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Chapter 8

Caroline felt like she had entered the Godfather world; what with Elijah directing everyone to sit down in the parlor so they can get down to business, and she was pretty sure he even scratched his jaw Marlon Brando style. Bonnie on the other hand was too busy trying to mentally castrate the irritating Kol character while attempting to keep track of the siblings bickering.

"Why don't we stop the fights for now?" Elijah boomed getting in between Kol and Klaus yet again.

"Oh yeah, I'm dope for that, but Nik here won't stop" Kol said instantly causing Elijah to roll his eyes in frustration while Klaus looked at his brother incredulously

Caroline and Bonnie simply turned to look at each other, confusion clear on both of their faces.

"You're dope wit- what?" Klaus exclaimed "You've been daggered for 100 years, how are you talking like that?"

"It seems our brother fully exploited the internet and it's widely educative sources on our way here. And now he says things like dope" Elijah said sarcastically while Kol turned to wink at Bonnie and she threw her hands in the air in frustration.

Before Kol could respond in words which Elijah was sure would only make him angrier he gripped his arm and started dragging him towards the couch while turning to give a stern look to Klaus.

"Bonnie, Caroline" Klaus began "Why don't you go upstairs"

He meant it more like an order than a request and both Bonnie and Caroline could see that he was thoroughly flustered at this moment, especially coz he said Bonnie and not Bennet or witch.

"I'm not going anywhere" Bonnie said adamantly pulling Caroline back when she made a move to leave "I am staying right here"

Before Klaus could object or Kol could give his own interpretation of why Bonnie wanted to stay Elijah spoke up.

"Let them stay Niklaus, they're as much a part of this as us"

Klaus merely grumbled and yelled hastily "Who let you out?"

"Ooh I've heard a song along those lines" Kol piped up "It went something like 'who let the..."

"Enough Kol..." Elijah thundered placing his forefinger and thumb on the bridge of his nose in exasperation.

Caroline –never having had any control on her spontaneous reactions – giggled loudly at the entire conversation causing Bonnie to nudge her in the ribs while Kol sent another one of winks her way.

"Tell me who did this and why isn't Finn...?" Klaus began angrily

"Finn hasn't been undaggered. Only me and Kol and you would have known that if you had checked up after your hybrids" Elijah said crisply

"You're slipping with your old age Nik" Kol added bitingly causing Klaus to scowl at him.

"No, he's just distracted" Elijah corrected his brother while fleeting his gaze over to the two girls standing awkwardly by the side.

"I can explain everything" Klaus said slowly and for the first time Caroline noticed a slight undertone of fear in his voice.

"You can start by explaining what you're doing here in Scotland" Elijah said, sitting down on the couch and crossing his legs "And what you were doing in Monaco"

"And I'm quite certain your next destination will be Paris" Elijah added with a cocky smile as Bonnie and Klaus made the connection at the same time.

"Salvatore" Klaus breathed, the anger heavy laden in his voice.

"Leave it to Damon to make things worse" Bonnie mumbled, wringing her hands furiously.

"It can't be that worse sweetheart, I'm here now" Kol declared proudly, and actually stood up to emphasize his point to which Bonnie made gagging noises.

"Oh sit down Kol" Elijah said irately pointing a well-practiced finger at his younger brother and then turning to repeat the motion to Klaus, who shockingly complied instantly.

Bonnie and Caroline sat down without even being asked to.

It was abundantly clear that despite his hybrid status and lack of temper control Klaus wasn't the leader of this group. Elijah was the administrator in their family.

"You betrayed me again Niklaus" Elijah said stoically and Klaus rolled his eyes momentarily before shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

"It was necessary at the time, but I give you my word I had every intention of..." Klaus said tonelessly, though his eyes betrayed his pretense of indifference.

"I have learned not to trust your vulgar promises" Elijah cut him across straightening the collar of his suit "Which is why from now on I will be taking control of our siblings. And yes that means I'm in possession of the last two coffins"

"You can't undagger Finn... he's just a nuisance" Klaus said instantly and even Kol perked up at this.

