It was a calm and starry night. The stars seemed to twinkle merrily in inky black sky. It had been calm and boring day and night inside the castle where vampires were milling about with nothing to do. It has been a peaceful time for quite a few months, but it has also been quite a lonely time for a certain Vampire, Marcus. In fact Marcus has been lonely ever since his beautiful mate, Didyme died several hundred years ago, but lately the loneliness has been wearing down on Marcus more fiercely and it brings us to what Marcus is currently doing, walking down the moon-lit streets watching couples flirt and kiss. As he was turning left to head back to the castle he heard thud and grunt coming from his right. Normally Marcus would have just continued on his way, but tonight he felt as if he should follow the noise. Walking down the abandon alley and the sounds of people died away, and sounds of fighting became louder. When he reached the opening, Marcus noticed three people fighting, well it was more like two of them were playing with the third.

Stepping closer but staying in the shadows, Marcus watched as young man around mid-twenties dodged another swipe and barely missed being tackled by the other person. The young man laughed and it went straight to Marcus heart. It an addictive sound and Marcus wished he could hear more, but the two attackers renewed their attacks, apparently finished playing with the young man. They attacked at the same and while the man was able to dodge the first one, the second one got him and latched his teeth into the man's neck. Eyes widening then narrowing, Marcus was angry. Vampires were attacking humans in the open and feeding on them? That didn't sit well with him and Marcus made to move when the man gritted his teeth and tore the vampire away. Shocked Marcus stayed where he was and continued to watch. The man fought with renewed vigor even though he was bleeding from the wound on shoulder. Marcus watched has the man face palm the vampire and heard the bones smash, when the man swept the legs from the vampire and broke it's neck. The man must have forgotten about the second vampire until it jumped on the man's back clawing and scratching at him. The man just grunted elbowed the vampire in its rib and once again Marcus the bones crack. Sending the vampire off balance the man leapt up and knocked the vampire onto the ground and swiftly delivering kick to the wind pipe of the vampire breaking the spine and paralyzing the vampire. If Marcus had been shocked before now, at how a seemingly human man could fight and win against a vampire, nothing shocked him more when the man raised his hands and brought the two vampires together in a crumpled heap. Heard a murmur from the enthralling man and fire sprung forth in the shape of a snake and surrounded the two vampires and burned them till nothing was left. With a flick of his wrist, the fire disappeared and the man slumped to the ground.

Marcus rushed forward and caught the enigma before he face planted in the unforgiving ground. Finally getting a good look at the man, Marcus's unneeded breath caught in his throat, the man had beautiful green eyes, even though they were clouded over in pain and weariness they were stunning. His black hair was shaggy coming down to eyes and feathered down to his nape and his skin was golden tan. He looked like a fallen angel all he needed was wings.

"You're not going to attack me either right? Because that would really suck," dark angel said.

Shaking his head, Marcus answered, "No, but you do need help. That bite was venomous."

The angel shallowly laughed, replying, "I've had worse, I just need to sleep it off."

Apparently that last bit of conversation took it out on him, since his eyes rolled backwards and slumped into Marcus arms. Thankful to be a vampire, he picked the limp angel up; who while was still light compare to vampire strength was heavier than a normal human male. Speeding to the castle and into his rooms, Marcus laid his bundle on the bed and moved to undress male. He started by pulling off black boots that were made from the most curious hide and the blood stained and semi torn pants off of slender hips. Moving towards his angel's broad torso, he removed the stained green t-shirt and sucked in another unneeded breath when he looked at the man's chest. It was littered in scars, he recognized some as blade scars, little crescent moons, apparently he hadn't been joking when he said he had worse, and others were curious shapes that no weapon that he knew of made such marks. Marcus went to his bathroom and grabbed a washcloth and warm water.

Sitting on the bed next to the angel, Marcus began to clean the blood and grime from his neck and upper torso where the blood had ran to. Placing the dirty cloth and water on the table beside the bed, and turned to look at the young man. Brushing the soft black hair away from the face Marcus sat as a stone statue keeping watch over his angel, wondering and hoping when he would wake up.

It was three days later when the angel finally stirred, he twitched then cuddled closer into the blankets, before straightening and sitting up. Marcus watched his angel glance around and settle his gaze on him. His angel's mouth quirked and Marcus heard his voice.

"So you are my rescuer? You're cute," the man said.

Not knowing how to answer that statement, Marcus simply introduced himself, "I am Marcus, and I only gave you a safe place to rest. If I may ask, how is it you are not a vampire yet?"

"So Marcus, you're cute and straight forward, I like that. As for why I am not a vampire, it's simple really. I'm a hybrid between two species, and no my cutie, you may not found out yet," the man answered with a wink.

"Can I have your name?" Marcus asked in what he hoped was a normal tone.

The man gave a roguish grin, and replied, "I will for a kiss."

Marcus was flustered on the inside and looked away. This man had already enticed him with his body alone, intrigued him with his fighting and what type of hybrid he was, and now the man was causing him to feel like spring foal. He hasn't felt like this since Didyme, his dead mate. He wanted to know the man's name but he was hesitant to give him a kiss, even though the man was handsome, it didn't mean he wanted to kiss him….Ok…Maybe he did, but would it be worth it? Looking back at the man who was still grinning, Marcus made up his mind and leaned forward to place a quick kiss, but the man had another idea put a hand on Marcus's neck kept him there for a few minutes more, before releasing Marcus.

Marcus sat back stunned, he remembered the last kiss from his Didyme and it was nothing like this chaste kiss. He heard the definitely dark angel speak and focus back on what he was saying.

"I am Harrison With Too Many Last Names Riddle, but you my cutie can call me Harry."

Harry? What a plain name for such a handsome dark angel, maybe he is the devil in disguise.

"So do you mind telling me, where I am at?" Harry asked leaning against the headboard.

Marcus could only stare. Harry look so at home in his bed, relaxing without a care in the world. Unafraid that he was in a vampire's bed, then again he did take care of two vampires on his own. So maybe he didn't have to be scared. Harry looked like he belonged in Marcus's bed. The weird thing was that Marcus could easily imagine snuggling right up against him lay there for hours content. In all of his years, he has never felt this comfortable or compelled with another person besides Didyme.

With a mental shake, Marcus informed him, "You are in my chambers located inside the Volturi Castle."

Marcus watched as the Harry's eyes widen for a moment before his eyes slid to off half lidded and a lazy smile appeared.

"So, you are Marcus, part of the ruling trio, Volturi. You have made my job significantly easier."

Marcus frowned his job? Was Harry just using him?

"I can tell you are confused, let me clarify," Harry stated as slid out of the bed and stood before Marcus in his full naked glory and said, "I am Lord Gryffindor Black, and my father Lord Slytherin Riddle otherwise known as Lord Voldemort has requested an audience with the Volturi," Harry ended with a flourishing bow, but never once lowered his eyes from Marcus.

Marcus thought back trying to thinking of anyone requesting to see them. Marcus's eye widen when Aro had told them about a request written on parchment with an elegant script signed as The Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort. Aro had scoffed and told them that if people were going to joke with him, then he would joke right back and had granted the request but left out all details of how to find them.

Marcus normally tried to refrain from cursing, but at this moment it called for it, "Oh fuck."

Harry had stood up from his bow with a smirk and said, "Indeed."

AN – already this was made for Fluffy24 who requested a harry/volturi pairing. Let me know how you like it!