Beautiful harmony bound in colour

Songs of the masses, bright and alive

Sung long ago, now, and forever

Bringing us all together to thrive.


Countless stories told in their true forms

That our lilting memories be sung

To teach those new, how weather makes storms

And how the mother cares for her young


Thousands of voices join in the choir

Forming a canvas painted in song

New ones shall sing should older ones tire

In concord forever, we belong.


Knowledge and wisdom telling of age

With the vibrance and beauty of youth

Are bound together, youthful yet sage

To conceive of our internal truth.


We sing as not one voice but many;

No conductor could dream to take lead

For one voice defying another

Would advent our greatest hour of need.


A/N: Admittedly, the grammar is strange: it's hard to write 20 lines of 9 syllables each.