"Sasori, where's Deidara?" Konan asked as the redhead approached them, his hands stuffed in his leather jacket and the usual cocky smirk on his face.

The group was standing in front of the movie theatre. It was movie night, and the whole group was assembled together; surprisingly, it was Sasori who was late, and not only that, but Deidara wasn't with him either.

"He's at home," Sasori replied once they were only separated by a few meters. "He's…well…in a bit of pain right now."

"Meaning you fucked him so hard he won't be able to move for another fucking couple of days, right Little Red?" Hidan piped up crudely, stating the obvious. Sasori just shot the albino a superior smirk.

Konan sighed softly, pushing a stray strand of blue hair behind her ear. "Poor Dei…"

"He deserved it," Sasori said, shrugging carelessly. "He was being a brat again."

"That's what you said last time, and the time before that, and the time before that…now that I think about it, that's what you say all the time!" Pain exclaimed.

"I hope you know that getting it up your rear is rather painful; more so since you're always so rough on him," Itachi murmured softly, his red eyes catching the moonlight. Kisame nodded beside the Uchiha.

"He's gonna leave you if you keep this up, man."

Sasori snorted and his smirk quickly dissolved into a scowl. Turning on his heels and stalking towards the theatre, he threw out an irritable, "Let's go. We're late for the movie as it is."

The moment the redhead had entered through the glass double doors and disappeared from sight, Kakuzu rounded on everyone else.

"I bet you guys my entire piggy bank that Deidara will do something drastic by the end of the week."

"You're on, bitch."


Deidara moaned from beneath his blanket.


The blonde rolled over and winced at the small movement. Moving hurt, his ass hurt, his legs hurt, his mouth hurt…everything hurt.

"Stupid bastard…didn't even give me a break at all last night, un. The horny bastard kept me up until five in the morning!" He took Sasori's pillow from its position on the bed and stuffed the soft, fluffy material into his face before continuing ranting to himself. "And does he stay with me after all that torture, un? No! He goes to the movies and leaves me all alone!

"Well you know what, un? I've had enough! No more sex, un! For a month! That sucker can go fap off if he's horny…that asshole, un…"

Deidara then rolled over and attempted to walk to the kitchen to fetch some painkillers (because being the asshole he is, Sasori refused to get Deidara a bottle of pain-meds before leaving) before giving out a feral cry of pain.

The blonde ended up crawling to the kitchen in pain.


Sasori looked away from the huge screen filled with murder and bloodshed, shuddering slightly.

"Sasori?" Konan leaned over, looking mildly concern. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," the redhead muttered before whispering even more quietly, "I just received a sense of foreboding doom…"


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