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Chapter 1

Klaus stared out at the turbulent waters as his mind racked with his many thoughts. He had come to one realization just a few minutes ago, what was it? Plain and simple... the vampire's in mystic falls are extremely stupid. He smirked at his own conclusion and nodded at his minion when he came to ask if they were ready to leave. They need to stop underestimating me he thought. Not that he truly expected such a feat from one Damon Salvatore. Yes, Klaus had decided that the root of every stupid decision made by the supernaturals in that blessed town was the elder Salvatore's fault. This new 'save Elena' plan of theirs was a shining example.

It had been two months since Klaus had compelled Stefan to turn off his humanity for good, but just as he had expected the lovely doppelganger and the brother had managed to eventually get his ripper back to his old weak rabbit munching self. He had once hoped to gain the friendship of Stefan back, but that had to be ruined by that wretched doppelganger. He didn't care anymore, all that mattered was her blood and his hybrids... and that leads us to the next spectacular plan thanks to the Salvatore minds...

Let's run from Klaus.

He had to admit, it seemed quite intelligent. Using the witch to completely mask the presence of the doppelganger. He was sure they wanted to make it look like she had died... and the brothers unable to bear the pain had run away, truly wonderful plan, but for one teeny tiny flaw. Klaus sees everything... and he saw this from a mile away and he decided to have his own fun with it. If they didn't want him to take Elena he would make sure she was personally delivered to him, through the brother's themselves. And his link to all this was simple... the witch and the blonde. He smirked highly amused by whatever he had planned

"Everything is ready" Jax called from behind and he nodded in response.

It was time to visit mystic falls again.

"Damon stop pushing me" Caroline screeched as the Salvatore rammed her into the parlor of the boarding house. She looked around confused and then sighed deeply when she saw Elena, Stefan, Bonnie, Jeremy, Tyler and Ric sitting around in a circle.

"Sit" Damon said disapprovingly and plumped down on the couch next to Ric

"Why am I here" she asked instantly

"We're having a meeting" Stefan replied

"Okay... what does it have to with me" she asked confused and they all looked at each other

"We're leaving Caroline" Elena said

"What..." she stuttered feeling the tear creep up on her... she would be all alone now

"Why... why do you have to leave" Caroline said through her tears and Ric put a small hand on her back trying to comfort her

"To protect Elena" Damon said simply and Caroline controlled the urge to scoff at him, though Bonnie glared at him angrily

"To protect all of us" Bonnie corrected

Caroline knew this was because Klaus needed Elena's blood. Everything was because, about and for Elena

"You're going too" Caroline said sadly looking at Bonnie

"I have to Caroline... they need a witch" Bonnie said controlling her own tears and Caroline nodded

"So... when are you'll leaving" she asked looking at Stefan and he looked confused

"We as in all of us care... you too. We all are leaving" he replied waving his across the room indicating to her as well

Caroline jumped up in surprise and screamed "No... I don't want to go... why do I have to go"

"Because he'll use anyone I care about to get to me" Elena said

"No..." Caroline repeated pacing around the sofa

"Caroline even if Klaus believed Elena is dead doesn't mean he won't go after people she cares about. You can't stay here; we all have to stick together." Ric said

"But... no... I-I can't... I'll be all alone" Caroline said softly as she stopped her pacing and stood in one place

"You won't be alone care... we will all be with you" Stefan said concerned

Caroline snorted. They had been with her for two years and she felt alone every single damn day...

"Is there no other way... I really don't..." Caroline began but Damon but her off

"No there isn't Blondie... Klaus will use anyone he can to get information. And you are dumber than you look and will probably tell him everything in a second... if it makes it any better I'm not happy about you coming either" Damon snapped angrily earning a angry stare from Caroline and Bonnie. He mumbled something under his breath that sounded a lot like "Should have just killed you" and Caroline wanted to just run away and cry but was shocked when she saw the pure rage and hatred in Bonnie's face. Bonnie was staring at Damon menacingly and her hands were clenched in fists and the next thing her head titled back and Damon was on the ground screaming in agony

"Bonnie stop it" Elena screamed again and again and Bonnie got up in response and gave a little grunt from her mouth as Damon screamed even harder and tossed around on the floor in a vain attempt to get up

Caroline could simply stare and put a hand to her mouth in shock. She knew she should stop Bonnie... but she had never seen her this mad. Stefan though being the calm head that he is, gave Elena a 'shut-up' look and thankfully she did and he slowly walked behind Bonnie and put his hands calmly on her arms

"Bonnie... calm down. It's okay... calm down" he whispered softly and she finally relaxed into his touch and her body limped as Damon stopped screaming and lay panting on the floor. Stefan had to hold Bonnie from falling to the floor, but she regained her strength and advanced forward towards Damon a dangerous glint in her eyes, and gave a satisfied smirk when Damon recoiled back in fear

