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The Violet City's PoKéMoN Center was warmed up by the presences of the PoKédex holders. They sat around a table. They were waiting for their friends, Crystal and Emerald who had set the gathering.

Red, Gold, and Wally seemed somewhat bored with their bingo game. Green was reading a newspaper. Yellow fell asleep on the table because of the long waiting. Silver listened to his iPod silently. Blue and Ruby were talking about the latest fashion while Sapphire was eating her lunch grimly since she didn't like fashion centric conversation.

Tired of the waiting, Gold threw the bingo board as he groaned, "Argh! No more waiting!"

Surprised, Yellow jumped and awoke. She winked blankly. Green folded the newspaper as Silver put off his earphone. They looked at him with annoyed expression. Blue and Ruby stopped their conversation and turned their heads to him. Only Sapphire that kept eating since she didn't feel disturbed.

"Tch! Can't you be quiet just for once, Gold?"

"Heheh…" Red grinned clumsily to melt the situation, "Calm down, Guys."

Wally added, "Beside, it's not really that bad waiting in this neat PoKéMoN Center, right?"

The others just shook their heads stating their disagreement.

Blue joined in the chitchat, "I wonder why Crystal and Emerald invited us here. They even told us to bring our belongings."

"Maybe they planned to arrange a camping trip for us?" Yellow answered her, though she didn't really know what Crystal and Emerald's intention was.

"Camping with Green and Silver? That will be awesome tee-hee…"

Silver bowed his head to hide his blushing face while Green just stayed cool and remarked with his usual comment that would provoke Silver's glare.

"And don't forget Gold." Gold claimed, "The camping won't be meaningful without me."

Everyone slapped their own foreheads at his narcissistic statement.

"A camping trip? Oh no! I forgot to bring my repellent lotion!"

Sapphire sighed, "Forgetful and prissy, as always…"

"A cave girl wouldn't understand."


Before Sapphire could finish her word, the door was opened. Everyone turned their heads toward the door and found two PoKédex holders they had been waiting for, Crystal and Emerald.

"Sorry, Guys!" Emerald laughed, but the others were still silent. "You are all still alive, aren't you?"

Crystal felt guilty for not on time, she tried to explain, "I'm sorry. It's just-"

"Well, well, enough explanation. Let's get set! Where will we build our tent?" Gold asked impatiently.

Crystal tilted her head. "Tent? For what?"

"For camping of course," Red answered.

"Who said we'll camp?" Emerald demanded.

Yellow shivered. "It's me… uh-"

"That's okay. It's my fault since I haven't explained it at all. The truth is we won't do a camping trip."

Blue looked upset. "What? Why? But you told us to bring our belongings."

"The reason is… we'll become temporary teachers at Violet City's PoKéMoN Academy and we'll stay in a dormitory," Crystal clarified.

"What?" everyone, except Crystal and Emerald, shrieked.

"Since the academy was renovated, it has gained a good reputation. Now, more parents entrust their children to be educated in that academy. Beside, orphans are always welcomed too. So, as you can guess, the academy is in the lack of teachers. Mr. Earl Dervish has left the academy for searching some capable teachers. Meanwhile, we can be the temporary teachers."

Sapphire frowned. "Teacher? That won't be easy. From what I knew, even toddlers are in that place."

"Of course! Because half of the children are orphans like me, whose parents abandoned them or whose parents died since they were babies, no one else take care of them except the teachers, right?"

"I'm a PoKéMoN trainer, not a baby sitter," Green stated.

Wally smiled, "I think PoKéMoN and kids are alike. They are innocent and pure. They can play together merrily. Teaching them should be fun."

"Don't you know, Wally? Kids are smelly and dirty. How if they wet your outfit? Eww…" Ruby shuddered by his own imagination.

"Kid is not really that bad. Kid is very cute indeed. I remember when Silver was still about five years old. Aww… you wouldn't believe how cute he was! He was-"

"Please stop it, Blue," Silver cut in.

Everybody looked at Silver curiously. Gold let out unbearable laugh until he choked him.

"Back to the problem." Crystal glared at Gold and Silver until they paid attention. "I knew this will be your first experience being a teacher, right-"

Green interrupted, "Wrong. I've been a teacher before. I taught Yellow intense strategies for battles some years ago. And you know what happened next? She cried when Ratty evolved. Sigh… What if that happens again?"

Yellow's face blushed heavily in embarrassment.

"Really?" Red looked at Yellow.

Yellow nodded weakly. She wished she could just vanish from his gaze.

"Being a teacher at PoKéMoN Academy isn't as bad as you think, Guys. I've experienced it myself. I have a great time there, really. Well, what do you say?"

Without any consideration, Wally and Yellow nodded as their agreement. Seeing Yellow agreed, Red also decided to agree. After that, Gold enthusiastically stated his agreement too.

Emerald persuaded the others who were still hesitated, "C'mon, Guys… Just try it. Just consider it as training before you become parents one day."

Blue and Sapphire suddenly squinted at Green and Ruby respectively. They simultaneously stated their agreement.

"So? What about you, Green, Silver, and Ruby?" Crystal asked.

Blue winked at Crystal. Seemed like she knew how to drive them. She put on puppy eyes and turned to Silver, "Silver…"

"Alright, Blue. Count me in."

Ruby sneaked to the back door, but Sapphire grabbed him immediately and yelled at him, "Ruby, now you choose, a kid wets your outfit or swim in a septic tank?"

Ruby felt queasy when Sapphire mentioned 'swim in a septic tank'. Without further ado, he agreed.

Now everybody turned to Green and waited for his answer. But he didn't care and just glared back at them while saying, "What?"

Blue thought she was the only one who could manage this kind of attitude, so she stepped forward and talked to him, "Green, pretty please? Would you do it for me?"


"Would you do it for Arceus' sake?"


"Would you do it for…" Blue smirked, "your phone number's sake?"

Green jolted. "Alright, alright! I'm in too."

Blue clapped happily, her strategy was success. She grabbed Yellow and they danced like kids. Sapphire also felt glad, since her menace to Ruby was success too.

Crystal smiled sweetly, "Thank you, all."

"Yay! This is gonna be fun!" Emerald shouted excitedly, "Let's go, Guys! To Violet City's PoKéMoN Academy!"

Author Notes:

I got the idea for this story when I read some fanfictions about the PoKédex holders as students. I want to write something different, so I tried to imagine what it'll be like if they act as the teachers.

Although Wally isn't an official PoKédex holder, I put him in this story. That's because he is one of my favorite character and I rarely find him in a fanfiction. But when I must write about him, I'm a bit puzzled about his true personality o.O

One more thing, Blue threatened Green to spread his phone number to his fans if he didn't agree being a temporal teacher.

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