Yes, I am starting a new story - I start a new one every week, but 99% of them never get posted even though half of them are complete - Yes it is Lord of The Rings. My untitled LOTRxover is currently being held prisoner in Nurmengard being tortured by a Gimp-Gummy Bear. Enjoy and let me know if you'd like me to write more (currently, this is all there is of this plot-bunny)

On a side note, after a few weeks of treatment, I am now clean and sober (Yay me) and plan to write more coherent and cohesive pieces that (again) may or may not see the light. ENJOY!


When you are a god, time and space are irrelevant. You can create a being in, what seems like, seconds; and in actuality it is millions of years. You think outside of time, and therefore know all. What is, what has been, and what will be.

When you are a god, you can mould the perfect world from the sweat on your brow, fill it with the most wondrous of creatures, and sit back, in contentment. You can look to your right, into the future, see a need, and call upon he who shall best fill that need.

When you are a god, time and space are irrelevant.

I realise that it needs to be longer, and that I could just tack this on to the first chapter, but I wont, and please don't bitch at me about it. If you do, please be on the look out for a two worded reply that starts with an 'F' and ends with and 'F!' you have been warned. Flaming Wankers.