"You listen good Damon... Coz I will only say this once. I have to travel and live with you everywhere for god knows how long, and I will not tolerate your attitude. This was just a preview... you talk to Caroline that way again I will give you another taste, and I don't care what you say" Bonnie screamed through clenched teeth as she turned around to glare at a shocked Elena "We are doing all this for you Elena so I will not tolerate your soft spot for Damon and he does anything I don't like I'm gonna burn his ass"

"Bonnie..." Elena said shocked but was cut off by bonnie again as she turned back to look at Damon

"Whatever smart comments you have Damon, say them in your head laugh at them yourself, but when you're around me shut the fuck up. And be nice to Caroline. Understood?" she added and at that moment everyone except Caroline was afraid of her

Damon glared at her angrily and his eyes widened when she slumped back her shoulders and half closed her eyes ready to hit him with another aneurism and he flinched instinctively

"Understood" he hissed though the fear in his voice was unmistakable and Bonnie sighed and went back to sit in her seat as if nothing had happened. Caroline was shocked and happy that Bonnie would do something like that for her, and she was sure that even Stefan smiled a little bit.

"Caroline you should go say goodbye to your mum. We leave in an hour." Bonnie said her voice now soft and concerned and Caroline nodded and got up to leave her tears dried as she realized no matter what she had Bonnie. She couldn't help but smile at Damon as she left, he was still lying on the ground practically unable to move.

She finished saying goodbye, it wasn't easy... a lot of crying and hugging and what not, but her mother understood and even helped her pack. She took one last look at the house where she grew up not knowing if she would ever see it again. She sighed as she stuffed her stuff in the car and drove to the boarding house and couldn't help but smile remembering what had happened earlier. She could hear Damon and Bonnie arguing again and even heard her threaten to burn him and he immediately shut up and Caroline laughed, the big bad Damon was afraid of a teenage witch... what could be better. She grabbed her bags in her hands and was about to walk towards the door... and the next thing she knew was that she knew nothing. She felt the pain of something stick her neck and hands grasping around her waist and no more.

"Isn't she pretty?" a smoldering voice said... at least that's what registered in Caroline's head. She couldn't recognize the voice; she couldn't even open her eyes yet... she was too groggy probably from the large vial of vervain pumped into her.

"Yes she's pretty" a female voice answered, heavy accent and quite bitchy to say the least... and then Caroline knew who it was... Rebekah... which meant the other male voice was... was...

"I still don't get why you took her?" Rebekah asked annoyed

"I have a diabolical master plan sweetheart" Klaus replied

"Which is what exactly Nick?

"The brother's are going to hand over pretty little Elena to me all by themselves and very much willingly so." Klaus replied and Caroline tensed in fear... well more fear.

"Uh... you really think they will hand over the doppelganger for her?" Rebekah asked disbelievingly

Klaus smirked Caroline was sure of it... she could feel it. She was tied up, and they were moving... means they were in a car. Yes a car, she could smell the leather.

Klaus smiled knowing that the blonde was awake... people really shouldn't underestimate him.

"No... Not people" Klaus said simply "But the witch will. And like I said I need both the witch and the doppelgangers blood for my plan"

"You think the witch will come for her?" Rebekah asked

Klaus nodded absolutely sure. He was an observer he always had been, he had observed the behavior of everyone in mystic falls and he knew there were only two people the witch would put above others. The blonde and the Gilbert boy, Klaus had chosen the blonde... well because... does anyone really need a reason. Sure he was ancient, but he was still a man. She would be a much more interesting trade, and... plus, Klaus was bored.

Break the curse- check

Kill Elijah- check

Do some evily thing- check

Make hybrids- check

There literally was nothing else on the list, and little miss Elena would give herself up any day for her brother... but he wasn't so sure she would do so for the blonde. No problem Klaus thought, he would still get what he wanted... and keep the blonde as keep sake if you may.

He was sure at one point he would be asked the question "Why are you doing this". The answer was simple, he was not tolerate of pretences and the poor blonde in the back-seat had been a victim of pretences far too long. People whom she thought cared about her, well in some time she would find out who went in which category. It was going to fun indeed

And then there was other reason, which he hadn't even revealed to his sister. He had followed the blonde for months now, two months to be exact as soon as he had reached mystic falls. He had felt something different in her, and he could still remember the night he found out exactly what she could do, and he made his decision then. The trade was just a pretence, a way for her to realize that he was truly the only one who wanted her, not the people she called her friends. He never had any plans on giving her back in exchange for the doppelganger... he always got what he wanted. This time Klaus wanted the blonde and the witch and they would be with him for eternity. He would see to it.