This is a one shot of your favorite friends.

Eli_Gold49: It's Raining.
SimplyClare1: No Dur.
Eli_Gold49: Why so serious?
SimplyClare1: Alli is missing and like you said previously, it's raining.
Eli_Gold49: I feel a story coming on...
SimplyClare1: I can see her purple mascara running down her face right now.
Eli_Gold49: Clare?
SimplyClare1: Her designer skirt drenched in dirty water from useless cars driving past.
Eli_Gold49: CLARE!
SimplyClare1: Her weave slowly fluffing.
Eli_Gold49: Clare, I'm being mauled by bears.
SimplyClare1: Why am I sitting here? I should be out there looking for her. Bye Eli!
Eli_Gold49: They're tearing my insides out...
SimplyClare1: I left a bottle of mace over there a couple of months ago, check under the bed.
Eli_Gold49: Why did you have a bottle-
SimplyClare1: Bye Eli!
Eli_Gold49: Wow, these bears are intense!
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Eli_Gold49: It's raining... and I was attacked by bears.
ADAMTToRES: That's nice, now why hasn't Clare called me back?
Eli_Gold49: I Just fell into a cactus?
ADAMTToRES: Me too, anyways I want to know if she is okay. Maybe I should check on her.
Eli_Gold49: No way, she just came over here and stabbed me!
ADAMTToRES: Okay, Cool. I'll be over in 20.
Eli_Gold49: Sucka!
ADAMTToRES: You should probably wait for me to sign out, bro.
Eli_Gold49: Uh...
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