"I actually agree with Nik here, Finn's so lame" Kol chided causing his two brothers to look at him incredulously.

"I have no plans on doing that, or opening the last one either" Elijah added pointedly and Klaus gulped nervously.

"Where's Bekah?" Kol asked suddenly and Elijah looked around interested as well.

"She's doing some work... elsewhere" Klaus said vaguely peaking everyone's interest but before Kol could say anything else Elijah spoke ahead of him.

"If you're here..." Elijah said absently lifting his hand in the air fleetingly "And you were in Monaco and Rebekah is out, does that mean you...?"

Klaus cut him off with a loud clearing of his throat and slow tilt of his head towards the girls staring at them weirdly.

All the while Bonnie and Caroline were lost, they could have been speaking in Greek for all they knew.

"Why don't we discuss that in private" Klaus said warningly "Caroline, Bonnie I think it's time you go upstairs"

Caroline merely stuck her nose out at him angrily but got up to leave nonetheless, whereas Bonnie stayed put on the seat glaring all around almost daring them to make her leave.

"I am not going anywhere; I want to know what you're talking about" Bonnie grumbled childishly, stomping her foot slightly and crossing her arms over her chest.

"Isn't she adorable when she's stubborn" Kol said impishly

"You'll have to bear him if you stay" Elijah pointed out before Bonnie could respond.

"Fine, I'm leaving" Bonnie said instantly jumping to the feet, grabbing Caroline's hand she started dragging her to the stairs "But that doesn't mean I won't try to find out what you're talking about later" she added warningly while sneaking a glance at Kol's incensed face.

"Wouldn't expect anything less" Klaus commented bitterly.

Smiling to herself, Bonnie all but shoved Caroline up the stairs while rolling her eyes and scoffing when the blonde turned back to smile at Klaus.

"We have to come up with a way to find out what's going on down there" Bonnie said for the 10th time and Caroline exhaled loudly.

"We can't Bonnie... I-I don't know how and neither do you so could you just give up and help me chose a dress for that gala tomorrow" Caroline whined shaking a sparkly blue dress in the witches face.

But Bonnie remained undeterred.

"This could have something to do with us" Bonnie reminded while sifting through Caroline's suitcase.

"I'm pretty sure this is all original business Bon..." Caroline said confidently

Bonnie simply shrugged but continued voicing her thoughts "Damon didn't really think this one through though"

"Yes well that's Damon" Caroline laughed slightly "But it would be nice if they got along like an actual normal family right?"

"These people can't be a normal family Care" Bonnie said finitely "And why Kol? Elijah I can deal with him, but that moron..."

"He's got some charm though, you gotta admit that" Caroline said, picking up a green dress and holding it in front of her to show Bonnie who only shrugged "But knowing Damon I hope there aren't any more surprises"

"I'm worried now Care" Bonnie said absent-mindedly pacing the bedroom frantically.

"Why?" Caroline asked softly, realizing that Bonnie was in no mood for fashion advice she snapped her suitcase shut and gave her friend her full attention.

"It's... it's just getting too much" Bonnie responded, the stress showing on her face "Klaus is so cryptic about so many things that I don't understand what I know and what I don't know. And then Damon refusing to just sit it out and now more originals..."

"Bon you're thinking too much" Caroline cut her across but stopped when she saw the flash of anger on the witches face.

"And you're thinking too less" Bonnie snapped "I know you're slightly – as Elijah said – distracted right now, but don't forget that Klaus kidnapped you and used that to make me come here. You know what that means right?"

Caroline just looked up at her with those big blue eyes and tried to shake away the nagging thought but Bonnie refused to let her slide out of this conversation one more time.

Bonnie wanted Caroline to say the words, almost as if she needed to know that Caroline hadn't forgotten that little tid bit. So she widened her eyes and shook her head at the blonde urging her to respond.

"Because he wants us for something" Caroline said in a small voice looking down at her feet.

Bonnie let out a relieved sigh when she heard the words drift out of her friend's mouth and added "Yes and there's a very good chance that that something is not in our best interests"

"Then what are we supposed to do?" Caroline asked frustrated.

