Today is unlike any other day for Akihisa for instead of waking up all by himself, he woke up with a man in his bed. Looking at the clock it read 6:47 am he still had time... plenty of time actually but then again maybe not.

As body right next to him began to shift, he couldn't help but wonder if morning sex can be done after brushing their teeth or before?

As he is thinking this Kubo opens his eye. Akihisa can't help but blush, Kubo looks like a baby woken from his nap. Kubo smiles "morning," Akihisa almost gagged as he turns around facing away from Kubo. Not being rude or anything but morning breath is awful, even if it is your lover's. Kubo seems to understand so he got up and headed to the bathroom, Akihisa followed after.

Brushing their teeth Akihisa notice something strange, he went to the living room and looked around. Nothing was out-of-place but he fell funny. He went back to the bathroom to rinse his mouth, then joined Kubo in the kitchen, who was warming up eggo waffles. Their it is again that feeling. He can't pinpoint the site, but he felt watched. Akihisa went to the little balcony he had, and opened the door to see who was out there...

No one...

"Akihisa what's wrong?" asked Kubo. Akihisa looked at him, looked back outside again, then shut the door. Kubo was walking towards him and places a small kiss to his lips. The funny feeling was back again. Akihisa sharply turned his head to the glass doors...

Still nothing.


"Eggos are done, Aki" said Kubo. Bringing out two plates and setting the waffles on them. Aki glance at the door again then went to the table to eat the wafles.

Class-F got new hand me downs.

Little plastic tables, and what do you know, Akihisa got the one with a pink teddy bear on it with pink matching legs, and the rest white.

Ironman walked in to the class room, "aaaaaaaaallllllllllllright now everyone!" He cleared his throat. "You all know in three days there will be a festival in this school right!" Everyone cheered, except for Akihisa. The thing bout festivals is that 1) classes fight against one another without a teacher's permission 2) you can buys scores to power yourself up 3) your avatar looks different 4) even your own avatar can play games 5) ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE!

Last year, class C and E got in to war with each other, nobody knows why. Just that a rumor was spread that Class Pres. C, Keito Yukichi, was going out with Class Pres. E, Nori Niwa's sister who was two years younger. Thats all everybody knows,but it's funny...

As far as anyone was concern Class Pres. E was an only child. Back to the main problem at hand. Akihisa is staring out the window, as everyone is getting all giddy about the festival. The bell rings and Akihisa was the first to leave. Walking towards the rooftops, Akihisa still can't shake the feeling of being watched. As he opens the door to go to the roof. Kubo is there waiting for him.

Class F

Minami looks around. "Hey Where's Aki?" She asked. Yuuji shrugged and Hideyoshi was going through music sheets. "He could've went home, or went to get something to eat" replied Himeji.

Minami frowned.

"Has anyone seen Kouta, we need to his help to set the photo both!?" said Aiko everyone shook their heads.

On the roof

Akihisa and Kubo are enjoying the breeze. Kubo was behind Akihisa, with his arms wrapped around his waist, nuzzling his hair, and enjoying each others company. Akihisa never felt any better, then being in the arms of the one you love. Kubo could say the same thing. If only that nagging feeling Akihisa was feeling would only...

Go away.

That nagging feeling of course, is the feeling of being...






Yes folks, someone is watching them. Who ever it is, is good at hiding cause Akihisa can't find them. It kinda reminded him of an American film he saw once, about a group of friends going to a friend's cousin's cabin. The cabin itself had cameras and a double mirror and ZOMBIES!

Or should he say red-neck zombies. There was also a guy that kinda reminded him of Thor, in one of the marvel's movie.

Kubo couldn't agree more, not wanting to scare Akihisa he kept quite. Enjoying his moment with Kubo, even with theat nagging feeling surrounding them. Kubo nuzzled his hair once again, inhaling its sweet sent. Akihisa never would've thought being with Kubo was so comforting. He thought he would've been with Himeji or Minami. He was never gay! He had porn magazines and girl photos, especially the special edition, Hideyoshi in a cheerleaders outfit! Never considered himself gay... till Kubo came and changed all that.

Some could even say it was the pudding's fault... or was it the couch?

Either way it doesn't matter.

In a dark hallway

A man stands alone waiting patiently for the spy to arrive.

On cue the spy arrived wearing his black spy uniform. "I got what you asked for," he said, presenting the photos. The man took them and went through them. He began to frown at some and chucking at the last few. "So my suspicions were correct." He said. The spy nodded.

"What are we gonna do?" Asked the spy

The man smiled "we will wait for the moment till the time comes, then we will strike!"

The spy nodded then vanished into the shadows, the man however remained still. Looking the picture once more he can't help but think...

What is it with these two? Akihisa isn't gay to start with? Kubo is too shy to ask Akihisa out? So what is it then?

Questions like these will be answered in the near future, but first its time to help set up the stands for the festival. In the end it doesn't matter, their will still be war!

What is the definition of 'Reminisce'?


Next chapter- Questions, Surprises, and Flashbacks

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