My first Raising Hope story, inspired by Danny's Song, which Virginia sings at the end of the pilot episode. I just adore the whole show, and little Hope is just too cute! So enjoy!

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"People smile and tell me I'm the lucky one. We've just begun. Think I'm gonna have a son."

Sabrina's voice was soft as she rocked back and forth in her rocking chair. Her brand new son slept serenely in her arms, comforted by the sound of his mother's lulling voice.


Sabrina looked up and smiled. Hope was standing in the doorway, wearing a shirt that said Daddy's Girl and clutching a sippi cup. "Hi, sweetheart."

Hope scurried across the floor and stopped in front of the rocking chair.

Moving her son into her left arm, she leaned over and gathered Hope into her right arm, pulling her into her lap. Then she leaned back in the chair.

Happy, Hope snuggled into her mother and sucked on her sippi cup.

Sabrina smiled and kissed Hope's head affectionately. Two years ago, a guy walking past the grocery store where she worked with a buggy and a baby had worried her. It was amazing how much could change in just two short years.

She looked at her sleeping son, Jimmy's son. Brian James Chance. Jimmy had been reluctant to name the baby after him, but she and Virginia had been insistent. Bert had pouted a little when the baby wasn't named after him, but all of that disappeared the first time they saw the little guy shortly after he was born.

Hope dropped her sippi cup and leaned up, sloppily kissing Sabrina's cheek.

Sabrina grinned. This baby girl never had to say she loved her. She already knew.

Jimmy poked his head into the room. Seeing Sabrina and their children made his heart swell up in his chest, and again he was grateful that he even had them. He didn't deserve a wife like Sabrina, or Hope and Bryan. But he had them, and he was so lucky and grateful for his little family.

Sabrina looked up, and they shared a content smile. Sure, having another baby would present its own challenges and rewards. There would be more needs, but even more love and smiles. As long as they had each other, their little family would survive and thrive.

There was a crashing sound from the other side of the house, startling both children. Jimmy sighed as Bryan started to squall, and he crossed the floor with his arms out.

Sabrina let him take Bryan, and she wrapped both arms around Hope. "Knew that wasn't going to last," she mused.

Jimmy laughed as he rocked their wailing son. "Naptime always seems to get interrupted."

"Only when your parents are in the house."

Another crash hit their ears, followed by Virginia's voice. "Jimmy, get in here! There's a dead bird by the door and your dad won't pick it up!"

Jimmy shook his head, but made no move to respond.

"Aren't you going to help?"

"Eventually." He kissed his little son's head.

"Hurry up, Jimmy!" Burt yelped.

Sabrina just smiled and rocked Hope back and forth.

Yeah, they were going to be just fine.

And even though we ain't got money

I'm so in love with you, honey

Everything will bring a chain of love

And in the morning when I rise

Bring a tear of joy to my eyes

And tell me everything is gonna be alright

The End.

A/N: Yay, Sabrina and Jimmy! They're so cute together, and I think they'll eventually end up together. This was just a little thing to see how I write them, and I hope to do a lot more with this adorable show. Thanks for reading, and please review!