"Tell me everything you all did before I came to Monaco" Bonnie demanded "Ugh whatever you can without breaching the mighty hybrids trust" she added aggregately when she saw the hesitation in Caroline's face.

"Well... for the first month me and Klaus barely spoke that much, just a little here and there. I think I was still a little weary of him" Caroline recounted sitting down on the bed as she recalled the days before Bonnie had come to stay with them.

"Me and Rebekah used to talk the most, just normal stuff you know. And then after she left I had no choice but to talk to Klaus and I started to not be so weary of him so I opened up and so did he and then we just started talking... and" Caroline continued

"I don't want the tale of your blooming romance, I want the other stuff... something that could tell us why we're here" Bonnie interrupted

"I asked him a thousand times and never got a straight answer. I couldn't find anything." Caroline said exasperatedly

"When did Rebekah leave?"

"The day after me and Klaus went to the woods behind the castle to get..." Caroline trailed off mid-sentence, her hand mid-air and her mouth half open as a realization struck her.

"The book... the witches book" she breathed turning to look at a perplexed Bonnie "He's getting these books out of weird places, I saw him and Rebekah get one when we were in Chicago before we left for Monaco. And I got one out in Monaco and..."

"I got one out here" Bonnie finished the sentence for her, a triumphant look on her face "That's it! We need to find out what's in those books"

"He won't tell, and I tried to look but it was all witchy writing... and not to mention all in Latin or Greek or something older. Might have been in runes too for all I could tell" Caroline huffed unceremoniously

"I think I could understand more than you. I just need to get a look at it" Bonnie said determinedly already making the plans in her head.

"Yeah, good luck with that" Caroline exclaimed "Klaus won't let you anywhere near the books"

Bonnie merely looked at her funny and shrugged her shoulders oddly, prompting Caroline to irately ask "What?"

"Well" Bonnie said slowly, weighing every word "If Klaus isn't here to keep an eye on his books... I could get a sneak in"

"He never... that would be hard, I don't think he would... and NO. No Bonnie, no no no no no no" Caroline changed track halfway when she saw the implied meaning in Bonnie's eyes.

"I am not going distract him" Caroline yelled angrily.

"You're the only one who can; we need to see what's in those..."

"No no no no, this qualifies as a breach of trust Bon" Caroline pointed out adamantly.

"Caroline" Bonnie said seriously grasping her hand with hers "I know you guys are friends or whatever the hell you are, but it's you and me here first, right? Remember?"

Caroline swayed on the balls of her feet for a few seconds while debating with herself. Finally she shook her head violently and said

"Fine, but he doesn't find out ok and and... this is the only time. If you don't find what you want I'm not doing this again" she warned and Bonnie nodded vigorously

Giving her a bitter stare Caroline plopped down on the bed, whereas Bonnie moved over to her suitcase and removed a flimsy baby pink dress.

"The distraction would be much easier and longer if you wore this" Bonnie said holding out the petite dress to her friend who scowled at her, but took it nonetheless.

When Caroline walked down the steps the next morning, all prepared to play the distraction she heard Klaus and Elijah talking from the study room.

"How many did you find till now?" she heard Elijah ask

"3" Klaus replied

"And how far along is it..."

Before she could hear Klaus's response a voice boomed from behind her "I didn't catch your name sugar"

She squeaked slightly as she whirled around to look at a smirking Kol checking her out shamelessly.

She almost blurted that this dress was for the benefit of his brother and not him.

Thankfully before she said that, or had to reply Klaus walked up behind her. From the mirror behind Kol she saw Klaus's eyes scan over the abundant leg her dress provided.

She had to work hard to control her smile.

"Your vocabulary is appalling Kol" Klaus snipped "Sugar?"

"And your vocabulary is exactly like an old man no longer capable of getti-..." Kol responded impishly but Klaus spoke over him when he realized where his baby brother was going with this.

"Why are you all dolled up love?" Klaus said turning his attention to Caroline.

"The gala remember" she replied panicking slightly, this was her venue to keep him occupied.

No gala, no distraction.

