell one of them who the other is.

But then again, he isn't exactly known for his kindness.