A/N- Wassup everybody, I'm Prince Gray. This is my first time writing a Pokemon fic. So, let's see how this goes. I'm very open to people submitting OC's. HOWEVER I do have some criteria. As far as main cast goes, only two will be chosen. All others will be either a COTD (Character of the day) or a minor recurring character and only one other will be a rival. (Already have another one set up.) Also keep in mind that this story will be based in Hoenn, so please try using Johto, Kanto and Hoenn Pokémon. However, since I'm gracious, you can also use Sinnoh pokemon if you want. NO UNOVA POKES ALLOWED! (Not only because it's a whole different country and will not make too much sense, but because I want to do something with Unova later.) So, if you submit Unova pokes, you will be asked to change them. Failure to comply will result in your submission being completely ignored without a second thought. I apologize if I sound mean, but I run a tight ship with my OC fics.

Please fill out in the following format:







Personality (No Mary-Sue BS)-

Goal (Such as Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder)-

Backstory (PLEASE try to be original)-

Pokemon (Preferably in Basic to Middle form, please provide details and whether or not you want to evolve.)