"Oh that" Klaus said apologetically "I forgot all about that, and I'm afraid I won't be going... I have other things to do"

Now she was in full panic mode so she had no control over her tongue, not like she ever did really.

"Oh, then why don't we do something else together" she quirked unable to keep the pleading tone out of her voice.

Klaus's eyebrows rose substantially whereas Kol got a full on evil smirk.

"Sure love" Klaus said happily, unable to keep the smile or surprise off his face "But you won't particularly like what I'm about to do"

"I don't care... let's go" she chided abruptly, and in her desperation to get this awful business of being the distraction done and dusted with she actually grabbed his arm and started steering him outside.

"Oh, why don't I tag along too" Kol chirped up mischievously stopping them before they reached the door.

"Ok" Caroline said instantly.

One less person for Bonnie to avoid while sneaking into Klaus's study.

"No" Klaus said defiantly "You stay and here chill bro"

Before Kol had a chance to say anything Klaus grabbed Caroline's hand and led her out the door.

"So where are we going exactly"

Klaus only smiled at her question but kept walking further into the woods steadfastly.

"I'm just wondering why everything has to be in the woods. Am I overdressed... underdressed?" she asked instead hoping for anything.

"This requires no dressing at all" he said with an impish smirk.

He stopped when he saw her eyes widen into saucers and explained himself more thoroughly "I didn't meant it like that love, you'll see"

She only nodded and then she realized what they were doing.

"It's another book isn't it?" she asked slowly and turned to give her an impressed nod as they continued to walk through the thick cover of the woods.

"Very good sweetheart" he chided and she rolled her eyes and bumped her shoulders with his playfully.

"Any chance it could be in clean place this time?" she asked in a timid pleading voice and knew when he didn't answer but only smiled wickedly that her wish couldn't be granted.

Once they reached their pre-determined destination Caroline instantly knew the reason behind his cheeky smile.

"Oh you're such a deviant" she said clicking her tongue and putting her hands on her hips while glaring at him with a small smile on her face.

He looked like he was trying very hard not to burst into a huge grin, so he bit his lower lip in a vain attempt to hide his rising amusement. But it was of no use, she could see it clearly written on his face.

He looked like a small kid right now.

"I'm guessing you can't go inside" she said pointing towards the small pond ahead of them. She didn't really need an answer to her question, from experience she already knew that he wouldn't be able to go inside and she would have to be the one to venture into the lake to fetch his blessed book.


Coz there was no way she was spoiling her very new and very expensive dress.

And the cocky hybrid knew that as well, ergo his comment about 'no dressing required' and the permanent smirk he couldn't get off his face.

"Oh I can" he said and she hoped foolishly for a second "But I'm sure I won't be able to retrieve the book"

He stepped forward and dipped his hand in to prove the point "Witches are nothing if not thorough"

"You've already tried haven't you?" she asked, shaking her head in disbelief she let out a small bark like laugh. She had gotten herself into this willingly; he was more than willing to use one of his hybrids instead.

"I told you you wouldn't like it" he reminded her and she shook her head sarcastically at him, continuing to think what the best possible solution here was.

"No wonder you were so happy" she chided and he looked offended

"You were the one desperate here love; I was going to bring some hybrid along." He pointed out and she sighed knowing he was telling the truth.

"We can go back and I can get..." he said starting to move back towards the house when he saw the confusion on her face but she immediately stopped him.

"No, no" she said a little too loudly "I offered to come, I knew this could happen. Fine I'll do it... just turn around."

She can't afford to go back right now and have Klaus find Bonnie flipping through his books.

"Okay?" she demanded and he threw his hands up in the air and turned his back to her instantly.

"Where is this stupid book exactly?" she asked grumpily as she took off her shoes and bunched her hair up together.

"Should be in the centre..." he said and she silently nodded her head.

She had unzipped her dress and it was halfway down to her waist when he shifted on his feet slightly and she had a mini-aneurism.

"DON'T TURN AROUND" she screamed and snaked her arms around her torso at once, eliciting a small chuckle from him.

"I'm not turning around Caroline" he assured her, the mirth evident in his voice. He was thoroughly enjoying himself.

