"It doesn't matter whether you accept it or not. It doesn't matter whether you ignore it, whether you despise it with all your heart.

This is…my love for you."

The first thing the boy registered was the smell. It was an unpleasant odour – a metallic tang of…something. It was familiar. He twitched his fingers, trying to rouse himself from…sleep? Unconsciousness? He didn't remember going to sleep. In fact, where was he? His limbs slipped on the floor as he tried to get up, trying to shake off this confusion.

Wet. Everything was wet, slippery – the floor, his hands…but with what? He rubbed his eyes, blinking off sleep to squint at his surroundings – his glasses were nowhere to be seen. It was dark, was it night?

Wherever it was, he wanted out. Too dark, too wet, and the stench was slowly becoming unbearable-


The boy froze. Blood. He remembered now. The stench, it was unmistakable – the stench of blood. His hands shook as he brought them closer to his eyes- and he let out a voiceless shriek.

Blood. It coated his hands and clothes like a second skin. It covered the floor, drenched the walls of the room. It was everywhere.

Stumbling to his feet, the boy ran to the closest wall, hands grasping, clawing, searching for a knob, a hinge, anything that would even remotely indicate the presence of a door. He wanted out. Anywhere away from here. Out. Out. Let him out!

"Aha! Shou-chan woke up !"

The boy froze. A voice. Not from outside, but- there had been someone with him inside the room the whole time?


Shouichi flinched. Slowly, he turned to face the speaker.

White. It was all his shell-shocked mind could register. Despite the darkness of the room, the man before him appeared to glow white with pure radiance. It was unearthly. Snow white hair stood out in all ends from a pale skinned, smiling face. Glowing violet eyes stared back at his frozen body. Despite the blood drenched walls and floor, there was not a speck of red on the man's luminescent armor. Surely this wasn't a human. Surely this was an-

"…Angel," Shouichi breathed.

The angel cocked his head, a confused look on his face before a childish, happy grin grew on his lips. "Nah~ Shou-chan, I'm not an angel, but I suppose I can try for you~". Shouichi whimpered and pressed himself back into the wall as the stranger stepped forward. A million thoughts and questions ran through his mind. Who was this man? How did he get here? Where was here? Why is this man here with him? Why does he know his name? Why is this man walking towards him-

Shouichi squeaked as the man tilted his chin with a pale hand. A reverent smile grew on the stranger's lips as he cupped cold fingers around the boy's bloodied cheek. Shouichi simply shook, unable to move like a deer caught in headlights.

"…hey…do you remember me?" Shouichi shook his head rigidly, unable to tear his eyes away from the stranger only a few inches before him. The stranger's smile seemed to dull for a few seconds, before the man pulled away to execute some sort of dramatic twirl to the middle of the blood soaked floor.

"Well then! I should introduce myself then, shouldn't I?" The man dropped to kneel before the boy, one arm crossed before him. Shouichi let out another squeak as the man gently took one of his bloody hands to lay a chaste kiss on his ring finger.

"I am Berserker, the Servant you have summoned to serve you in this Holy Grail War." A bright smile lit up the man face as he abruptly stood up to clasp both hands on the boy's shoulders. "But you can just call me Byakuran! Or better yet, Byak-kun!"

AN: This is an AU set in a world similar to Type-moon's Nasuverse - the universe of Fate/Stay Night. I'm trying to write the story to make it easy to understand even if you've never heard of Fate/Stay Night, but I don't know how successful I will be at that.

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