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Chapter 6

The sun was setting signalling the end of yet another day and heralding the beginning of the night. A lone figure was hunched in deep concentration underneath a large tree in the midst of a resplendent garden. Clutched in his large hands was a book, a very small one at that in comparison to his hands. This was Lord Hades, the magnificent Lord of the Underworld. From his post underneath the tree, Hades had not yet moved. In fact, it had been close to five or six hours since he had first sat down in his place underneath the tree. A peaceful atmosphere surrounded him as he flipped through the pages of his small book which in all actuality was in fact the diary of a certain young nature goddess, Lady Persephone. But alas, it was not to last for his peaceful musings and deep contemplation was to be disrupted by the raging fury of the diary's rightful owner, a certain Lady Persephone.


I had been flipping through little Persephone's diary for about two hours by now, absorbing all the little titbits of information about her life. After her first entry into her diary there were no further mentions of myself, although that was to be expected. It's not like I see her every day after all. There were some rather interesting entries about how she had a crush on so and so or she really hated Ares and so and so, but nothing of substantial worth. I did develop the overwhelming urge to bash Ares though, that sick little idiot. It started to get interesting however when I got up to the diary entry about her induction into the Gods because I, of course, was there.

Dear Diary,

I guess I should introduce myself. I am now the latest addition to the immortals, Lady Persephone goddess of flowers and all plants. Cue fanfare. Exciting, I know! I've only just woken up, last night's after party was hectic! Everyone was drunk, and I mean everyone. Even mother was drunk! In fact everyone was so drunk the party practically just turned into an orgy, everyone was just going after each other. Shudder, I just want to put that picture of Father and that nymph together out of my head. Seeing a parent fooling around is just downright disturbing.

I had a hectic time last night; the only thing that marred my otherwise perfect evening was that ass of a god Ares. I had merely fallen asleep for a couple of minutes before I wake up and notice he's right next to me. Stalker cough cough. I held him in relatively okay regard before that night, but now all my respect for him has just disappeared. It might have something to do with the fact that he tried to kiss me even though it was obvious that I did not want him. So of course I head locked him. Hades appeared suddenly on the scene because I kind of accidentally used his name as a… swear. Oh, that reminds me! I found dear old Hades in a rather compromising predicament. Poor thing, he had a rather promiscuous nymph on his hands making advances on him even though it was clear he did not want anything to do with her. Her high pitched whining did nothing to assist her attempts in seducing Hades; in fact I think they turned him off even more. The sounds she was producing could be likened to that of a dog, and you know what that would make her. A biatch. It was very amusing to watch the exchange going on between the two; Hades was trying to hold her at least an arm length away but this insolent nymph seemed to have an immense amount of power to be able to overpower a fully grown god since she was able to successfully hang onto Hades. Might I commend her on her pole dancing skills? It must not be easy to practically pole dance on a living, moving person, and one that doesn't want you on him as well. Job well done. She should get a medal for perseverance or something. Or maybe just her plain annoying factor.

I don't know why I'm saying such mean things about her, I'm generally a nice person and don't bitch about other people. Oh my Hades, I just used the B-Word! This, dear diary, is a sure sign that something is happening to me. Oh dear Zeus, I hope I'm not being possessed or something by that wicked Nemesis girl! She's a cruel one, that one. Nah, God/Goddesses can't possess other immortals. Come on, do you think the world would be even normal if we could? It's just in the rules of nature!

Now, let's try and figure out the root of the problem shall we? Well, I don't think it's because I hate S words. I can generally tolerate them; half of the population of Olympus are S-words. Plus, I've seen plenty of the gods that I know associate and partake in certain physical activities with S-words and I don't seem to have a problem. It doesn't have anything to do with the fact that… Hades was part of the situation? No, bad girl. Highly unlikely. Don't even think of it. You can't possibly have a… crush on him can you? That's just wrong! He's your UNCLE, and your OLDEST uncle at that! But he's so damn sexy, and dayum that chest! So perfectly chiselled, DROOL. Okay, I give up. So I have a kind of crush on Hades. So what? There I've said it. I fancy Hades. It's not my fault he's is a damn fine looking piece of an immortal. The years have been kind to him, it helps that he was born practically perfect looking. Ah, that jaw line. Someone help me, I think I'm going to faint from all these images flashing through my mind, some not quite entirely appropriate.

I better stop before I pass out from over using my over imaginative mind.



My brow was clearly furrowed. This chick likes me? Hell yeah! Before I could continue on my celebrations over the fact that I might finally have something going on in my love life, a shadow fell over me. I peeked up and gulped. An absolutely infuriated, but oh so radiant, Persephone was looming over me, pure rage written all over her face. Her hands were on her hips and she was glaring at me with such immense force I could have possibly withered and died right there.

"What the hell are you doing reading my diary?!"

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