"You can't see anything right?" she asked skeptically as she stepped out of the dress completely and cautiously held it against her body.

"Do you see eyes in the back of my head?" he mocked and she scowled at his back.

She was debating on leaving on her underwear but the water was dirty and this was an expensive pair and plus she was certain he wouldn't be able to see anything as long as he kept his back turned while she was getting in and getting out.

"Do not turn around" she warned again, more threateningly this time when she unclasped her bra and heard him sigh loudly.

"Don't worry love, I'll wait until you show me willingly" he quirked impishly and even though she couldn't see his face she could picture the exact smirk on his face.

She just shook her head not having anything to say to that and finally removed the last piece of clothing on her and lined them all up in a pile on the cleanest part of the floor she could find.

"Ok you can turn now" she said wearily when she was well submerged in the water and he turned around slowly, his eyes first falling on the clothes properly arranged on the floor bringing out a small snort from him.

"Al right well, let's not waste daylight love. Get in there" he ordered and determinedly avoided himself from looking down at the slight curve of her breasts visible over the water.

"You can't see anything right?" she repeated herself and he crouched down by the water's edge and smiled softly.

"No, I can't. I promise you"

She glared up at the sun and then out of habit took a deep breath and dived into the water.

She was right, it was dirty and she was already thinking about the hour long bath in disinfectant that she was going to need. But swimming was much easier when you're a vampire no need to breath. And that's exactly why she was able to look around on the floor of the waterbed for so long.

When she reached the centre of the lake it was covered in weeds and she had to fight her way through to get to the hard bed. She just wanted to get it done with as fast as possible so she violently slashed around the flailing weeds and other plants and only stopped when she got sight of the book exactly where Klaus said it would be.

She grabbed the book and swam up as fast as she could, reminding herself not to burst through the water in a rush or Klaus was gonna get a good look at her goodies.

She knew something had gone terribly wrong when she burst to open water and her entire body was on fire.

Bonnie was this close, this close to translating one line from Klaus's book when Kol sauntered into the parlor and got right in her face... and body.

"What is the little witch up to?" he said with his characteristic smirk.

From the fear of getting caught and the surprise of being pushed onto the table with no air left between their bodies she even lost track of the words she had managed to translate.

"Get off of me Kol" she demanded pushing him on the chest, but she might as well have been trying to move a giant submarine on her own.

"No, but I much prefer this position" he mock pouted trying to grab the book from her hands.

She was too flustered and angry to attempt any magic so she merely smacked him on the head with the book causing him to burst out in laughter.

"You're hilarious" he said as he climbed off her and bought her back to her feet by using her arms and she simply looked daggers at him.

"What do you want?" she said furiously.

She had been this close, and she knew this was some important line coz Klaus had been writing it over and over again.

"I want to know what you're doing snooping through Nik's stuff"

"Not snooping, I'm just reading a book" she defended trying to get the book out of his reach, but he was much taller than her.

"He will kill you if he finds out..." Kol said clicking his tongue.

"No he won't" Bonnie retorted confidently and he pursed his lips as he turned to look at her, handing the book back to her he rested against the back of the couch.

"Aren't you over-confident" he commented

"I'm also a loner, so leave me alone" she said hastily even added a sweet please.

"If you tell me what you're doing, and let me in on it I won't tell Nik" Kol said moving forward to come closer to her.

"Look I'm sure you've met many dumb women in your ancient existence, but I'm not one of them" Bonnie snorted

"I'm trying to help and this is what I get" he replied placing one hand on his heart in dramatic fashion.

"Why would you want to help me? Klaus is your brother?"

"Yes and he and Elijah treat me like I'm a kid... they won't tell me what's happening" Kol said bitterly

"Awww... does little wittle Kol feel left out" Bonnie teased and Kol advanced towards her menacingly

"Watch it witch" he said grabbing her arm but instantly left it when it burned his skin hotter than vervain and sun combined.

"I would watch it if I was you" she corrected "My witchy juice may not work on Klaus, but you're younger weaker and were rotting in a coffin for a century... you can't do anything to me"

She expected him to be angry and maybe fling her across the room or something instead he burst out laughing again.

