As Harry struggled out of the fog of drowsiness he became aware of a cold firm body next to his own warm body snuggled tightly to his chest with soft hair tickling his nose. Then his mate's scent assaulted his senses and Harry buried his head even deeper into the hair while tighten his arms around Marcus. It was a wondrous feeling knowing that Marcus stayed with in his arms and not leaving when Harry drifted off to a deep slumber.

"Are you awake?" a soft voice drifted through his mind and Harry struggled to response as he was far too comfortable and relishing the closeness of his mate.

"I don't wanna," Harry mumbled in to the hair.

"We have an hour till dinner though my devil," the voice told him.

"You don't need to feed and I can do without substance," he replied sounding slightly more coherent.

"I insist my lazy knight that you need substance to refill you for more adventures," the voice teased as wondrous fingers traced his bare stomach lingering lower past his belly button.

"I might be persuaded to arouse from my comfort with the right motivation," Harry said sleepily although steadily, slowly returning to consciousness.

Instead of another teasing remark or rebuke there was silence then shifting then soft cold lips were upon his and Harry moaned and brought his mate closer wishing to deepen the kiss. Slanting his head for more access to those wonderful lips, Harry swiped his tongue across the seal of his kitten's lips asking for permission to enter; a moment later the access was granted and Harry was in heaven. Harry's hand that had been resting on Marcus's waist touching the cold beautiful skin of his mate, relishing the contact and wishing to touch more as his hand wandered all across Marcus's chest it could find. The other hand that was cradling Marcus's shoulder moved to be entangled in the same hair that Harry appreciating when he was waking up.

Harry shifted them so that Marcus was laying on his back as Harry moved to hover above his beloved not breaking the heavenly kiss nor the roving hand on the firm rock hard chest ghosting over Marcus's nipples. Harry, who had been in a state of sleepiness was now in state arousal and carefully brought his hips in contact with his kitten's moaning in delight when he felt the matching hardening length. Beneath him he could hear the little moans and gasps of delight from his mate. It was a good deal later when Harry finally broke the heated kiss and opened his eyes to stare into his mate's blood red eyes swimming lust and need. Groaning Harry attacked Marcus's lips once more while working a hand into Marcus's pants to cup his kitten's straining need. Loving the way Marcus gasped and moaned and bucking his hips trying to get more. Grinning while kissing his love, Harry stroked his mate to completion only pulling back to watch his kitten arch and moan his name as he splurted into Harry's hand.

Harry smiled gently at his mate's awed face, leaning down Harry peppered Marcus's face with gentle kiss as his kitten regain his senses, asking, "Was that okay?"

Marcus gifted his devilish mate with a relaxed smile and nodded before closing his eyes and basking in the love and warmth that Harry was radiating. All too soon Marcus's sense of time and propriety made its self known and murmured, "I believe we are to be expected for dinner here soon?"

Marcus opened his eyes to see Harry's gentle smile turn cheeky as he answered, "Well that was certainly enough motivation. I suppose your lazy knight could get up."

As they were walking down to the dining hall, Harry was observing the changes in mate, apart from his clothing which he switched out for a pair dark gray slacks and deep blood red button shirt, he seemed more relaxed with his sleeves rolled up showcasing the mating band that Harry had gifted him, his gait was slightly less formal and his back was still ramrod straight but there was a sense ease or tranquil. He also seemed proud and confident. Like his worries had been appeased or washed away for now.

Smiling, Harry tugged Marcus closer to him so that his arm could slide around his beloved's waist as they entered the dining room. Smirking at his father who immediately noticed the difference, they made their way to their normal seats with Harry pulling out Marcus's chair and helping to push it in, eliciting some discreet stares and as well obvious stares. Harry and Marcus ignored them. As Harry was eating, the most surprising was that Marcus and Fenir were actually holding a decent conversation rather than stony glares and assessing looks they usually share. All the while Marcus making sure that his left wrist was firmly seen by all as he talked waving his left hand around and Harry hid his pleased grin and let his right hand fall to Marcus's thigh. He was happy that Marcus wanted to be known as his mate.

Lord Voldemort let a small smile creep onto his face watching his son's relaxed mate wave around his arm displaying the mate band proudly. He was happy for his son. Now if he could just insure that his son and his mate were always happy and safe then he would be content. He knew that both were capable warriors and that Harry could easily defend his mate but it was a parent's prerogative to make sure that their children were safe and sound. Unfortunately they were in the middle of a war and his son was a key player. Not mention his son seemed to crave adventure and thrills thus prematurely greying his hair causing him to have to dyed it. Even if Harry teased him about it making his distinguished, he was too young to be grey. Deciding that he had enough internal musing he spoke with his son.

"This coming Wednesday we have scheduled for your press conference on declaring your side," Voldemort began, "There will be a security detail even if they blend into the background."

"I'm saying that I'm neutral right? And this would be an opportune moment to draw The Old Goat out into the open making him seem like a bad guy," Harry replied as he finished his meal.

"Correct, for as much as you are dark you are also light. Which is why you are in the optimal position to 'help' people understand, that just because you are dark doesn't mean evil and just because you are light doesn't mean you are good. As for drawing out the Goat, don't intentionally goad him Harrison, but if he has a problem then make sure it favors you," Voldemort told his son firmly.

"I never do anything intentionally father, it…just happens per say," Harry adopted a thoughtful look that had his Uncle Lucius snorting and Draco smirking at the implied misunderstanding.

"Just like you didn't mean to loudly state that you were going home and covered your mouth?" Voldemort responded pinning Harry with a look.

"It was not necessarily my fault the twins were further away than I had original thought and I merely hid my mouth and nose at a foul stench that permeated the air, it smelt like wet hair and weeds," Harry waved his hand in a careless gesture.

Draco laughed as Harry tried to wheedle his way out of Lord Voldemort's lecture and Marcus smiled at his mate, happy that his mate was once again happy and confident. Earlier today, seeing the desperation and agony was heartbreaking to Marcus. He knew he was hard to deal with due to his emotions slowly opening but since his Angel had given him the band, Marcus found it was just slightly easier than before today. Maybe with each passing day it was getting was easier, but Marcus was positive that it had to due with the security and comfort knowing that Harry was serious about wanting him as a mate to openly give him something marking him as Harry's. It helped to ease the ache of being unwanted and knowing that the person you thought as family used you as tool. That was another thing that made him smile at his mate. Never once has Harry since they arrived to the manor, demanded and directed him to do something. He always asked and was careful to make sure that Marc us knew that here at the manor he was a person, not a weapon or tool. He was included in the conversations or left to observe. Marcus was happy and hoped that it lasts and that Aro won't do something to jeopardize it.

Marcus knew without a doubt that he would choose his mate and his family, even the werewolf, over Aro any day. He was done being used. He wanted to live and see the beauty of the world once more.

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