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AN: This was written for the 10 Minute challenge at Cheeky Monkeys. "Think of an idea (no writing yet!). Set your timer or whatever for 10 minutes. Write. When the 10 minutes is up, stop. Take a minute to check for typos only. Post what you wrote."

This is my third entry for this challenge…XD

The Battle

Oghren panted as he looked upon the scene of battle. The soldiers from Redcliffe were fighting alongside the Dalish elves and warriors from Orzammar and he couldn't be prouder. The Warden took that human, Loghain Mac Tir, with her up to find and fight the Archdemon. He snorted, not believing that Jenna Mahariel and the human would be able to finish off the evil creature.

Suddenly, he felt the ground shake and rumble beneath his feet. He looked up and narrowed his eyes as he saw an ogre come barreling down upon him and the companions the Warden left behind to guard the gates. He was tasked by the elf to keep her friends and the city safe and that's what he intended to do.

The dwarf let out a mighty roar as he ran as fast as he could, letting his anger overtake him and give him strength to defeat the creature. He managed to get behind the ogre and swung his battle-axe at the thing's legs, but only was able to make a shallow cut in the thing's thighs. He then jumped out of the way of the darkspawn's grasp, but only barely.

Oghren roared again as he charged the creature one more time. The ogre charged at the same time, the two disparate beings colliding in a massive attack. The dwarf managed to jump up and climb onto the creature's back. The ogre roared out as well, it's long thick arms reaching behind it, trying to grab the somewhat nimble dwarf. Oghren laughed maniacally as he plunged his axe deep into the ogre's back. This caused the creature to cry out in pain and stumble to the ground.

Taking the opening, Oghren removed his axe from the ogre's back with some difficulty. He then raised the mighty weapon above his head and cut the creature's head off in one swipe. There were cheers from the soldiers as he felt like he had finally did something right.

Oghren finally felt like a true warrior of Orzammar.

AN: I talked with Suilven about writing battles and what can be used for inspiration in writing them. I suggested writing to The Battle, a track on the Gladiator soundtrack because it was 10 minutes long. I didn't know what subject to write about and she helped me with one word. Oghren. So this one-shot is thanks to her…:)