"I like you" he said nodding his head as if he had just re-confirmed that in his head and she merely scoffed at him.

"Good to know... now leave me alone" she added politely

"Your work would go faster if you had someone who remembers a little of runes..." Kol said airily as he turned to walk away and she cursed inwardly.

"Ugh... fine. Tell me what this symbol means" she said irately opening the book to show it him, but he stayed put in his place and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Say the magic words" he demanded

"Help me, or I'll burn your ba-..."

"Please will do" he spoke over her and she couldn't help but crack a grin.

"Please help me Kol" she said mock sweetly and he wrenched the book from her hands and sat down.

About half an hour later they had come to a definitive yet furthermore confusing conclusion.

They had been going at it wrong for the first fifteen minutes, before Bonnie suggested translating it from runes to Latin instead of English, and like magic everything fell in place.

As soon as she saw the first three words she knew that this was a spell.

But only a part of a spell; a small part of a spell.

"What kind of spell?" she asked softly, only now realizing how close their faces were.

His eyes flickered to her lips momentarily before he moved back with a small triumphant smile.

"Knowing Nik, it can't be anything good" he said forebodingly and she sighed thinking the exact same thing.

"What do you mean you're not going to do it anymore?" Damon's voice boomed from across the phone and Elijah sighed for the 10th time.

"It means that I won't be helping you anymore. I have more important things to do" Elijah said curtly

"Fuck that" Damon screamed "You promised me you would get Caroline and Bonnie away from Klaus, you can't go back on..."

"I can do as I wish Damon" Elijah corrected getting angry now "Your friends are perfectly safe here and they aren't going anywhere"

"What the hell changed?" Damon demanded

"I have come into some new information and I'm afraid I must support my brother in this endeavor, it would be best if you and the others stayed out of it"

"What the hell do you need them for?" Damon asked desperately

"Goodbye Damon, if you try anything else hereon I will not stop Niklaus from killing you or anyone else"

It was when he snapped his phone shut that he heard a loud scream reverberating from far away.

It sounded distinctly like Caroline's.

Klaus had no idea why Caroline was screaming her head off as soon as she burst through the surface but he panicked instantly when he heard the pain in her screams.

She instantly disappeared beneath the water and he stood stunned, too shocked to move until she came back up again and screamed again.

"My ring... I-I lost..." she managed to stutter before she tried to go under again.

But it was of no use, the sun was at its peak now and penetrating through the water as well, burning her skin despite the layers of water though with less intensity. Since it was much less painful inside the water she stayed in there and wriggled around frantically trying to spot her ring in between the green mess.

She whirled around roughly when she felt a huge ripple through the water and saw the faint outline of someone other body, within seconds Klaus came into her full view, and despite the mounting fear of her life she couldn't help but avert her eyes when she saw his bare chest.

She desperately pointed to the weeds from where she had retrieved the book which had slipped her grasp sometime in between, and he swam to it instantly. She knew her ring must have slipped off her finger somewhere in those weeds, it was the only place possible... but she couldn't search herself. The sun was still burning her and she saw a slightly dark part of the lake near the opposite bank so she steadfastly swam to that point hoping that Klaus was able to find her ring.

She floated around aimlessly in the shallow but mildly dark corner of the water for minutes, straining her eyes to see what Klaus was up to. Her skin was merely tingling from the little rays that came through to this part of the lake, but the brighter rays were getting closer and closer and to keep herself in the dark patch as much as possible she was pushed up against the hard rocky side of the lake with the top of her head almost out of the water.

That's when she realized that the already shallow side was getting shallower. The water level was dropping.

Klaus needed to find that ring fast or pretty soon she was going to roast alive. She cursed her bad luck to the high heavens and pushed herself further back when her hand came into a direct ray, her forehead popping out of the surface eliciting a scream from her mouth that just ended up in bubbles and gurgling noises. A few more minutes and half her body would be out of the water and at the mercy of the blistering sun.

And just as she was about to swim under and help Klaus find the ring, a hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her up. No matter how hard she struggled she wasn't strong enough and an enthralling scream left her mouth as she burst through the surface once more.

