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It had happened so suddenly…

After being heavily handled for around 5 hours, Ciel was finally allowed to sleep. He gladly flopped down and without another thought, he passed out.

Sebastian must've been tired out as well, because it was 9 when he woke up. The demon was late. He came to this conclusion because what woke the young earl that morning was not his manservant's gentle nudge, nor the sickly sweet aroma of the perfume Lau had sprayed around his house without permission. He decided that it was a good thing. It had always made Ciel dizzy, and that was part of the reason why Ciel didn't.. or couldn't resist Sebastian. His eyes were out of focus… the other part because…he didn't want to. But instead, what the young man woke up to was an extremely sore body.

Flashbacks of last night filled him. He immediately turned crimson red. For a minute, he was a tad bit glad Sebastian was late. He didn't want to see him like this. Ciel buried his face in the pillows. He remembered everything. Every detail, how he had felt. He didn't think he would forget for a long time.

The butler entered casually, holding a tray with Earl Gray Tea and some soufflé's. He either didn't notice his young master's embarrassment, or pretended not to. "Good morning, bocchan.'' Recovering as quickly as it had appeared, Ciel gathered himself and managed a pokerface, appearing emotionless once again. He had done this so often, and eventually it became a habit- Not showing people his true emotions.

In response, Ciel merely simply said '' You're late.''

Sebastian glanced at the clock. It was 10 already. Placing the earl gray tea and soufflés aside, he bent over and raising Ciel's foot, started to help him with his socks and shoes. After fulling dressing him, he said '' Ms. Ally is here to measure you today at noon. She checked in with us a while ago. She should be here anytime now, Bocchan.''

Ciel literally spit out his tea. ''What? Why did you not inform me earlier?''

The butler didn't answer, but carried the young boy down the staircase to the drawing room, smiling his usual devilish smile. Only, the smile didn't appear to be fake. It almost seemed as if...the demon was actually happy. Ciel shuddered at the thought, but said nothing.

Arriving at the drawing room, they heard some clashes. Sebastian muttered something under his breath. They heard screams and then the fire alarm went off.

''Those three...I told them flame throwers were not allowed indoors!'' Sebastian bowed slightly ''Excuse me, my lord. I'll be right back with refreshments.''

◦•◦• ◦•◦• ◦•◦• ◦•◦•

After bowing again and closing the door of the drawing room, Sebastian withdrew his smile and walked rather annoyingly to the kitchen.

As he came closer, he heard more noise.

''Ahh- Whoops!''

''No, no, the fire's not put out yet! More water!''

''Water? Where's the fire extinguisher?''

Mey Rin screamed.

He sighed and opened the door. The walls were burnt and black, and the stoves and ovens were barely useable. Those would go in the trash. He glanced at the floor. The floor that was lined with white marble tiles that gave off a shiny look now just looked like concrete.

He sighed again, ''Please change your clothing. I will clean up. We are expecting Ms. Ally, and you know how she feels about disorganized houses holds.'' He walked over to the three servants and lead them out the door, including Tanaka.

''Hai, Sebastian-san!''

''..Err Sorry.. The kettle was boiling rather slow, and we had a spare flame thrower in the cabinet.. I thought it would speed up the process it bit.''

''Ho ho ho!''

Finny looked ashamed. ''I-I'm sorry.. we just wanted to-''

Sebastian smiled. '' No worries. Please be much careful next time and Don't Act so Immature.''

Sweat drops formed at the back each of the servant's heads as he italized the words.

Obviously, being a demon, it really didn't take long for him to fully repair the kitchen. Wiping his forehead with his sleeve, he carried the plate of refreshments to the drawing room. The doorbell rang.

''Bocchan, she is here.''

The young earl stood up and greeted the woman at the door.

''Shieru-chan!'' She ruffled his hair, but he brushed her hands away. She giggled. ''Let me in, let's go measure you.''

Ms. Ally excitedly pulled out her trunk filled with fabric and sewing kits, rulers, and straps.

Instructed to stand there like a statue, the woman moved about, measuring him with rulers and scribbling down notes. She frowned a few times, then broke the silence. ''Ciel.. Your body has not grown at all other then your belly'' she pouted.

''Well, atleast I'm a few centimeters taller then last year and i'm not as skinny-''

''No, honey, that's not what i meant'' she paused for a split second. ''Your other measurments have not changed, but your belly has grown dramatically. Not to mention your weight.''

''What are you trying to say?''

''Ciel, it's almost as if you're pregnant.''

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