What do you call a friend who studies with you?


That's not even a close enough answer

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There is a strange odor in the room an odor thats hard to describe. Two third year students just started the new year at school and are given lots of homework as well as tests. They are in the room studying, or should I say one of them is, while the other is 'helping'. Panting, sweating, and moaning. On his hands and knees, eyes looking at the flash cards in front of him. While the other is sitting on the floor holding the flash cards.

Today they are studying: Math.

"Good, good, now on to the next" said the boy (aka Smarty) the boy on his hands and knees (aka Stupid) gave a loud sigh he can't take anymore of this torture.

"Now! What's 1/8 divided by 3/2?" said Smarty, Stupid took a deep breath and tried to do the math in his head. "it... it... oh... t-t-two... t-t-t-t-two... t-t-twenty... f-f-f-four... 2/24!" He panted. Smarty looked it over and smiled, "correct." Stupid gave a half smile his body can't take anymore. Smarty looked at his watch and frowned "your sister will be home soon." He walked behind Stupid and pulled out the remote controlled vibrator. Stupid whimpered, Smarty smiled and unzipped his pants. Stupid licked his lips, with one thrust he was in.

He had to be quick, in 15 minute Stupid's sister will be home. Thrusting in and out hearing the soft cries of the boy benith him reaching down to tweek his left nipple. Another soft cry as he continued thrusting. Stupid could feel his release coming soon, so can Smarty as he thrust harder and faster into the boy. "Ha- hey- n-n-n-not so... h-h-haaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrdddd!" he released. Stupid grew irritated looking at the clock again, he only had 5 minutes left! Stupid looks like he was about to pass out till-

Ring ring!

The cell started to ring. Stupid has to answer it or else his sister will be suspicious. Stupid looked up at the boy as if looking for and answer. "Answer it!" said Smarty.

Stupid got the phone and flipped it open. "Hello."

"Brother I'm gonna be alittle late today."



"Um, how late may I ask?"

"Oh about... I'd say three hours"


"Don't worry little brother I'll try to be home as soon as I can ok bye!"

The line ended.

THREE FUCKING HOURS WITH THIS HORNY MAN BEHIND ME IS WORSE THAN BEING WITH IRONMAN! Thought Stupid. wait a minute. He thought and thought and thought till finally...

Looking back at the boy he saw a smirk. I take that back Ironman wouldn't hesitate to kill! Smarty lean closer to the boy and kissed the back of his head and-

"WAH!" thrusting into the boy again, this time with more time.

Stupid eyes welled up as more sweat dripped from his face "WHAT ARE YOU IRONMAN NUMBER 2 WWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Smarty didn't reply. Seeing Stupid's face all teary and angry, pumped up his arousal. As for Stupid well it made it worse for him. "I'M GONNA DIE WHILE HAVING MY ASS POUNDED!"

Yes, yes you are.


Actually you just made it far worse for yourself, Ironman 2 also wouldn't hesitate to kill either. Speaking of which Smarty is reaching his climax.


thrusting harder and harder till finally he climaxed. Panting and relieved he disconnects with the boy and lays down next to him. For only five minutes then he gets up streches and sees his boy asleep, he unbuckle his belt and hits his boy on the ass. Stupid yelps in pain and looks up teary eyed at Smarty.

Smarty takes a beep breath and "NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR A NAP YOU HAVE A TEST TOMORROW SO YOU NEED TO FOCUS!" Stupid is fully alert and goes in a sitting position.

"Now then..." he lifts up a book with a powerful force! "HISTORY!" He said brightly.

Stupid sweat drops. "OPEN TO PAGE 346!"

Stupid immediately opened his book and started answering questions correctly.


And again the cycle is repeated over and over and over.


Hours later.

Akira walks into her home, it was dark but the curtains were open letting the moon light up the room. She walks to her brothers room to find him asleep. She looks at the desk to see lots of books and notes. She smiles and quietly closes the door but she can't help noticing a funny smell in the room.

The next day, Akihisa is walking to school.

"Oh man all that studying I did is hurting my back" he wined. He was too tired to notice that Minami sat next to him. "Aki are you ok?" saked Minami rubbing his back, as she went lower Akihisa yelped. Minami jumped and Akihisa hissed in pain. "You ok I didn't think I rubbed your back that hard, did I?" Akihisa shook his head giving a weak smile. "No, no just tired for studying thats all," Minami nodded. The bell rang time for the test.

In class A.

Kubo and along with the rest of the A students are enjoying a good day at the louge. Kubo couldn't help but think about his presious Yoshii, oh how he wished he could have him. Touch his smooth skin, kiss those rosey lips, and having him MOANING HIS NAME!

"Would the janitor please come to class A at the lounge, theres a huge mess there, and can the nurse come also to class A Toshimitsu Kubo has passed out from blood loss."

"Don't worry Yoshii I will have you soon!" His soul leaves his body.

Back in class F.

The test has finally ended to Akihisa's releif "finally time to rela- ha achoo!" Akihisa covers his nose "oh someone's thingking about me" Akihisa sniffed.

"Really who?" said Himeji frighten that it could be someone else, that someone who would try to steal Akihisa away from her. "Yeah Aki who would think about you?" Said Minami who was also thinking the same thing Himeji was also thinking. Akihisa shrugged "don't know could be anybody." Akihisa brings out a book from inside the cardboard box and begins to read.

Everyone freezes even Ironman!

"Yoshii has a book!"

"A book!"

"A book!"




Everyone runs out of the classroom Akihisa looks around.

"Where did everybody go, is it time to go home?" Just then Akihisa hears bells and chanting and burned inscents, in front of him are monks caound him holding up talismans, aiming it at Akihisa.




Sadly there was no demon posessing Akihisa.

The nurses office.

Akihisa and Kubo are lying in the beds looking at the ceiling. Akihisa looking bruised and beaten up, while Kubo just looks pale hooked up to a blood packet. Besides them on a little table are get well presents. Akihisa looks over at Kubo, he looks so peaceful thought Akihisa. Admiring the calm expression on Kubo's face.

After healing up at the nurses office Akihisa and Kubo both walked to get ready to go home. Kubo Putting on his shoes as well as Akihisa. He looked at his phone to see any texts. He got four.

One from Himeji.

One from Miname.

One from Yuuji.

And one from his sister saying she'll be late again.

Akihisa sighed, ever since his sister got a job she always comes home late from work, which is good for him meaning he didn't have to worry about his sister's sexual harrasments. Akihisa Picked up his bag and started walking when Kubo stood a few feet away from him. Both staring at one another thinking the same thing.

Later that night.

Akira comes home tired and stressed she, once again goes to her brothers room to see him asleep, again but it seemed different than last time. Last time he looked so tired and worn out now he looks peaceful almost heavenly.

Akira clses the door and again that smell... what is it?

What's another word for boyfriend?


The correct answer is lover but I'll accept that

Next time- Pudding, Notes, and Secrets

This will be on the test