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I wrote this some time last year, and rediscovered it buried in my documents folder yesterday. Enjoy :)

"Are you SERIOUS?"

Remus Lupin stared in horror at his reflection, from the ridiculously fitted top to the blue mini-skirt and knee-high boots. His amber eyes widened in horror, surrounded by a fourteen-year-old boy's interpretation of suitable eye-shadow. A pair of hands reached around to straighten the enormous red bow stuck on his chest.

"Of course I'm Sirius," Sirius replied, frowning as he tried to get the bow to sit straight. "Don't tell me the moon has addled your memories as well as your courage."

Remus sighed and was in the process of thinking up a witty retort when the dormitory door banged open. James and Peter froze in the entrance, gaping, before Peter flung himself onto the closest bed in one of his uncontrollable laughing fits. After a minute he came up gasping for air, managed a breathless "Remus...you look...Sirius..." and dissolved into helpless laughter again. James leaned on the doorframe for support, shaking his head as his body trembled with contained mirth.

"I can't believe you let him do that to you."

Remus glared at the trio who were now all laughing. "It's not like I had a choice."

"Sure you had a choice," replied Sirius, wiping tears from his eyes as he reached for the lipstick. "You could have asked Annabell Flourish to Hogsmede, but you chickened out."

Remus sighed, and let Sirius finish applying his make-up. He could, should have asked Annie to Hogsmede. After all it was an official Marauder dare, and he knew the consequences.

This year there had been a Saturday Halloween Hogsmede trip organized for the 30th, as the Hufflepuff seventh years had talked their new head of house, Professor Sprout into letting them organize a dress up party for the Sunday afternoon in the Great Hall as a lead up to the feast. Costumes were, of course, required. The Marauders had group-dared one another to all ask girls they liked to Hogsmede, where they would finish off shopping for their pirate costumes.

For James and Sirius this was easy. James had asked Lily Evans first (naturally), laughed off her hex, and gone to Eryn Jones from Hufflepuff instead. Since she giggled and turned red every time she walked past him since the Gryffindor-Slytherin game where he scored twelve goals, it was a foregone conclusion. Sirius just brought along Cassie O'Connor, a muggle-born fifth year Gryffindor who he had been seen kissing in the great hall, probably just to annoy his parents.

Even Peter had managed to buck up his courage and ask little rabbit-faced Melissa Russell, a third year Hufflepuff who shyly accepted, more than happy to hang out with the cool older boys.

But as Remus had approached the small pack of Ravenclaw fourth-year girls, chatting in the courtyard between classes in some rare late October sun, he had heard Annabel exclaim loudly "Honestly, they're monsters. They should just be put down."

And sure enough, when he had glanced at the Prophet she was gesturing with, the headline read 'Greyback strikes again'. Despite the fact that there was no logical way she could know about his secret-they only really spoke in Ancient Runes, a class which the rest of the Gryffindor boys didn't take- he had turned tail and bolted back to the dormitory. When the others had asked him why he didn't have a date, he hadn't answered, and they simply assumed he'd chickened out.

And now he was stuck wearing a stylized sailor's outfit-female sailor's outfit- with his shoulder-length hair in bunches on the sides of his head and a coating of make-up so thick he was going to have to hex it off after the feast. With one last wince in the mirror, Remus slowly dragged his feet after his dormitory mates. Next time, he decided, he would just ask her. Because he never wanted to go through this again.