There was once an arrogant young man named Matt who thought that he was the best swordsman there was. He had won every battle he had fought so who could disagree?

One day he was boasting about his greatness in a tavern. He had done this many times before, so everyone was tired of it. They would do something if the bartender would let them. Instead, they had to deal with Matt's boasting.

But that would soon change

There was a cloaked old man in the tavern that didn't know who Matt was and decided to prove his claim of greatness wrong.

"If you are such a great warrior then prove it!" He yelled

Everyone suddenly stopped moving. Did someone new challenge Matt? Would this actually make a difference? Will Matt's boasting finally stop?

"Is that a challenge?" Matt responded.

" You would have heard me if you weren't busy bragging!" The old man joked. The people in the crowd burst out in laughter. This was hilarious! Matt was being insulted! They hoped that this would go on for longer, they wanted to tape it.

Matt, furious at the old vagabond, drew his sword and jumped at him. The man saw his strike just as it happened and easily dodged. Matt struck again, this time trying for a stab. The attack was still easily dodged.

"So this is how horrible the youth are at swordplay nowadays" The old man chuckled. Matt dashed at the old man. He would not stand for this! He would not be beaten by an some random peasant! The old man was barely able to dodge. He looked down and saw that part of his cloak had been ripped. "Now to end this" he thought. The old man jumped behind Matt and tripped him. Matt tumbled and fell right onto one of the chairs. Only a second later the old man stole Matt's sword and was pointing it at is neck. He then threw it on the ground and sat back in his chair.

Matt, the swordsman previously thought to be the greatest, was just beaten by an old man.