Through half-hooded eyes she saw Klaus come to the surface with her, grabbing her wrist with one hand and keeping her upright with his other he tried to block as much of her body from the sun with his as possible, but she was still burning.

Finally she felt him slip something into her finger and instantly the pain stopped but she kept panting heavily, her eyes still closed from the intense pain.

"It's ok... its ok" he mumbled soothingly moving one of his hands to tangle in her now messed up hair "You're fine now"

She merely nodded her head and slowly opened her eyes and that's when she realized the predicament they were in.

Her naked; with her hands wrapped tightly around his back.

She could see his jacket and shirt and jeans on the other side of the lake, and she instantly thanked every deity in existence for not making immortals capable of blushing, she was sure she would have red as a tomato if she was human right now.

His hand around her waist only tightened as he felt her slip down against the rocks and moved his other hand out of her hair to her cheek where the blisters were beginning to heal slowly.

"I'm sorry" he breather softly and she had never seen a more genuine or honest look in his eyes and it made her shiver, or maybe it was the close proximity of their bodies... but shiver she did and from the way the corner of his mouth perked up into the hint of a smile she knew he felt her shiver too.

"Thank you" she murmured completely ignoring his apology. He had nothing to apologize for, he didn't take her ring off... it was her own stupidity.

Even though she wanted to look anywhere but his eyes, it was like she was incapable of doing so and she was certain she had never been this close to him before.

She had seen and been around many attractive men, maybe some even more than Klaus but no one else affected her like this. No one made her lose focus and question her sanity.

And more importantly no one had ever looked at her the way he was looking at her right now.

And before she knew what was happening or who made the first move, her lips were fit snuggly to his and he responded only by holding her tighter and shoving her body as close to his as possible as he enveloped her lips within his, drawing the life out of her.

This is what she had been waiting for, a sign any sign that he had even the minutest feelings for her. She would have much preferred a normal conversation over a near death experience and pre-maturely naked bodies.

But she was too pre-occupied by his tongue to care.

Like a young child poking his mother into obliging him a sweet, Klaus's tongue was slithering over her lips in a silent but clear demand to be given entry into her hot fortress. Parting her lips slowly she moaned into his mouth as his tongue massaged her's with expertise only a thousand years could teach.

The second his tongue invaded her mouth she decided that this was exactly where she wanted it for the rest of her life.

Klaus was nothing but bold, so his hand moved from her waist over the curve her bum, hoisting her legs up and around his waist eliciting a soft gasp from her mouth.

To her relief he wasn't completely naked, but she could still feel his excitement through his boxers and it only made her hotter. The kiss was by far the most passionate thing she had experienced in her life and she knew the second she wrapped her hands around his neck pulling him closer than she never wanted to let go.

She felt utterly useless as his lips traveled down her throat sucking and snipping at her sensitive skin, all she could do was tug at his blonde curls and make incorrigible sounds.

She positively died when his head dipped below the water to kiss the top of her breasts, but she pulled him back up, she wasn't done kissing him yet.

Just as his mouth claimed hers for the second time they both heard the violent rustling of leaves and stomping feet before they heard the muffled gasp and swear words.

"Oh dear lord!"

That was unmistakably Elijah, followed by a cursing from Klaus.

The next words didn't make any sense to either of them until they turned around to get a good look at the new arrivals.

"You can put me down now Kol" Bonnie said testily while Kol just clicked his tongue in disagreement.

In between the bickering battle of Kol and Bonnie and Elijah demanding them to get out of the water this instant, Caroline took comfort in the fact that Klaus never let go of his hold on her.

"What did he say?" Stefan asked worriedly.

Damon had been pacing around nervously for minutes, after having destroyed everything he could get in sight.

"What did Elijah say Damon?" Stefan repeated more firmly this time.

"He's not helping us anymore" Damon said through clenched teeth


"He's apparently needs to be on his brothers side for this endeavor" Damon hissed

"What do we do now?" Stefan asked softly

"Find the last two coffins and set them lose. And then pray for the best" Damon said decisively.

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