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Elrond Half-Elven paced in his study, the change in the song of the Ainur greatly concerned him. For his entire life, and even before that, the song had been about searching, seeking, now it was merely a song of contentment, a song that now, merely sang praises to Eru Ilúvatar. Now, his wife was in labour with their third and last child.

There had been a scare months before when she began to miscarry, but thanks to the intervention of the Valar, she recovered quickly and their child was saved. He mused on the odds that Celebrian would bare him a son when all he really wanted was a daughter at last. Not that he didn't love his Twin sons, he was very proud of the young warriors that they were becoming.

He approached the room where his beloved was staunchly baring the birthing pains, attended by Gandalf himself. Elrond thought it an honour that the Maia would be the one to deliver his last child. Standing by his wife's side, he felt, more than saw, the entrance of his In-Laws.

Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn had arrived only hours ago, with no prior notice. Though, where Galadriel was concerned, she often did not need to give notice. The Royal Couple stood out of the way as Elladan and Elrohir charged into the room, side by die and panting, eager to greet their new sibling as he or she came into the world.

The contractions began anew and elrond supported his wife as she pushed and pushed. Her relieved screams momentarily drowned out those of Elrond's new daughter, cradled in the wizened hands of Gandalf the Grey. She was presented to him, and elrond beamed down at her, even as he gently placed her in Celebrian's arms.

He quickly took her back though, and Celebrian screamed again and clutched at her still rounded abdomen. She was pushing again, hemorrhaging copious amounts of blood. Elrond handed his daughter to Galadriel, who had stepped up in concern, and rushed to his wife's legs, trying to see the problem. Before his very eyes, she opened again and a tiny grey foot was visible.

"By the Valar! Another one!" he exclaimed. It was breech, making the birth extremely dangerous for both Mother and child. He applied as much healing magic as he could spare, but each time, it was rebuffed. Some other force was shielding the child from him. He could only use physical means to aid his beloved. Two feet now, and Gandalf had moved to gently press on Celebrian's stomach, trying to force the stuck babe free.

A tiny waist appeared, and the sex proclaimed it to be a boy. A tiny chest, unmoving, inched it's way out and then all progress stopped. Sending his beloved an apologising look, Elrond reached in, wincing at the increase in screams, and wrenched his third son's shoulder loose, thus freeing the babe of it's Mother.

For being such a tiny thing, his son was quite feisty. Writhing and screaming before calming down and wrenching his new eyes open. Elrond stared down into ethereal green eyes and was lost, instantly in love. He was snapped back as the eyes slid closed and the screams returned, twice in volume. Celebrian reached out for her son weakly, and Elrond gently placed him in her arms. A glow overcame the both of them, giving much needed colour to Celebrian. She stared down at his calming form, and named him.

"Meldarion Elerossë. My beloved surprise." she whispered, though her voice carried throughout the silent room. She looked up and her eyes fell upon her daughter, "Arwen Undomiel. Her beauty will rival my own mother's."

"Of that I have no doubt." Galadriel said, stepping closer to the bed and presenting her Daughter with her daughter. "Hello little Prince." she greeted her grandson.

"He is a strong one." Celeborn said, stepping up beside his Lady Wife. He gazed down at his newest grandchildren with adoration. Celebrian handed Arwen to Gandalf, who checked her over and smiled.

"She is strong and healthy. Congratulations." he handed her back and took Meldarion, his brow creasing in thought. Examining every inch of the babe, he found a strange birthmark; more of a tattoo really. It was a perfect triangle, with a circle at it's centre, bisected by a straight line.

"Curious." he muttered.

"What is it Gandalf? Is my son alright?" Elrond asked, anxious.

"Yes, yes, he is fine. Completely healthy. I have found a strange birthmark over his heart, though." Gandalf explained, showing Elrond.

"What does it mean?"

"I do not know. Perhaps he has been marked by the Valar himself, for greatness." Gandalf conjectured. Harry squirmed in the Ancient Istari's arms, stunned at the eerie similarity between this incident and when he bought his wand.

The thought of his wand, and his subsequent acquisition of the Elder wand, made his heart constrict painfully. The glass in the window shattered as Harry, now Meldarion, passed out.

Gandalf kept his own council most times. This being one of those times. There was something dangerously familiar about Lord Elrond's unexpected son. Aside from the fact that he was ninety-nine percent sure that when Arwen had been conceived, there as no Twin beside her.

He had the aura of an old soul, a weary soul. He would keep an eye on the last Prince of Rivendell.