Popo, Nana, and ROB were at the middle of the mountain, going as fast as they could, the snow becoming more obvious as it was getting harder to see, due to everything being white. ROB was still hovering as Popo and Nana jumped upwards, not stopping for one moment.

"Slow down, you two!" ROB stated, noticing that the Topis were firing snowballs at them, feeling the impact of the snow. "We may be getting there, but the mountain's still willing to fight back!"

Nana briefly stopped, placing her right hand on her hip as she smirked at ROB, shaking her head. "Oh, you silly Robotic Operating Buddy, we'll be fine. Don't worry." She turned around and continued jumping forward.

The Ice Climbers continued to jump forward, gaining more and more speed as they continued without halting. They knocked the Topis, seals, an Polar Bears away with one whack of their mallet, closer to the top of the snowy mountain.

Popo chuckled as he turned around, shrugging. "See ROB? We're perfectly okay, no need to worry - AHHH!" He screamed as he slipped on the slippery ice, landing on his head as he tumbled down, the snow covering him.

ROB rolled his eyes as he grabbed Popo, carrying him on his mechanical back as he resumed hovering. "So, what were you saying about being perfectly okay, Popo?"

Popo groaned, rubbing his stomach as he let out a hiccup, snow covering him from top to bottom. "...Oh... I don't... HIC! ...feel well... hic..." A few bubbles came out from his mouth as he started hallucinating, seeing odd objects as he obtained a headache, feeling woozy.

Finally, Nana reached the top of the mountain, with ROB landing on the snow as he placed Popo down, handing him some pills to make him feel better. nana ran over to Popo, kneeling down as she rubbed Popo's forehead, looking at ROB.

"Popo will be fine, right ROB?" Nana asked, her lips trembling.

ROB patted Nana on the back with his left mechanical arm. "Of course, Nana. Don't worry about it."

Suddenly, the red 8 bit condor that pestered Popo and Nana countless of times appeared, holding a bomb. Nana glanced up, gasping as she tried to smash the bomb, but was too short.

"Darn it! If only Popo was okay!" nana exclaimed, her hands on her hips.

Suddenly, with the pills taking effect, Popo popped back up to life, stretching as he turned to Nana and ROB, then looking up, seeing the condor.

"Oh, this will be cake," Popo stated, licking his lips as he jumped on Nana, smashing the condor. The 8 bit condor screeched as it exploded in typical 8 bit fashion, the bomb falling. Nana caught the bomb, and deposited inside ROB, who sealed the bomb away tightly inside his mechanical stomach. Popo and Nana cheered as they held each others' hands, skipping together in circles as they then turned to ROB.

"ROB, thanks for coming with us!" Popo exclaimed as he waved.

Nana nodded, a broad smile across her face as she giggled. "Yeah! You made this trek more fun and energetic than it normally is!"

ROB chuckled as he patted both of the youngsters. "Oh, you two shouldn't worry about it. It was just part of my duty.

The three laughed as they remained on the top of the snowy mountain, eventually returning back home to the mansion.