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''N-no…'' Ciel mumbled, ''At the very least, I want him to be here.'' Sebastian bowed, and sat down on a chair next to the bed Ciel was laying on. The doctor got out the instruments, and Ms. Ally put on her glove, and got some towels just in case of any mess. The pain became stronger and more painful.

Ciel clutched his butler's hand, and said between pants, ''S-sebastian…I'm…'' He did not want to admit this. ''I'm...scared.''

Sebastian flinched at the touch, not out of disgust, but because he was caught off guard, which is a rare thing. He was always very composed, calm, and prepared for the impossible. But, he surely wasn't expecting this. He wasn't expecting Ciel to want him to stay, to hold his hand for comfort. Ciel rarely showed emotion, other than irritation, and he definitely didn't show fear. Fear was a sign of weakness, a vulnerability that Ciel never allowed himself to show.

But here he was, whimpering on the bed, in labour, clutching Sebastian's hand as if his life depended on it, and admitting that he was scared. He almost never saw his master in such a vulnerable state.

The last time he had saw him cry or even show fear was when his parents died, he'd been tortured, and they first made the contract. Even then, Ciel was more angry and full of the need to have revenge then sad and scared.

What was he supposed to say? Was he supposed to comfort him? Was he supposed to pretend he never heard Ciel say those words and never speak of it again? He knew his bocchan would definitely pretend nothing had ever happened, because he didn't want to seem weak.

Instead, Sebastian didn't move his hand and let his master clutch it tightly. He gave back a comforting squeeze as well.

October 6th: Funtom Staff Meeting.

Four days ago, on the 2nd, Echo was born. She was a premature baby, came a few days earlier than she was due. But she was a healthy, energetic, and loud little baby. Echo was half human and half demon, most likely the only one of her kind. Hybrids like her were unheard of.

Echo was smart, her brain was extremely advanced for a four day old baby like her. People who didn't know of her demon blood would have thought she was a prodigy child. Perhaps even compare her to Einstein.

At four days old, she developed like a demon. She could speak a few words, and seem to understand what the people around her were saying. When Ms. Ally suggested that she have her shots, just incase of flu or chicken pox or any illness to Ciel, Echo started to cry and kick, refusing in her own way. Although, there was no way she could've known what shots were. Echo could also crawl by herself now, something impossible for human babies at the age of four days old, but normal and expected for demon babies of the same age. Demon babies grew very very fast. They were able to walk by around 2 or 3 weeks, and could talk, although not fluently, by then.

Of course, Echo had human traits too. Her abilities as a demon were limited. She couldn't shift into other forms like her father, Sebastian Michaelis, could. She could only stay in her human body. She's also not as ''immortal'' as him. Full demons like Sebastian were hard to kill, but not impossible. Claude had died, but that was only because he had suffered from a bad injury in a fatal organ with a demonic sword. However, Echo had inherited the ability to move very fast from her father. That seemed to be the only physical ability she had that was demon-like.

Like Sebastian had predicted, Echo's appearance was a combination of both his and Ciel's. She had beautiful purple orbs, reflective and bright like her ''mother's'' sapphire ones, but also dark and pure like her ''father's'' red eyes. Her head was bald, except for a few strands of hair that were ivory black.

Now, she lay in the crib that Sebastian had set up in CIel's bedroom. She was asleep, taking her afternoon nap. Sebastian walked into the room, checking on Echo, then walking out and shutting the door. He walked swiftly to his master's office, where he was getting ready for the speech for Funtom's Clothing line's Grand Opening.

''Boccan, are you ready to leave? I have the carriage prepared outside already.'' Sebastian asked Ciel, as he walked into the office and saw him sitting at his desk, fumbling through a bunch of paperwork.

''Yes, let's leave. I want to go to the flower shop to pick up a bouquet and then visit my parent's grave after the meeting.''

Ciel rarely visited the grave, so this was a surprise. ''Of course. Now, let's get going. Would you like Echo to come along?''

''No, let her sleep., besides, we can't let any more people know of this''

To other people, it was wrong, unethical. He was a servant, and Ciel was an Earl, the head of the Phantomhive family. Besides, he was engaged to Elizabeth.

Thinking of Elizabeth, he felt his head hurt. He hadn't told her about Echo yet, and he hadn't figured out how to break the news. How could he just go up to her and say, ''hello lizzy, I'm gay and I've been having affairs with my butler, who also happened to get me pregnant because apparently demon semen is magical and oh yeah the baby's born four days ago. surprise!''

