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She could here something. Deep breath? Yes. Someone was breathing heavily. No... Maybe it was just her. She couldn't see anything. Everything was black. Something was tightly wrapped around her body. She couldn't breath well. She blinked. Once, twice, thrice. Slowly the view became clear. If you call it a view that is. She could only make out a black fabric pressed tightly to her face. She tried to look up. She couldn't.

"I thought..." Someone said, the voice shaken. " I thought I had lost you."

She knew the voice. "Angel... Angel are you alright?" She heard him say. He was shaking her now.

"Angel!" He shouted.

Angel snapped into her stepped away. She looked around. She was standing. Angel looked around trying to gather her wits. How did she survive that? What happened. She looked at the person standing in front of her.

"What is..." But she couldn't complete her question.

Blackheart pulled her into a suffocating embrace again. Angel looked over his shoulder. By the view she could see, she understood she was on the top of a building. Did she... did she dream all that? The light, the truck, Kofi? No, it was real. It was all real. Blackheart saved her from that truck and brought her here. She didn't know how but there could be no other explanation. She closed her eyes and wound her arms around him that till now were too numb to be moved. She felt him shaking. He was afraid. Afraid to lose her. He cared for her.

She remembered what kofi had said. 'But one thing he is hoping for nothing. That you would fall for him.'

A smiled painted Angel's face. Blackheart pulled her away but held her arms looking at her from head to toe, making sure that she was unharmed.

"I am glad you are alright." He said. He sounded relieved.

"Thanks to you." Angel said tenderly and cupped his face with her smiled and placed his hand on hers.

He held it and brought it to his lips. He kissed the palm of her hand. Angel came closer to him.

"I am glad you are back." Angel touched her cheek.

"I was never gone." Angel smiled ear to ear. A tear slipped down her face.

She looked down and then looked into his eyes. Their foreheads were touching.

'This would never end...' Angel thought, but she had spoken all to soon. Blackheart suddenly moved away from her. Angel looked away questioningly.

"Go." Blackheart said.

"What?" Angel said, confused.

"You are safe now." Blackheart said, stiffly.

"Go home."

"Blackheart what wrong? I..." Angel said coming closer to him but Blackheart pushed her away.

"Don't." He said, looking felt hysteric.

"Why? Do I burn you?"

Blackheart didn't reply.

"GOD!" Angel screamed. "What is wrong with you? One moment you are to afraid to let me go and the next you are pushing me away. What are you trying to do?"

Blackheart looked at her, still silent.

Angel stood up straight, her face strewn with tears. "I see. I revolt you, don't I? You just can't speak your heart because i am a human, isn't it? Then why didn't you just let the truck crush me. It would have saved you all this misery."

"Angel that's not..." Blackheart started to say but Angel cut him off.

"Then WHAT IS? If the truck had crushed me it would have been easier for both of us. It would have saved me this pain and it would have saved of all this regret."

"You think i regret saving you?" Blackheart asked miserably.

"Yes I do!" Angel screamed. "Why are you doing this? Look at the mess i am in. Why are you playing with me?"

Angel broke down to heavy sobs and started backing away. Something caught her leg and she tripped, over the edge but Blackheart grabbed her by her hand and pulled her up fiercely. He pushed her to a wall.

"Would you at least watch where you are going?" He said fiercely.

Angel was trying to push him of her.

"Angel stop being so miserable." Blackheart screamed.

"It is you who made me miserable." Angel said through her sob. "You landed me in this mess. You..."

"You're in a mess? YOU'RE IN A MESS?" Blackheart screamed. "And you think i am having a time of my life? I tried to kill you but i couldn't. I tried to stay away from you but i can't. When I tried to be with you my father threatens to kill you and does so even when i am not around. Another man tries to claim to and i can't do anything about it. The girl i love thinks I find her revolting. And each time I come closer to her, i am reminded of what i am, i am reminded that i don't deserve her." Blackheart looked at Angel tenderly. "I don't push you away because i find you revolting. It is because i find myself revolting."

Angel had calmed down and she was looking awestruck at Blackheart.

"I can't deny it Angel. I am in love with you. But I shouldn't be. Neither should you."

Angel had started sobbing again. "No... No don't leave... don't..."

"I won't." Blackheart said. "I can't." A tear fooled him and slipped down his cheek. "This is not supposed to happen, you know. It's a sin."

"I don't care." Angel said. "I am already hell bound for dabbling in all sort of supernatural stuff."

Blackheart laughed a watery laugh.

"Come on, Blackheart. You're a demon. I am a human. We are both good at committing sins. We will make it through."

Blackheart moved a stray hair from her face. "There would be no turing back Angel. And it's going to be a rough ride."

"I can handle that." Angel said. "As long as you are with me."

"I have to be with you. I have never seen anyone so prone to life threatening idiocy." Blackheart laughed and hugged him tight.

"I love you." Angel said.

"I love you too." blackheart said and placed a kiss on her head.

"See I don't burn." Angel said, happily.

"Who knew?" Blackheart said teasingly.

Angel laughed and pushed her head in his chest, sighing contentedly.

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