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Gentle rays of sunlight shone through the gaps of a secret hiding spot as a seemingly young man reclined in peace against the trunk of an old birch tree. As the sunlight tickled his face, the man drowsily began to open his eyes and sighed contentedly. His comfort was disrupted when he realized that he forgot to apply his special green paste to protect his pale face from the rays of the sun. He bolted upright in a split second and started shrieking as he felt his face begin to quickly burn. 'Damn you Apollo!' he cursed towards the sky as he struggled to find absolute shade. So concerned was he, that he didn't see the curious young lady that was standing on the edge of his little glade watching with amusement his spastic attack.

Kore/Persephone's POV

I was growing fields of flowers yet again for my mother Demeter surrounded by my friends the nymphs when I heard high pitched screaming coming from the forests. Fearing that one of the nymphs had yet again been cornered by a sex crazy god, I quickly got to my feet and dashed off to the forest. I could faintly hear the high pitched squeals of the nymphs telling me to 'come back or else Lady Demeter will not let you braid your hair with flowers in our company!' Their threats didn't bother me however because:

1. I didn't care about braiding hair and

2. I knew that my mother couldn't follow through with any of her threats towards her DARLING daughter.

As the empty threats of the nymphs faded, I started to speed up and my simple white chiton started to gather random clumps of soil and green stains from the grass. My golden hair was now flying behind me, shining nearly as bright as the sun strapped to Apollo's chariot. I was following the path to my secret hideout (because that was where I suspected the noise was coming from) and as I got nearer the desperate screams became louder and more annoying to my ears. I arrived at my secret hideout and pulled away the curtain of branches and leaves to reveal the supposed to be nymph-in-distress. To my justified shock, there was no nymph in distress. No, there was instead a tomato faced young man running around like a headless chicken. My shock turned into amusement as I heard that the young man was screaming 'Oh GODS! MY SKIN IS SOOO BURNT! NO! MY COMPLEXION WILL BE RUINED!' I was starting to think that this was actually a young girl rather than a young man. The young 'man' finally realized that he was not the only in this glade and turned redder than I had thought possible. 'Who are you?' He asked trying to regain some composure and cling on to any shred of the dignity he had left. 'I am Kore, daughter of Demeter and I believe a mere mortal such as you should have enough knowledge to know it is only right to bow in the presence of a goddess!' The young man chortled at my answer and I felt myself grow angry. 'Who are you that you may laugh at a powerful goddess?' I asked in a no-nonsense voice. After he had stopped having fits of laughter he finally answered me. 'To answer your question young goddess I am Hades, Lord of the Underworld and I have every right to laugh at you!'

Hades' POV

Kore gasped audibly and her eyes widened in shock. Or maybe fear. She looked like she had just been slapped in the face and her expression betrayed a mixture of anger and annoyance. 'Wait a minute... that's strange. No-one's EVER gotten angry OR annoyed at me before! Probably because I rock...' I thought to myself. She opened her mouth and started rapidly talking, faster than Hermes ran whenever something valuable was mentioned. Kore started saying something about how she wasn't that young and blah blah blah blah. Oh crap. I think I just got stuck in the longest lecture of the century...

Kore's/Persephone's POV

'Just because you're one of the Big Three and an older god who is constantly surrounded by reverent skeletons and zombies, doesn't mean you can laugh at me and call me a freaking YOUNG GODDESS! I'm SICK OF IT! Plus, I'm not that young! I'm an ADULT already!' I ranted. 'I'm already eighteen this year! Do you call that young? DO YOU?' Hades abruptly interrupted me, 'Yeah sure, I like Greece this time of the year too!' I tried to fix him with murderous glare, but obviously the freaking Lord of the Dead didn't notice a thing. 'Yeah, eighteen is good, but not compared to my awesome nine hundred years! Owned... ANYWAY I gotta get going; you know how it is when it comes to judging and condemning damned souls! They just never stop coming! Toodles!' A crack opened up in the ground and Hades calmly dropped down into its unknown depths. The crack closed once Hades had disappeared and there was no apparent evidence that the Lord of the Underworld had once been there. I have to say though... that was some pretty epic. Screw flowers! I want to open up cracks in the ground too!

As I approached the field of flowers which I had so hurriedly left, my mother and her swarm of nymph followers rushed to me. My overly protective mother enveloped me in a stifling hug (for the tenth time today I think) and started to squeeze the breath out of me. 'Mum... stop *wheeze wheeze*... I can't... breathe!' I managed to choke out. Mum hurriedly released me from her death grip and instead took my hands and squeezed them to death. 'You didn't run into any BAD gods did you? If Ares has been within twenty kilometres of you, I swear on the River Styx I'm going to turn him into a freaking daisy!' Mum declared. She scanned the surrounding area and then closed her eyes and started humming, trying to sense if there were any gods in the forest spying on us. I shook my head and wondered when mum would ever let me near a male ever again. Ever since Apollo and Ares had a competition and tried to kiss me on my cheeks when I was four, mum had forbidden me from going near a guy again. Yeah, life's tough; especially when an overprotective eternal goddess is your mother...

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