Chapter 1

A/N: I always find non-canon pairings interesting, so I decided to try writing out one for Twilight. (: So yeah, the plot is basically that instead of Edward that Bella meets for the first time, like in the books, it'd Alec- and Jane, of course. (I always find him hot- badass guys in novels are just so delicious!) Bella has just reached Forks for a few days by the way, in case anyone is confused. For the question why Alec and Jane are here (Forks).. You'll know as the story progresses, won't ya? ;)

Warning: There may be some mature scenes in this fanfic- I will change the rating from T to M if I find it inappropriate. But for now, it's rated T. (: Characters are OOC. Alec and Bella are both 19- Jane and Alec are twins so... I don't need to specify more, do I? :D

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"It's boring," Bella mutters, scanning her eyes in the crowd of the busy Seattle before heaving the bag of books over her shoulders.

'I shouldn't be so greedy...' she thinks as she feels her shoulder aching under the stress of such a heavy bag, carrying all the books she had bought for reading and studying. She sighs and decides to go home as she watches the sky darkens, night drawing near.

Goosebumps prickle her skin as she remembers seeing her childhood friend, Jacob Black yesterday, who told her some stuff she was unable to comprehend then.

'Be careful when you're out alone... Especially in the night.' was what he had told her, in a very grave tone.

The mere warning ehoes in her mind, seeming to taunt her of what may come. She picks up the pace of her steps, deep in thought as she ponders over what Jacob could be talking about, ignoring the loud chatter of noise as she reaches a dark alleyway.

Her mind goes back to the books in her back, and hope that perhaps, they can explain at least half of the things Jacob was telling her yesterday. 'The Pale Ones...' she wonders in her mind when she hears a loud scream, shattering her train of thoughts.

"Help!" a female's voice gasps out from a corner of the dark place. Bella's heart seems to freeze as she starts to comprehend where she is now. Smacking herself inwardly, she berates herself for taking this dangerous route and tilts her head to a side to listen for more sounds, but there seem to be none.

Deciding it was just a hallucination, she turns back to the trail she has taken just now to walk away when the woman pleads again. Bella hesitates, her right foot hovering, about to take the next step. "Please! Anyone-" the call for help cut off, her voice tense and suggesting any body who is listening of danger - and possible death.

Bella decides on her choice then.

She groans softly and takes a piece of wood she finds nearby, before advancing towards the end of the lane quietly, surprised to find another sharp turn and decides that that must be the place where help is needed. Heart thudding madly in her chest, she places her bag as quietly as she can onto the rough pavement. 'I just reached Forks for like, what? Two days? And I got myself involve in this shit...'

'Hopefully I still remember those self-defense lessons Dad taught me when I was over here in Summer.' Her sneakers moves quietly as she pushes herself along the wall, and squints to see a hooded figure crouching over a shivering woman at the end of the corner. Adjusting to the darkness, she notes that the woman is about thirty, mascara caking her eyelashes thickly, her make-up obviously over-done; wearing a strapless tank top and a red-and-white striped miniskirt.

Her black boots pushes against the floor repeatedly, the plastic rubbing against the concrete floor, causing an annoying high-pitched squeal as Bella refrains from wincing, just barely. She doesn't make any noise, but the figure seem to know she's there, the head tilts slightly to her direction and she senses a sudden gust of cold air right beside her.

She grips the out-of-shape bricks on the wall she's currently leaning on for courage and jerks her head to face the intruder. Though the figure is hooded, she can see from the masculine build from a close distance that he is a male - an attractive one at that, not that it matters. She notices the familiar black in their cloaks and decided that both of them must be accomplices.

Burgundy red eyes raise to meet hers, though the other features of his face are hidden under the high collar of the black cloak that flows down to the floor. His eyes focus intensely on hers, his high arc eyebrows seem to be wrinkling in concentration of- what?

Bella mimics his expression curiously and his eyes darken to raven black, like whirlpools pulling her in.

"Don't you irritate me," he hisses out, his tone threatening and dark as the spicy and dangerous scent fills her senses. Fear grips her as she takes a step back but ashamed as she is, lust also seems to be one of the emotions she's currently feeling.

"Yes, you should be afraid of me," he continues, his eyes still in raven black as they stare unblinkingly into hers, unmoving. They always say, 'Eyes are the windows of the soul' but it doesn't seem to apply in this case.

"I'm done here, brother," someone says behind Bella, the feminine voice sounding like the tinkling of bells and she almost jumps in surprise, stopping herself from doing that in time as she turns to face her. The sky is completely dark now, she notes emotionlessly and wonders briefly if she will die here.

"Go ahead," he says softly, and Bella sees her nod of acknowledgement. The hooded figure rises her head to face Bella and the same red eyes seem to sneer at her before she disappears. Bella widens her eyes in shock and amazement.

"Focus on me," He whispers, laying his hand on the outline of her face. As much as Bella might want to deny it, she can't help but lean to his cold touch slightly before halting in her movement and she hits herself internally - what the heck are you doing, Bella! His eyes seem to show triumphance and satisfaction, before he schools his face into an emotionless mask.

Bella gulps as her heart rate picks up and she puts her defensive mode up again, desperately trying to take her mind off his sexiness. She holds up the wooden stick she had grabbed just now in a stance her Dad taught her and jabs it to his direction. His eyes seem to darken more as he moves his high collar down to his neck, revealing his face and he grabs both her wrists, pinning her back against the wall.

The wooden stick drops uselessly onto the floor with a 'clang' and Bella wonders why she thinks it will work in the first place. She struggles against his seemingly steel strong grip and one corner of his mouth lifts into a hot and sexy smirk, though it hinted danger, not even looking like he's using any effort to hold her down.

"What're you doing?" Bella finally asks, managing to steady her voice under this crazy situation - and also to try to distract herself from the perfectness of his face. It seems to be sculpted out; long eyelashes lining his eyes, a strong, defined nose, high cheekbones and kissable lips...

'Kissable lips? Are you kidding me, Isabella Swan?' her inner self screams at her. Bella's sharp eyes catches a strand of brown hair hanging out from under hood, as she stares back up to his challenging

"I always do like a challenge, sweetheart," Mystery Boy rasps out, in a husky tone as he reveals his straight, white teeth, running his tongue over them.

Heart beating wildly for the second time in her chest today, she turns away from his mesmerizing eyes. "Shut up!"

"Shut up?" He repeats, his red eyes glinting with sadistic amusement, "my, aren't you daring to tell a vampire to shut up."

She opens her mouth to give some retort, but she closes it again when she realizes that she doesn't have any. He smirks, glad that he managed to shut her up; honestly, she is starting to get on his nerves with her unpredictable moves - and possibly, a tiny bit of intrigue.

"Any last words?" he asks as he opens his mouth and lets out a feral growl, his teeth lying on her neck. Her pulse jerks under the unexpected touch and she gasps breathlessly.

'Is he some kinda sicko that loves to play vamp hunting games? Or can it be that... A vampire actually exists?' She gasps, surprised at her irrational thoughts. Sweat droplets starts to form on her forehead in the alleyway and trail down her chin. Her brown hair that was neatly tied to a bun now has strands of them sticking to her forehead.

"Last words?" she repeats again, though her mind is starting to register the fact that she may really be dying here. His tongue darts out, licking sensually along the white skin of her neck where her pulse is, at the same time, quickening the rate of her heartbeat. Her breath gets caught in her throat as her eyes meet his.

"None?" he asks when he is met with no reply, his eyes black, not with even a tinge of red before he scrapes his teeth along her pulse and Bella hears him breathes in her scent.


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