As if reading his mind, (but Sebastian had denied having telepathic powers) Sebastian said, ''Don't worry about Lady Elizabeth. We will just tell her that Echo is Mey Rin's baby niece, and who will be staying here in the mansion because her parents can't look after her.''

Ciel shook off his thoughts, grabbed his cane, and walked out the door of his office and headed for the front door. ''Whatever. Let's leave. We're late.''

The meeting was held in a small, grand looking room with a centre stage. Ciel casually walked into the room, with his cane to support him.

The people in the room, merchants, business men, and employees of the company, all quit their chatter and turned their heads to see the Earl and CEO of Funtom walk in.

Ciel walked on to the stage with perfect posture and finesse. He was short and petite, but he acted nothing like a child. He was mature, and serious. It was almost hard to believe he was only 16.

Whatever doubt the people in the room had about their boss being a mere child had all disappeared.

Sebastian stood at the door, waiting for his bocchan as Ciel began to recite the speech he had written for him to introduce the opening of the clothing branch.

He looked at the crowd, scanning for anyone dangerous or suspicious. Sometimes people try to attack, hurt, or kidnap the Earl, but now that Sebastian is the one in charge of looking after Ciel, what happened with Azzurro Vanel is definitely not something that will be repeated. Sebastian caught something moving by the door near the back of the room, something yellow and frilly, he suspected it was a dress.

However, Sebastian had personally looked over the list of the attending people, and the only woman on that list was Madam Blakemore, who was here with her husband.

Now very suspicious, Sebastian went to the opposite door, expecting to find someone uninvited, maybe to cause trouble. It's not like it never happened before. But instead, he found Elizabeth Middleford.

''Lady Elizabeth, excuse me for asking, but what are you doing here?''

Elizabeth giggled, ''I'm here for Ciel, of course.'' She pouted. ''I haven't seen him for so long. Has he been ignoring me? I told him about Viscount Druitt's Halloween masquerade ball but he still hasn't told me if he's going. Not only that, he's not even replied to if he's going trick or treating with me. Sometimes I wonder if we're even engaged? Anyway, I heard from my mum that he was holding a meeting here today, so I came!"

Of course she's here for Ciel. Sebastian sighed inwardly and said, '' I'm sorry Lady Elizabeth. Ciel is busy, he has a tight schedule for the entire day. However, I will make sure to transfer your message, and I'll contact you asap with his answer.''

''But, I want to stay with Ciel. I want to spend the day with him. Can I go with you guys?''

''You are welcomed, however, after this meeting, he is headed to meet Lau, then he is headed for another meeting, then to the company for paperwork , then another meeting, and then the Undertaker.'' Sebastian smiled slightly, making up Ciel's schedule as he goes along. He's sure he wouldn't want Elizabeth following him to the grave while he pays his respects so he's trying to make her go home by making his day seem as boring as possible.

''As you can see, Earl Phantomhive is very busy. He has a lot of work to do since today is the grand opening of Funtom's clothing line It's a big day and he needs everything to go right. I promise I will tell him about the ball and trick or treating and get back to you with affirmative answers.''

Elizabeth considered slightly. ''Allright. Tell him I said hi!"

Sebastian nodded and bowed slightly, and lead her out to the front door, where her own carriage was waiting.

As he walked back into the meeting room, he could see the meeting was coming to a close. Ciel summarized the new products and the new stores that were opening, and the expectations he had for them. Everyone clapped and got their things ready to leave.

Sebastian lead Ciel to their horse carriage and helped him in, then went to the front to drive the carriage. When they arrived at the flower shop, Sebastian opened his door for him and tried to carry him out, but Ciel waved his hand dismissively.

''Stop it. I'm not a child. I can get out of a carriage by myself.''

Sebastian nodded his head and bowed slightly, hiding his smirk. ''Of course, Ciel.''

Ciel growled at him. ''Don't call me that. I am your master.''

But Sebastian seemed to be in a playful mood, because he didn't stop. He let his hands linger down a little, so that it was at his waist. Looking around to see there were no one else on the street, he let his hands go under his shirt and he stroked his hips and gave it a little squeeze.

It was obviously making Ciel uncomfortable. Sebastian was enjoying it a little too much.

''Control your hormones, you demon. We're in public.'' Ciel hissed.

''When we get home then.'' He smiled his devilish smile,

''Just go get the fucking flowers.''

''Language, bocchan.'' His devilish smile doubled over.

''Fuck you.''

''Later bocchan, we're in public''

Ciel turned around and gave him a death stare.

If looks could kill.

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