Geist's name apparently means Spirit or Ghost in German.

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Danny meets Sailor Scouts

Chapter 3: Danny's Secret Reveled

Danny was yelling out in pain as Kite was doing something to him. When Kite stopped a screen appeared near Kite. Someone on the screen said, "How is the extraction coming Kite?" Kite said, "Almost got all the ghost DNA we need master Geist." "Good, when you're done whip his memory clean so he doesn't remember any of this," said Geist. Kite said, "Yes master." The screen diapered and Kite kept doing whatever he was doing to Danny.

Meanwhile back at the fight scene. Sailor Venus woke up and saw her friends. Sailor Venus said, "What happened?" Sailor Jupiter said, "You were knocked out by that monster and that boy we meet earlier was taken away by someone." Sailor Mercury said, "Why don't we go back to Rei's place and take about this?" The rest of the girls agreed and went to Rei's.

Back at Geist's place. Kite said, "Know that I have enough of his DNA I just have to wipe his memory." Kite dragged Danny on the ground and placed him in a chair. Danny said, "What's going on?" He said half awake. Kite said, "Don't worry about it." Kite flipped a switch and Danny was screaming as soon it was flipped. After a minute whatever Kite did to Danny was over and he was unconscious. Kite, "Know to dispose of him." A portal opened near Danny. Kite grabbed him and trough him in. "See you later Fenton."

Danny opened his eyes and found a purple cat on him that also had a crescent moon on its head. Danny said, "What the?" Then Danny saw some girl with pink hair pick up the cat. The girls said, "Sorry about Diana, she likes to jump on people sometimes." Danny said, "That's okay, can you please tell me where I am?" The girls said, "My names Rini and you in Tokyo." Danny was shocked to hear wear he was. Then for some reason his transformation happened on it's own in front of Rini. Danny expected Rini to be shocked and run away but she didn't. Rini said, "Are you a super Hero Mister?" Danny said, "Yes I guess, but don't tell anyone about this okay." Rini shock her head yes and walked away. Danny turned invisible and followed Rini because he was curious where she was going and wanted to make sure she didn't blow his secret. Danny followed Rini to what appeared to be a temple. Danny followed Rini into a room and saw the girls he meet earlier. Rini said to Serena, "Serena I saw a strange boy on my way here." Serena said, "How was he strange?" Rini said, "He transformed for some reason, he had a black and white, white hair, and green eyes after he transformed." Then Danny saw a black cat jump on a table and talk. The black cat said, "What did he look like before?" Rini said, "He was wearing blue pants and had a white shirt with some orange parts on it. He had black hair and blue eyes." Danny said in his head, "Oh crap!" Amy said, "That person sounds like the boy we meet earlier when Serena bumped into him." Danny said, "Crap they know." Serena said, "What does this have to do with Danny?" Amy said, "Well the person Rini described was that boy from earlier, Danny Fenton who is somehow Danny Phantom by the look of it." Danny said, "Well this is bad."

Then Rei said, "I think someone is spying on us." Danny said to himself, "Leaving know." Then the cats that were in the room jumped on him. The girls were surprised that the cats were floating. All of the girls said, "How are you doing that?" The white cat said, "Were on someone." The girls were confused. Danny just flew out and the cats hit the ground. Danny went behind a tree and turned back to normal. Danny said, "Hope they didn't notice me turning back." "Hello Danny," said someone. Danny twitched at hearing that. He turned around and saw Frostbite. Danny said, "Frostbite!" Frostbite said, "I'm not actually hear, this is one of those hologram thingies that your friend Tucker left the last time you returned the map." "Well the map is blank for some reason," said Danny. Danny opened the Infa-map and showed Frostbite. Frostbite said, "Don't worry about the map." Danny said, "What, why?" "When you destroy the evil in this world the map will take you home simple." Danny said, "Yeah simple." The hologram of Frostbite disappeared. "Wait how did the hologram show up here?" Then Danny noticed the thing that projected the hologram was in his pocket. It was a very small thing.

"Hi Danny," said someone. "Who is it know," said Danny. Danny turned around and saw Serena and her friends. Danny said," Um….. Hi." Serena said, "Hey Danny, what are you doing here?" Danny said," Nothing really, just wandering around town." The girls were suspicious of Danny. Then Danny saw a guy with orange jacket, shirt, and pants. He also had green hair and yellow eyes. Danny thought why does that guy look familiar. Then Danny said, "Get down! The girls ducked and heard a cutting sound. The girls looked behind them and saw their attacker. The girls thought they couldn't turn in to the Sailor Scouts with Danny their. Danny was thinking weather or not he should go ghost in front of them or not.

Then the guy somehow knocked Rini unconscious and grabbed her. Serena said, "Rini!" The guy said, "Don't worry you will see her again." Then Danny said, "Going Ghost!" The girls saw a white ring appear around Danny's waist. They saw his clothes, eyes, and hair change. Danny said, "Let her go!" The guy said, "I think not Phantom!" The guy tried to slash Danny but he turned intangible. Unfortunately even though Danny was intangible the blade cut his suit a little. Danny had some ectoplasm come from the wound. Danny's eyes turned blue. He mad ea sword out of ice and started to attack the guy. The guy said, "Looks like you can fight Phantom, but..." The guy disappeared and repapered behind Danny. "You're out of your league." The guy's sword went through Danny's chest. The girls said, "Danny!"

The guy said, "I'll tell you my name since you forgot." Danny was barely able to hear what the guy said but he heard what the guy name was. The guy said, "Kite." When Danny heard that he remembered what Kite did to him at wherever that place was but couldn't recall the other person he heard Kite address. Danny got enraged and a green ball enveloped him. When it disappeared Danny looked different. His gloves and shoes went from white to black to match the rest of the suit. He had two white lines going down both his arms and legs. He still had his DP symbol on his chest. He was holding a scythe that had a green blade. He also had a white jacket on. Kite said, "This is interesting, but it makes know difference." Kite tried to attack Danny again but Danny stopped the attack with the scythe's handle and then Danny knocked the blade off and sliced through Kite's blade.

Kite said, "What?" Then Danny went behind him and cut Kite's arm off that he was holding Rini with. Serena grabbed Rini before she could hit the ground. Kite was holding his arm when a white portal appeared near him. "You'll pay for this Phantom! You and the Sailor Scouts lives will end soon!" With that Kite went into the portal and it disappeared.