Chapter 1


"what's going on? Where am I…mom…dad?…" they aren't here "what should I do, I'm all alone, and I-I don't know where I am." I walked around feet buried in the dry, hot, reddish sand below me. I never knew any of this…I cant seem to remember. "b-but I do remember you." as I looked up at the sky, the bright reddish orange orb that seemed to lie silently in the deep blue. "it seems like forever since I've seen you, but…what should I do now." I kept walking, my skin burning from the rays of the sun "I never remember you burn like this…normally it never hurts." I saw something over the horizon, it seemed to be coming closer. I couldn't identify it. When it finally got about 100 meters from me I could see what it was, I felt like I should defend myself ,but yet I should at least try and befriend it and try and find out where I am. It looked as it was a human, I started to remember some of this from my parents, they said humans are foolish creatures that only want to kill all of us just for the fun of it. That's why most of us went into hiding or even tried to leave. I couldn't remember what else they were saying about them, but I just couldn't believe it until I experienced it. The human came up, I suspected it was a male. "girl are you ok?" he said. I didn't answered, because I didn't know if he would understand me or not. he pulled out some device and started talking. "hey Sam are you there? Hey I need you to hurry up and bring a helicopter out here I found a young girl she doesn't have any clothes and she looks like she hasn't eaten in weeks. You need to hurry and get out here. Just try and find me I'm about 20 miles south from where we last were." he put the device away and started to come near me. what should I do, should I run or stay. "don't worry help is coming soon. Can you understand me, what's your name?" he asked. "Karma" I replied as I looked into his deep dark greenish blue eyes. He looked at me and said "interesting, where you from?" I didn't answer, I still didn't know what I should do. "who are you?" I asked. He looked at me and said "my name is Taylor, do you know what happened to you or how you got here?" "no I cant remember all I know is my name, nothing else other than that." I said truthfully. I actually couldn't remember even who my parents were, or what I really was. a chopper slowly appeared over the horizon, I started to feel lightheaded. Backing up behind me trying to stay conscious, then, I was out. There was images of the past, ancient Egypt, Germany, Japan, Italy, Russia, America, and Rome. I don't know how I know all the names and places, but I feel like I have been to them before, everywhere or rather been, more like lived for a life time. As a different being, not just human, but also animals. I still don't understand. I wish someone would just tell me who I am. Someone Taylor, Sam. Anyone help. I don't want to be alone here, just stay with me and help me remember.